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Proto:M.C. Kids

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This page details one or more prototype versions of M.C. Kids.

A fairly late prototype, date unknown, for M.C. Kids. While there are many unimplemented features, most of the level designs are in place and similar to the final game. That said, literally every level present in both the prototype and the final has some differences.

Download.png Download M.C. Kids (Prototype)
File: M.C. Kids Prototype (USA).zip (256 KB) (info)


Miscellaneous tidbits that are interesting enough to point out here.

Music and Sound

The prototype's sound engine is hard-coded to play one of the background music tracks, used for example in Ronald 4 from the final, and there are no sound effects. However, two other music tracks are present. One is the level select theme, the other is the short fanfare played in the Ronald cutscene at the end of the game. Both of the music tracks are changed slightly in the final. The most notable change is the volume mixing of the instruments.

Prototype Level Select Final Level Select
Prototype Background Music 3 Final Background Music 3

(Source: BMF54123, ColdPie)

Unused Graphics

To do:
Please, find a way to rip these with the correct palettes.


Although Hamburglar is not present at this point, his graphics exist in the ROM and are quite different from the final design.

Prototype Final
MCKids-HamburglarProto.png MCKids-HamburglarFinal.png


To do:
Find a way to get the correct palettes and see if any programming exists for the unused enemies.


This bird enemy is found in both the prototype and final. The prototype doesn't load the graphics correctly, though, rendering them unused.


This fish enemy is loaded in some levels in World 2 and is only in the prototype. They appear to be an early version of the sharkfin-holding gophers, which also appear in World 2, in both this prototype and the final game.


This enemy is loaded with the other World 2 enemy graphics and is only in the prototype.


This bear enemy is found only in the prototype.


Prototype Final
MCKids-Proto-Beehive.png MCKids-Final-NoBeehive.png

A beehive, possibly removed from the final because there are no actual bees anywhere in the game. The graphics are still present in the final, though.


These strange things are loaded in some levels, but the graphics were removed in the final.

Level Changes

The following images were ripped from the ROMs by mcmapper. Some prototype levels have graphical glitches, which are noted below.

Level names are taken from the ROMs. The prototype version is on the top (or left) of each comparison, and the final version is on the bottom (or right).

Prototype Final
Mckproto title.png Mckids title.png

Ronald's Clubhouse

Lvl1: Merry Meadow
Mckproto ronald 1.png
Mckids ronald 1.png
Lvl1: The Garden
Lvl2: Mushy Meadow
Mckproto ronald 2.png
Mckids ronald 2.png
Lvl2: Gopher Grove
Lvl2: Mushy Meadow (subscreen)
Mckproto ronald 2 s.png
Mckids ronald 2 s.png
Lvl2: Gopher Grove (subscreen)
Lvl3: Happy Forest
Mckproto ronald 3.png
Mckids ronald 3.png
Lvl3: Lazy Leaves
Lvl4: Mucho Meadow
Mckproto ronald 4.png
Mckids ronald 4.png
Lvl4: Mountain View
Lvl5: Leaky Forest
Mckproto ronald 5.png
Mckids ronald 5.png
Lvl5: Hidden Glen
Lvl6: M Forest Lvl6: Towering Trees
Mckproto ronald 6.png Mckids ronald 6.png

Birdie's Treehouse

Lvl1: The Stratosphere
Mckproto birdy 1.png
Mckids birdy 1.png
Lvl1: The Stratosphere
Lvl1: The Stratosphere (subscreen)
Mckproto birdy 1 s.png
Mckids birdy 1 s.png
Lvl1: The Stratosphere (subscreen)
Lvl2: Caution, Snow!
Mckproto birdy 2.png
Mckids birdy 2.png
Lvl2: Slippery Slopes
Lvl2: Caution, Snow! (subscreen) Lvl2: Slippery Slopes (subscreen)
Mckproto birdy 2 s.png Mckids birdy 2 s.png
Lvl3: Slippery Lvl3: Icy Maze
Mckproto birdy 3.png Mckids birdy 3.png
The prototype version of this level uses an outdated tileset definition, so some tiles appear incorrectly.
Lvl4: Puffy Clouds
Mckproto birdy 4.png
Mckids birdy 4.png
Lvl4: Secret Suprize (sic)
Lvl5: Treacherous Secret
Mckproto birdy 5.png
Mckids birdy 5.png
Lvl5: Frozen Caverns
The prototype version of this level uses an outdated tileset definition, so some tiles appear incorrectly.
Lvl6: Snow Clouds Lvl6: Frosty Mountain
Mckproto birdy 6.png Mckids birdy 6.png

Grimace's Loft

Grimace's Loft was renamed to Grimace's Highlands in the final version.

