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TimeSplitters 2

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Title Screen

TimeSplitters 2

Also known as: Time Splitter: Jikuu no Shinryakusha (JP)
Developer: Free Radical Design
Publishers: Eidos Interactive (INT), HanbitSoft (KR PS2), Daiwon C&A (KR GCN)
Platforms: PlayStation 2, GameCube, Xbox
Released in JP: February 27, 2003 (PS2)
Released in US: October 8, 2002 (PS2), October 16, 2002 (GCN/Xbox)
Released in EU: October 18, 2002 (PS2/Xbox), November 1, 2002 (GCN)
Released in KR: April 11, 2003 (PS2), 2003 (GCN)

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Free Radical sought to improve everything from the original TimeSplitters, and they certainly succeeded. Widely regarded as one of the best FPSes of console gaming's sixth generation, TimeSplitters 2 leverages the best of classic Rare-era shooters with a hint of modern controls and ever-so-expansive multiplayer capabilities.

Let's do the TimeSplit again!

To do:

  • Any more regional differences?
  • There are two PS2 prototypes and one Xbox prototype that should be dug into.
  • There's a couple of unused characters and possibly more unused content to look into.
  • The port in Homefront: The Revolution uses some different sound effects. Probably might be some other differences.
    • A patch created by Discord member Fanoto in the Dambuster Studios Easter Egg Discord fixes some bugs with the port that allows you to access most of TimeSplitters 2 in Homefront: The Revolution. Note: as of now, MapMaker is inaccessible and multiplayer doesn't work. There also seems to be some debug functionality via a "Hasit Debug Menu". NOTE: As of November 2021, there's a mod that restores NeoTokyo functionality, scales the UI/HUD properly, and fixes the music.


Read about prototype versions of this game that have been released or dumped.
Prototype Info
Miscellaneous tidbits that are interesting enough to point out here.

Unused Weapons

Default Gun

An unused weapon modeled after a Desert Eagle handgun. It has 2 firing modes that both use the Scifi Handgun's firing sounds: the first fires slow-moving bullets with a low rate of fire, while the second quickly shoots fast-moving bullets. Both firing modes deal no damage, use Pistol ammo, and never need to reload. It can be dual-wielded, and it is labeled as "Unarmed" in-game. Its model is oversized in the pause and MapMaker weapon menus.


Spiral Bullets

A projectile not assigned to any weapon or enemy. It appears as an orange bullet that erratically spirals around before hitting a surface.

A modified Grenade Launcher firing multiple Spiral Bullets in Dam.

Electrotool Alt-Fire

While the Electrotool's primary and secondary fire are normally the same, a broken alternate fire mode is left unused in the game files. It charges the Electrotool and fires a single glowing projectile that creates a large explosion. In TimeSplitters: Future Perfect, the Electrotool would actually get a projectile-based alt-fire attack, albeit one less powerful than this concept.


Unused Characters


Despite being featured in the Arcade League match "Men in Grey," the Consultant cannot be unlocked with his Lawyer and Accountant allies. He has a unique character slot in the Arcade character select screen, complete with stats and an icon. His Gallery entry is blank and loaded below Captain Pain's spot. He can be restored using Action Replay codes or modding.


Gasmask Special

This character only appears as an enemy near the end of the Siberia level. He is palette swap of the "Trooper" model, which already has five usable ingame. He can be restored using Action Replay codes or modding, but does not have an Arcade character slot or Gallery entry.

X-Ray Skel

An unseen character loaded into Atom Smasher's level data. He uses Harry Tipper's voice and has his own stats, though he lacks his own Arcade character slot and Gallery entry. It is unclear what role he was meant for in the final game.


John Vattic

Dr. John Vattic, the protagonist of Second Sight (another Free Radical title), has a low-detail model hidden inside the character menu's files. He is given R-107's name and voice, and he uses his model during Arcade matches. Vattic's model must be imported from the chrinc.pak file to actually be usable in gameplay. Incidentally, while Vattic also did not appear in the sequel, the character Renzo uses his voice during gameplay.


Jo-Beth Casey LOD Model

Jo-Beth Casey, an Arcade-exclusive character, has an unfinished low-detail model that is never used in gameplay. It can be restored by replacing another character model with its own ID.


Unused Areas

Siberia in Arcade

Siberia has its own Arcade Mode setup that is used in 2 League matches, though it can never be unlocked. The level consists of the opening area before the player enters the dam itself. It is labeled as "Dam" in the Arcade menu if restored via modding. The only modes available for it by default are Deathmatch and its variants. The level mostly works without issues, though bots can open the locked door to the dam if set on fire nearby it.


