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Transformers (PlayStation 2, International)

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Title Screen


Developer: Atari Melbourne House
Publisher: Atari, SA
Platform: PlayStation 2
Released in US: May 11, 2004
Released in EU: April 7, 2004
Released in KR: July 14, 2004

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
CodeIcon.png This game has unused code.
DevMessageIcon.png This game has a hidden developer message.
DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
EnemyIcon.png This game has unused enemies.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
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Transformers is loosely based off the Transformers: Armada TV show. It involves you collecting tiny little robots and then using them to fight other robots. Gotta catch 'em all!

To do:
  • tfa\CONFIGS\0_DEFS.TMD are a bunch of debug options. See if any work and what they do.
  • Test files.
  • The .ELF contains quite a lot of debugging text.


Read about prototype versions of this game that have been released or dumped.
Prototype Info
Read about prerelease information and/or media for this game.
Prerelease Info
TFA2004 Subpage Text.png
Unused Text
"I was wrong. Death is not too good for you!"
TFA2004 Subpage CinemaScripts.png
Unused Cinema Scripts

Hidden Cheats

Several cheats need to be entered on certain screens.

Extras Menu screen

Code Result
Circle, Square, Circle, Square, L1, L1, L1, Square Unlocks the Movies option.
Circle, Square, Circle, Square, L1, R1, L1, Circle Unlocks the Art option.
Circle, Square, Circle, Square, R1, L1, L1, L1 Unlocks the Music option.

Difficulty screen (under New Game)

Code Result
Square, Circle, Circle, R1, L1, Left, Left, Right Allows the player to spawn into the warp gate just before the boss fight in Deep Amazon.
R1, R1, R2, L1, L1, L2, Circle, Circle Allows the player to spawn into the warp gate just before level completion in Alaska. Interestingly, the game has a second code for this unlock (Circle, Triangle, Circle, Triangle, Right, Left, Left, Right), but said code can't actually be entered.
L1, R1, L2, R2, Left, Left, Right, Square Allows the player to spawn into the warp gate just before the boss fight in Pacific Island.
R2, R2, L1, L2, R2, R1, L2, L2 Unlocks everything. Grants access to all levels and Mini-Cons.

Autobot HQ screen

Code Result
Up, Up, Down, Down, L1, L2, L1, L2 Gives infinite stealth when using the stealth-field Mini-Con Covert.
Down, Up, Up, Down, R1, R2, R2, R1 Mini-Con partners will deal an absurd amount of damage to foes.

In-game pause screen

Code Result
Left, Right, Left, R1, R2, R1, Right, Right Makes enemies invisible.
(Source: Original TCRF research)

Unused Audio

Unused Music

The intro for the Megatron boss fight is skipped over completely and goes straight into the main composition, leaving this 42-second intro unused. Curiously, the intro does play in build 5171, however that build lacks the ambience during segments where Megatron is performing melee moves on the player. Found in sound\music as mega1.ms.

(Source: https://youtu.be/bgKWv0TnUvc)

Also present in sound\music is an early version of Starscream's intro theme, which is identical to build 3944's. Notably, this earlier version lacks guitars in the last couple seconds.

zzzzlast.ms (Unused) starscr1.ms (Used)

Unused Voiced Lines

Megatron: I'll crush you, with my bare hands.

This likely would have played during the Megatron boss fight. This is found in sound\english\audiocue\misc as mg_mock.ms. Exclusively present in the European version of the game, this line was also dubbed into French, German, Italian, and Spanish respectively:

The non-English audio files can be found in the same file directory, under the respective language.

(Source: Rakoj)

Red Alert: Sir, our ancient enemy Unicron has appeared in orbit around Cybertron once again. Our homeworld is at the brink of annihilation. Countless lives will be lost. His defenses are far beyond our current firepower, but if we can assemble the power of enough Mini-Cons, we may be able to defeat him. Sir, we must acquire more Mini-Cons.

This information is normally stated by Optimus Prime in HQ after defeating Megatron. This is found in english\audiocue\misc\redalert as ra_mq1.ms. Also present only in the European version of the game, this line was also dubbed into French, German, Italian, and Spanish respectively:

The non-English audio files can be found in the same file directory, under the respective language.

(Source: Rakoj, Brandon_T)

Unused Textures

TFA2004 prerelease OldOptimusModel.png

Two textures stemming from an early model of Optimus Prime are still present in tfa\ANIMATION\TRANSFORMERS. Compared to the early render, the textures have since changed slightly, with the most notable changes being a more vibrant blue and the forearms having a silver stripe rather than a golden one.

