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Super Mario Sunshine/Cutscene Oddities

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This is a sub-page of Super Mario Sunshine.

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Some of the THP cutscenes include differences from what is seen in-game. This is because certain cutscenes were recorded at earlier stages in development, or have some scenes that were.

Auto Demo

The auto demo was recorded very close to release, as there are little to no changes. The only significant changes are in audio, as:

  • Mario makes a few noises that don't appear in-game.
  • Mario makes damaged noises whilst jumping off walls, rather than jumping noises.
  • The blue coin lets out a normal coin sound.
  • Bullet Bill textures are slightly different.

Start-Up Movie

  • The unused cloud layer is present in the background.
  • There are a few barrels under the open window behind the Pianta actors and Grand Pianta Statue. Barrels can also be seen in some prerelease screenshots in the same spot.
  • The map is using the Spaceworld 2001 design of Isle Delfino! Though in the close-up shot, the tail is cut off to make better match the final design.
  • Mario can be seen in Bianco Hills at the bottom right.
  • In Delfino Plaza: the two bells have graffiti, the Bianco Hills portal is present, and the Shine Gate Shine is spawned with the Shine monument faced away from default position.


  • The unused cloud layer is present in a few scenes.
  • In the first two scenes with Mario and Toadsworth out on the runway, Peach's earrings use her eye texture.
  • The Polluted Piranha is missing in the scene where the Toads share their opinions, making the full goop map visible.
  • Once it switches back to Peach after showing Shadow Mario, her earrings are low poly.

FLUDD Introduction

  • The trees sport an older texture seen in prerelease media.
  • KART is misspelled as KIRT in the callbacks.
  • A chair can be seen behind Mario.
  • There are a few Piantas near the plane.

Courtroom Scene

  • Toadsworth's glasses and frames' colors are swapped in the first scene.
  • Mario's right eye is misaligned for a few frames while looking backward towards Toadsworth.
  • The left side window is completely open.
  • The trees in the plaza sport the older texture.
  • The lilypad island is missing the pipe and has a different tree.
  • Where the "Benvenuto" sign would be on the building north of the jail is an unused "Dolpic" sign which is seen in prerelease media.
  • The building to the west of the Grand Pianta Statue where a Shine Sprite would normally be has unbreakable blue saloon door textures. This is also the case in the flooded Delfino Plaza.
  • There is a Rocket Nozzle stone tab on top of Pianta Village's pipe on the Shine Gate. In the final game, only the lighthouse has a stone tab on top of it.
  • A pineapple is in the Dolphin fountain when the camera is zooming in on the Shine Gate.

FLUDD's Post-Trial Talk

  • There is a different fruit basket Pianta next to the building with Sirena Beach's pipe.

Culprit Uncovered

  • Shadow Mario is shown reflecting Bianco Hills for a few seconds.

Peach Kidnapped

  • Shadow Mario is reflecting the beginning where he kidnaps Peach. However, she is missing her parasol similar to prerelease material.

Petey Introduction

  • The common sky model is used instead of the one specific to Bianco Hills.
  • The unused cloud layer is present in the sky.

Mecha-Bowser Appears

  • Shadow Mario is reflecting an earlier version of Pinna Park
  • Mario can be seen sleeping on the Yoshi-Go-Round when the camera switches to Shadow Mario's point of view.
  • The ferris wheel is red.

Bowser Jr. Introduction

  • Shadow Mario/Bowser Jr. is still reflecting early Pinna Park
  • In the top right when Peach's reaction is shown, the unused cloud layer can be seen.


  • The Red Coin Bird Field pipe is colorless in some scenes.
  • The Pinna Park cannon has its lid on, which never happens in-game.
  • A red graffiti X is on the wall near the pachinko level.
  • The ferris wheel in the background is red.
  • Bowser's eye is see-through.
  • On Sirena Beach, not only is the red ferris wheel present, but another wheel with more polygons is as well.
  • Toadsworth's glasses and frames' colors are swapped once more.
  • The old noki can be seen twice
  • The boat in Delfino Plaza is of a different design


  • In the photo where Peach and Toadsworth are getting splashed, the Pinna Park ferris wheel is missing.