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Time Commando

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Title Screen

Time Commando

Developers: Adeline Software International (DOS, Windows, PlayStation), Virtual Studio (Sega Saturn)
Publishers: Electronic Arts (Europe), Activision (US and Brazil), Virgin Interactive (PlayStation version), Acclaim Entertainment (Sega Saturn/Japan)
Platforms: DOS, Windows, PlayStation, Sega Saturn
Released internationally: 1996
Released in JP: 1998 (Sega Saturn)

MinigameIcon.png This game has unused modes / minigames.

Time Commando is a futurist single player game, which sends the protagonist through a vortex to track a computer virus. The vortex is a virtual reality sphere filled with various enemies from different time periods - from prehistoric warriors and into futurist robots.

Unused Mode

Each level gives you a code that lets you start next time directly from that level, even if you lose your save spots. To use these codes, you enter the main menu, click "Start Game" and then "Start Code". But if you type "commando" instead, you are taken to a secret arena type level. The arena pits you against a clone of yourself and then one of the female warriors from the game's Future levels. The background audience features some of the enemies who are encountered in the game.