Lvl1: Cliffyland
Mckproto grimace 1.png
Mckids grimace 1.png
Lvl1: Cliffton Heights
Lvl1: Cliffyland (subscreen) Lvl1: Cliffton Heights (subscreen)
Mckproto grimace 1 s.png Mckids grimace 1 s.png
Lvl2: Cliffaroni
Mckproto grimace 2.png
Mckids grimace 2.png
Lvl2: Moose Bridge
Lvl3: The Cliffs
Mckproto grimace 3.png
Mckids grimace 3.png
Lvl3: Lumberjack Lane
Lvl4: Too High!
Mckproto grimace 4.png
Mckids grimace 4.png
Lvl4: Fry Kid Falls
Lvl4: Too High! (subscreen)
Mckproto grimace 4 s.png
Mckids grimace 4 s.png
Lvl4: Fry Kid Falls (subscreen)
Lvl5: Boatland
Mckproto grimace 5.png
Mckids grimace 5.png
Lvl5: Danger Lake
Lvl6: Lakes in the Sky
Mckproto grimace 6.png
Mckids grimace 6.png
Lvl6: Far Falls Forest

Professor's Workshop

Lvl1: Dock on the Water
Mckproto prof 1.png
Mckids prof 1.png
Lvl1: Ports O'Comets
Lvl1: Dock on the Water (subscreen) Lvl1: Ports O'Comets (subscreen)
Mckproto prof 1 s.png Mckids prof 1 s.png
Lvl2: Vacation Island
Mckproto prof 2.png
Mckids prof 2.png
Lvl2: Dino Dunes
Lvl3: Magic Forest
Mckproto prof 3.png
Mckids prof 3.png
Lvl3: Magic Forest
Lvl4: Dinosaur Island
Mckproto prof 4.png
Mckids prof 4.png
Lvl4: Desert Cove
Lvl5: The Raging Queen
Mckproto prof 5.png
Mckids prof 5.png
Lvl5: Captain's Ship

Cosmic's Getaway

Cosmic's Getaway was renamed to CosMc's Retreat in the final version.

Lvl1: Low Gravity
Mckproto cosmc 1.png
Mckids cosmc 1.png
Lvl1: Moon Monsters
The prototype version of this level uses an outdated tileset definition, so some tiles appear incorrectly.
Lvl2: Say Cheeeezzz
Mckproto cosmc 2.png
Mckids cosmc 2.png
Lvl2: Swisserland
The prototype version of this level uses an outdated tileset definition, so some tiles appear incorrectly.
Lvl3: The Sky's the Limit Lvl3: Constellations
Mckproto cosmc 3.png Mckids cosmc 3.png
The prototype version of this level uses an outdated tileset definition, so some tiles appear incorrectly.
Lvl3: The Sky's the Limit (subscreen) Lvl3: Constellations (subscreen)
Mckproto cosmc 3 s.png Mckids cosmc 3 s.png

Hamburglar's Hideout

Lvl1: Hot Hot Hot
Mckproto hamburglar 1.png
Mckids hamburglar 1.png
Lvl1: Burning Bridges
Lvl2: Hot Lava Machines
Mckproto hamburglar 2.png
Mckids hamburglar 2.png
Lvl2: Lava Belts
The prototype does not contain graphics for the conveyor belts.
Lvl3: Hot foot
Mckproto hamburglar 3.png
Mckids hamburglar 3.png
Lvl3: Molten Madness
The prototype does not contain graphics for the conveyor belts.

Ronald's PuZzLeWoRlD

In the final version, the styling was changed to Ronald's PuzzLeWoRlD because the game's font lacks a capital Z character. In the prototype, this world's name is rendered as Ronald's Pu.zLeWoRlD.

Lvl1: Place those blocks
Mckproto puzzle 1.png
Mckids puzzle 1.png
Lvl1: Phony Finishes
Lvl2: Ronald's Help
Mckproto puzzle 2.png
Mckids puzzle 2.png
Lvl2: Clowning Around
Lvl3: Zipperland
Mckproto puzzle 3.png
Mckids puzzle 3.png
Lvl3: zippety Do Da

Unused prototype levels

Unused prototype level
Mckproto unused 1.png

Possibly intended as a level subscreen or just a test area. Note that some tile graphics are probably corrupt due to changing tileset definitions.

Unused prototype level
Mckproto unused 2.png

A full, unused level containing two cards. This level was probably discarded because it would be incredibly obnoxious to try to grab the cards while bouncing around on springs.

To try it out and decide for yourself, see the Notes page.

Ship Dialogue

Present in offset 11608 and ending at 11779, this would appear to correspond to Vacation Island:

Hamburglar just used my ship to cross over to the Island!
If you want you may also use my ship!
My ship will take you back and fourth as often as you want!

Interestingly, even in the final version of the game, the boat is rendered as an actor instead of as a background tile like the rest of the stationary map graphics. This shows that the boat was intended to move at some point. This leads to an unnecessary graphical glitch when moving the character on the same horizontal line as the boat, due to the NES's limitation of eight sprites per line.

Unseen Credits

Developer credits are present, albeit impossible to see.

by Daroon Bartlett and Gregg Iz-Tavares.
Copyright McDonald's Corp.  1991  All Rights Reserved.

In the final, Darren's real name was used instead of his nickname, "Daroon".