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This is a sub-page of Transformers (PlayStation 2, International).

Early Story


A story draft from the beginning of the game's development was hidden on-disc. The draft is notable for depicting a completely different take on the game, featuring many characters and scenarios which ultimately did not make it into the final product. The draft gives a fairly detailed overview of how the 2002 iteration of the game was planned to be, with a heavier emphasis on story and featuring numerous levels with specific goals to accomplish. Goals include using a rifle to protect a character and stopping a train. Episode 14 is notable for being the level shown off in the only available footage of the 2002 iteration.

It's a fairly lengthy but entertaining read, so grab some popcorn!


Transformers Armada - FMV Script - First Draft 
Part 1 of 3

"Hi. If you've found this: congrats! I thought I'd put this onto the disc for memory's sake. It's the very first draft of the game story. When we first started development of the game, we knew absolutely nothing about Armada, and thus I made up a lot of stuff. In hindsight, this story bares little resemblance to what Armada eventually became, but I think there are some nice scenes in it. Besides, this would be SO expensive to make in CG :) Think of this as a piece of fan fiction, that I got paid to write ;)"


EXT. Space

Narration: The planet Cybertron. One million years ago. Home to a race of 
mechanical beings known as Transformers. Engulfed in a civil war that has raged on 
for millions of years.

EXT. Cybertron

Narration (cont.): The heroic Autobots and the evil Decepticons fought a never-
ending war of attrition, campaign after destructive campaign, without resolution. 

EXT. Cybertron / Mini-Con Home Sector

Narration (cont.): A third race of Transformers, the Mini-Cons, remained neutral 
throughout much of the war. This decision met with disapproval from the Autobots 
and pure contempt from the Decepticons. The Mini-Cons refused to choose sides, 
even as the wave of destruction came ever closer to their home sector. 

EXT. Decepticon HQ

Narration (cont.): At a turning point in the war, Optimus Prime commanded the 
Autobots into a decisive strike against the Decepticons' headquarters. 

INT. Cybertron Core

Narration (cont.): Outnumbered and underpowered, the Decepticons, lead by the 
maniacal Megatron, retreated into the depths of Cybertron's inner core. There, they 
formulated the ultimate plan: to form an alliance with the Mini-Cons and use their 
increased numbers to storm Iacon, the Autobot capital and headquarters. 

EXT. Cybertron / Mini-Con Home Sector

Narration (cont.): When the Mini-Cons refused to join the alliance, the Decepticons 
invaded the Mini-Con home sector. The Mini-Cons, knowing they had no chance of 
surviving a full-scale assault, surrendered themselves to the will of Megatron. 

INT. Decepticon Assembly Lines

Narration (cont.): From there the experiments began, and in time the Decepticons 
learned how to manipulate the Mini-Cons, combining them with themselves to 
harness and unleash unbelievable power. 

INT. Iacon / Autobot HQ

Narration (cont.): Unknown to Megatron, some of the Mini-Cons had managed to 
escape and meet with Optimus Prime. They told him about the Decepticon invasion 
and the horrors that followed. The Mini-Cons offered the Autobots a deal. They 
would fight alongside the Autobots, giving them the same power increase as the 
Decepticons had now, and in return, the Autobots would free the rest of the Mini-
Cons and let them leave the planet, away from the Cybertronian war.

EXT. Iacon / Autobot HQ

Narration (cont.): The Decepticons launched a surprise attack on the Autobots. With 
the fusion of the Mini-Cons, Megatron's soldiers were far too powerful and easily 
broke through the Autobot front line, storming into Iacon. Optimus Prime, now 
suddenly on the back foot, changed strategy and ordered the Autobots to concentrate 
their efforts in freeing the captured Mini-Cons. The gamble worked. 

Narration (cont.): Without the power of the Mini-Cons, one by one the Decepticons 
started to fall. Megatron began to retreat.

Narration (cont.): Sensing ultimate victory was finally at hand; Optimus Prime held 
onto his end of the deal and instructed the Mini-Cons onto the Autobots' best 
spaceship, the Ark. With the Mini-Cons aboard, Optimus Prime lead the Autobots in 
hot pursuit of the fleeing Decepticons. The Ark took off and left Cybertron. The Mini-
Cons were never to be seen again. 



EXT. Cybertron / Autobot HQ

Hot Shot stands on one of Autobot HQ's balconies, watching over Cybertron. The 
planet is quiet. Red Alert sneaks up behind Hot Shot and taps him on the shoulder.

Red Alert (joking): Stay sharp, Hot Shot!

Hot Shot (surprised): Hey, don't scare me like that!

Red Alert: And what if I had been a Decepticon?

Hot Shot: Not likely. The Decepticons have been quiet lately... A bit too quiet for my 

Red Alert (serious): Yes, but until the Autobots declare victory or the Decepticons 
surrender, Cybertron is still at war. It has been for one million years, and perhaps for a 
million more. Always be ready for anything.

Red Alert and Hot Shot remain silent for a few moments.

Hot Shot: Red Alert, do you know what's wrong with Optimus?

Red Alert: What do you mean?

Hot Shot: He seems preoccupied... Distant.

Red Alert: Show some respect, kid. Optimus Prime is the greatest Autobot in the 
history of Cybertron. 

Hot Shot (uncertain): No disrespect intended, Red Alert. It's just that Optimus 
looks... I mean, he... Well, to me, he looks tired.

EXT. Autobot Training Arena

Optimus Prime is down on one knee. He is breathing heavily. He clenches his fist and 
punches the ground lightly. There is a long period of silence.

Optimus Prime: Teltran One, repeat the training exercise.

A series of beeps follow. The Training Arena begins to shift and change, resetting 
itself to a former state. Optimus Prime stands tall and prepares himself.

Optimus Prime (quietly): Until all are one.



EXT. High Desert Mountain

Optimus Prime emerges from the mountain. Red Alert, Hot Shot, Smokescreen and 
three human children, Rad, Carlos and Alexis, are waiting for him.

Optimus Prime: Autobots, report.

Red Alert: The Decepticons are here, Commander.

Hot Shot: We were about to fight when suddenly they all warped out.

Smokescreen: Megatron said something about finding his Mini-Con. I'm not sure 
what he meant.

Optimus Prime: He was talking about this.

From behind Optimus Prime appears Sparkplug. 

Optimus Prime: This is Sparkplug. He is a Mini-Con, a race of Transformers long 

Red Alert: The Mini-Cons are on this planet? 

Optimus Prime: Autobots, it is imperative that we find the Mini-Cons before the 
Decepticons do. The Mini-Cons can help us finally end the Cybertronian War.

Hot Shot: These small robots? They can tip the balance of power?

Smokescreen: Then maybe these Earth children can help us. 

Rad: Yeah, we'll help you in any way we can! My name's Rad, and this is Carlos-

Optimus Prime begins to walk away in the middle of Rad's dialogue.

Optimus Prime: I'm sorry, children, but it's best if you stay out of this. Autobots, the 
Mini-Cons are our highest priority now. The fate of Cybertron is at stake.

Red Alert, Hot Shot, & Smokescreen: Yes sir!

Carlos: What's up with him?

Red Alert: Forgive his curtness, kids. The discovery of the Mini-Cons is something 
none of us, even Optimus Prime, was prepared for. 

Alexis (pause): He looks sad.



INT. Autobot HQ

Optimus Prime, Hot Shot and Smokescreen stand in a circle. In the middle of the 
circle is Sparkplug.

Hot Shot: So this is a Mini-Con? How come I've never heard of them before?

Smokescreen: You're probably too young, Hot Shot.

Hot Shot: So how come you haven't heard of them, old-timer?

Optimus Prime: Millions of years ago, the Autobots and Decepticons shared 
Cybertron with the Mini-Cons. But because of the war, the Mini-Cons left the planet 
and never returned.

Hot Shot: Red Alert said something about the Mini-Cons and the Battle of Iacon. 
Didn't you lead the Autobots in that campaign, Optimus?

Optimus Prime: The Mini-Cons left Cybertron during that battle. 

Smokescreen: If I understand correctly, the Mini-Cons can combine with Autobots 
and Decepticons, augmenting their power and even unleashing unknown capabilities? 

Optimus Prime: Correct. While the ability to combine with the Mini-Cons was always 
known, Megatron found a way to force merges with unwilling Mini-Cons. With all his 
Decepticon soldiers powered up with Mini-Cons, they stormed into Iacon.

Hot Shot: Such power from such small robots... Hey, if the Mini-Cons and the 
Autobots had worked together, we probably would have defeated Megatron and the 
Cybertronian War would have been over a long time ago.

Optimus Prime clenches his fist. Red Alert enters the room.

Red Alert: The Mini-Cons are a peaceful race of Transformers. They aren't built for 
war. Their only desire is to live in freedom.

Optimus Prime: Yes. They wanted freedom.

Smokescreen: Well, no need to convince me anymore. We've got to find the Mini-
Cons before Megatron does. 

Optimus Prime: Once we have all the Mini-Cons, we can return to Cybertron and 
finally end the war. We must get the Mini-Cons!

Red Alert, Hot Shot, & Smokescreen: Yes sir!



EXT. Forest

Optimus Prime and Red Alert stand in a forest clearing. Hot Shot drives into the 
clearing. Following him is his Mini-Con sidekick, Jolt.

Optimus Prime: Excellent, Hot Shot. You found a Mini-Con.

Red Alert: Did you have any Decepticon trouble?

Hot Shot transforms into robot mode. Jolt transforms and stands by Hot Shot's side.

Hot Shot: Nothing I couldn't handle!

Optimus Prime: Now you know why the Mini-Cons are so important.

Hot Shot: Mini-Con? I finished those Decepticons all by myself!

Red Alert: Ah, youthful confidence. I miss it. Occasionally.

Optimus Prime: But the Mini-Cons... When they combine they-

Hot Shot: I know, but I kicked Decepticon butt without them on Cybertron. Earth is 
no different.

Hot Shot and Jolt transform and exit, leaving Optimus Prime and Red Alert alone.

Optimus Prime: He doesn't understand, Red Alert. The Mini-Cons are the only way 
we will ever end the Cybertronian War.

Red Alert: We're on Earth, Optimus. We should focus on making sure that Megatron 
and his soldiers don't hurt the humans or disrupt their way of life.

