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Rovio Classics: Angry Birds

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Title Screen

Rovio Classics: Angry Birds

Also known as: Rovio Classics: AB (Android), Red's First Flight (iOS, 2023)
Developer: Rovio
Publisher: Rovio
Platforms: Android, iOS
Released internationally: March 31, 2022

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.

BugsIcon.png This game has a bugs page

To do:
  • Power-up sprites.
  • Mighty League sprites.
  • Leftover graphics from Angry Birds Reloaded.
  • Leftover graphics from Angry Birds Friends.
  • Other Unused Sprites.
  • Unused Sounds/Music.
  • Test Other Controllers.
  • Fix line break formatting.
  • Check for any unused levels.

Rovio Classics: Angry Birds, made in response to negative fan reactions behind the delisting of the original Angry Birds game in 2019, is a brand new version of said game released on the iOS store and Google Play in 2022. Recreated from scratch in Unity, it aims to be as close of an experience to how the game was in 2012 as possible. No power-ups, no Mighty League, no episodes past Surf and Turf... you can't get much more "classic" than this.

This game was delisted from the Google Play Store on February 23, 2023 due to the game's impact on Rovio's wider games portfolio. It's still on the Apple App Store under the name Red's First Flight.


Read about notable bugs and errors in this game.

Unused Graphics

Leftovers from Angry Birds

Bad Piggies

Rovio Classics Angry Birds Bad Piggies Icon.png

The icon for the Bad Piggies episode, which is currently absent from this remake.

Rovio Classics Angry Birds Bad Piggies Objects.png

Various objects from the Bad Piggies episode, likely leftovers from Reloaded.

Short Fuse Bomb and PowerUp Slingshot

Found in the sprite BIRDS_2 are notable leftovers of things that came from newer versions of Angry Birds. Such as Short Fuse Bomb, and the slingshot if you use the powerup for it.

Rovio Classics Angry Birds BIRDS 2.png

Red's Mighty Feather's Tutorial Sheet

The tutorial sheet for Red's Mighty Feather's can be found in the files as Tutorial_Sheet, in which is a another leftover.

Rovio Classics Angry Birds RedMightyFeathers TutorialSheet.png

Unused Text

Angry Birds Reloaded Leftovers

Enter the Volcano
The Frozen Heart

The names of episodes 9 and 10 from Angry Birds Reloaded.


Controller Support

This game has some controller support leftover from Reloaded. (albeit not fully functional)

Xbox Controller Controls (Menu)

  • The "Rovio" Screen can be skipped using any button.
  • The title screen can be controlled only after you tap another button using your finger.
  • The cursor is controlled with the Left Stick or D-Pad.
  • You can select an option with "A".
  • You can use "B" to go back.
  • Episode select can be controlled if an episode is pressed and held but not selected.*
  • The level select can be controlled.
  • Selecting a level with a controller may cause a loading screen to get stuck (using the incorrect font) afterwards, you can only control the birds with a controller.
  • You cannot use a controller to skip level intros.
  • The pause menu can be controlled.*
  • The results screen can be controlled. However selecting the next level button causes the loading screen bug mentioned above and you can't control the birds at all.*
  • *Items labeled with an asterisk have controller support, but do not give any indication that anything is happening when using a controller until something is selected. (As if using an invisible cursor.)

Xbox Controller Controls (Level)

  • You can aim a bird using the Left stick.
  • You can use the bumpers to scroll the screen left and right respectively.
  • You can use the Left trigger to zoom out and the right trigger to zoom in.
  • You can push "A" to launch a bird and use it's ability.
  • You can hold "X" to restart the level, which shows a graphic and screen flash that otherwise doesn't get used.
  • Pressing Left On the D-Pad allows you to select the Mighty Eagle or the Pause button.* If you activate it, there is no way to launch the item. After this, the only thing you can do is restart with "X", or use the touch screen, which functions perfectly. Restarting with "X" causes the loading screen glitch.
  • You can pause the game with the "Menu" or "B" button.
  • You can not skip the fanfare with a controller.
  • *Items labeled with an asterisk have controller support, but do not give any indication that anything is happening when using a controller until something is selected. (As if using an invisible cursor.)

Smaller Back Button

When using a controller, if you hover over the back button and then hover over something else, the button becomes smaller. Strangely, it seems like the graphics for the birds seen in the same corner were designed with this button size in mind.

Small Back Button

Incorrect Sprites

Title Screen

On the title screen Matilda, the white, egg shaped bird, is seen using her damaged sprite, rather than the launch sprite. (This was patched in version 1.2)

Wrong Matilda (Ti).jpg

Bird Tutorial

On the tutorial screen Matilda, once again, is seen using her damaged sprite, rather than the idle. (This was patched in version 1.2)

Wrong Matilda (Tu).jpg

Internal Project Name

The game is internally referred to as Classic22 or, Classic 2022 / the other way around, according to the filesystem and app signature which was also possibly suggested by the related level directory in Reloaded. This is however proven by the file names of related images posted on Rovio's website, most having CLASSIC22.