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The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker/Unused Text

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This is a sub-page of The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker.

Script Text

The King of Red Lions

Then hang on tightly!

This appears after the end of the cutscene in which Link goes to Hyrule for the first time. Right before this, the King of Red Lions asks "Are you ready, <player>?" The unused line was most likely meant to follow this question. It might have been cut because it didn't fit the mood of the scene.


Anchors aweigh!!!
Hold the tiller steady!!!
As for our destination...
The wind will guide us!

Tetra speaks these lines in the US version's FMV of the epilogue, but watching the movie with an external player reveals that they're already included in it. Thus, this version is never used by the game. They are used in the European version, though.

System Text

Language Select

Language Selection

While "Language Selection" is found with the pause menu options, the language names are scattered throughout the text file. Since the US version doesn't have any language other than English, these go unused.

Debug Text

Text Drawing Leftovers

The following snippets of text are not contained in the main text bank, but are instead found in an archive called msgres, which holds the layout files for the different text boxes.


"This is a font display test. Please refer to the placement of this text when positioning characters in the window."


"You danced the Wind Waker dance!"

BGM Map Names


In the game's main executable, start.dol, there's a list of all the maps in the game that seems to allow background music to be assigned to them. The four map names above are found in this list, but they are not present on the disk; GanonA-E exist, but the map names skip to J-N after that. It seems that Ganon's Tower was to have more sections than it ended up having. Swapping the names of the nonexistent maps with ones that do exist seem to show that these rooms were assigned the BGM of the Tower's hub room as a placeholder.

Furigana Test

The following text is found in the files of an unused map called VRTest. The strings are in separate files, and are stored in a weird format where the Shift-JIS is actually rendered in ASCII. It appears to be left over from a furigana testing function. The Wind Waker was the first Zelda game to feature furigana. These small hiragana denote the reading of the Chinese characters that precede them, which younger Japanese players might not know how to read.

The Wind Waker (Unused) Majora's Mask JP (Used) Majora's Mask ENG (Used)
この先(さき)は この世(よ)に 恨(うら)みや

未練(みれん)を 残(のこ)した者(も)の魂(のたましい)が
集(あつ)まりし ところ
今(いま)も 魂(たましい)を救(すく)う者(もの)を求(もと)めて

この先は この世に 恨みや

みれんを 残した者の魂が
集まりし ところ
今も 魂を救う者を求めて

Now it is the gathering place

for the spirits of those with
lingering regrets.

Until now they wander, seeking
one who can save them.

This snippet of dialogue is originally spoken by the Garo who sits at the entrance to Ikana Canyon in Majora's Mask. You can see in the side-by-side comparison above that, while the text is the same, Majora's Mask does not feature pronunciations in brackets following the kanji.

Interestingly enough, the furigana contains two errors. The bracketed hiragana after 者 should read (もの) instead of (も), while the bracketed hiragana after 魂 should read (たましい) instead of (のたましい). In addition, the word 未練 is written using kanji in the Wind Waker version of the lines, despite being written in hiragana in Majora's Mask.

The Wind Waker (Unused) Majora's Mask JP (Used) Majora's Mask ENG (Used)
そのお面(めん)だけでは ヤツラを

救(すく)うことは できないよ・・・・
他(ほか)には ないのかい?
ザンネンだが ココを
通(とお)すわけには いかないな!

そのお面だけでは ヤツラを

救うことは できないよ・・・
他には ないのかい?
ザンネンだが ココを
通すわけには いかないな

You cannot save them with that

mask...Have you no other? It is
unfortunate, but I cannot let you
pass. Yee-hee-hee.

A second instance of dialogue from the Majora's Mask Garo, also with the addition of furigana. No mistakes or differences here.

The Wind Waker (Unused) Translation



Do you know this person?

This line isn't used in any Zelda game, though it might reference Link's wanted sign in A Link to the Past.

The Wind Waker (Unused) Translation


Hyrule Castle


This text is very similar to the signs in A Link to the Past, which read "この先 ハイラルのお城", using the polite word for "castle".

The Wind Waker (Unused) Translation
この先(さき)キケン 入(はい)るな!

その好奇心(こうきしん)が ケガのモト

It's dangerous beyond this point. No entry!

Wait a minute.
Curiosity killed the cat.

I haven't found a source for these lines in any previous Zelda game.

The Wind Waker (Unused) Translation

絶対(ぜったい)に入(はい)るな。 ケガするぞ!

It's dangerous beyond this point.

Absolutely no entry. You'll get hurt!

Likewise for these ones!