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Spot: The Cool Adventure

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Title Screen

Spot: The Cool Adventure

Also known as: Spot: Cool Adventure (JP)
McDonaldland (EU)
Developer: Visual Concepts
Publishers: Ocean (EU), Virgin Interactive (US/JP)
Platform: Game Boy
Released in JP: February 11, 1994
Released in US: January 1, 1993
Released in EU: July 10, 1992

TextIcon.png This game has unused text.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

Spot: The Cool Adventure is not exactly a Game Boy port of M.C. Kids, but rather a straightforward platformer loosely based on that game, even sharing its McDonald's license... at least in Europe.

Debug Leftovers

All these codes are for the European version, but all these leftovers are present in all regional versions. The main branch to draw the debug output is disabled but two special check for level indexes are still active. If you use Game Genie code 011-B5D-E6A, you'll see a permanent debug output at the game's HUD. This also allows the following error messages to appear onscreen when triggered.

Error Message

McDonaldLand (GB)-debug.png

When entering the stage on the overworld map, the game checks the stage index and will throw an error if it exceeds $11. Use Game Genie code 00C-AEB-A2E to pass this check and to see the actual error message "TOO MANY LEVELS".

There is one more error message string in the game resources at 0x00158A, "TOO MANY SPRITES", but it is unreferenced by any code or code leftovers.

General Error Message

Mcdonaldland (GB)-error.png

Another debug assert may be triggered at the beginning of an actual stage. It also checks for the stage index to not exceed $11 for some reason. Use Game Genie code 00B-80F-A2E to trigger it when the difficulty select stage starts. There are some values from the game RAM is displayed as well as generic "ERROR" message to the right of them.

Regional Differences

For the American and Japanese releases, the McDonald's license was replaced with a 7-Up/Cool Spot one. Many changes were made as a result, mostly to the graphics.

Europe US/Japan
Donald! Cool!

The title screens are completely different.

Europe US/Japan
Mick......or Mack? Spot or... wait.

In McDonaldland, the difficulty select screen has a block that you can touch to change between Mick and Mack.

Spot is the only main character in The Cool Adventure; as such, the block was removed, and the flower on it was moved to the ground. The M and "Lives" on the HUD were changed to a circle and "Spots", respectively.

Ronald McDonaldGrimaceBirdie
McDonaldland has an introduction before the map, along with message houses between worlds. They were simply removed from The Cool Adventure... but not entirely, as the text for the first scene above is still at 0x778D.

Europe US/Japan
The red-and-yellow brick road. Not as fizzy as it sounds.

The map screen has several differences. The M icons representing the stages were changed to 7Up logos, and the border around the world name was changed from Ms to Spot heads.

Europe US/Japan
Places to visit. Only one place to visit.

These are the houses where the McDonald's mascots reside in McDonaldland. The last space was redrawn for The Cool Adventure while the rest were simply removed, leaving empty stretches of road.

The world names are different as well:

Europe US/Japan
Grimace's Forest Carbonated Forest
Birdie's Mountain Uncola Mountain
Ronald's Funhouse Cool Funhouse
Europe US/Japan
Seeing a theme yet? Ooh, shiny.

The 100-for-a-free-life items were changed from M icons to the Cool Points from Cool Spot.

Europe US/Japan
The burger clown himself. Still cool.

The decals in the Funhouse depict Ronald McDonald or Spot, depending on the version.

Europe US/Japan

This sign, also seen in the Funhouse, was outright replaced with a smaller variant.

Europe US/Japan
Surprisingly not the Golden Arches. Spot the spaceship.

In the bonus area of the second Funhouse level, the text on the player's ship was changed from "MCK" to "SPOT", using a smaller font.

Yikes!He's the same between versions, by the way.There it is.
When you reach the end of the fourth Funhouse level in McDonaldland, the Hamburglar appears, runs off, and sics the final boss on you. When the boss is defeated, he drops Ronald's magic bag, which must then be picked up. Both of these touches were removed in The Cool Adventure, resulting in the boss appearing and dying rather unceremoniously.

Europe US/Japan
Not pictured: goofy-looking sun.Good night, everybody. Home at last.

After the final stage, McDonaldland has one more cutscene where Ronald thanks the player for finding the magic bag, followed by a shot of all of the major characters waving at the screen. The Cool Adventure has only one ending screen, in which Spot walks up and jumps onto the side of the 7-Up can. The enemy roll call is the same in both versions.

Europe US/Japan
Yes, the final boss arena again. All alone.

The Game Over screens, like the title screens, are totally different.