Optimus Prime: The war has gone on for too long. The Mini-Cons are our only 
chance to end the death and destruction. Remember the Battle of Iacon, old friend.

Red Alert: I remember, Optimus, but that's all I do. I don't live in the past. 

Red Alert places his hand on Optimus Prime's shoulder.

Red Alert: You made the right choice. You honoured your promise.

There are a few moments of silence. The sounds of the forest (birds, etc.) resonate.

Optimus Prime (resolute): We must find the Mini-Cons. 



INT. Autobot HQ

Sparkplug, Jolt, and Rad, Carlos and Alexis are playing around. Red Alert stands 
watch, amused by the fun they are having. Optimus Prime enters.

Sparkplug: (SFX - Happy)

Rad: These Mini-Cons are so cool!

Carlos: They sure know how to have fun.

Optimus Prime: Red Alert, what are those kids still doing here?

Red Alert: They've offered to help us. It would have been impolite to refuse.

Optimus Prime: Impolite?

Red Alert: Umm... An erroneous strategic decision?

Optimus Prime: I don't think you realise how important the search for the Mini-Cons 

Optimus Prime looks at the kids. Alexis looks back at him.

Optimus Prime: We don't have time for these games.

Alexis: I don't mean to speak out of turn, Optimus, but we know Earth better than you 
do. The same goes for Megatron. 

Rad: Yeah, and if the Decepticons get a hold of the Mini-Cons, they'll conquer the 
universe, starting with Earth. We can't let that happen.

Optimus Prime (pause): That is a very noble gesture, children. 

Carlos: So we can stay?

Optimus Prime: For the time being. 

Rad: Awesome!

Red Alert: Don't worry, Optimus. I'll keep an eye on them.

Optimus Prime: Make sure they don't get in our way.



INT. Decepticon Moon Base / 'Punishment Room'

Scavenger (robot) stands in the middle of the room, bound by laser shackles. 
Megatron (robot) slowly circles him.

Megatron: Scavenger. Why do you constantly fail me?

Scavenger: I didn't expect to see-

Megatron: Your excuses mean nothing to me. 

Scavenger: But Megatron-

Megatron: Silence! If there's anything worse that failure, it's whining. You are a 
pathetic excuse for a Decepticon. You will be punished for your uselessness.

The laser shackles begin to glow a fierce red colour. 

Scavenger: My loyalty to you has been absolute, unlike Starscream. I don't deserve 

Megatron: As insolent as Starscream is, he completes the mission given to him. 
Unlike you.

The laser shackles ripple with shocks. Scavenger screams in pain.

Megatron (cont.): Good riddens.

Megatron leaves the room, the door closing behind him. Scavenger struggles.

Scavenger: I'll show you... who is... useless...

Scavenger breaks the laser shackles. He collapses to the ground and breathes heavily.



EXT. Autobot Outpost

Optimus Prime, Hot Shot, and Smokescreen (RM) stand in the middle of the outpost. 
Red Alert (RM) is high above them in a crow's nest, keeping a lookout.

Smokescreen: This outpost was a good idea, Commander. It'll reduce the risk of the 
Decepticons hurting any humans if they decide to attack us.

Optimus Prime: Yes. It'll also allow us to more freely search for the Mini-Cons.

Hot Shot: I can't wait to show this place to Rad and his friends.

Optimus Prime: I don't think that's a good idea-

A bright flash of white emanates near Optimus Prime. Scavenger appears from a 
warp. Hot Shot and Smokescreen raise their guns.

Hot Shot: Watch out, it's Scavenger!

Smokescreen: Red Alert! Get down here - we got trouble!

Scavenger: Don't shoot. I come here as an ally, not an enemy.

Hot Shot: His circuits must be crossed, Optimus. Don't trust him.

Optimus Prime: Megatron must be desperate if he thinks this will work.

Scavenger: He sentenced me to death, Prime. I have no interest in these Mini-Cons. I 
just want revenge.

Optimus Prime and Scavenger look at each other. They shake hands. The other 
Autobots watch confused.

Optimus Prime: Any enemy of the Decepticons is an ally of ours. 

Hot Shot: You're going to let him stay? You trust him more than Rad and Carlos and 

Red Alert (interrupting, shouting): Optimus, a Mini-Con!

Optimus: Autobots, prepare to move out!

Red Alert (matter-of-fact): No need. The Mini-Con's coming to us.



INT. Decepticon Moon Base / 'Throne Room'

Megatron looks at a computer screen. Images of Earth and humans are being 
displayed. Demolishor and Cyclonus enter the room and stand behind Megatron. 
Demolishor and Cyclonus nudge each other, trying to get the other to speak first.

Demolishor (apologetic): Sir, the Autobots managed to get the Mini-Con. 

Cyclonus (apologetic): They were just too powerful for us, Megatron. 

Demolishor (exaggerating): Yeah, we barely got out of there with our lives-

Megatron: Enough. With each Mini-Con they find, the Autobots get stronger and 
stronger. Perhaps we're going about this the wrong way. 

Starscream enters the room.

Megatron: Report, Starscream.

Starscream: The main human infrastructure near the Autobots is Trident Bridges, oh 
mighty one. It supports passage between two major cities.

Megatron: As great as Prime is, he can't be in two places at once. Demolishor, 
Cyclonus - I have a job for you two. 

Demolishor and Cyclonus: We won't fail you, sir!



EXT. Trident Bridges / Structural Integrity Point

Demolishor (RM) and Cyclonus (VM) are placing a bomb on top of the Structural 
Integrity platform. Demolishor arms the bomb. A red light on it starts to blink.

Demolishor: And that's the last one. 

Cyclonus: I can't wait to see the destruction these bombs do! I wonder if Megatron 
will mind if we stay here a little longer to see the fireworks?

Demolishor: No, we'd better get back. If this is just to distract the Autobots, the real 
action will be finding the next Mini-Cons. 

Hot Shot: Not so fast, Decepti-creeps!

Hot Shot (VM) appears at the bottom of the Structural Integrity platform. 

Demolishor: How did he know we were here?

Cyclonus: Why don't you ask him yourself, Demolishor?

Cyclonus flies away.

Demolishor: Cyclonus, come back here!

Hot Shot fires his gun, which narrowly misses Demolishor. 

Demolishor: All right, Hot Shot. You want to play with me?

Demolishor transforms into vehicle mode and speeds across the bridges. Hot Shot 

Hot Shot: Let's burn rubber!



INT. Autobot HQ

Optimus Prime and Red Alert are quietly talking to each other when Hot Shot enters. 
Red Alert greets Hot Shot.

Red Alert: Great job, Hot Shot. 

Hot Shot: It was a piece of cake.

Optimus Prime (confused): 'Piece of cake'?

Hot Shot: Yeah, Alexis told me that. It means 'it was easy'. By the way, where are the 

Optimus Prime: They are outside with Scavenger.

Hot Shot clenches his fist.

Hot Shot: With Scavenger? Are you crazy?

Optimus Prime is angry. He is about to say something, but Hot Shot leaves.

EXT. Autobot HQ

Rad, Carlos and Alexis are standing around Scavenger (RM). Hot Shot emerges from 
the HQ building. Smokescreen appears from around the corner and stops Hot Shot.

Hot Shot: Smokescreen?

Smokescreen: Don't worry, Hot Shot. I've been keeping an eye on him.

Scavenger transforms into vehicle mode. The kids make sounds of amazement.

Hot Shot (pause): I think Optimus may be putting the Mini-Cons before everything 

Smokescreen: I think you may be right. But he has a good reason. The Mini-Cons will 
end the Cybertronian War.

Hot Shot: It's not a good reason if it means we forget truth, justice and freedom. 

Smokescreen: The Commander is honourable. He will never forget our values. He's 
just been fighting this war for far too long. It'll be all right. He'll come around soon.



EXT. Foot of Snowy Mountain

It is snowing heavily. Smokescreen (VM) can be seen through the fog via his 
headlights. He drives along the road and stops in a small open area.

Smokescreen: I'm in position, Optimus.

Optimus Prime (radio): The Mini-Con signal is coming from somewhere above you. 

Smokescreen: Looks like I'll have to make my way up the mountain road-

Cyclonus (VM) appears and hovers over Smokescreen.

Smokescreen: Cyclonus?

Cyclonus: Oh goody, that Mini-Con is mine!

Smokescreen: You're going to have to get past me first.

Cyclonus: When will you stupid Autobots learn that if you're going to travel in style, 
you've got to fly!

Cyclonus flies up the mountain. Snow kicks up and covers Smokescreen.  He drives 
out of the snow and chases after the Decepticon.

Optimus Prime: Smokescreen, you've got to get to that Mini-Con first!

Smokescreen: I'm on it!

INT. Autobot HQ

Optimus Prime, Scavenger and Hot Shot are listening in on the communications 
radio. Optimus Prime turns to Scavenger.

Optimus Prime: Scavenger, Smokescreen looks like he may need reinforcements.

Scavenger: Finally, some action! I'll be there in no time.

Scavenger leaves for the spacebridge. Hot Shot eyes him suspiciously.



EXT. Lake

Cyclonus (RM) falls from the sky and lands in amongst the trees around the lake. 
Smokescreen moves towards him.

Smokescreen: That's the problem with flying, Cyclonus: the landings really hurt.

Cyclonus (sarcastic): I'm so scared, Autobot. What are you going to do?

Smokescreen aims his gun at Cyclonus. The trees rustle in the distance. Smokescreen 
turns to see Scavenger appear from the forest, gun in hand.

Smokescreen: Scavenger?

Scavenger: Thought you could do with some help.

Cyclonus: So the traitor appears. Megatron will be pleased when I tell him the news.

Scavenger: I'd ask you to pass a message on to Megatron, but you won't be functional 
after I'm through with you.

Cyclonus fires his arm gun. Smokescreen dodges it. The shot hits the trees in the 
distance, setting them alight. The forest begins to burn. Cyclonus transforms and flies 
away. Scavenger follows as far as he can, firing at Cyclonus.

Cyclonus: I guess being an Autobot means you lose the ability to shoot straight, 

Smokescreen starts to put out the forest fire with the water from the lake. Scavenger 
continues firing.

Scavenger: I'll get you, Cyclonus!

Smokescreen: Scavenger! Forget about him. Help me put out this fire!

Scavenger stops firing and turns around. The forest fire is too big for Smokescreen to 
handle. After a moment of inaction, Scavenger helps Smokescreen.

