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Angry Birds (Windows)

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Title Screen

Angry Birds

Developer: Rovio
Publisher: Rovio
Platform: Windows
Released internationally: January 4, 2011

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.

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Angry Birds is an award-winning strategy game for multiple platforms, but mostly known on iOS. This article pertains to the PC version, which makes more sense to use on a laptop.

Mighty Eagle

Even though the Mighty Eagle update never came to this version, the graphics and sounds for it can be found. This suggests that the update may have been planned at one point. At least Rovio has prepared us for it.

First-Time Use Screen

Coming when you least expect it.

This screen (found in "data\images\pc" of the game's directory) may be what will appear when the player first clicks on the Mighty Eagle icon. The roll of film with the Mighty Eagle's eye will most likely lead to the Birds & the Mighty Eagle video like most versions of the game. Notice that there's no icon to buy it (usually a shopping buggy), so the Mighty Eagle may be free to use.

Feathers and Unused Title


Most noticeably in this sheet is what appears to be the original name for the PC version, "Angry Birds HD". It was probably removed because the iPad version is called Angry Birds HD.

(Source: iTunes Store Page)

The large feathers below it are the rankings that replace the stars when using the Mighty Eagle. For how much of the stage is destroyed by the Mighty Eagle, the black feather transitions to the colored feather by percentages. The small feathers on the right are for the menus. During level selection, levels that have 100% destruction are marked with the colored feather. The black feather isn't used in any other version of Angry Birds so far.


It's a can of sardines. Get it? Eagles eat fish.

This can of sardines is how the Mighty Eagle gets summoned. Once the box is launched, the Mighty Eagle dives diagonally towards it and then bounces off the screen, destroying everything in its path.


And the eagle comes in the NIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT!!!!!

The Mighty Eagle entering and attacking once it appears. Note that these are supposed to be blurry, as it is blurry in-game.


The Mighty Eagle bouncing once it hits the ground.
The cartoon sound effect that plays right after the Mighty Eagle makes its battle cry.
The Mighty Eagle's battle cry, which exists in two files: mightyeagle.wav and mighteagle.wav. The duplicate's existence appears to be a simple mistake.

Unused Store Image

He is coming.

This image's name is "SHOP_NEW_ME_BG.png", so it might've been used in the store.

Demo Level

There is an eagleDemo level in \data\levels. This might have been used as a tutorial.

Funk Remix

This James Bond-esque remix of the title screen music can be found in the music directory with the name funky_theme.mp3. This can be legitimately obtained in the mobile versions by getting three stars on all the Mighty Hoax levels and finding the secret in the Golden Egg.

Powerup Buttons

To do:
Check for sprites for the slot machine and other powerup-related sprites.
About equal to the power-ups in Super Mario Bros. 3!

This also contains random shop assets

Icons for the powerups from Angry Birds Friends (aka Angry Birds Facebook), as well as some placeholder graphics, can be found in one file. Like the Mighty Eagle, this is an update that never came to this version.

Old Level Complete

The sound used for when the player completes a level in the previous versions of Angry Birds. It was replaced with the ranking system from Angry Birds Rio, but the sound file still lays there as a leftover, It is only used when the player completes a episode.

Early Game Complete

The music was used on the oldest version where the player completes the game. This was replaced by a ranking system from Angry Birds Rio and like above, this song was still in the current version files.

Debugging Functions

In the game's asset directories, there are Lua files for debugging the game, some debugging code is also present in pre-existing Lua scripts not titled as debugging features, these are shown by the game's build settings in options.lua.

