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Title Screen


Also known as: Genso Suikoden (JP)
Developer: Konami Computer Entertainment Tokyo
Publisher: Konami
Platforms: PlayStation, Sega Saturn, Windows
Released in JP: December 15, 1995 (PS1), September 17, 1997 (Saturn), March 26, 1998 (Windows)
Released in US: December 1996
Released in EU: March 1997

ItemsIcon.png This game has unused items.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

Suikoden is one of Konami's early attempts at an RPG, and the start of a long and fairly popular RPG series spanning five games in the main series, and several side-games. Based loosely on a Chinese folk tale, it's a story of a young man named Tir McDohl who, after being exiled from his home, forms an army and battles the repressive Scarlet Moon Empire.

A tad rough around the edges, but an enjoyable RPG experience.

To do:
Document the unused sketch of the game`s artwork loaded into RAM when browsing books in the Library. source:[1]

Unused Items

If it's Bell's rune, why isn't she using it?

There are three Rune crystals that can never actually be obtained.

  • Shrike crystal - The only Shrike Rune in the game comes equipped on Kasumi, and it cannot be removed.
  • Falcon crystal - Pretty much the same story here. The only Falcon Rune is owned by Valeria, and it can't be removed either.
  • Flame crystal - The description of this item claims it's "Bell's rune". However, while Ronnie Bell does come with her own personal rune, it's called the "Hate Rune", although it was called the "Flame Rune" in the Japanese version. It doesn't seem this rune can be attached to anyone, either, making it even odder.

Hidden Weapon Names

As characters' weapons are strengthened, their names will change at predetermined levels, with each weapon having three names total. However, many characters join with a weapon "pre-upgraded" into the second or third name change group, preventing you from ever seeing their initial weapon title.

(Note: Ted and Odessa have the same exact weapon, which is why they're lumped together. Technically, you never see Odessa's "original" weapon as her weapon starts a level too high, but it's the same as Ted's, the Steel Bow.)

Character Lv. 1 Weapon Name Lv. 2 Weapon Name Lv. 3 Weapon Name
Alen Fire Sword
Anji Demon Spear
Clive Wind Storm
Eileen Darts
Flik Odessa
Fukien Punishment
Fuma Shuriken Super Shuriken
Futch Verserk
Gen Light Steel
Gon Sword
Grenseal Flashing Sword
Griffith Black Knife
Hix Tengaar
Humphrey Masamune
Juppo Gear
Kage First Sword
Kai Pilgrim's Staff
Kasim Moonlight Blue Moonlight
Kasumi Sakura
Kessler Axe
Kimberly Kitchen Knife
Kirke Tower
Kreutz Denta
Mace Silver Hammer Gold Hammer
Meese Carbon Hammer
Meg Dagger
Milia Valkyrie
Mina Pretty Shawl
Moose Brass Hammer Bronze Hammer
Mose Aluminum Hammer
Pesmerga Crimson
Quincy Thunder
Rubi Bow of Vlitra
Sansuke Saw
Sonya Blue
Stallion Bow of Amrita
Sydonia Ruisui
Ted/Odessa Gold Bow
Tengaar Light Knife
Valeria Star Sword
Warren Slavenil Gunnigle

It's worth pointing out that because these names are never seen, there are two weapon name themes that go unnoticed in-game.

The first is that Clive's weapons all have a wind naming scheme: Wind/Storm/Tornado. The second, and more interesting, is that Warren's weapons all refer to the Norse God Odin. His third weapon is just "Odin", while his first two weapons are mistranslations of Sleipnir (Odin's horse) and Gungnir (Odin's spear).

Also interestingly, many of these weapon names are repeated throughout the series... and continue to go unused, as the characters wielding them always start with their weapons at elevated levels. In particular, Futch's first weapon Verserk is (un)seen again when he reappears in Suikoden II and is later passed on to Sharon in Suikoden III... where it's still never seen! Several other weapons got the same treatment.

Regional Differences

  • In the international versions, towards the start of the game is a scene in which the player must rescue Varkas and Sydonia while they are tied to posts. In the Japanese release, the two are instead tied up to two crosses, resembling a crucifixion process.
  • The name of Millia's dragon, Thrash, was originally Slash in the Japanese release.
  • Barbarossa's name was changed to Red Beard in the Italian localization.