Scavenger (pause): So is this what it's like to be an Autobot? Allowing the enemy to 

Smokescreen: Yes, this is what it's like to be an Autobot: Protecting an innocent 



INT. Alexis' Bedroom

Alexis is sitting on her bed while using her PDA. Behind her is an open window 
overlooking the world outside. After a few moments, she stops using her PDA and 
slowly looks towards the window. Starscream's eye is looking back at her.

Alexis (scared): Oh my god.

INT. Autobot HQ

Optimus Prime, Red Alert, Smokescreen and Scavenger (all robot) are analysing data 
on the holographic computer screen. Hot Shot (vehicle) enters and transforms.

Hot Shot: Optimus, emergency! Rad and his friends have been kidnapped by the 

Optimus Prime: What?

Red Alert: Autobots, prepare for battle!

Optimus Prime: Wait, the Mini-Cons are our priority now. We can't let ourselves be 

Smokescreen (confused): Sir?

Scavenger: Did he just say what I think he said?

Red Alert: Surely you're not suggesting we ignore this situation? We have to rescue 
our friends.

Scavenger: Trust me, Prime. They're in Megatron's hands; that means they're in 

Optimus Prime remains silent for a moment.

Hot Shot: Optimus, we're Autobots. We look out for each other. The Mini-Cons can 

Optimus Prime: Yes. The Mini-Cons can wait. Autobots: transform and roll out!

Red Alert, Hot Shot, Smokescreen, and Scavenger transform and exit, leaving 
Optimus Prime alone. After a moment of silence, Optimus Prime places his hand on 
his chest.



EXT. Lake

Sunset. The sky is lit in a rich orange colour. Red Alert (robot), Rad, Carlos and 
Alexis are sitting by the lake.

Red Alert: Are sunsets always this beautiful on Earth?

Alexis: Don't you have sunsets on Cybertron?

Red Alert: We probably do. The war has lasted so long; we rarely have time to notice 
these things.

Carlos: What's Cybertron like?

Red Alert: It was beautiful once. Before the war, the planet was full of life. But now, 
there's nothing but destruction as far as you can see. Still, I'm surprised that after a 
million years of war Cybertron is still in one piece.

Rad: A million years? How does a war last that long?

Optimus Prime (off screen): When you make mistakes.

Red Alert and the kids turn around. Optimus Prime (robot) is standing behind them.

Alexis: Optimus?

Optimus Prime: I made a mistake, many years ago, and because of my mistake the 
Cybertronian War never ended. It continues to this day, and now threatens to drag 
Earth into it.

Red Alert: Optimus, it wasn't your fault. The Decepticons had much more fight in 
them than anyone expected.

Optimus Prime: The Mini-Cons had tipped the balance of power in our favour. I 
thought victory was ours. But then I let the Mini-Cons go. That was my mistake.

Red Alert: No. You did the honourable thing. You gave what the Mini-Cons wanted 
most: their freedom. 

Optimus Prime begins to walk away.

Optimus Prime: Please forgive me, children. Regret is the burden hardest to bear.


Transformers Armada FMV Script	V1-0
©2002-2004 Atari Melbourne House


Transformers Armada - FMV Script - First Draft 
Part 2 of 3


INT. Autobot Base

Optimus Prime is alone inside the dark room. He looks at the Matrix, which sits on a 
platform in the centre of the room. Hot Shot, Sparkplug and Rad, Carlos and Alexis 

Hot Shot: Optimus, we've just received word of... The Matrix?

Carlos: Wow.

Sparkplug: (SFX - amazement)

Rad: What is that?

Optimus Prime: The Autobot Matrix of Leadership. As commander of the Autobot 
army, I hold the Matrix inside, to one day light our darkest hour. Hot Shot, I've failed 
you and the others as a leader. My commands have been driven by regret, not virtue. 
I've dishonoured all those who passed the Matrix on to me.

Hot Shot: As an Autobot, you're allowed to doubt yourself every once in a while. 
Otherwise, you'd be a worthless Decepticon. I know you've always keep truth, justice 
and freedom close to your spark. 

Hot Shot picks up the Matrix and presents it to Optimus Prime.

Hot Shot: You need to keep this close as well. You are Optimus Prime, and as my 
commander, I will follow you to the end of the universe. 

Rad, Carlos, Alexis and Sparkplug offer reassuring looks. Optimus Prime takes the 
Matrix and places it inside him. He begins to glow with a bright aura. Red Alert, 
Smokescreen and Scavenger enter. 

Optimus Prime: Autobots, if the Decepticons find the Mini-Cons, no one is safe. We 
must end the war on Cybertron. We must find and free the Mini-Cons and we must 
protect earth and our human friends. The time has come where we must take the fight 
to the Decepticons. Until all are one!

Hot Shot: Now you're talking!

Red Alert: Megatron won't know what hit him!

ALL: Until all are one!



EXT. Decepticon Earth Base

In an open clearing, Rad, Carlos, Alexis and Grindor, Sureshock and Highwire (RMs) 
nervously wait for Laserbeak. Alarms sound, and spotlights scan the area around 

Rad: Oh no, Laserbeak must have been spotted!

Carlos: We'd better get out of here before we get captured again.

Alexis: We have to wait for Laserbeak.

The sounds of Decepticon bots can be heard.

Grindor: (SFX - Alarmed)

Rad: We can't. Laserbeak can fly; we can't. We have to run, and run now!

They start running through the trees. Decepticon bots are gaining on them. They 
reach another clearing, but Decepticon bots spring from the trees and surround them.

Alexis: Watch out, Carlos!

Carlos: Ah!

Carlos falls to the ground at the feet of a Decepticon bot. Rad helps him up. The 
Decepticon bots move in. Grindor, Sureshock and Highwire beep and then combine to 
form Perceptor. 

Rad: Cool, I didn't know they could do that!

Perceptor rushes through the Decepticon bots and takes them all out. With the enemy 
down, Grindor, Sureshock and Highwire de-combine. Laserbeak flies overhead and 

Sureshock: (SFX - victory!)

Carlos: Great work, guys! You sure showed them who's boss!

Grindor, Sureshock and Highwire transform into vehicle mode. The kids get on their 
respective Mini-Con and travel away.



INT. Alexis' Bedroom

Alexis is sitting on her bed while using her PDA. Behind her is an open window 
overlooking the world outside. After a few moments, she stops using her PDA and 
slowly looks towards the window. Starscream's eye is looking back at her.

Alexis: Oh, not again.

INT. Desert Tunnel

Starscream (robot) and Alexis stand at the entrance to the desert tunnel. 

Alexis: Are you Decepticons running out of ideas? You've already kidnapped me 
once, and that didn't work-

Starscream (interrupting): Quiet, flesh bag. This doesn't concern you. 

Red Alert (vehicle) drives through the tunnel towards them. He transforms.

Red Alert: Alexis, are you all right? If you've hurt her, Starscream...

Starscream: I have no interest in her, Red Alert. It's you I want.

Starscream nudges Alexis. She runs to Red Alert and stands behind him.

Starscream: Your change of heart bemuses me, Autobot. The way you nurse everyone 
around you. How you come running after this useless human. What happened to the 
great warrior I fought against all those years ago? 

Red Alert: There have been too many causalities and too much destruction. All life is 
precious. Does Megatron know you've done this?

Starscream (laughs): I don't need to explain my actions to anyone. You've gotten soft 
in your old age. 

Red Alert: And you've become more delusional. You'll always be Megatron's lap 
dog. Always the follower, never the leader.

Starscream: Better an unrecognised soldier than a field nurse. 

Starscream transforms into a plane and flies away. Red Alert follows, leaving Alexis 

Red Alert: I'll come back for you, Alexis. There's something I have to do first.



EXT. Desert

Starscream (robot) falls from the sky and crashes onto the hard desert ground.

INT. Desert Tunnel

Red Alert (vehicle) drives up to Alexis, who is sitting against the tunnel wall.

Alexis: Red Alert! What happened?

Red Alert: Nothing you should worry about. Just some unfinished business.

INT. Decepticon Moon Base / 'Punishment Room'

Starscream (robot) stands in the middle of the room, bound by laser shackles. 
Megatron (robot) slowly circles him.

Megatron: Your insolence is becoming intolerable, Starscream. 

Starscream: Mighty Megatron, I was merely trying to rid ourselves of one less 

Megatron: This is bad comedy. You neither have the intelligence or the competency 
to do anything of the sort. You are a Decepticon, and that means you answer to me. 
You do what I say and you will die if I deem it necessary.

Starscream: All-powerful Megatron, I deserve leniency. 

Megatron: Leniency? You're as much of a threat to me as those Autobots!

Starscream: Please, grant me mercy. I beg of you.

Megatron stops walking and pauses.

Megatron: I am not without mercy.

Megatron exits the room, the door closing behind him. Starscream is left alone in the 


EPISODE 10 - Start FMV

INT. Decepticon Transport Base / Mini-Con Holding Room

Starscream and Cyclonus stand watch over laser containment fields that house Mini-
Con discs. 

Starscream: Megatron must be crazy if he thinks I'll stay here and baby-sit these 
useless Mini-Cons.

Starscream kicks one of the containment fields. It flickers.

Cyclonus: Hey, Starscream! Don't do that. We need these things.

Starscream: I was all-powerful before I found my Mini-Con! If I were in charge, we 
would have already beaten those Autobots and be halfway back to Cybertron by now.

Cyclonus: But Megatron says that-

Starscream: Megatron is a fool! It was his incompetence that allowed that traitor 
Scavenger to escape. If I were in charge-

Cyclonus: Oh, shut up. You'll lead the Decepticons over Megatron's dead body.

Starscream grabs his sword and slices the air.

Starscream: I have no problem with that.

In the air vent high above the room, Sparkplug watches the two Decepticons.

Sparkplug: (SFX - Interest)

Sparkplug moves through the vent.



INT. Decepticon Transport Base / Main Building

Optimus Prime (RM) lays down some cover fire for Sparkplug. Decepticon bots fall 
all around Sparkplug as he runs across the room. Prime transforms into vehicle 
mode, and Sparkplug jumps onto the trailer. Prime drives out of the building, 
crushing some bots along the way.

EXT. Decepticon Transport Base

Smokescreen and Scavenger (RMs) wait at the perimeter of the base. As Prime speeds 
towards them, they begin firing at the chasing Decepticon bots. 

