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StarCraft II

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Title Screen

StarCraft II

Also known as: StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty, StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm,
StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void
Developer: Blizzard Entertainment
Publisher: Blizzard Entertainment
Platforms: Windows, Mac OS X
Released internationally: July 27, 2010

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Prototype Info
Unused Sounds

Unused Text

Cut Voicelines Subtitles in Conversations

Sound file name Subtitle
Star Map opened after The Devil's Playground becomes available
BridgeFidgetsStarmapHorner00005 Horner: We've been contacted by a resource-pirate with a mining proposition on the planet Redstone. It's risky, but it could bring in some real money.
Char Hub Raynor poking quote
CharFidgetsRaynorRaynor00007 Raynor: Four years here and Kerrigan never even built a house?
Hyperion Raynor poking quotes
HyperionfidgetsRaynorRaynor00003 Raynor: Raynor: I'm gettin' bored.
HyperionfidgetsRaynorRaynor00005 Raynor: I'm gettin' really bored, now...
Lab Artifact Interaction after Maw of the Void
LabFidgetsArtifactRaynor00002 Raynor: So we've transferred all the artifact pieces to Valerian's people?
LabFidgetsArtifactStetmann00003 Stetmann: Yes, all gone. I'm sort of relieved to be honest, Commander. Working in here late at night was starting to -ah- you know, strain my scientific detachment.
LabFidgetsArtifactRaynor00004 Raynor: Well it's down to the Moebius scientists to figure it all out now. I hope for their sake they get it right.
LabFidgetsArtifactStetmann00005 Stetmann: Don't you mean for all our sakes?
LabFidgetsArtifactRaynor00006 Raynor: No, I was thinking more about how I'll hunt every one of them down if they screw this thing up.
LabFidgetsArtifactRaynor00007 Raynor: All that sweat and blood getting the artifacts... Now we've given them away to Valerian so he can build a super weapon to stop Kerrigan.
LabFidgetsArtifactRaynor00008 Raynor: Hell, this had better work or I'm just the dumbest jackass alive.
LabFidgetsArtifactRaynor00025 Raynor: Guess we'll find out soon enough.
Mar Sara Bar Badge Interaction after The Outlaws
MarSaraFidgetsBadgeTychus00001 Tychus: So tell me, Jimmy - just how in hell'd you wind up as a Confederate marshal?
MarSaraFidgetsBadgeRaynor00002 Raynor: Well, after you got pinched, I headed to Mar Sara to lay low for awhile. I took a job as a lawman... settled down. Tried to do some good.
MarSaraFidgetsBadgeTychus00003 Tychus: (grave) What happened to you, Jimmy?
MarSaraFidgetsBadgeRaynor00004 Raynor: Life happened, Tychus. Simple as that. Sooner or later, it all turns upside down.
Mar Sara Bar Badge Interaction before Liberation Day
MarSaraFidgetsBadgeRaynor00012 Raynor: Hard to believe I used to be a lawman in these parts. Guess a part of me just wanted to keep folks safe. But one thing I know after all these years,
MarSaraFidgetsBadgeRaynor00013 Raynor: a man don't need a badge to fight for what's right.
Mar Sara Bar Raynor poking quotes
MarSaraFidgetsDrinksRaynor00013 Raynor: Thirsty work...
MarSaraFidgetsDrinksRaynor00014 Raynor: Bottoms up...
MarSaraFidgetsDrinksRaynor00015 Raynor: Ugh. Like drinkin' engine coolant.
MarSaraFidgetsDrinksRaynor00002 Raynor: Hate just sittin' around waitin' for somethin' to happen...But this place sure is cozy.
Mar Sara Bar Hydralisk Skull Interaction before Liberation Day
MarSaraFidgetsHydraheadRaynor00003 Raynor: [Angry 80]I did my best to kill these critters off and some jackass goes and mounts one over my favorite bar. [/Angry]Unbelievable.
Mar Sara Bar Hydralisk Skull Interaction after The Outlaws
MarSaraFidgetsHydraheadTychus00029 Tychus: Way you keep starin' at that thing, I'd say you've got some serious unresolved anger issues.
