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The Goonies II

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Title Screen

The Goonies II

Also known as: The Goonies II: Fratelli Saigo no Chousen (JP)
Developer: Konami
Publisher: Konami
Platform: NES
Released in JP: March 18, 1987
Released in US: November 1987
Released in EU: December 19, 1988

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Read about prototype versions of this game that have been released or dumped.
Prototype Info


Japan / US Europe
Goonies2 prg-crc.png GooniesII-Test-EU.png

To access a small PRG CRC test, hold A + B while turning on or resetting the game. You'll be taken to a blank screen. A few moments later, if the CRC test is passed, the message "GOONIES2 ONE" will appear; otherwise, it will read "GOONIES2 TEN". Afterward, you'll return to the title screen, as normal.

The US and all Japanese versions (including the prototype version) pass this test, but the European version doesn't. This is unlikely to mean the European version is a bad dump and is more likely because the CRC wasn't updated to a proper value. The CRC data for the US version is $DAD8, $2527, while the European version has the similar values: $DAC8, $2537. Konami simply added $10 to the first value, an actual CRC, and subtracted $10 from the second value, which is actually unused. The actual CRC for the European version is $F315 which is far away from any of these values...

Similar tests appear in other Konami NES games such as Ganbare Goemon!, Gradius, and King Kong 2.

(Source: CaH4e3)

Secret Messages

Japanese English
Goonies 2, The - Fratelli Saigo no Chousen-secretmess.gif Goonies II, The-message.png

In the prototype version, some secret messages from Konami staff members can be seen using the Transceiver tool, which is hidden somewhere in the game. Normally it gives you advice or hints from various game characters, including some from other Konami games. However, if you hold A + B + Down on Controller 2 when using it, you'll see one of 13 secret messages with the header "コナミ スタッフ‼" ("Konami Staff!!"). These all translate to "I am (name)!!".

Original Transliteration
イワサクンデース♡ Iwasakun desu♡
アカマツ デース‼ Akamatsu desu!!
ウエヤマ デース‼ Ueyama desu!!
ミウラ デース‼ Miura desu!!
カワニシデース‼ Kawanishi desu!!
ヤマダデース‼ Yamada desu!!
ヤンデーーース♡ Yan de---su♡
タテイワデース‼ Tateiwa desu!!
ハマダデース‼ Hamada desu!!
マエザワデース‼ Maezawa desu!!
ダイブツキノシタデース‼ Daibutsu Kinoshita desu!!
シモネタケンジデース‼ Shimoneta Kenji desu!!
プレスワタナベデース‼ Press Watanabe desu!!

Both the prototype and final versions of the game have a flag that determines whether Controller 2 will be read, a possible remnant of a two-player mode. In the prototype, this flag is always set to read both controllers, but in the final version, it's set to read only the first one, rendering the code inaccessible.

To reenable the code, set RAM address $09 to 07. The Japanese version still has all the messages intact, but they were removed from the US and European versions; you'll see two randomly selected generic messages instead. The only remaining string likely related to the cheat ("WE'RE SORRY. THE CONTENTS HAVE BEEN TAKEN OUT.") doesn't actually appear in-game, and requires further hacking to be seen.

(Source: CaH4e3)

Regional Differences

Title Screen

Japan US/Europe
Goonies II (NES)-Japanese titlescreen.png Goonies 2-title.png

The Japanese subtitle was removed from the international versions' title screen.


Japan US/Europe
Goonies II-Subscreen JP.png Goonies II-Subscreen US.png

The English text on the subscreen was changed in the international versions. "Buki" was changed to "Weapons", "Item" was changed to "Implements", and "Foot" was changed to "Shoes". All of the text was also repositioned to be on the top left of their respective boxes (with the exception of the bottom left map text, which was also translated for the International version).