Scavenger: Keep going, Prime. We got you covered!

Optimus Prime drives past Smokescreen. After a few more shots, and a few more 
destroyed Decepticon bots, Smokescreen transforms into vehicle mode. 

Smokescreen: Scavenger, Prime's in the clear. Let's go!

Scavenger squeezes a few more shots off before transforming and following 
Smokescreen away from the Base.

Optimus Prime: So Sparkplug, what did you manage to find out?

Sparkplug: (SFX - Recalling)

Optimus Prime: Interesting. That's going to prove most useful.


EPISODE 11 - Start FMV

INT. Autobot HQ

Optimus Prime, Hot Shot, Red Alert, Smokescreen, Scavenger, and Rad, Carlos and 
Alexis stand around a holographic map display of Earth. The map zooms into an area 
marked with the Decepticon symbol. The map changes to reflect what's being said.

Optimus Prime: Thanks to the intelligence provided by both Sparkplug and 
Scavenger, we've managed to learn what Megatron's been up to. 

Red Alert: It looks like Megatron is planning to move all of the Mini-Cons he has 
captured to this Transport Base. 

Scavenger: The Transport Base was built as a landing location for a Decepticon 
spaceship that is currently in route to Earth from Cybertron.

Optimus Prime: The Decepticons have far more Mini-Cons than we first thought. As 
such, they've also built a massive transport vehicle to transfer them to the base.

Smokescreen: This transport vehicle is called 'Apocalypse'.

Hot Shot: So what's the plan?

Optimus Prime: We strike Apocalypse before it starts moving. Hopefully we can use 
it for ourselves, and drive it back with us to Autobot headquarters.

Red Alert: Once Apocalypse is returned here and the Mini-Cons released, we'll go 
after the Transport Base itself.

Rad: Sounds dangerous.

Optimus Prime: Yes, that's why you three will stay here at HQ with Red Alert. 

Carlos (disappointed): Oh, man.

Alexis: Good luck, Optimus!

Optimus Prime: Autobots - transform and roll out!



INT. Decepticon Moon Base / 'Throne Room'

Megatron sits on his throne. Leader-1 sits on his leg. Megatron slams his fist on the 
arm of the throne. Demolishor, Cyclonus and Starscream take a step back.

Megatron: How did this happen? How did Prime find out about Apocalypse?

Demolishor: I don't know, sir. 

Megatron: Useless!

Leader-1 stands up and fires from his chest. The other Decepticons jump out of the 
way of the blasts.

Megatron: And you three are the elite of the Decepticon army? 

The communications panel lights up. 

Starscream: Mighty Megatron, a communication is coming through from Cybertron.

Leader-1 stops firing. Megatron activates the communications panel. The image of 
Thrust appears.

Megatron: Thrust.

Thrust: Lord Megatron, I wish to inform you that your ship is halfway between 
Cybertron and Earth. 

Megatron: There's been a change of plan. Recall the ship. 

Thrust: Why?

Megatron: I'm surrounded by incompetence. Put some Gestalts onto my ship and then 
send it back to Earth. 

Thrust: At once, Lord Megatron.

Megatron turns to the other Decepticons, who are now on their feet.

Megatron: You three are to defend the Holding Complex. All of our remaining Mini-
Cons are there. If the Autobots show up, destroy them.


EPISODE 12 - Start FMV

INT. Autobot HQ / Spacebridge 

Red Alert watches as the Spacebridge lights up. A massive rifle warps in. Red Alert 
picks it up.

EXT. Decepticon Holding Complex

Optimus Prime, and Rad, Carlos and Alexis stand around Sparkplug. Red Alert (RM) 
appears from a warp with the rifle.

Rad: It's pretty brave of you to volunteer for this mission, Sparkplug.

Alexis: Even though the Mini-Cons hate fighting, they're willing to do whatever it 
takes to help each other.

Sparkplug: (SFX - Agree)

Optimus Prime: Ah, Red Alert. I see it's come.

Red Alert: Yes sir. Blurr assures me that you know how to use this. He also sends 
word that Jetfire is on his way here.

Optimus Prime takes the rifle from Red Alert. 

Optimus Prime: Sparkplug, don't be afraid while you're out there. I have you covered.

Sparkplug: (SFX - Yes Sir!)

Optimus Prime (to Red Alert): Smokescreen and Scavenger are waiting at the 
rendezvous point. Meet them there and tell them to be ready to move out when we've 
freed the Mini-Cons.

Optimus Prime and Sparkplug head towards the Holding Complex. Red Alert 
transforms. The kids get into Red Alert and they drive away.



EXT. Decepticon Holding Complex

Sparkplug, with tens of Mini-Cons following him, runs through the trees to the 
rendezvous point. Optimus Prime appears at the rendezvous point and transforms into 
vehicle mode. The Mini-Cons board Prime's trailer. When the trailer becomes full, 
the remaining Mini-Cons get into Smokescreen and Scavenger (VMs).

Optimus Prime: Let's move out, Autobots!

Optimus Prime, Smokescreen and Scavenger start driving. 

INT. Decepticon Holding Complex

Starscream, Demolishor and Cyclonus (RMs) warp into the Complex. They are 
shocked at the condition of the Complex.

Demolishor: What happened here?

Starscream: Our Mini-Cons; they're gone!

Cyclonus transforms and flies high into the air.

Cyclonus: The Autobots! They're getting away.

Starscream: Decepticons - attack!

Starscream transforms and flies with Cyclonus towards the Autobots. 

EXT. Desert

Optimus Prime, Smokescreen and Scavenger (VMs) are speeding through the desert. 
Starscream and Cyclonus strafe past them, firing their weapons. 

Scavenger: Damn, it's Starscream and Cyclonus!

Optimus Prime: Get in contact with Hot Shot and Red Alert. We're going to need 
their help.


EPISODE 13 - Start FMV

EXT. Desert

Optimus Prime, Smokescreen and Scavenger (VMs) are speeding through the desert. 
Starscream (VM) flies past and fires a barrage of lasers. Optimus Prime swerves to 
avoid the shots. 

Smokescreen: Where are Hot Shot and Red Alert? 

Scavenger: They'd better be here soon. We can't outrun the Decepticons while we 
have the Mini-cons with us.

The Autobots drive through a canyon valley. Starscream and Cyclonus continue the 
chase from the air.

Starscream: Pathetic fools! There's no escape!

Starscream unleashes another barrage of fire. Hot Shot and Red Alert (VMs) appear 
at the top of the valley wall and drop down. They collide with Starscream and 
Cyclonus in mid-air, sending them crashing to the ground. Hot Shot and Red Alert 
land safety on the ground.

Optimus Prime: Good work, Autobots.

Hot Shot: Keep on trucking, Optimus. We've got your back.

Red Alert: Incoming!

Decepticon bots swoop in from the air.



INT. Autobot HQ / 'Mini-Con Room'

The room is full of Mini-Cons. They are all talking at each other. Rad, Carlos and 
Alexis peer into the room.

Carlos: Wicked, there's like, hundreds of Mini-Cons here.

Alexis: And they're all happy as well.

Rad: Better here than in Megatron's hands. 

Alexis: We should know!

The kids laugh.

INT. Autobot HQ

Red Alert is attending to Hot Shot. Optimus Prime looks on.

Red Alert: No substantial damage. You'll be good in no time.

Hot Shot: Without the Mini-Cons, it looks like the Decepticons are in serious trouble 

Optimus Prime: True, but Megatron is smart. With or without Mini-Cons, he's as 
dangerous as ever. Don't ever forget that.

Red Alert: Your orders, Commander?

Optimus Prime: Rest, Red Alert. The next mission isn't for you. 

Scavenger enters.

Optimus Prime: Scavenger. I have a special job for you.

Scavenger rubs his hands in anticipation.

Scavenger: Now we're talking.


EPISODE 14 - Start FMV

INT. Jetfire

Jetfire, in vehicle mode, is flying high in the night sky. Scavenger (robot mode) is 
looking out of Jetfire at the ground far below. Optimus Prime appears on Jetfire's 
communications screen.

Optimus Prime: Flying valkyrie, this is star convoy, do you read me? Over.

Jetfire: Loud and clear, Optimus.

Optimus Prime: Report, Jetfire.

Jetfire: We almost over the drop point now, sir. 

Optimus Prime: Scavenger?

Scavenger: I've got to hand it to you, Prime. You sure know how to make a robot 

Optimus Prime: Remember Scavenger; you're an Autobot now. This is a military 
mission: not a vendetta. There are more important things than revenge. The safety of 
Earth and the humans is your priority.

Scavenger looks at the Autobot symbol on his chest.

Scavenger: Call it whatever you want. All I know is that some demolition is in order.

Optimus Prime disappears from the communications screen. 

Scavenger: Hey Jetfire, you afraid of heights?

Jetfire: What do I look like to you, a submarine? Why, are you afraid?

Scavenger (pause): No. 

Scavenger jumps out of Jetfire skydive-style, and begins his descent to the ground.



EXT. Decepticon Transport Base

The Decepticon Transport Base is in flames, illuminating the night sky fiercely. 
Scavenger (robot mode) looks at the destruction around him.

Scavenger (laughs): Only two Gestalts, Megatron? They're now in flames, like the 
rest of this base.

Scavenger walks away, the fire growing around him. As he passes some reflective 
debris, he catches a glimpse of himself. He sees the Autobot symbol on his chest. He 
pauses and looks around. He grabs a handful of snow and starts to put out the fires. 

INT. Decepticon Moon Base / 'Throne Room'

Scavenger can be seen on a holographic screen. Megatron (robot), sitting on his 
throne, watches the screen with disgust. Starscream, Cyclonus and Demolishor (all 
robot) are standing near Megatron.

Megatron: Scavenger, your weakness is disgusting. How dare you care for this puny 
planet and its insignificant inhabitants?

Starscream: The traitor cannot get away with this! We must do something now!

Megatron: No. There is no need.

Starscream: No need? We must send a message to all those who would dare betray the 
Decepticons! Your indecisiveness is unbecoming, all-powerful one.

Megatron: Save your theatrics, Starscream. Unlike you, I have put my circuits to good 
use. I have devised the perfect plan to rid myself of this Autobot nuisance once and 
for all. Demolishor, how go the preparations?

