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Angry Birds Transformers

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Title Screen

Angry Birds Transformers

Developers: Rovio, Exient Entertainment
Publisher: Rovio
Platforms: Android, iOS
Released internationally: September 25, 2014

DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.

To do:
  • Compare Chinese SKU versions and their data, there may be more interesting things in them.
  • Decrypt and decompress store2.pak, there's a few assets no one knows about yet.
  • Test event definitions for example:
    • There's test levels from V1.
  • A command to promote a TF by +50%.

Angry Birds Transformers is a robotic shooter built off Exient's XGS engine. The game was good at launch but was and continuing to be very hefty with premium content and ways to try to hook you into the said material and also premium currency.

Leftover Angry Birds Go! Audio

In the game's asset directory, leftover audio clips from Angry Birds Go! are still present in each update to the game, code is also present and some is reused.

Debugging Utilities

In the game's XML holding PAK and library file, there are mentions of a Debug Menu similar to the one in Angry Birds Go!, other debugging features are also mentioned.

Debug Menu

Allows you to select any screen in the game if the file is/are present and has a call in the library and XML files.

  • Metrics Shows player metrics data (Crashes the game on retail? Broken).
  • Cycle Loc: Changes the language locale for a session, you cannot change back to the default one for the session due to that changes into the same language but with a different text format (unicode?), the Current value displays the current.
  • Back: Returns to Map.

ABTF DebugScreenSelectorMenu.png

After choosing screen:

  • Reload: Reloads the scene (No effect on retail? Broken).
  • Back to Debug: Goes back to the Debug Menu.

Developer Cheat Menu

A developer cheat menu is also present in the game's files and library and it can do many things, in the game's files, it's referred to as CheatScreen, most likely meaning the Developer Cheat Screen.

  • Add Currency: Adds 10K of each currency to a save except for Bat Pigs, Plasma and Tokens, use of this is capped with Coins/Sparks at 1M and Gems/Pigs at 100K.
  • Reset Data: Wipes most of your save data, you may modify the beginning values for the new save before the next boot after.
  • Live Event X: No effect? Maybe only works on developer servers?
  • Change Mode: Changes the very right column from Event to Theme, Procedural, Cutscene or Layout.
  • Debug Menu: Goes back to Debug Menu? (No effect on retail, broken function)
  • Unlock Characters: Unlocks all locked characters at level 1 for a save, unreleased characters are also unlocked this way.
  • Reset Live Events: No effect? Maybe only works on developer servers?
  • Show Ver. Info.: Shows game and data version info, these include: Store Version (Game Version), Data Version (Assets Version), Mist/Cloud (CDN server), Data Changelist (Data in data/changelist.txt), Data Update Method (Asset updating method, SkyNest Server preferably), Device Type (Internal hardware name) and Device Config Used (name of the deviceconfig used for the specific device).
  • Back: Back to Map.
  • Lock/Unlock: Locks/unlocks a TF for a save with its accessories and level, does not add/remove a containment unit for them on the map, changes to Unlock if a TF is locked, unlocking TFs early can mess up the achievement status for them, you may also manage unreleased TFs this way.
  • Clear X Accessory/ies: Removes all accessories for a TF.
  • Character Level: X: Shows TF level and has up and down arrows to alter, often capped at level 25, unreleased TFs are normally capped at level 15.
  • Enter Folder: Views the events directory in the PAK filesystem, Default is from xml.pak, others are in events/liveevents from xml_additional.pak, changes to Play when a file is selected, only select XML files and not XML.META files to avoid crashes.

ABTF DebugDeveloperMenu.png

Changes in Revisions

To do:
Figure out what versions added these.
  • 1.??.?: added up and down arrows for toggling Live Events separately in clockwise and counterclockwise ordering, due to this, the Live Event button no longer has any effect when tapped but is still clickable however, it is now used as a display for the event.
  • 1.??.? - A difficulty scaling setting was added in the Procedural tab.