Early Extras Menu Icons

Present in tfa\USERINTERFACE\TEXTURES\EXTRAS are some early Extras menu icons. Compared to the used icons, these have some shading present inside of them and use text as opposed to illustrations. Some icons lack a used equivalent, instead either being split into different icons encompassing different aspects of its topic or were simply not updated.

Old New Notes
TFA2004OLD EX ART.png TFA2004 EX ART ART.png
TFA2004OLD EX ART ATR.png TFA2004 EX ART ATA.png Both icons are internally referred to as being art-related despite only being used for the game's credits option.
TFA2004OLD EX ART DRM.png TFA2004 EX ART COM.png Dream refers to Dreamwave Productions, a now-defunct comic book publisher responsible for the four mini-comics that appear in the Comics submenu. There is also another unused Dreamwave icon that utilizes the publisher's logo.
TFA2004OLD EX AUD.png N/A There are actually two keys in ENGLISH.TXT referring to an Audio submenu.
TFA2004OLD EX EMP.png TFA2004 EX EMP.png The newer graphic is not used.
TFA2004OLD EX GAM.png N/A No new icon was created for gamemodes.
TFA2004OLD EX NEW.png TFA2004 EX NEW.png
TFA2004OLD EX UNK.png TFA2004 EX UNK.png
TFA2004OLD EX VID.png N/A There is an unused key in ENGLISH.TXT referring to a Video submenu. Different icons are used for different videos.

Unused Extras Menu Icons

Hidden in ta_xtras\USERINTERFACE\EXTRAS\ICONS are some unused icons. Some of these are duplicates of early icons which are present in tfa\USERINTERFACE\TEXTURES\EXTRAS.

Unused Models

Early Mini-Con Models

To do:
"Jetpack" model & texture.

There are seven early Mini-Con models present in tfa2\ANIMATION\MISCELLANEOUS\MINICONS. Some of them are named after Mini-Cons present in the retail game (Tractor & Fullspeed) while Redline is an early name for Highgear. Bug-Out's model may be intended for the cut Emergency Warp Gate Mini-Con. Build 5171 contains renders for all of these models, with Pressor making a very small appearance in the retail game's Extras menu scale chart.

Each model uses one of two texture sheets:

Unused Areas

Removed Levels

Mentioned in the .ELF file are two maps which have been scrubbed from the file directory:

  • 0x00564470 (00_None)
  • 0x00564480 (00_Testbed)

Forest in Alaska

To do:
Some better photos of the area itself.

A portion of Alaska dense in trees is hidden behind several mountains, unable to be accessed normally. There is no collision data for this area, so it cannot be walked on. It is likely that this area is a byproduct of the terrain generation and thus was never intended to be a playable area.

(Source: Hahmonen)

Starship Rear

In the crashed Starship level, the entire rear of the Starship is modelled out and has incredibly basic collision. It is not possible to reach this area normally without abusing a bug.

Unused Mini-Con Abilities

There is data for 21 cut Mini-Cons present in the game. However, 18 of these Mini-Cons only have rudimentary data present in tfa\METAGAME.TDB. The data for those 18 Mini-Cons has been placed in a subpage.

TFA2004 Subpage Minicon.png
Misc. Mini-Cons

Endgame (Dark Energon Gun)

To do:
Any unused sounds? Also, weapon stats and .ELF stuff

According to early builds of the game, this Mini-Con would be equipped in the R2 slot and would summon a black hole to deal an insane amount of damage to foes and the player. It can also ragdoll enemies into its center, granted they don't die first. Despite this Mini-Con having the most data out of all the cut Mini-Cons, it is impossible to equip it in retail builds.

Endgame has a description present in tfa\STRINGS\ENGLISH.txt:

"KEY_MINICON_NAME_DarkEnergonBlaster"			"Endgame"
"KEY_MINICON_DESC_DarkEnergonBlaster" 			"Dark Energon Gun"
"KEY_MINICON_DESC_LONG_DarkEnergonBlaster"		"This Mini-Con creates a hole in the fabric of space, drawing nearby objects into its heart."
"KEY_MINICON_DESC_LONG2_DarkEnergonBlaster"		"Hold the R2 button to charge the blaster, release it to fire. The longer the weapon charges, the greater the effect."
(Source: Hahmonen)

Endgame's textures can be found in tfa2\ANIMATION\MISCELLANEOUS\MINICONS. While these textures are used for some other Mini-Cons, they are explicitly named after Endgame. Mini-Cons such as Discord, Twister, and Overwatch share a model and textures with Endgame.

