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Proto:Angry Birds Space

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Angry Birds Space.

One retail demo build was uploaded in the AB Modding Hub and another was released the following day, covering the extremely late scraping of archived TestFlight CDNs before 2015. Each version is named after their SVN revision.


SVN Revision 85999
An early version of v1.0.0 HD, under the iPhone signature!?
SVN Revision 89002
The only version that starts with a 0, even though it's closer to final than the v1.0.0 build above.
SVN Revision 89630
An slightly newer early version of v1.0.0 HD.
SVN Revision 5829
A demo version of v1.2.0.
SVN Revision 6272
An early version of v1.2.2 HD.