MarSaraFidgetsHydraheadRaynor00005 Raynor: You don't know the half of it, Tychus. Maybe when you've killed as many of these things as I have, you'll understand.
Mar Sara Bar Newspaper Clipping Interaction before Liberation Day
MarSaraFidgetsLocalhero2Raynor00003 Raynor: I remember that day. Those folks on Meteor Station were in serious trouble when their power grid blew.
MarSaraFidgetsLocalhero2Raynor00004 Raynor: We were nearby -- figured I'd lend 'em a hand. (takes a drink) That was one of the good days.
Mar Sara Bar Newspaper Clipping Interaction after The Outlaws
MarSaraFidgetsLocalhero2Tychus00002 Tychus: Why keep all these mementos around anyway? Seems to me, you're livin' in the past.
MarSaraFidgetsLocalhero2Raynor00009 Raynor: Well with you turnin' up and all, 'seems I can hardly escape it.
Mar Sara Bar Viking Photo Interaction after The Outlaws
MarSaraFidgetsvikingphoto2Raynor00005 Raynor: Way I hear it, the folks around here are stickin' it to the Dominion wherever they can. Civil disobedience is a beautiful thing.
MarSaraFidgetsvikingphoto2Tychus00006 Tychus: And you're just going to leave these dirt farmers to it? You know Mengsk'll just send more troops and bigger guns, right?
MarSaraFidgetsvikingphoto2Raynor00009 Raynor: I can't be there to fight all their battles, Tychus. They gotta earn their own freedom - one step at a time.
MarSaraFidgetsvikingphoto2Raynor00010 Raynor: Otherwise, they'll never really own it.
Mar Sara Bar Wanted Poster Interaction before Liberation Day
MarSaraFidgetswantedposterRaynor00029 Raynor: Public enemy number one. Old grandma Raynor'd be proud.
Mar Sara Bar Wanted Poster Interaction after Liberation Day
MarSaraFidgetswantedposterTychus00004 Tychus: Oh now this is what I'm talkin' about! Face it, Jimmy - you were born to be bad.
MarSaraFidgetswantedposterRaynor00005 Raynor: Alright, maybe a little bad...
Unused Liberation Day Mission Introduction
MissionpitchesAdjutant00019 Adjutant: Dominion troops are seizing control of Mar Sara.
MissionpitchesAdjutant00020 Adjutant: They have stockpiled vast amounts of guns and resources at the Backwater Station.
MissionpitchesAdjutant00026 Adjutant: Seizing that stockpile would deal a serious blow the the Dominion effort on Mar Sara.
Liberation Day Victory Cinematic
TRaynor01Adjutant00009 Adjutant: Congratulations, Commander. The credits and weapons are yours for the taking.
TRaynor01Raynor00008 Raynor: Well, after all that - figure we should leave it all here for these folks. They're fighting the good fight, now - they'll need all the guns and money they can get. We can find another way to keep ourselves in business.
Bridge Scripted Cutscenes (Choose a Side/The Fate of Haven)
ScriptedScenesBridgeTosh00029 Tosh: Help me bust open New Folsom and we'll bring down Mengsk together!
ScriptedScenesBridgeHanson00036 Hanson: Please, they may look like Zerg but deep down they're still my people.
ScriptedScenesBridgeHorner00016 Horner: Sir, we have an incoming transmission. It's highly encrypted - (suspicious)and on a Dominion priority channel.
ScriptedScenesBridgeNova00031 Nova: They tried enhancing Ghost abilities using exotic materials like jorium and terrazine. The idea was to create something new... Spectres.
Smash and Grab
TTychus01Kerrigan00004 Kerrigan: What are you still fighting for, Jim? [Happy]Are you intending to keep the promise you made and put me out of my misery?[/Happy] (laughs)
TTychus01Kerrigan00007 Kerrigan: (Laughs) Don't take too long now - time's running out... for all of us.
TTychus01Raynor00008 Raynor: You know I'm a man of my word, darlin'.
TTychus04Adjutant00037 Adjutant: Solar flare imminent. Evacuate all forces to a safe location.
Maw of the Void
TTychus05Raynor00009 Raynor: Good to know, what's happening here?
