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Bad Piggies (Windows)

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Title Screen

Bad Piggies

Developer: Rovio
Publisher: Rovio
Platform: Windows
Released internationally: September 12, 2012

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.

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Bad Piggies is a puzzle video game developed by Rovio Entertainment, and was the company's first spin-off of Angry Birds.

Leftover assets from other versions

In resources.assets, the MenuAtlas file has images for shop offers and, but they are unused in the PC version of the game, the IngameAtlas file has images for the record video and take screen shot buttons that are also unused. Achievement icons from iOS versions are also present in resources.assets with the name ##_name, an ad for is even present.

Dummy texture

In resources.assets, a file called defaultCurveTexture is present, it says ADD A TERRAIN TEXTURE on a checkerboarded image, defaultFillTexture shares the same image.

Debugging utilities

The game's assembly and assets directory mention debugging utilities, unfortunately, there are NO key based inputs for debugging commands/cheats.

Developer Cheat Menu:

A developer cheat menu is present, it shows various options and King Pig saying "HELLO PETER" using the credits texture in the background for some reason, this quote is for Peter from Rovio QA testing and primarily access this and this is a welcome message for him. There are two ways to load it, screen file swapping then loading the different screen and changing build settings.

1. Swapping out level17 for levelX in BadPiggies_Data forces this screen to load over the original screen.

2. Modifying resources.assets build configuration file customization_data to add the cheats_enabled setting and making it true to enable developer cheats will let a button called Open Cheats to load it appear on the main menu, the UI click sound isn't played when enabled.

BP PC OpenCheatsAtMainMenu.png

Options in it:

  • Main Menu: Goes back to Main Menu (if level17 is replaced for level0, if using the level-swap method., the Debug Menu will instead load).
  • Unlimited Sandbox Parts: Adds 100x (MAX CAP) of each resource to a save for all sandboxes.
  • Unlock all sandboxes: Unlocks all sandboxes for a save.
  • Reset progress: Resets progress and generates a new save.
  • Set low/default target FPS: Forces the game to run at 25FPS instead of 60FPS for a session, can toggle back to 60FPS.
  • Unlock Field of Dreams: No effect on PCs, a leftover mobile debugging feature...
  • 3-stars all but one: 3-stars almost all levels for a save.
  • Log Flurry Events: No effect on PCs, a leftover mobile debugging feature...
  • Unlock iOS Full Version: No effect on PCs, a leftover mobile debugging feature...
  • 3-stars all: 3 stars all levels for a save.
  • Unlock all levels: Unlocks all/some (if trial) levels with a 0 star rating for a save.
  • Unlock & 3-star Race Levels except for last: 3 stars all but the last Cake Race level for a save.
  • Sandbox all starboxes: Makes status show 40/40 stars collected for all sandboxes for a save.
  • Restore IAPs: No effect on PCs, a leftover mobile debugging tweak.
  • Add some desserts: Adds a portion of desserts for feeding King Pig for a save, multiple uses grant more.
  • Unlock PC full: Simulates a successful PC game activation for a save.
  • Add autobuilds: Adds 3 Super Mechanics for a save.
  • Enable basic mechanic: No effect on PCs, a leftover mobile tweak...
  • Add Super and Turbo: Adds 3 Super Glues and Superchargers for a save.

Other info:

In the bottom right corner, the application_version and svn_revision values from build configuration is shown in this format below Debug up top (vX.X.X - XXXX).

BP PC DebugMenu.png

In-game debugging utilities:

If build settings are modified to make the game act like a debugging build (oddly not a cheating build), these pig buttons will appear in levels aside from sandboxes and King Pig feed, in the game's assembly, these are referred as cheat buttons, CheatButton1Star and CheatButton3Star.

Pig: Instantly moves the pig to the finish and objects it is using, three stars the level (or 2 stars the level if the limit if) and also collects skulls.

Mechanic Pig: Instantly moves the pig and objects it is using, damages the contraption and "beats" the level.

BP PC InGameCheats.png