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Angry Birds Friends (Android)

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Title Screen

Angry Birds Friends

Developer: Rovio
Publisher: Rovio
Platform: Android
Released internationally: January 4, 2011

DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.

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Angry Birds, with friends!

Debugging Functions

In the game's asset directories, there are Lua files for debugging the game, some debugging code is also present in pre-existing Lua scripts not titled as debugging features, these are shown by the game's build settings.

Build Settings

To do:
Show the effects of these in-game.
  • releaseBuild: Retail, clean build, turning off makes the game act like debugging build, enabling debugging functions and some screens have debugging information like the credits, true is defaulted, disabling this setting allows the use of using all developer cheats on beta builds (Cheats.lua and CurrentTimeAdjuster.lua are missing, so this will crash the game on bootup).
  • cheatsEnabled: Allows use of built-in developer cheats, false is defaulted (Cheats.lua and CurrentTimeAdjuster.lua are missing, so this will crash the game on bootup).
  • useDynamicAssets: Makes the game use assets from the dynamic script directory, false is defaulted (crashes the game due to no dynamic folder having content is present).
  • customerString: OEM based on how the game was acquired, commonly "googleplay".
  • svnRevisionNumber: Server revision number in last credits line, the number starting with RXXXXX.
  • enableAssertions: Enables assertions, defaulted to false, (Crashes the game due to files are missing).
  • disableShopButton: Hides the shop from the game, "false" is defaulted?
  • timeMachineServer: What server is used (for time)? dev is defaulted.
  • gameId: Short identifier for the game when clicking ads that log it, defaulted to abf.

Debugging info in Credits

If the game is not a release build, the player account ID, game environment and customerString is shown in the credits.

Developer Cheats

If developer cheats are on, these can be used and are shown during gameplay (there are also key-based commands as well like computer versions but mobile devices lack that...):


  • Instant win: Touching near the bottom left corner will make the game act like the level was completed and rigs approximately the amount for a 3-star score.


  • Call debug console: If the game is responding, it's possible to call the debug console. Touching near the bottom right corner two times will call it, the log scrolling is also fixed unlike the PC version, but = symbols cannot be seen but usable.
  • Save file corruption alert: If a save file is corrupted on bootup, a popup by the name of QA Popup will show saying The file XXX.lua was corrupted.

Level Editor

A level editor is present in the game's filesystem, it's currently unknown how to load...

Missing files

assets.list has mentions for some files missing in the game's filesystem.