TFA2004 ENDGAME 01.png

Effects related to Endgame can be found in tfa2/EFFECTS:


Bug-Out (Emergency Warp Gate)

This Mini-Con has strings describing it in the November 10, 2003 prototype, stating that this Mini-Con would be able to summon temporary warp gates. There exists a Mini-Con model named after this character.

There is also a reference to this Mini-Con as "EmergencyWarpGate" in tfa2\CREATURE.TMD. The .ELF file also has several references to Bug-Out at the following hex addresses:

  • 0x0055da30 (taMiniconCreator<taMiniconAbilityEmergencyWarpGate>)
  • 0x00562340 (taMiniconAbilityEmergencyWarpGate)
  • 0x00562380 (taTransformerContextMessage<taMiniconAbilityEmergencyWarpGate>)

Fake-Out (Decoy Launcher)

There are two references to a Decoy Launcher Mini-Con in the .ELF file:

  • 0x0054d810 (taMiniconAbilityDecoyLauncher)
  • 0x0055e040 (taMiniconCreator<taMiniconAbilityDecoyLauncher>)

"DecoyLauncher" is also referenced in tfa2\CREATURE.TMD. Unfortunately, nothing else remains of this Mini-Con in retail builds.

There are strings in the November 10, 2003 prototype naming this Mini-Con as Fake-Out, being capable of summoning "a false projection of the Autobot" to lure enemies.

Unused Enemy Attributes

Unused Starscream Health Value

Found in tfa2\CREATURE.TMD, Starscream has a health value that is overwritten inside of the Antarctica and Starship's respective CREATURE.TDB file, therefore this default value doesn't get used.

Default HP Antarctica HP Starship HP
1275 1500 2000

Unused Enemy Attacks

The .ELF reveals names for attacks which do not resemble anything seen in-game.

  • 0x0054c610: Starscream_GroundStab
  • 0x0054c430: StarscreamSonicBoom
  • 0x0054c5c0: Cyclonus_RotorBlast
  • 0x0054c5d0: Cyclonus_DeathFromAbove
    • Cyclonus' .vbin contains three animations for this attack.
  • 0x0054c5f0: Cyclonus_RotorRam
  • 0x0054c640: Megatron_KnifeMelee
  • 0x0054c650: Megatron_HornRam
  • 0x0054c690: Megatron_BackBreaker
    • Megatron's .vbin contains three animations for this attack.

Cut Enemies

Lightning Rod

It is unknown what this enemy would have done. There exists concept art of this enemy in the game's Extras menu, though it is unknown if those concepts were implemented.

The only references to this enemy are in the game's .ELF file:

  • 0x005655a0 (taActorLightningRod)
  • 0x0054ee30 (LightningRod)

Dead End

To do:
Picture of Dead End's model.

Unicron's massive Mini-Con is fully modeled out despite only half of its model being visible during the climactic final battle. It is suggested that Dead End was intended to take part in the final battle, as the game's .ELF file makes reference to "EnemyDeadEnd" at 0x00538240, which is located alongside the rest of the game's enemies.


Literal chunks of ice were considered for inclusion. While it's unlikely these icebergs had murderous intent, they're internally classified as creatures, much like other enemies in the game.

The following remnants can be found in the .ELF file:

  • 0x00561700 (miscellaneous/Iceberg/Icebergs_01)
  • 0x00561720 (miscellaneous/Iceberg/iceberg_02)
  • 0x00561740 (miscellaneous/Iceberg/iceberg_03)
  • 0x00534d00 (taCreatureFactoryMachine<taCreatureIceBerg>)
  • 0x00535770 (taCreatureIceBerg)
  • 0x005362e0 (taCreatureIceBerg)

The file paths described in the first three hex addresses are present in early prototype builds.

Cut Jet Bike Vehicle

The Jet Bike is a vehicle that would allow up to two Medium Unit Decepticlones to ride around in. The player could also drive one around and utilize a built-in machine gun. A prototype build indicates that Jet Bikes would had shown up in at least Amazon. While the model and texture for the Jetbike no longer exist in retail, numerous remnants of them can still be found.