TTychus05Tychus00001 Tychus: Damn, this old thing's spooky. Let's hit that vault and get out of here.
TTychus05Tychus00038 Tychus: Damn, this old thing's spooky. Let's hit that vault and get out of here.
TTychus05Raynor00031 Raynor: Yeah, Tychus, just like that.
TTychus05Tychus00030 Tychus: You just gonna give it up like that?
TTychus05Tychus00027 Tychus: There's the vault! Looks like it could take a helluva beating...
TTychus05Tychus00015 Tychus: An' just hand the artifact over to those Tal'darim freaks? Hell no!
TTychus05Tychus00005 Tychus: Jimmy, I am gettin' mighty sick of these yahoos.
Maw of the Void, following protoss prisoners cinematic
TTychus05Tychus00014 Tychus: You sure 'bout this, Jimmy? You can't trust those freaks - could be a trap!
TTychus05Raynor00018 Raynor: That ain't their way, old buddy. If they say they'll help us, you can count on it.
Whispers of Doom
TZeratul01Zeratul00005 Zeratul: Fragments of truth, perhaps. I cannot decipher the prophecy on my own. Yet I know who might interpret these findings for us - the Preservers of Zhakul!
TZeratul01Zeratul00007 Zeratul: Because if they do not... this entire universe will burn.
TZeratul01Karass00006 Karass: The holy Archives have been sealed off for a thousand years. What makes you think the Preservers will heed your plea now?
TZeratul01Karass00032 Karass: Did you find what you sought, Zeratul?
TZeratul01Zeratul00020 Zeratul: More inscriptions. They speak of "the stars being consumed by a vast shadow"... Grim portents. But here - a final inscription speaks of "another... who will break the cycle of the gods..."
TZeratul01Zeratul00004 Zeratul: Gods, what does it all mean?
TZeratul01Zeratul00019 Zeratul: This shrine has etchings like the others... Some reference here to "a Great Devourer consuming all hope"... and more about a "final darkness..."
TZeratul01Stalker00039 Stalker: Our thanks, exalted one. We are yours to command.
TZeratul01Zeratul00038 Zeratul: Quickly brothers! Protect the Stalkers! Guard their flank to prevent the zerg from surrounding them!
TZeratul01Stalker00037 Stalker: We require assistance!
TZeratul01Zeratul00002 Zeratul: Fascinating, but these are just fragments of the prophecy. I must continue my search.
TZeratul01Zeratul00018 Zeratul: These symbols... so similar to those in the caverns below. "The Cycle draws to its end"... And here, it speaks of the "Stars waking from celestial courses"...
Whispers of Doom, Zerg block, before "If you can so easily read my mind, Kerrigan"
TZeratul01Kerrigan00081 Kerrigan: You've struggled so long, Zeratul. Give in. Come to me and I will send you to your rest, at long last.
Whispers of Doom, Psi storm intro
TZeratul01Zeratul00021 Zeratul: More Zerg! Ready yourselves my brothers, this battle will be a bloody one.
TZeratul01Karass00022 Karass: Perhaps not, prelate. Permit me to clear the way with a psionic storm.
Whispers of Doom, High Templar
TZeratul01Karass00016 Karass: Prelate Zeratul! At last! Fortune smiles upon us. I am Arch-Templar Karass. Hierarch Artanis sent me here to find you.
TZeratul01Zeratul00017 Zeratul: Greetings, Karass. Aid me in my quest, and we shall return to Artanis together!
TZeratul01Karass00001 Karass: It is an honor, great one!
Whispers of Doom, Overseers
TZeratul01Zeratul00014 Zeratul: That Overseer will alert the zerg! Stalkers! Kill it!
Whispers of Doom, The way is blocked (forming energy bridge to escape)
TZeratul01Zeratul00024 Zeratul: We are trapped! Unless....Karass, lend me your strength -- between us we can forge a means of escape!
TZeratul01Karass00025 Karass: I do not understand, great one, how?
TZeratul01Zeratul00026 Zeratul: The power of the Void and the Khala together! The twilight energies will be our salvation -- now focus!
Whispers of Doom, Zealots
TZeratul01Zealot00009 Zealot: En Taro Tassadar, Zeratul! We received your transponder signal. Many of our brothers are still searching for you across this wasteland.