Demolishor: The Giga-Cons have their orders, sir.

Megatron: And the train?

Demolishor: The train is armed and ready to be deployed.

Megatron: Excellent. Scavenger, if only you could warn Optimus Prime about the 
carnage that is soon to befall him and his precious humans...

Megatron laughs manically. Starscream clenches his fist.


Transformers Armada FMV Script	V1-0
©2002-2004 Atari Melbourne House


Transformers Armada - FMV Script - First Draft 
Part 3 of 3

EPISODE 15 - Start FMV

INT. Autobot HQ

Optimus Prime stands in front of the communications screen. On the screen are Red 
Alert, Hot Shot, Smokescreen and Scavenger.

Optimus Prime: Autobots, report.

Smokescreen: We're in position, Optimus, and ready to intercept the train.

Hot Shot: I have a funny feeling about this. Why would the Decepticons load a train 
full of explosives and send it towards a human city? It doesn't make sense. 

Red Alert: Sense or no sense, we must stop it. 

Scavenger: Megatron is smart. He's using this train to distract us, probably to buy him 
some time to find more Mini-Cons.

Alarms start of wail around Autobot HQ. Optimus Prime reacts immediately, jumping 
to the radar screen. Numerous red dots blink on the radar, all converging on the 
centre of the radar (Autobot HQ). 

Red Alert: Optimus? What's going on?

Optimus Prime: An attack on Autobot HQ. The Decepticons are here.

Hot Shot: Help's on the way, Optimus! We'll get back there as fast as we can!

Optimus Prime: No, Hot Shot. You have to stop that train.

Hot Shot: But Prime!

Optimus Prime: That's an order, Autobots! The safety of Earth and our human friends 
is your priority.

Optimus Prime switches off the communications screen. He runs to a window and 
looks outside. Not seeing anything, he looks up to the sky. Giga-Cons are falling from 
the sky towards Autobot HQ. Optimus Prime runs outside.



EXT. Autobot HQ

Optimus Prime stands motionless in the middle of the Autobot HQ complex, his gun 
aimed and ready to fire. Around him, Autobot HQ is looking worse-for-wear. In the 
distance are several deactivated Giga-Cons. After a few more moments, the alarms 
stop sounding. Optimus Prime lowers his gun and breathes. Suddenly, he turns 
around, raising his gun. Megatron is standing behind him, and fires a powerful blast 
that sends Optimus Prime to the ground. He is severely damaged.

Optimus Prime (hurt): Megatron...

Megatron: While you were distracted with the Giga-Cons, I warped in, silently 
watching you run around the complex, fighting for your life. A most entertaining 

Optimus Prime tries in vain to lift himself off the ground. He is seriously injured. 
Megatron stands over him, his gun aimed right at Optimus Prime's head.

Megatron: It's no use, Prime. It's over. This will be a day long remembered... and 

Optimus Prime (resolute): I'll never surrender to you, Decepticon.

Megatron: With you gone, I will destroy your Autobots and anyone else who stands in 
my way, including these pathetic humans you so love. I will take the Mini-Cons back 
to Cybertron, and then rule the universe!

Optimus Prime: Another Autobot will rise to take my place, and then another, and 
another, until you and the Decepticons are banished forever. 

Megatron (laughs): Then let them come! With control of the Mini-Cons, I will tear 
apart every Autobot that challenges my supremacy and melt them down. I won't be so 
cruel to you though. I'll keep your head as a trophy, and use the Autobot Matrix of 
Leadership for target practice. 

Optimus Prime raises his hand and weakly grabs Megatron's gun. Megatron smiles 

Megatron (cont.): Looking back, Prime, if I had known you were going to be a thorn 
in my side for countless millennia, I would have aimed for you instead of Ariel that 

Optimus Prime's eye flashes for a fleeting moment. Megatron fires his gun.


EPISODE 16 - Start FMV

EXT. Snow 

Red Alert, Hot Shot, Smokescreen and Scavenger are standing in a fresh snowfield. 
Behind them, a monorail track that starts inside a nearby tunnel, and disappears 
behind a cluster of trees. The Autobots are very worried.

Hot Shot (into communicator): Optimus! Optimus Prime, can you hear me?

Smokescreen: An attack on Autobot HQ. The Decepticons must be jamming our 
communications systems.

Scavenger: It's what Megatron does best: divide and conquer.

Hot Shot: We have to get back to headquarters and help Optimus! He can't fend off 
an entire Decepticon assault by himself.

Smokescreen: We have our orders.

Hot Shot: Orders, Smokescreen? You're just going to abandon him like that?

A warning light on the monorail tunnel begins to flash repeatedly. The sound of the 
monorail train gets louder and louder. 

Scavenger: Bomb express, next stop.

Smokescreen: We have to stop that train.

Hot Shot: What about Optimus?

Red Alert: We don't have a choice. If that train detonates, hundreds of innocent lives 
will be lost and a city will be destroyed. Autobots: transform and roll out!



EXT. Snow / Bridge over the river

Red Alert, Hot Shot, Smokescreen and Scavenger watch as the monorail train crosses 
the bridge. The supports of the bridge buckle and give way. The bridge collapses, 
taking the monorail train with it. The remnants of the bridge and the train fall down 
into the river below. Scavenger surveys the damage.

Scavenger: Nothing but twisted metal and scrap. Reminds me of Junkion. 

Red Alert: Let's get back to Autobot HQ. Optimus will need our help cleaning up the 
mess he made of the Decepticons!

The Autobots laugh. Red Alert, Smokescreen and Scavenger transform and start 
driving. Hot Shot hesitates for a moment before following.

Hot Shot (quietly): I hope you're right.

EXT. Autobot HQ

Red Alert, Hot Shot, Smokescreen and Scavenger roll into the Autobot HQ complex. 
The complex is damaged beyond repair. It is a shocking sight.

Red Alert (shocked): What in the name of Cybertron... Where are the Mini-Cons?

Hot Shot (shouting): Optimus? Where are you?

The Autobots see Optimus Prime lying motionless in the distance. The Autobots run to 
Optimus Prime's side. Red Alert pulls out a medical kit and analyses Optimus Prime.

Red Alert: He's alive, but barely. Scavenger, Smokescreen: sift through the rubble. 
We need Energon, repair equipment, anything.

Hot Shot (angry): Can you hear me, Optimus? Who did this?

Optimus Prime (very weak): From behind... Megatron...

Red Alert: That's enough, Optimus. Save your strength.

Hot Shot (furious): Megatron? Don't worry; I'll take care of this.

Hot Shot transforms into vehicle mode and speeds away. 

Red Alert: Hot Shot! Come back!

Optimus Prime: Stop him... Don't let him do anything foolish...


EPISODE 17 - Start FMV

EXT. Snow / Decepticon Earth HQ

Hot Shot (VM) is speeding through the snow. Some distance behind him is Red Alert, 
Smokescreen and Scavenger (VMs). 

Red Alert: Hot Shot! Stop! That's an order!

Hot Shot (angry): I'm going to make Megatron pay for what he did!

Smokescreen: Don't submit to revenge, kid. You're playing right into their hands.

Scavenger: What are you going to do? Attack the Decepticon base all by yourself? 
That's suicide!

Hot Shot brakes to a stop and transforms. The other Autobots do the same.

Hot Shot (to Scavenger): You'd like that, wouldn't you, Decepticon.

Scavenger clenches his fist and lunges at Hot Shot. Red Alert manages to hold him.

Scavenger (angry): Why you little punk! I'll straighten you out right now.

Red Alert: Enough. We're all on the same side here. 

Hot Shot: Are we? 

Hot Shot points at the Autobot symbol on his chest.

Hot Shot: See this? Autobots look out for each other. Optimus Prime almost died 
because we weren't there to help him... We have to do something.

Red Alert: We will do something. The Decepticons won't know what hit them. But 
for now, the odds are stacked against us. 

Hot Shot (pause): You're right. It's just that Optimus... Is he going to be all right?

Red Alert: He's a fighter. He always has been, always will be.

Smokescreen: We have to get out of here now. Our proximity to the Decepticon base 
makes us sitting ducks. We could be in trouble at any moment.

There is an explosion near the Autobots. They look up into the sky. Through the smoke 
are Armoured Clones, flying towards them.

Scavenger: Too late.



INT. Sphere Room / Decepticon Earth HQ

Red Alert, Hot Shot, Smokescreen and Scavenger are standing on a platform in the 
centre of the Sphere Room. They stand back to back, prepared for the next attack. The 
Room stops spinning. An eerie silence follows. Megatron, via a holographic screen, 
materialises high above the Autobots. 

Megatron: Congratulations, Autobots. I didn't know you had it in you. Especially you, 

Scavenger: That's funny, Megatron. Why don't you come down here and say that?

Hot Shot: You didn't kill Optimus.

Megatron: No. I had a change of heart. If he died, he would have become a martyr. 
Another statue in the Hall of Heroes. Instead, I left him the way he will be forever: a 
useless piece of scrap metal, unable to speak, unable to move, unable to function. 

Smokescreen: You still have us to contend with.

Megatron (laughs): You don't seriously think you can stop me? Optimus Prime was 
the strongest Autobot, and I crushed him with my bare hands! I am Megatron, kneel 
down before me, and I may spare your life.

Red Alert: Never!

Megatron: Optimus Prime is dead and I have the Mini-Cons. The Cybertronian War is 
over, Autobots. I now rule the universe, and there's nothing you can do. However, I 
will make it interesting for you though.

Megatron laughs. The Sphere Room starts spinning again. It spins faster and faster, 
until the entire room is a blur. A white light washes over the Autobots. With a burst of 
multicoloured light, the Autobots disappear.


EPISODE 18 - Start FMV

EXT. Moon / Crater

Deep inside one of the Moon's craters, there is a burst of white light. Red Alert, Hot 
Shot, Smokescreen and Scavenger fall from this warp light and crash onto the moon 
surface. They slowly get up. 

Hot Shot (dazed): What happened...?

Scavenger: We've been warped.

Red Alert: Where to, Scavenger?

Smokescreen turns around. Earth is a massive disc in the sky, slowly rising over the 
Moon's horizon.

Smokescreen (matter-of-fact): The Moon. 

Scavenger (sarcastic): Home sweet home.

INT. Decepticon Moon Base

Megatron and Starscream are watching the Autobots on a holographic screen.