Traces of the Jet Bike can be found in the game's .ELF at the following hex addresses:

  • 0x00539fb0 (taJetBikeCameraScript)
  • 0x0054c370 (MachineGunJetBike
  • 0x0054ee70 (JetBike)
  • 0x005509c0 (JetBike_Player)
  • 0x005509d0 (JetBike_Ride)
  • 0x005509e0 (JetBike_Ride_High)
  • 0x0055b230 (JetBikeCameraOffset)
  • 0x0055b240 (JetBikeCameraFocusOffset)
  • 0x0055b260 (JetBikeCameraFieldOfView)
  • 0x00565650 (taActorJetBike)

Cut Game Modes


At some point, Transformers was intended to have game modes present in the Extras menu. An early unused Extras menu graphic still remains. Present in tfa2\CREATURE.TMD is a line referring to what kind of modes were planned:

Enum "False" "GameModes" "None" "[None,BossMode,ExploreMode]" 

It's not known how Explore Mode or Boss Mode would function. Explore Mode has a string present in prototype builds, describing the mode as "Explore the levels…"

Multiplayer Leftovers

There seems to be evidence that multiplayer was worked on for Transformers at some point.

Found in the tfa2 folder.


.ELF Leftovers

  • 0x005388a0 (taThirdPersonMultiplayerCameraScript)

Found in the STRINGS folder. These keys are referenced in the 00PLAYER2.TDB file. KEY_READY is found amongst some more generic strings which are in close proximity to the Player 1 & 2 keys.

"KEY_P1"			"P1"
"KEY_P2"			"P2"
"KEY_PLAYER1"			"Player 1"
"KEY_PLAYER2"			"Player 2"
"KEY_READY"			"Ready"

Found in tfa\USERINTERFACE\UIDATA\PREGAME. Makes reference to two players and configuring their Mini-Con. All of the keys referenced in this file are still present in the ENGLISH.TXT file.

} // IncludedFiles

	} // Screen
	} // TAScreen
	} // Item
	} // ItemText
	} // ItemActiveText
	} // TAItemText
	} // taItemList
	} // TACharacterList
} // FileDictionary
		ObjectId:       1 
		NotDefault "CharacterList" 
		NotDefault "SelectCharacter" 
		NotDefault "" 
	} // TAScreen
		ObjectId:       2 
		NotDefault "SelectCharacter" 
		NotDefault 0 
		NotDefault "CharacterList" 
		NotDefault 0.8 
		NotDefault 1 
		NotDefault 340 
		NotDefault 180 
		NotDefault 300 
		NotDefault "@exit" 
		NotDefault "@push;$ConfigMiniCon" 
	} // TACharacterList
		ObjectId:       3 
		NotDefault "Ready" 
		NotDefault "ConfigMiniCon" 
	} // TAScreen
		ObjectId:       4 
		NotDefault "ConfigMiniCon" 
		NotDefault 0 
		NotDefault "Ready" 
		NotDefault 0.8 
		NotDefault 1 
		NotDefault "KEY_READY" 
		NotDefault 100 
		NotDefault 220 
		NotDefault 300 
		NotDefault "@pop" 
		NotDefault "@exit" 
	} // TAItemText
		ObjectId:       5 
		NotDefault "SelectCharacter" 
		NotDefault "P2" 
		NotDefault "KEY_P2" 
		NotDefault 120 
		NotDefault 300 
	} // TAItemText
		ObjectId:       6 
		NotDefault "SelectCharacter" 
		NotDefault "P1" 
		NotDefault "KEY_P1" 
		NotDefault 120 
		NotDefault 240 
	} // TAItemText
		ObjectId:       7 
		NotDefault "ConfigMiniCon" 
		NotDefault "P1" 
		NotDefault "KEY_P1" 
		NotDefault 120 
		NotDefault 240 
	} // TAItemText
		ObjectId:       8 
		NotDefault "ConfigMiniCon" 
		NotDefault "P2" 
		NotDefault "KEY_P2" 
		NotDefault 120 
		NotDefault 300 
	} // TAItemText
} // Instances

2002-Era Leftovers

The following are very likely to be leftovers from the 2002 version, prior to the game being rebooted in the beginning of 2003.

Removed Pickups

TFA2004 wiresHealth.png

Hidden in tfa\PICKUPS are a collection of mesh files, all of which depict a simple triangulated cube:


The folder also has an image named WIRES.ITF, depicting an Autobot symbol in front of a red cross. The final game has no pickups other than Mini-Con disks and Data-Cons, with health instead being dropped from enemies and Data-Cons.