Feature Config

A menu allowing you to toggle these in-game features for the next bootup, also possible to reset to defaults:

  • Elite Enemies = Makes the game use Elite Enemies.
  • Alternate Event Flow = Allow you to choose characters for events.
  • Auto Fire AI Uses Buttons = The autofire AI can use buttons.
  • Character Promotion/Prestige = Characters can promote.
  • Sign Posting = Allows you to sign post?
  • Force Release Live Events = Forces release live events.
  • Enable Spark Run = Allows Spark Run to be done.

Aside from these in-game options are:

CharacterBuyForGems, CharacterUpgradeOnFail, InstantCharacterRepair, MaxUpgrade, InstantEventSpawnBeforeSoundwave, JengaForGemsAndMoney, JengaWithCode, SiloUpgrade, ToonsTV, RefreshLabel, PostEventPopup, DailyReward, DoubleRewardsForGems, BuddyBoostForGems, RegionalAds, SoundtrackAdvert, SiloAdvert, ExpandedShop, BuyRegions, StarterBundle, UseChinaTextures, Download3GWarning, RestorePurchases, CodeEntry, UseReducedSettingsMenu, Telepods, MapAccessoryButton, AccessoryCharacterArrows, FacebookEnabled, PlatformEnabled, SnapshotEnabled, RateGamePopup, AllowSeasonalContent, ChinaMiscSettings, MiniconLevelBasedOnRarity, Gacha, ShockwavesSpire, BuyItemAfterGemIAP and CombinerRun.

Debug Tweakables XML

A debugging feature tweak list is present in xml.pak/global and is named: DebugTweakables.xml. It has a LOT of tweaks that are enabled (aside from true debugging tweaks) on every game bootup, even for a retail build, some code isn't present in the library and/or the XML logically, anything in XMLs ONLY from the Library can be used as settings are called from it and not the XMLs alone.

(Pastebin: http://pastebin.com/raw/tgcxr7n1)

Other Debugging Functions

In-game debugging buttons are mentioned in xml.pak, in the UI directory, but they are hidden from releases.

(Source: https://pastebin.com/raw/Zy0A0yBe)

Internal Character Names

The game simply doesn't always name the character like it's seen in-game internally, They follow these unique names below:

To do:
Get all languages.
Internal Name/String ID In-Game Name (English)
optimusRed Red as Optimus Prime
BumbleChuck Chuck as Bumblebee
SoundWave Chef Pig as Soundwave
bludgeon King Pig as Bludgeon
heatWave Terrence as Heatwave
LockDown Mustache Pig as Lockdown
ultraMagnus Red as Ultra Magnus
galvatron Corporal Pig as Galvatron
SoundBlaster Chef Pig as Soundblaster
sentinelPrime Terrence as Sentinel Prime
thunderCracker Minion Pig as Thundercracker
Jazz Bubbles as Jazz
SoundWave Chef Pig as Soundwave
brawl King Pig as Brawl
grimLock Hal as Grimlock
starScream Minion Pig as Energon Starscream
SoundWaveEnergon Chef Pig as Energon Soundwave
grimLockEnergon Hal as Energon Grimlock
LockDownEnergon Mustache Pig as Energon Lockdown
galvatronEnergon Corporal Pig as Energon Galvatron
optimusRedEnergon Red as Energon Optimus Prime
megaPorkUltimate King Pig as Ultimate Megatron
optimusRedUltimate Red as Ultimate Optimus Prime
BumbleChuckHighOctane Chuck as High Octane Bumblebee
grimLockGoldBite Hal as Goldbite Grimlock
megaPork King Pig as Dark Megatron
arcee Stella as Arcee
airachnid Stella as Airachnid
ratchet Terrence as Ratchet
BlueStreak The Blues as Bluestreak
NemesisPrime Red as Nemesis Prime
AcidStorm Minion Pig as Acidstorm
EpicOptimus Red as Epic Optimus
BumbleChuckFire Chuck as Rodimus
To do:
Is this an unused duplicate character ID?
Shockwave King Pig as Shockwave
Prowl The Blues as Prowl
hotRod Chuck as Rodimus
Richochet Bomb as Richochet
Deadend Mustache Pig as Dead End
Drift Bomb as Drift
WindBlade Silver as Windblade
skywarp Minion Pig as Skywarp
g1starscream Minion Pig as Starscream
sunstorm Minion Pig as Sunstorm
wheelJack Bomb as Wheeljack
Smokescreen The Blues as Smokescreen
chromia Stella as Chromia
blaster Bubbles as Blaster
trypticon Hal as Trypticon
scorponok Corporal Pig as Scorponok
Barricade Mustache Pig as Barricade
Sideswipe Bubbles as Sideswipe
EnergonWindBlade Silver as Energon Windblade
Nautica Matilda as Nautica
RedAlert Bubbles as Red Alert
EnergonShockwave King Pig as Energon Shockwave
EnergonNautica Matilda as Energon Nautica
Hound Terrence as Hound
Elita Silver as Elita One
Sunstreaker Bubbles as Sunstreaker
Strongarm Silver as Strongarm
EnergonWindBlade Minion Pig as Energon Windblade
MotorMaster Mustache Pig as Motormaster
Beachcomber The Blues as Beachcomber
EnergonMegatron King Pig as Energon Megatron
CliffJumper Chuck as Cliffjumper?
To do:
Is this an unused duplicate character ID?
Moonracer Stella as Moonracer
EnergonBumblebee Chuck as Energon Bumblebee
NemesisHotRod Chuck as Nemesis Hot Rod
Novastar Stella as Novastar
ClassicBumblebee Chuck as Classic Bumblebee
Ironhide Terrence as Ironhide
Mirage Bubbles as Mirage
Alphatrion Mighty Eagle as Alpha Trion
Breakdown Chef Pig as Breakdown
Grapple Bomb as Grapple
superion Terrence as Superion
Dragstrip Bubbles as Dragstrip
Devastator Minion Pig as Devastator
Greenlight Stella as Greenlight