Megatron: Let's see how you do now, Autobots, in the heart of enemy territory.

Starscream: Why haven't you put an end to the Autobots and that traitor? Shouldn't 
we be making preparations to return to Cybertron and claim what is rightfully ours?

Megatron: 'Ours', Starscream?

Starscream: That is to say, 'yours', oh mighty Megatron.

Megatron: You're a fool. With the Mini-Cons under my control, Cybertron and the 
universe are mine for the taking, any time I wish. But right now, I plan to entertain 
myself with these Autobots.

Starscream: Of course, all-powerful one.

On the holographic screen, the Autobots are making their way towards the 
Decepticon Moon Base. Decepticon bots are surrounding them. Megatron crosses his 
arms and grins.

Megatron: Yes. This will be most entertaining indeed.



INT. Decepticon Moon Base / Hanger (Warp Gate room)

The Warp Gate is pulsing with multicoloured light. Red Alert, Hot Shot, Smokescreen 
and Scavenger lie on the ground, all severely damaged. Megatron stands over them, 
his gun aimed at Hot Shot's head.

Megatron (laughs): Your stupidity knows no bounds, Autobot. If Prime couldn't 
defeat me, how did you expect to? Why throw your lives away so recklessly?

Scavenger tries to lift himself up off the ground. Half way up, he collapses. 

Megatron (cont.): Ah, traitor. You will know the same fate as these misguided 
machines you call 'allies'. First, Prime, and now, all of you. It's a pity Autobots die so 
easily, or I might have a sense of satisfaction by now. 

Hot Shot grabs Megatron's leg.

Hot Shot (weak): I've got better things to do today than die...

Megatron: Such heroic nonsense.

Megatron steps back, preparing to fire on the Autobots. Starscream appears and 
pushes in front of Megatron.

Starscream: Let me, Megatron! I deserve to finish the Autobots once and for all. It is 
my destiny!

Megatron (angry): Out of the way, Starscream!

Starscream (crazed): Die, Autobots!

Starscream is about to fire when suddenly a laser blast knocks him off his feet. 
Megatron stares in shock at the warp gate. The Autobots turn and see Super Optimus 
Prime's silhouette emerging from the warp light. 

Megatron (shock): No... It can't be!


EPISODE 19 - Start FMV

INT. Decepticon Moon Base / Hanger (Warp Gate room)

Red Alert, Hot Shot, Smokescreen and Scavenger lie on the ground, all severely 
damaged. Megatron stands behind them in a state of shock. Starscream is on the 
ground hurt behind Megatron. From the warp gate appears Super Optimus Prime.

Megatron (shock): No... It can't be.

Red Alert: Optimus?

Optimus Prime: Unfortunately for you, Megatron: a spark that shines brightly shines 
for eternity. 

Megatron: I was wrong, Prime. Death is not too good for you!

Megatron fires at Optimus Prime. The laser bounces off Optimus Prime's chest with 
no ill effect. Megatron stares in disbelief. Optimus Prime aims his gun and fires, 
hitting Megatron in the shoulder. He falls to one knee.

Megatron: Follow me, if you dare.

Megatron and Starscream quickly leave the hanger. Optimus Prime helps the other 
Autobots to their feet.

Red Alert: Optimus, how? 

Scavenger: Well, for an almost dead robot, you don't look too bad.

Optimus Prime: There's no time to explain. Autobots: in to the warp gate!

Red Alert and Scavenger enter the warp gate and disappear in a flash of light. Hot 
Shot and Smokescreen step into the warp gate. Hot Shot turns and sees Optimus 
Prime moving away from the warp gate.

Hot Shot: Optimus, what are you doing?

Optimus Prime: Megatron must be stopped. No matter the cost.

Hot Shot tries to step out of the warp gate, but Smokescreen stops him.

Smokescreen: No, Hot Shot, stay away. This is his fight.  

With another flash of light, Hot Shot and Smokescreen disappear. A moment later, 
Optimus Prime fires his gun at the warp gate, destroying it.  



EXT. Decepticon Spaceship

On the exterior surface of the Decepticon Spaceship, Optimus Prime and Megatron 
face off. They are both hurt, barely able to stand on their feet. Earth grows ever 
larger as the Decepticon Spaceship continues on its collision course with the planet. 

Optimus Prime (breathing): One shall stand; one shall fall.

Megatron (breathing): I've waited an eternity for this. It's over, Prime.

Optimus Prime: This is the end of the road, Megatron!

Megatron (screaming): I'll kill you, Prime!

Megatron charges at Optimus Prime. With all his energy, Optimus Prime throws a 
punch and connects with Megatron's face. Megatron is sent flying off the Spaceship 
into space.

Megatron: No!

Optimus Prime collapses onto one knee and breathes. A Mini-Con appears from the 
hull breach and begins frantically pointing at something.

Mini-Con: (SFX - Help!) 

Optimus Prime looks at the Mini-Con, and then turns around. The Decepticon 
Spaceship is entering Earth's atmosphere. The nose of the Spaceship begins to flare 
up with extreme heat from the re-entry. Optimus Prime jumps through the hull breach 
into the Spaceship.

INT. Decepticon Spaceship / Cockpit

Optimus Prime enters the cockpit and grabs hold of the Spaceship controls. The 
Spaceship rocks and shudders as it plunges towards Earth's surface. Optimus Prime 
struggles with the Spaceship controls.

Optimus Prime: Mini-Cons! Brace for impact!

INT. Decepticon Spaceship / Hull

The Spaceship continues to shake as the Mini-Cons scramble around the hull trying to 
find something to hold. 

EXT. Desert Sky

Red Alert, Hot Shot, Smokescreen, Scavenger and the kids watch as the Spaceship 
falls to earth. 

Red Alert: That's Optimus. It has to be.

Carlos: The Spaceship's out of control. He's going to crash!

The Autobots transform and chase after the falling Spaceship.

EXT. Desert Mountain

The Spaceship crashes into the desert mountain with a massive explosion. Some 
moments later, the dust from the explosion settles. The Spaceship is half embedded in 
the mountain. 

Optimus Prime slowly emerges from the Spaceship. While clutching his shoulder, he 
makes his way down the mountain. The Mini-Cons follow him soon after.

Red Alert, Hot Shot, Smokescreen, Scavenger and the kids meet Optimus Prime at the 
foot of the mountain. 

Scavenger: Nice parking job there.

Rad (to Mini-Cons): Mini-Cons, you guys okay?

Mini-Cons: (SFX - Relief)

Red Alert: Are you all right, Optimus?

Optimus Prime stands tall and looks back at the Spaceship.

Optimus Prime (quietly): Well, it's not the first time that's happened.

Hot Shot: You did it, Optimus. 

Optimus Prime: No, Hot Shot. We all did it. The Decepticons have been defeated. The 
Mini-Cons are free and Earth is safe.

Red Alert: And Cybertron... The war is over. It's finally over.

Smokescreen: It's like a dream.

Alexis: Thank you, Optimus. 

Optimus Prime: Autobots! Form up!

Red Alert, Hot Shot, Smokescreen, Scavenger and the kids form a line in front of 
Optimus Prime.

Optimus Prime: A new chapter in the history of Cybertron, Earth and the universe 
starts here. Let us move forward towards the future with courage, freedom and 
honour. Until all are one!

ALL: Until all are one!

EXT. Ocean 

The ocean is calm. Megatron, engulfed in flames from the re-entry into Earth's 
atmosphere, falls from the sky. He lands in the ocean water, causing a big splash. 
Starscream, Cyclonus and Demolishor fly to Megatron's position and hover over the 

Starscream: How do you feel, mighty Megatron? Here lies our once glorious leader; 
may he rest in peace.

Demolishor is about to enter the water and help Megatron, but Starscream stops him.

Starscream: My fellow Decepticons, as your new leader I will lead you to victory over 
Optimus Prime and the Autobots. Something my predecessor clearly wasn't able to 

Starscream laughs. He transforms and flies away. Cyclonus follows, leaving 
Demolishor alone.

EXT. Ocean / Underwater

In the depths of the ocean, Megatron floats silently. His lifeless eyes slowly activate, 
glowing blood red. 

Megatron (slowly): I still function.


Transformers Armada FMV Script	V1-0
©2002-2004 Atari Melbourne House

(Source: PrincessTrevor)

Cut Transmissions

Hidden in the CINEMA folder of most levels are some cut transmissions. Interestingly, early prototypes show that these files weren't always transcripts of audio, instead being cutscene scripts like the other files present in the CINEMA folder.



Describes some backstory regarding the primary enemies of the game and four characters who do not appear in the game.

We’ve received a communication from Iacon. Relay begun. Stand by.

Cybertron calling Earth: this is Scavenger. We’ve learnt some information about the Decepticlone Army. Megatron has been dealing with the Junkions, who have developed some kind of Hyper Power cloning tech to manufacture these Decepticlones. Jetfire is leading Smokescreen and Sideswipe to planet Junkion to investigate further. Scavenger out.


These lines are voiced in some unused placeholder dialogue present in Build 3944.

We’ve intercepted a transmission from the enemy. Relay begun. Stand by.

...When will those stupid Autobots learn to scan an alternate mode without wheels?

You’re an idiot, Starscream. Your air superiority means nothing here. The Mini-Cons are not hidden in clouds. 

Megatron, if you had allowed me to lead the attack against the Autobots instead of sending your useless Decepticlone army, victory would have been ours. 

Unlike you, Decepticlones obey commands. 

My undying allegiance is to you, oh mighty Megatron.

We shall see. 

Deep Amazon


More story bits that are absent from the game.

We’ve received a communication from Iacon. Relay begun. Stand by.

Cybertron calling Earth: this is Jetfire. We’re on planet Junkion. The place looks like a battle zone. There’s not much left standing. The Decepticons raided the planet and stole the Hyper Power technology that the Junkions were using to manufacture those Decepticlones. Investigation continuing. Jetfire out. 


We’ve intercepted a transmission from the enemy. Relay begun. Stand by.

...The troops haven’t found any Mini-Cons yet, Lord Megatron. All these trees must be confusing their inferior sensors. 

Order the Decepticlones to take care of the Autobots. I want you to get the Mini-Cons personally and deliver them to me.

But sir, I was hoping to kill an Autobot today.

That’s an order, Cyclonus.

Yes sir...



Tidal Wave doesn't have any voiced lines in the released game.

