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Angry Birds McDonald's

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Title Screen

Angry Birds McDonald's

Developer: Rovio
Publisher: Rovio
Platform: Adobe Flash
Released internationally: September 29, 2012

TextIcon.png This game has unused text.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.

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  • Revisional differences ie:
    • The standup sign texture was changed in later releases.
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Angry Birds McDonald's is yet another Flash game, being a promotion of McDonalds for China.

Debugging Content

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Obfuscated values for other versions.

Unlike other Angry Birds Flash games (aside from Heikki), all their debug keys and related code are removed. However this game forgot to remove a new one, being a toggle for the level engine's hitbox display for launched birds and objects, usable by pressing D when debug mode is enabled. Changing the obfuscated value to true will enable it. Manually forcing the game in full screen will improperly center them. This is so far, the only time a unique debug key was in an Angry Birds Flash game, and never carried over in a newer game, like Friends.

Game Version Obfuscated Class Obfuscated Value 4 `0 ;!4 +!, 'j >!% 9!_ '!m
HEAD 3![ ,x

Hidden Language Change Buttons

Two buttons off being flags of China and the United States are present on the sidebar, but offscreen. The buttons change the text language to the associated countries', suggesting that a translation was ready but never released for North America.

(Source: Various in Angry Birds Modding Hub)

Angry Birds Heikki Leftovers

Appareantly, various leftover images from the UI of Angry Birds Heikki are present in the AngryBirdsFlashUI file, maybe because both games use that UI file.