Located in tfa\PLAYER, a collection of .TXT files are present which aren't used anywhere. Many of these .TXT files are named after characters who do not appear in the retail game, however these characters do show up in the initial story draft. Red Alert and Hot Shot have unique values listed:

Red Alert

	MaxHealth:      100 
	JumpHeight(m):  6.25 
	DoubleJumpHeight(m): 3.25 
	ApexJumpHeight(m): 3.25 
	MaxWalkSpeed(m/s): 6 
	MaxRunSpeed(m/s): 23 
	MaxShotsPerSecond: 6 
} // PlayerConfiguration

Hot Shot

	MaxHealth:      100 
	JumpHeight(m):  6.0 
	DoubleJumpHeight(m): 6.0 
	ApexJumpHeight(m): 6.0 
	MaxWalkSpeed(m/s): 4.8 
	MaxRunSpeed(m/s): 18.4 
	MaxShotsPerSecond: 6 
} // PlayerConfiguration

The other characters, Optimus Prime, Cyclonus, Demolishor, Megatron, Scavenger, Smokescreen, Sparkplug, and Starscream have the following values listed:

	MaxHealth:      100 
	JumpHeight(m):  6.25 
	DoubleJumpHeight(m): 3.25 
	ApexJumpHeight(m): 3.25 
	MaxWalkSpeed(m/s): 6 
	MaxRunSpeed(m/s): 23 
	MaxShotsPerSecond: 3 
} // PlayerConfiguration

Interestingly, Sparkplug is listed in this folder, which indicates he may have been planned to be playable. Furthermore, episode 10 of the initial script draft backs this claim up. Additionally, a double-jump height value is listed in each file, an action which is not possible to do in the final game. Despite this, a double jump Mini-Con is listed in tfa\METAGAME.TDB

Cut Characters

Much like the characters present in the PLAYER folder, most characters mentioned here also show up in the initial story draft.


Found in ENGLISH.txt. Considering this string is placed right next to the three playable Autobots, it is possible this is a cut playable character. This is further backed up by Smokescreen's involvement in the early story draft. Smokescreen lacks a description key, something which used playable Autobot characters have.

"KEY_SMOKESCREEN"		"Smoke Screen"

tfa2\CREATURE.TMD also refers to Smokescreen under TransformerCreature, who is a selectable option in the PlacementType field. As previously described, Smokesecreen has a .TXT file present in tfa/PLAYER.


Also found in ENGLISH.txt next to the other used Autobot names and descriptions. It is likely that Scavenger was also intended to be playable based off the reasoning in Smokescreen's section. Scavenger also lacks a description key.

"KEY_SCAVENGER"			"Scavenger"

As previously described, Scavenger has a text file located in tfa\PLAYER titled SCAVENGER.TXT. And once again, Scavenger is mentioned in tfa2\CREATURE.TMD under TransformerCreature, as an option for the PlacementType field.


Alongside having a text file present in tfa\PLAYER, Demolishor is (unsurprisingly) mentioned in tfa2\CREATURE.TMD under TransformerCreature, as an option for the PlacementType field.


Present in tfa2\CREATURE.TMD are references to Mini-Cons who don't appear in the game as individual entities. All of them are found under TransformerCreature, under the PlacementType field. While some of them may be found on their Decepticon's model, they don't actually appear individually - and some don't even appear at all!

  • Liftor - partnered with Smokescreen.
  • Rollbar - partnered with Scavenger.
  • LeaderOne - Megatron's sidekick. Leader-1 appears in Megatron's robot and tank modes.
  • Swindle - Starscream's favorite Indy-styled Mini-Con. Swindle doesn't appear at all in the game.
  • CyclonusSidekick - obviously belonging to Cyclonus. Crumplezone appears in Cyclonus' helicopter mode to give that mean attack chopper look.
  • DemolishorSidekick - Demolishor's buddy Blackout also sat this one out.

Internal Names

To do:
Some .CS files name locations in the game world (Amazon has Machu Picchu, Starship refers to itself as "Mothership", etc.).


tfa\LEVELS has some early level names present. Early prototypes show some of these names in use.

Internal In-Game Text
01_AMAZON_1 Amazon
02_ANTARCTICA Antarctica
03_AMAZON_2 Deep Amazon
06_SPACESHIP Starship
07_EASTERISLAND Pacific Island
08_CYBERTRON Cybertron

Additionally, other internal names can be found elsewhere:

  • Pacific Island is referred to as "Island" in numerous cutscene script files, which are found in tfa\LEVELS\EPISODES\07_EASTERISLAND\CINEMA.
  • Found in ta_xtras\USERINTERFACE\EXTRAS\EXTRAS.TMD, Starship is internally referred to as "Nemesis". In early prototypes, the Starship itself was referred to as the Nemesis in its description.
(Source: Mecha (Nemesis discovery))


Generic difficulty names. Despite easy difficulty being cut, it was provided Normal difficulty's name.