We’ve intercepted a transmission from the enemy. Relay begun. Stand by.

...The Autobots are here, Lord Megatron.

Excellent. Have their suspicions been raised yet?

No, my Lord. 

Robots in disguise, indeed. Prime’s instinct circuits need a reboot. 

Your orders?

Do what you want, but bring me the Autobot Matrix of Leadership when you’ve finished tearing him apart. Actually, bring me Prime’s head as well.

With pleasure, my Lord.



Spooky foreshadowing.

We’ve received a communication from Iacon. Relay begun. Stand by.

Cybertron calling Earth: this is Scavenger. We’ve lost all contact with Jetfire and his team on planet Junkion. Blurr has confirmed that there isn’t any Decepticon interference. Not only won’t Jetfire respond to our calls, but Junkion won’t either. It’s as if the whole planet had suddenly disappeared. Scavenger out.

Pacific Island


We’ve received a communication from Iacon. Relay begun. Stand by.

This is Jetfire! Cybertron, Earth, anyone! This thing, this monster showed up out of nowhere and ripped Junkion to shreds. We managed to escape, but Smokescreen is critical and Sideswipe and I aren’t great either. We’re returning home now, but get ready, because this thing is heading towards Cybertron and it’s not stopping for anything...


Sideways does not appear in this game.

We’ve intercepted a transmission from the enemy.  Relay begun. Stand by.

...Megatron. I bring you a message.

Who are you? And how did you get in here?

Your defeat is imminent. It is your destiny.

I, Megatron, control my own destiny. And soon, I will control the universe.

But my master promises you: your defeat will not be in vain.

Ha! This is bad comedy. Be gone. I have more important matters at hand.

Unused Strings

To do:
Do a thorough check and see if there's anything else that's unused.

File directory: tfa.zip\STRINGS

The following unused strings can be found in the English localization file. The European version has most of these unused strings also translated into French, German, Italian, and Spanish, which have been placed into a subpage.

TFA2004 Subpage Text.png
Unused Localization Strings
Someone paid a translator for these.

Empty Strings

Self explanatory!


"KEY_EMPTY"			"Empty"

Placeholder Menu

Strings for a completely different menu than what's featured in the game. It's likely these stem from a very early iteration of the game. Arcade Mode and Multiplayer Mode did not make it into the final game and it's unknown how these gamemodes would function. It's not known how the registry would function. The Credits were shoved into the Extras menu.

"KEY_STORYMODE"			"Story Mode"
"KEY_ARCADEMODE"		"Arcade Mode"
"KEY_MULTIPLAYERMODE"		"Multiplayer Mode"
"KEY_MINICONREG"		"Mini-Con Registry"
"KEY_OPTIONS"			"Options"
"KEY_CREDITS"			"Credits" 

Energon Pickup Tutorial

A tutorial for the Energon health pickups was cut. Text for it still remains, but the associated voicelines no longer exist. Its cutscene script file still exists in Amazon's cinema folder.

"HQ_BRIEF_MISC_IntroEnergon_Line01"			"Energon restores Autobot health"
"HQ_BRIEF_MISC_IntroEnergon_Line02"			"Destroy Decepticlones to generate Energon"
"HQ_BRIEF_MISC_IntroEnergon_Line03"			"Walk over Energon to absorb it"

Options Menu Strings

The following strings sport some different terms and settings compared to the options menus present in-game. For example, there are no options explicitly labelled under "Game" or "Controls." You are not able to adjust dialogue volume and "Effects" is referred to as "SFX" in menus.

"KEY_GAME"			"Game"
"KEY_AUDIO"			"Audio"
"KEY_VIDEO"			"Video"
"KEY_CONTROLS"			"Controls"

"KEY_AUDIO_OPTIONS"		"Audio Options"
"KEY_EFFECTS"			"Effects"
"KEY_MUSIC"			"Music"
"KEY_DIALOGUE"			"Dialogue"

Generic Strings

Found before the Player 1 & 2 strings and right under the unused options menu strings. It is unknown what these would be used for. The "Stasis Lock" string is a duplicate of a used string with a different key.

"KEY_MINI_CONFIG"		"Mini-Con Configuration"

"KEY_DECEPT_WIN"		"Stasis Lock"
"KEY_EPISODE_CLEAR"		"Congratulations"

"KEY_WIN_GAME"			"Win Game"
"KEY_LOSE_GAME"			"Lose Game"

Demo Text

In demos of the game, you are forced to play as one specific Autobot and cannot pick another one. Attempting to select another Autobot would result in this text appearing.

"KEY_HELPTEXT_AUTOBOTSELECT_DISABLED"			"Not available in this demo    | Cancel  ~ More Info"

Cut Difficulty Modes

Melbourne House dropped Easy mode! Turbo Mode is also listed as a difficulty option. In the final game, Turbo Mode is a cheat code.


There are strings describing unlockables which are exclusive to Turbo Mode.

"KEY_EX_UNKNOWN_DESC_DIFF_TURBO"			"Play in Turbo Mode to find the Data-Con that unlocks this feature -- "

"KEY_EX_UNKNOWN_DESC_DIFF_TURBO_GAME"			"Complete the game in Turbo mode to unlock this feature -- "

Debug Mini-Con Hot Swap

These strings are a related to the "miniconLoadOutsOnPauseMenu" debugging option. When in a level, pausing the game would allow you to select a pre-made Mini-Con team to hot swap to. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem like this debug option works. It is unknown which Mini-Cons would be included in these teams, though based off the names, some guesses could be made.

"KEY_STANDARDTEAM"			"Standard Team"
"KEY_VISIONTEAM"			"Vision Team"
"KEY_STEALTHTEAM"			"Stealth Team"
"KEY_DOUBLEDASHTEAM"			"Double Dash Team"
"KEY_ELECTRICTEAM"			"Electric Team"

Post-boss Cybertron Description

An empty string. You can't select Cybertron after beating the level so viewing this would be impossible. Build 3944 has proper text for this key.


Cheat Code Videos

While the US version of the game only has two cheat code videos, a total of ten were planned!

"KEY_EX_MOVIES_MH_LECLE03"			"Cheat Mode 3"
"KEY_EX_MOVIES_MH_LECLE04"			"Cheat Mode 4"
"KEY_EX_MOVIES_MH_LECLE05"			"Cheat Mode 5"
"KEY_EX_MOVIES_MH_LECLE06"			"Cheat Mode 6"
"KEY_EX_MOVIES_MH_LECLE07"			"Cheat Mode 7"
"KEY_EX_MOVIES_MH_LECLE08"			"Cheat Mode 8"
"KEY_EX_MOVIES_MH_LECLE09"			"Cheat Mode 9"
"KEY_EX_MOVIES_MH_LECLE10"			"Cheat Mode 10"

Meanwhile, the European version has completely different strings. There are no cheat code videos in the European version, meaning all of these strings go unused.

"KEY_EX_MOVIES_MH_LECLE01"			"The Le Clezio Method 1"
"KEY_EX_DESC_MOVIES_MH_LECLE01"			"Video -- Gameplay courtesy of Melbourne House's Keith Le Clezio -- "
"KEY_EX_MOVIES_MH_LECLE02"			"The Le Clezio Method 2"
"KEY_EX_MOVIES_MH_LECLE03"			"The Le Clezio Method 3"
"KEY_EX_MOVIES_MH_LECLE04"			"The Le Clezio Method 4"
"KEY_EX_MOVIES_MH_LECLE05"			"The Le Clezio Method 5"
"KEY_EX_MOVIES_MH_LECLE06"			"The Le Clezio Method 6"
"KEY_EX_MOVIES_MH_LECLE07"			"The Le Clezio Method 7"
"KEY_EX_MOVIES_MH_LECLE08"			"The Le Clezio Method 8"
"KEY_EX_MOVIES_MH_LECLE09"			"The Le Clezio Method 9"
"KEY_EX_MOVIES_MH_LECLE10"			"The Le Clezio Method 10"

"Audio" (Speech) Extras Submenu

A ton of voice lines were removed. While there's a handful of unused voiced lines in the game, this submenu mentions far more. The submenu refers to itself as a Music submenu, even though it only encompasses speech. Right below this text is the used Music submenu, so perhaps this was an early version of the Music submenu or was part of it at some point.

"KEY_EX_AUDIO"					"Music"
"KEY_EX_DESC_AUDIO"				"Game music and Transformers themes -- "
"KEY_EX_DESC_AUDIO_SPEECH"			"Deleted game dialog -- "
"KEY_EX_AUDIO_SPEECH_MEG1"			"Megatron Sample 1"
"KEY_EX_DESC_AUDIO_SPEECH_MEG1"			"Megatron -- David Kaye -- Unused game dialog -- "
"KEY_EX_AUDIO_SPEECH_MEG2"			"Megatron Sample 2"
"KEY_EX_DESC_AUDIO_SPEECH_MEG2"			"Megatron -- David Kaye -- Unused game dialog -- "
"KEY_EX_AUDIO_SPEECH_MEG3"			"Megatron Sample 3"
"KEY_EX_DESC_AUDIO_SPEECH_MEG3"			"Megatron -- David Kaye -- Unused game dialog -- "
"KEY_EX_AUDIO_SPEECH_MEG4"			"Megatron Sample 4"
"KEY_EX_DESC_AUDIO_SPEECH_MEG4"			"Megatron -- David Kaye -- Unused game dialog -- "
"KEY_EX_AUDIO_SPEECH_MEG5"			"Megatron Sample 5"
"KEY_EX_DESC_AUDIO_SPEECH_MEG5"			"Megatron -- David Kaye -- Unused game dialog -- "
"KEY_EX_AUDIO_SPEECH_MEG6"			"Megatron Sample 6"
"KEY_EX_DESC_AUDIO_SPEECH_MEG6"			"Megatron -- David Kaye -- Unused game dialog -- "
"KEY_EX_AUDIO_SPEECH_MEG7"			"Megatron Sample 7"
"KEY_EX_DESC_AUDIO_SPEECH_MEG7"			"Megatron -- David Kaye -- Unused game dialog -- "
"KEY_EX_AUDIO_SPEECH_OPT1"			"Optimus Prime Sample 1"
"KEY_EX_DESC_AUDIO_SPEECH_OPT1"			"Optimus Prime -- Gary Chalk -- Unused game dialog -- "
"KEY_EX_AUDIO_SPEECH_OPT2"			"Optimus Prime Sample 2"
"KEY_EX_DESC_AUDIO_SPEECH_OPT2"			"Optimus Prime -- Gary Chalk -- Unused game dialog -- "
"KEY_EX_AUDIO_SPEECH_RED1"			"Red Alert Sample 1"
"KEY_EX_DESC_AUDIO_SPEECH_RED1"			"Red Alert -- Darran Norris -- Unused game dialog -- "
"KEY_EX_AUDIO_SPEECH_RED2"			"Red Alert Sample 2"
"KEY_EX_DESC_AUDIO_SPEECH_RED2"			"Red Alert -- Darran Norris -- Unused game dialog -- "
"KEY_EX_AUDIO_SPEECH_CYC1"			"Cyclonus Sample 1"
"KEY_EX_DESC_AUDIO_SPEECH_CYC1"			"Cyclonus -- Darran Norris -- Unused game dialog -- "
"KEY_EX_AUDIO_SPEECH_CYC2"			"Cyclonus Sample 2"
"KEY_EX_DESC_AUDIO_SPEECH_CYC2"			"Cyclonus -- Darran Norris -- Unused game dialog -- "
"KEY_EX_AUDIO_SPEECH_CYC3"			"Cyclonus Sample 3"
"KEY_EX_DESC_AUDIO_SPEECH_CYC3"			"Cyclonus -- Darran Norris -- Unused game dialog -- "