TZeratul01Zeratul00010 Zeratul: Let us find them, young zealot. There is much to be done before we depart this place.
Unused Valerian Observatory Room, Phonograph Interaction
ValerianfidgetsPhonographValerian00001 Valerian: Beautiful isn't it? Centuries old. I've always loved antiquities. That's why a few years ago I purchased a controlling interest in the Moebius Foundation.
ValerianfidgetsPhonographRaynor00002 Raynor: Son of a bitch...
ValerianfidgetsPhonographValerian00003 Valerian: (laughs) Rest assured, your friend Tychus never knew that the Foundation was just a front for my... great endeavor. I've taken great pains to conceal my patronage of the Foundation - especially from my father, which you'll appreciate was no small feat.
ValerianfidgetsPhonographRaynor00004 Raynor: Your daddy went to all the trouble of confiscating artifacts across the sector, and you go gobblin' 'em all up right from under him. I'm startin' to like your style, kid.
Unused Valerian Observatory Room, Window/Fleet Interaction
ValerianfidgetswindowRaynor00001 Raynor: Daddy lend you the fleet for the weekend, or did you swipe the keys without askin'?
ValerianfidgetswindowValerian00002 Valerian: One day all that is his will be mine. My father does not yet see my true worth. But once I stop Kerrigan, my people will look to me as their savior.
ValerianfidgetswindowValerian00003 Valerian: By achieving what he never could, I will prove my right to succeed him as ruler of the Dominion.
ValerianfidgetswindowRaynor00004 Raynor: You're a Mengsk alright. 'Least now I know what your stake in all this is.
ValerianfidgetswindowValerian00005 Valerian: Do not mistake me for my father, Commander. There is little love lost between us.
ValerianfidgetswindowValerian00006 Valerian: I would undo the worst of his excesses and usher in a new era of freedom and prosperity. But to achieve that, the Queen of Blades must be neutralized.
Valerian Interaction After Supernova
ValerianValerian00007 Valerian: The artifact fragments you've been collecting are of Xel'Naga origin. With them, I can construct a device that will reverse the infestation that transformed Kerrigan into the Queen of Blades.
ValerianRaynor00008 Raynor: Way I heard it, they created both the protoss and the zerg millions of years ago.
ValerianValerian00018 Valerian: Indeed they did. And once certain key artifacts are collected together, I can construct a device that will reverse the infestation that transformed Kerrigan into the Queen of Blades.
ValerianRaynor00019 Raynor: Even if that were possible, she holes up in the main hive cluster on Char - protected by a billion screaming zerg. How're you going to get that thing anywhere near her?
ValerianValerian00020 Valerian: (Chuckles) Oh not me, Commander - you.
ValerianValerian00004 Valerian: You're the only man who's been close to her and lived to tell the tale. You know her tactics, you know her strategies - and I know you'd risk anything for the chance to bring her back.
Exit to Hyperion after the Valerian Interaction
ValerianRaynor00002 Raynor: Alright, kid. You've got a deal.
Unused 3rd voiceline of The Gates of Hell Mission Introduction
MissionpitchesValerian00045 Valerian: I shall rendezvous with you as soon as I receive your signal.
In-Game Rendered "Armory Intro" Cinematic
TScene02bSwann001 Swann: Kachinsky! Crane six! Get it done! (mutters) Wastin' my damn time...
TScene02bKachinsky002 Kachinsky: Down here slumin', sir?
TScene02bRaynor003 Raynor: What was that?
TScene02bSwann004 Swann: The boys are getting' riled up, Jim. We got a problem.
TScene02bRaynor005 Raynor: Wonderful.
In-Game Rendered "Cart to Play" Cinematic
TScene11Marine002 Marine: Ungh!
In-Game Rendered "Infested" Cinematic (after "finishing it")
TScene13Raynor006 Raynor: What is it with the women in my life?