Internal In-Game Text
Easy Recruit
Normal Recruit
Hard Veteran
Extreme Commander

Also found in tfa2\CREATURE.TMD is a reference to Cadet difficulty, which is very likely to be an early name for Normal difficulty.

Mini-Con Weapon Names

As per the ENGLISH.TXT file, some Mini-Cons have different weapon names. The Mini-Con name is provided for reference.

Mini-Con Name Retail Weapon Name Internal Weapon Name
Skirmish Heavy Blaster HeavyAssaultBlaster
Sparkjump Heavy Arc Gun HeavyElectricArcGun
Jumpstart Super Hvy Arc Gun SuperHeavyElectricArcGun
Flashbang Rocket Launcher ClusterRocket
Endgame Dark Energon Gun DarkEnergonBlaster
Airburst Flak Cannon FlakBurst
Claymore Proximity mines DropMine
Twister Vortex Projector VortexCannon
Slipstream Glide Wings Glide
Discord Scrambler AreaEffectScrambler
Pressurepoint Melee Booster MeleeDamageEnhance
Smackdown Super Melee Booster EnergonMeleeWeapon
Hawkeye Energon Vision EnergonSensor
Fullspeed Super Dash EnhancedDash
Covert Stealth Field Stealth
Stronghold Super Armor SuperHeavyArmor
Rangefinder Range Enhancer WeaponDistanceEnhance
Firefight Super Hvy Blaster SuperHeavyAssaultBlaster
Shockpunch Combat field ElectroField
Shieldwall Ballistic Shield EnergonScreen
Comeback Reactivation Revive
Blaster Default weapon AssaultBlaster

The Blaster weapon is the default R1 weapon that you start the game with.

Build Dates

Starting at offset 0x00532d90 in the .ELF is information regarding when the game was built and the build version. The retail European and Director's Cut builds share the same build date and build version, despite the Director's Cut being released a year later.

USA/South Korea Europe/Director's Cut
Transformers Armada $Revision: 6240 $ $Date: 3/23/04 11:22a $ GOLD
Transformers Armada $Revision: 6242 $ $Date: 27/03/04 12:05p $ GOLD
(Source: PrincessTrevor)

There is also information regarding when two internal systems were built. Starting at offset 0x0052a6f0 in the .ELF is information regarding when "GenTriStrip" had been built and what its build version is.

GenTriStrip $Revision: 73 $ $Date: 27.06.03 2.27p $ REL

Starting at offset 0x0053d4d0 in the .ELF is information regarding when the game's racing engine physics was built and its build version.

RacingEnginePhysics $Revision: 63 $ $Date: 6/10/03 5:37p $ RETAIL

Regional Differences

The European version of the game has some notable differences compared to versions released in other regions:

  • All the text and voice acting is dubbed in English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish. There is only an English set of credits in the game, meaning the non-English voice actors don't get credited.
  • There are two sets of cutscenes, one made for 60Hz televisions (prefixed with n) and one made for 50Hz televisions (prefixed with p). Non-European builds of the game only come packaged with the 60Hz cutscenes.
  • The two cheat code videos which are present in the US and South Korean versions are not present. This is also applicable to the Director's Cut version. As a result, the European version has some unused strings regarding those cheat videos which are unique to that version.

There are some minor text changes between the European and US English localizations. Changes that are harder to notice are red for clarity.

Key US Europe
KEY_CONTROLLER_MISSING The DUALSHOCK®2 analog controller is not detected. Please insert a DUALSHOCK®2 analog controller into controller port 1. The analog controller (DUALSHOCK®2) is not detected. Please insert an analog controller (DUALSHOCK®2) into controller port 1.
KEY_GALLERY_INSTRUCTIONSHEETHOTSHOT Instruction sheets: Hot Shot Instruction Sheet: Hot Shot
KEY_GALLERY_TVTHEMEORCH Transformers theme: Orchestral Transformers theme - Orchestral

Revisional Differences

The Europe-exclusive Director's Cut version, released in 2005, has a bonus "Making Of" video that details the game's development which is accessed through a newly created menu. The game is otherwise identical to the previous European release, right down to it having the same build version and date.