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Angry Birds Transformers

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Angry Birds Transformers

Developer: Rovio
Publisher: Rovio
Platforms: Android, iOS
Released internationally: September 25, 2014

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Angry Birds Transformers is a robotic shooter built off Exient's XGS engine. What could go wrong?

Leftover Angry Birds Go! Audio

In the game's asset directory, leftover audio clips from Angry Birds Go! are still present in each update to the game, code is also present and some is reused.

Debugging Utilities

In the game's XML holding PAK and library file, there are mentions of a Debug Menu similar to the one in Angry Birds Go!, other debugging features are also mentioned.

After choosing screen:

  • Reload: Reloads the scene (?).
  • Back to Debug: Goes back to the Debug Menu.

Debug Menu:

Allows you to select any screen in the game if the file is/are present and has a call in the library and XML files.

  • Metrics Shows metric data, crashes the game (?).
  • Cycle Loc: Changes the language locale for a session, you cannot change back to the default one for the session due to that changes into the same language but with a different text format, the Current value displays the current.

Developer Menu:

A developer menu is also present in the game's files and library and it can do many things.

  • Add Currency: Adds 10k of each currency to a save except for Bat Pigs, Plasma and Tokens, use of this is capped with Coins/Sparks at 1M and Gems/Pigs at 100k.
  • Reset Data: Wipes your save data, exiting the developer menu will crash the game, you may modify the beginning values for the new save before the next boot after.
  • Live Event X: No effect? Maybe only works on developer servers?
  • Change Mode: Changes the very right column from Event to Theme, Procedural, Cutscene or Layout.
  • Debug Menu: Goes to Debug Menu or an indicator?
  • Unlock Characters: Unlocks all characters at level 1 for a save.
  • Reset Live Events: No effect? Maybe only works on developer servers?
  • Show Ver. Info.: Shows version info, these include: Store Version, Data Version, Mist/Cloud, Data Changelist, Data Update Method, Device Type and Device Config Used.
  • Back: Back to previous screen/game (?).
  • Lock: Locks a TF for a save with its accessories and level, does not add a containment unit for them on the map.
  • Clear X Accessory/ies: Removes all accessories for a TF.
  • Character Level: X: Shows character level (-1) and has up and down arrows to alter.
  • Enter Folder: Views the xml_additional.pak filesystem folder if a name is touched, turns to Play after opening a folder.

Feature Config:

Allows you to toggle these in-game features for the next bootup:

  • Elite Enemies
  • Alternate Event Flow
  • Auto Fire AI Uses Buttons
  • Character Promotion/Prestige
  • Sign Posting
  • Force Release Live Events
  • Enable Spark Run

Force specific splashscreen:

A file called uitex.txt is mentioned in the game library and was accidentally created on bootup after one of the recent releases, that file has a mention for UISPLASHPAK:/ Some location of a file with filename as .jpg, .xgt or .png.

Debug Tweak Table XML:

A debugging feature tweak table is present in xml.pak/global and is named: DebugTweaktables.xml. It has a LOT of tweaks that are enabled (aside from true debugging tweaks) on every game bootup, even for a retail build.

Sections are also present, including DebugTweaktables to start it off, Cheats (Developer cheats), Physics (Physics), Map (Map), PickupMovement (Movement pickups) Rendering (GUI rendering, some ABGO tweaks are left over), UI (UI), LensFlare (Lens Flare), Stats (Rendering/Performance Status), Bloom (Bloom) VFX (Visual FX), Endless (Endless), AstroTrain (Astrotrain), SummoningSlowMo (Slow motion), DiedSlowMo (Slow motion death), IntroSlowMo (Intro slow motion), MiniconMovement (Energonicon movement), Gameplay (Gameplay), Audio (Audio, has ABGO leftover tweaks), Controls (Controls), HUD (HUD), ChineseSKU (China build settings), Misc (Miscellaneous, ABGO leftovers), GemExplosionLimits (Gem explosion limits), GemExplosionValues (Gem explosion values), PigExplosionLimits (Pig explosion limits), PigExplosionValues (Pig explosion values), CoinExplosionLimits (Coin explosion limits), CoinExplosionValues (Coin explosion values), PrestegeExplosionLimits (Spark value limits), PrestegeExplosionLimits (Spark explosion limits), VHS (VHS effect), MotionBlur (Motion blur), and Ads (Ads).

Other debugging functions:

In-game debugging buttons are mentioned, but they are hidden from releases and it's unknown how to enable.

Internal Project Name

The game library is named ABBS and some of the game files have bs, abbs, or abt in the name. The Rovio cloud CDN URL mentions BlueSteel when looking for Angry Birds Transformers! assets, so the game's internal project name was likely "Angry Birds: Blue Steel".

Leftover Console Log

In the game's global.pak file on iOS and the OBB file on Android, a file called xgsconsole_log.html is present in seasonal/thanksgiving/ui/textures.

Leftover Developer Note

In the game's xml_additional.pak file, a file called changethispak.xml is present, it says ChangeThisPakThough, meaning the developers were eventually going to modify the PAK file but it never happened as of the latest version.