Wild West in Arcade

Wild West's Arcade setup is never featured in any Arcade League matches, leaving it completely unused. It is set in the final canyon area of the story mode level, where the player fights the Colonel and his men. The waterfall is not loaded, and the path back into town is open for the player to explore. Like Siberia, the only available modes for it are Deathmatch and its variants. The level mostly works well, but bots sometimes fall into the bottomless pit in the center of the arena.


Notre Dame in Arcade

A very unfinished Arcade Mode setup for Notre Dame. The only spawns are at the very start of the story level, and the weapons are all placed around the first staircase out of the sewers. However, none of the weapons spawn with any ammo. The level is only set for Deathmatch mode and its variants.


Unused Arcade Mode Options

Capture the Bag in Chinese

Chinese cannot be played in TimeSplitters 2's Capture the Bag by default, but it has an unused setup for the mode that can be restored with mods. It is highly unstable and prone to crashing.


Teamplay in Thief

Thief is normally a free-for-all Deathmatch mode like Shrink and Monkey Assistant, but the teamplay option from Regeneration and Leech can be enabled through mods. It is stable, and bots can play this variation of the mode without issue. TimeSplitters 2's sequel would go on to feature Team Thief in one of its Arcade League matches, Screw Loose.


Unused MapMaker Features

Gothic Tileset

Prominently showcased in the TimeSplitters 2 Prima Strategy Guide, the Gothic Tileset was cut late in the game's development. Its files remain in the game, and it can be restored with no stability issues. It is listed as "4" in the MapMaker menu, and its default song is a unique remix of the TimeSplitters 2 credits theme. It has a dark and rustic atmosphere similar to a castle, with towering statues and carpets present alongside massive lava pits. The open flames in its largest tile do not harm the player, but other death pits in the Tileset function as intended.

MapMaker Story Co-op

By default, MapMaker Story levels can only be played by in singleplayer mode. The option to play it in co-op with 2-4 players can be restored with mods, though every additional player needs their own spawn point to avoid loading out of bounds.


Unused Story Mode Presets

Vintage Rifle in Notre Dame

The Vintage Rifle is loaded in Notre Dame's level files and can be assigned to enemies as a usable weapon.


Marco the Snitch in Notre Dame

Another asset from the Chicago level that appears in the following level! Marco's model and voices can be used in place of any character in Notre Dame.


Reaper Splitter in Notre Dame

An unused enemy type that doesn't fully appear in story mode until the following level, Return to Planet X. All of the Reaper Splitter's assets are in Notre Dame and can used to load it in place of another character.


Lean Molly & Ample Sally in Wild West

Lean Molly and Ample Sally are mentioned to be part of the Colonel's gang in their Gallery profiles, but they never appear in the Wild West story level. However, their models and voices are present, and they can be loaded in place of any other character.


Grenade Launcher in Wild West

The Prima Strategy Guide makes note of the Grenade Launcher being cut from Wild West and includes a screenshot of its appearance in an earlier build! The data for the Grenade Launcher remains in the final version of the level, allowing it to be restored.


X-Ray Skel in Atom Smasher

This cut character is loaded into Atom Smasher, though he never appears legitimately.


Unused Audio

Cut Chicago Dialogue

These two lines are included along with the other taunts by Big Tony's men in Chicago, but they go unused. They are labeled as pickanim_male, a naming scheme that may suggest they are leftovers from a time where TimeSplitters 2 had character select animations like its predecessor and successor.

"Assault" Voice Lines

Serious-sounding dialogue and orders included in the game's "st" folder. Three speakers are listed: "doug," which is Doug Cockle, "evril" which is Everal Walsh (his other voice clips have similarly misspelled filenames), and "lee", which could be either Lee Ray or Lee Walsh. It is unknown what they were intended for. TimeSplitters: Future Perfect would repurpose assault_evril22_41 as the character select quote for Crispin.

Unused Text

To do:
  • Identify + specify the files these originate from rather than listing raw offsets
  • Verify if they are region/console specific or not

Unused Ammo Types

Two strings describing ammo for cut weapons. These belonged to the Assault Rifle and the Flare Pistol respectively, both of which are also mentioned in pre-release weapon lists.

Assault Rifle Ammo

Cut Character Names

Two character names also go unused. It is unclear if these were older names for used characters or remnants of scrapped ones.

Lt Jade

Unseen Character Names

A large number of story mode characters have name strings that are never displayed in any capacity.