"Fun" Extras Submenu

No fun for you. It appears there would have been outtakes and a photo gallery for the game's launch party which took place on the USS Hornet. KEY_EX_FUN and KEY_EX_DESC_FUN are present twice in strings files.

"KEY_EX_FUN"					"Fun"
"KEY_EX_DESC_FUN"				"Transformers do the strangest things...  -- "
"KEY_EX_FUN_MH"					"Melbourne House"
"KEY_EX_DESC_FUN_MH"				"Transformers game -- Outtakes -- "
"KEY_EX_DESC_MARKET_LAUNCHPIX_MH"		"Photo gallery -- Transformers game launch party -- USS Hornet --  "

"Video" and "Audio" Submenu

Remnants of two empty extras submenus. There aren't any trailers available for viewing, the Generation 1 PSA TV spots were split into their own submenu, and if "Animation" refers to the game's CG animations, then that was also split into its own submenu.
Confusingly, "KEY_EX_AUDIO" was used twice, both for this empty extras menu and for the previously discussed Audio submenu which lists unused dialogue. "KEY_EX_MUSIC" is the key for the used Music submenu.

"KEY_EX_VIDEO"				"Video"
"KEY_EX_DESC_VIDEO"			"Animation, TV spots, trailers…"
"KEY_EX_AUDIO"				"Audio"
"KEY_EX_DESC_AUDIO"			"Music, soundtracks…"

Attract Video Text

Text which is very similar to text present in the attract video. These don't get used since the text in the FMV is baked into the video.

"KEY_FMV_MILLIONS"			"Millions of years ago"
"KEY_FMV_LOST_RACE"			"A Lost race of Transformers, the Mini-cons"

The text differs slightly compared to the attract video. The attract video's text is as follows:

One Million Years Ago...
A lost race of Transformers: the MINI-CONS

Damaged Warpgate

While Warpgates can be jammed, they never end up damaged.

"HQ_WARPGATE_DAMAGED"			"Warp Gate damaged"

Quit/Restart Game

Strings for quitting and restarting the game.


"KEY_CONFIRM_QUIT"		"Really Quit?"
"KEY_CONFIRM_RESTART"		"Really Restart?"
"KEY_RESTART"			"Restart"

Turret Activation

Using turrets simply requires the player to hop onto them. There's no prompt to use them if you're standing near one.

"HQ_TURRET_ACTIVATION"			"%c Use turret"


Absolutely no clue what these could have been used for.

"KEY_A"			"A"
"KEY_B"			"B"
"KEY_C"			"C"
"KEY_D"			"D"

Save Game

The Mini-Con and Data-Con quest information is represented by a symbol instead of a string. There is no used equivalent for "All Clear".

"KEY_SG_MINICON_QUEST"			"Mini-con Quest"
"KEY_SG_DATACON_QUEST"			"Data-con Quest"
"KEY_SG_ALL_CLEAR"			"All Clear"

Website URLs

Website URLs for the official Transformers website and the video game you're reading about. The Atari link no longer works.


Unused Warp Locations

Each level has nine warp gate strings listed, with only a few being used. All of them contain placeholder descriptions. The game can actually handle up to 15 warp gate locations per level but this isn't reflected inside ENGLISH.TXT.


"KEY_Amazon_1_WARP_6"			"6 name tbd"

"KEY_Amazon_1_WARP_7"			"7 name tbd"

"KEY_Amazon_1_WARP_8"			"8 name tbd"


"KEY_Antarctica_WARP_4"			"4 name tbd"

"KEY_Antarctica_WARP_5"			"5 name tbd"

"KEY_Antarctica_WARP_6"			"6 name tbd"

"KEY_Antarctica_WARP_7"			"7 name tbd"

"KEY_Antarctica_WARP_8"			"8 name tbd"

Deep Amazon

"KEY_Amazon_2_WARP_5"			"5 name tbd"

"KEY_Amazon_2_WARP_6"			"6 name tbd"

"KEY_Amazon_2_WARP_7"			"7 name tbd"

"KEY_Amazon_2_WARP_8"			"8 name tbd"

Mid Atlantic

"KEY_AircraftCarrier_WARP_4"			"4 name tbd"

"KEY_AircraftCarrier_WARP_5"			"5 name tbd"

"KEY_AircraftCarrier_WARP_6"			"6 name tbd"

"KEY_AircraftCarrier_WARP_7"			"7 name tbd"

"KEY_AircraftCarrier_WARP_8"			"8 name tbd"


"KEY_Greenland_WARP_5"			"5 name tbd"

"KEY_Greenland_WARP_6"			"6 name tbd"

"KEY_Greenland_WARP_7"			"7 name tbd"

"KEY_Greenland_WARP_8"			"8 name tbd"


"KEY_Spaceship_WARP_3"			"3 name tbd"

"KEY_Spaceship_WARP_4"			"4 name tbd"

"KEY_Spaceship_WARP_5"			"5 name tbd"

"KEY_Spaceship_WARP_6"			"6 name tbd"

"KEY_Spaceship_WARP_7"			"7 name tbd"

"KEY_Spaceship_WARP_8"			"8 name tbd"

Pacific Island

"KEY_EasterIsland_WARP_5"			"5 name tbd"

"KEY_EasterIsland_WARP_6"			"6 name tbd"

"KEY_EasterIsland_WARP_7"			"7 name tbd"

"KEY_EasterIsland_WARP_8"			"8 name tbd"


"KEY_Cybertron_WARP_1"			"1 name tbd"

"KEY_Cybertron_WARP_2"			"2 name tbd"

"KEY_Cybertron_WARP_3"			"3 name tbd"

"KEY_Cybertron_WARP_4"			"4 name tbd"

"KEY_Cybertron_WARP_5"			"5 name tbd"

"KEY_Cybertron_WARP_6"			"6 name tbd"

"KEY_Cybertron_WARP_7"			"7 name tbd"

"KEY_Cybertron_WARP_8"			"8 name tbd"

Tree and Flora Log Files

Alaska and Pacific Island have log files for every single tree and shrub placed in their levels using what seems to be proprietary software called ecoSecondary. These are found in the respective level's ECOSYSTEM folder, under the name ECOSECONDARYGENERATIONLOG.TXT. Unfortunately, both Amazon levels lack these log files.


===[ ecoSecondary Generation Errors ]============================

No errors!

===[ ecoSystem Primary Objects ]=================================

 0: pine
 1: pine
 2: pine
 3: pine

===[ ecoSecondary Textures ]=====================================

===[ ecoSecondary Models ]=======================================

===[ ecoSecondary Usage Stats ]==================================

Primary object  0: pine1                      868 occurances
   0: EmptyLayout                             868 100.0%

Primary object  1: pine2                      872 occurances
   0: EmptyLayout                             872 100.0%

Primary object  2: pine3                     1309 occurances
   0: EmptyLayout                            1309 100.0%

Primary object  3: pine4                      854 occurances
   0: EmptyLayout                             854 100.0%

Primary object  4: (unnamed)                    0 occurances
   0: EmptyLayout                               0 0.0%

Primary object  5: (unnamed)                    0 occurances
   0: EmptyLayout                               0 0.0%

Primary object  6: (unnamed)                    0 occurances
   0: EmptyLayout                               0 0.0%

Primary object  7: (unnamed)                    0 occurances
   0: EmptyLayout                               0 0.0%

Primary object  8: (unnamed)                    0 occurances
   0: EmptyLayout                               0 0.0%

Primary object  9: (unnamed)                    0 occurances
   0: EmptyLayout                               0 0.0%

Pacific Island

===[ ecoSecondary Generation Errors ]============================

No errors!

===[ ecoSystem Primary Objects ]=================================

 0: cypress_
 1: cypress_
 2: cypress_
 3: cypress_
 4: shrub
 5: shrub
 6: cypress_
 7: shrub_reeds_
 9: notree

===[ ecoSecondary Textures ]=====================================

===[ ecoSecondary Models ]=======================================

===[ ecoSecondary Usage Stats ]==================================

Primary object  0: cypress_1                  280 occurances
   0: EmptyLayout                             280 100.0%

Primary object  1: cypress_2                   72 occurances
   0: EmptyLayout                              72 100.0%

Primary object  2: cypress_3                   83 occurances
   0: EmptyLayout                              83 100.0%

Primary object  3: cypress_4                   67 occurances
   0: EmptyLayout                              67 100.0%

Primary object  4: shrub                     1459 occurances
   0: EmptyLayout                            1459 100.0%

Primary object  5: shrub2                     882 occurances
   0: EmptyLayout                             882 100.0%

Primary object  6: cypress_5                  210 occurances
   0: EmptyLayout                             210 100.0%

Primary object  7: shrub_reeds_1              645 occurances
   0: EmptyLayout                             645 100.0%

Primary object  8: (unnamed)                    0 occurances
   0: EmptyLayout                               0 0.0%

Primary object  9: notree                       0 occurances
   0: EmptyLayout                               0 0.0%