Build Settings

To do:
Show the effects of these in-game.
  • releaseBuild: Retail, clean build, turning off makes the game act like debugging build, enabling debugging functions and some screens have debugging information like the credits, true is defaulted, some include debugging information in the credits, using a developer activation server and allowing the use of using all developer cheats on beta builds.
  • showEditor: Shows the level and particle editors at the main menu, false is defaulted, due to files aren't present the game (until 7.2.0 which never released on PC before discontinuation), it crashes among toggling this setting while checking data/scripts/editor for editor.lua... maybe files are present in an older version or the ones from current releases can be imported then this setting would be useful?
  • cheatsEnabled: Allows use of built-in developer cheats, false is defaulted.
  • useDynamicAssets: Makes the game use assets from the dynamic script directory, false is defaulted.
  • isPremium: Makes the game acts like a "premium" version, ads are disabled, false is defaulted, has no effect on PCs due to absence of advertising and IAPs.
  • isKorea: Makes the game act like a Korean build, false is defaulted.
  • applyChinaRestictions: Makes the game act as a Chinese build, a timer is shown for game time left, false is defaulted.
  • gameVersionNumber: Game version number shown in credits, changes after every update.
  • customerString: OEM based on how the game was acquired, commonly "rovio".
  • svnRevisionNumber: Server revision number in last credits line, the number starting with RXXXXX but isn't shown on PCs due to lack of online services support, however is shown if the game is a debugging build.
  • isSeasonsAvailable: Makes the game advertise Angry Birds Seasons in menus? True is defaulted.
  • g_registrationEnabled: Toggles the game activation DRM setting, true is defaulted.
  • g_updateCheckEnabled: Toggles the game's autoupdater executable updater.exe setting, defaulted to true.
  • g_hasWebBrowser: Makes the game think you have a web browser to view ads (?), defaulted to true.
  • loadMightyEagle: Loads the Mighty Eagle assets? Enables the Mighty Eagle? True is defaulted, but due to lack usage of proper files, this doesn't do anything...
  • bingIsEnabled: Allows Bing usage in game?
  • enableAssertions: Enables assertions?
  • disableShopButton: Hides the shop from the game, on is defaulted, try turning off?
  • hasIaps: Allows IAPs to be made (?) off is defaulted.
  • g_is_free_version: Makes the game act like a free version?
  • useScaling: Toggles scaling settings.
  • timeMachineServer: What server is used (for time)? dev is defaulted.
  • gameId: Short identifier for the game when clicking ads that log it, defaulted to abc.
  • g_separate_powerup_highscore: Allows powerup based high scores separately to be kept along with plain gameplay scores in a highscores.lua, false is defaulted.
  • applyLocalisation: Applies a predetermined localisation.
  • isHDVersion: Makes the game act like a IOS HD build, maybe shows HD sprites and textures if on?

LUA error handler

If an LUA is modified incorrectly or calls something that has or causes errors, the game will show an error about it, options are to ignore, abort or retry, if the file is too major that is having the problem, the game likely will force you to exit unless the file is fixed. If the game memory is modified based on bird counts (?) the game will show an error: Next bird not found! Please make sure all birds are correctly numbered for each level. Call stack: INFO...

This happened when I tried to load the Mighty Eagle Demo Level as Poached Eggs level 1

Developer Cheats

If developer cheats are on, these can be used during gameplay.

  • F = Show/hide FPS display, showFps is that setting if using the Debug Console to enable.

ABPC FPS+Memory Display.png

  • Shift-D = Show/hide Debug Console, possible to edit in-game flags and values for a session by using it, the same way for loading it on mobile releases (Right corner multi click) is also a method to load on the PC version.

ABPC Debug Console.png

  • C = Makes the game act like the level is complete, the same way for loading it on mobile releases (Left corner multi click) is also a method to load on the PC version.
  • PgUp = -1 Level.
  • PgDown = +1 Level.
  • Backspace-Q/W/E/R/T/Y/U = Crashes the game, attempts to call powerups while PC version doesn't enable them.
  • Ctrl-Alt-# = Attempts to change locale to unexisting locales aside from English, crashes the game...
  • S = Toggle sounds on or off.
  • Ctrl-F5 = Attempts to create layout of screen, crashes due to unexisting.

Filesystem differences

In the current Angry Birds versions, scripts alone is only present, on PC and old versions, scripts and scripts_common are present, certain DRM files are only present on the PC version of the game, but are mentioned in current versions, LZMA packing is used after 6.0.1 but the PC version maintained 7z encryption for containing assets, WAVs, OGGs and MP3's are only supported.

Leftovers from other versions

iPad Font

ABPC font menu ipad.png

This image is located in \data\fonts\1024x768\FONT_MENU_IPAD.png.

Mattel Apptivity

These files are for the Mattel Apptivity King Pig toy, which can be used to unlock special content in the iPad version.

These are some files from the toy's splash screen.

HD and Free


This image contains the used Rovio logo, and the words HD and Free. There is no Free version of Angry Birds for the PC (the unlicensed version does not use "Free").


ABPC Splashes ToonsTV.png

This button links to Toons.TV in the mobile versions. It never came to PC.