Barrel Robot
Railspider Robot
Portal Daemon
Gasmask Special
NeoTokyo male pedestrian 1
NeoTokyo male pedestrian 2
NeoTokyo male pedestrian 3
NeoTokyo male pedestrian 4
NeoTokyo male pedestrian 5
NeoTokyo male pedestrian 6
NeoTokyo male pedestrian 7
NeoTokyo male pedestrian 8
NeoTokyo male pedestrian 9
NeoTokyo male pedestrian 10
NeoTokyo female pedestrian 1
NeoTokyo female pedestrian 2
NeoTokyo female pedestrian 3
NeoTokyo female pedestrian 4
NeoTokyo female pedestrian 5
NeoTokyo female pedestrian 6
NeoTokyo female pedestrian 7
NeoTokyo female pedestrian 8
NeoTokyo female pedestrian 9
NeoTokyo female pedestrian 10

TimeSplitters 1 Item Leftovers

Leftover text from TimeSplitters 1's MapMaker. The Bag (Knockout) item can be added to maps through modding, though it does not function due to the mode not being present in TimeSplitters 2.

Start Team YELLOW
Start Team GREEN
Bag Base GREEN
Bag (KnockOut)

Unused Teleport Colors

The TimeSplitters 2 MapMaker features teleport items with red, blue, yellow, green, and cyan color schemes. These additional colors go unused.

Teleport Orange
Teleport Purple
Teleport Brown
Teleport Grey
Teleport Pink

Unused Objective

A cut objective found alongside the other Wild West objectives.

Fight off the Colonel's troops until he surrenders

Unused Dialogue

Two lines of dialogue that are listed together. They were likely intended to be spoken by the Colonel when the Wild West objective listed above was still in the game.

If you kill me, you'll never get the crystal!
Okay, okay, just take the crystal, alright?

Unused Cheats

A list of unused cheat names. Some are leftovers from TimeSplitters 1's cheat list, while others are seemingly scrapped from this game. Some are unused in both games, like "Skating" and "Invincible" (which both went on to continue to be unused in TimeSplitters: Future Perfect).

Gun Sounds
Enemies have Rockets
Enemies have Bricks
Enemies have Crossbows
All enemies are Impersonators
All enemies are Gingerbread's
All enemies are Ducks
All enemies are Robofish
All enemies are Handymen
All enemies are Monkeys
All Characters Headless
All Heads Detachable
All Enemies Small

Unused Arcade Team

Along with the entries for Teams Red, Blue, Yellow, and Green, there is a listing for a Team Grey that is never used.

An exploit does exist where player 2 unreadies just as player 1 starts an Arcade Match, which will place them in a unique team called "Team Trooper Grey" or "Team Circus" depending on if the player is playing the PS2 or GameCube release, though these are likely just an artifact of how the game indexes the team name strings.


Unused Arcade Mode

A lone mode name with no corresponding description.


Cut Arcade Levels

Names for Arcade levels that never made it into the final game. They appear to correlate to Story Mode levels, where "Warehouse" is Chicago and "Pyramid" is Aztec.


Leftover TS1 Sample Map Names

TimeSplitters 2 has its own MapMaker sample maps for players to try, so these references to the sample MapMaker levels of TimeSplitters 1 are all that remain.

Drop In

"Secret Feature" Message

An unused message relating to an unknown unlockable. It is unclear how this message would be obtained and what feature(s) would be unlocked alongside it.

Congratulations! You have unlocked a really really secret feature!

Regional Differences

Careful, you'll lose an eye.
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Japanese Version


  • A warning message is added upon starting the game that has Monkey standing on some corpses.
  • The demo videos play in a different order, starting with Siberia.
  • For whatever reason, the mapmaker and LAN options are missing.
  • The flamethrower instantly kills enemies on Siberia.
  • The zombies cannot have their heads or limbs shot off, making the game quite a bit harder as a result.
  • Civilians can't be killed. Despite this, the game still has objectives telling you to not kill them.
  • You can't kill the monkeys on Aztec in story mode, and the ones that throw watermelons have been removed.
  • The Wood Golem can be killed in one shot by using a crossbow with fire arrows.
  • The trophy for Sergio's Last Stand has been made easier to get: the requirement for gold is 12,000 instead of 25,000, you can't be lit on fire, and you can shoot zombies anywhere and they'll die just as fast.
  • Day of the Damned's trophy requirement is halved (10,000 instead of 20,000), but the zombies are much stronger.
(Source: Anemptybox on The-Elite)

Korean Versions

The Korean PS2 version is essentially based on the Japanese version, but translated back to English. The Korean GameCube is the same as the US GameCube version, due to the fact that Nintendo still relied on Daiwon to distribute their titles (albeit in English rather than Japanese) and this was prior to the formation of Nintendo of Korea.

Other Differences

The US Xbox version is the only release of this game natively capable of running in 480p.

A subtle difference between ports happens during the first level, "Siberia". On Normal or Hard, after using the Disk and causing a "Containment Failure", the zombies in the cells will rise and come after the player. In the GameCube version, the corpses of the two soldiers from in the intro cutscene will also rise and immediately start chasing the player alongside the rest of the zombies, whereas in the XBox version they will rise but stay put until the player comes near the area by the Biohazard Container.