Leftover Splash Screens

The game's UISplash.pak file in the base game has textures for almost every single splash screen in the game, a few are oddly not in the XGT format.

Internal Project Name

The game library is named ABBS and some of the game's files have bs, abbs, or abt in the name. The Rovio cloud CDN URL mentions BlueSteel when looking for assets, so the game's internal project name was likely "Angry Birds: Blue Steel". crashes.meta also mentions the product name as BlueSteel.

Leftover Console Log

In the game's ui_additional.pak file on iOS or in the OBB file on Android, a file called xgsconsole_log.html carried from Angry Birds GO! is present in seasonal/thanksgiving/ui/textures, it shows an error message log regarding XGSCore.

XGSConsole::Open() - debug console opened
******* ASSERTION FAILED *******
FILE : XGSCore\Common\XGSFileSystem\XGSFileSystem.cpp
LINE : 635
CONDITION : (eErr == EXGSError::OK) || (eErr == EXGSError::FileNotFound)
DETAILS : Error 14 (00000020) received by filesystem code

Leftover Developer Note

In the game's xml_additional.pak filesystem, a file at the root directory called changethispak.xml is present, it only says <ChangeThisPakThough/>, meaning the developers noted they were going to modify the PAK file but it never happened as of anytime soon.

Missing Texture Handlers

Character Icon

If an expected character icon sprite is missing in the game's files, a ball with purple and pink squares will replace it, this could happen when using unreleased characters with the same partner from using the Developer Menu.

Misc. Textures

If an expected texture is missing, it will show the game logo instead.

Executable Launch Commands

To do:
Test these if possible.

The game's library mentions these commands:

  • --ignoreRovioLogo = Jumps to splash screen at bootup.
  • --ignoreDownloads = Skips downloading/updating of assets.
  • --ignoreSplashScreen = Ignores splash screen, directly boots game.
  • --level= Forces the game to boot a specific level, sets all above parameters except the first one.
  • --enable-profile-test Loads EventDef_World00_EventProfile.xml to test the deviceconfig being used, such a file does not exist.
  • --nopak = Makes the game not use PAKs but use direct data folders.
  • --testnews = Simulates a news broadcast? Also uses ignoreDownloads.
  • --difficulty-bot = Chooses the difficulty bot character?
  • --sparkrun-bot: = Unknown.

Unused Computer DRM Activation

The game was likely planned for some time to be on computers (or Steam) but it was cancelled likely for the favor of mobile devices, the game library mentions PC DRM, including the DRM server URL, links and protocols.