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Angry Birds Go!

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Title Screen

Angry Birds Go!

Developers: Rovio, Exient Entertainment
Publisher: Rovio
Platforms: iOS, Android
Released internationally: December 11, 2013

CodeIcon.png This game has unused code.
DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.

PrereleaseIcon.png This game has a prerelease article

Angry Birds Go! is a kart racer built off Exient's XGS engine. The game was really good with optional IAPs, but controversial decisions were made in later updates and made many prefer the old versions of the game.

To do:
There is a planned unused character that was eventually replaced by the Ayrton Senna Chuck character before it was ever released. Try to properly rip this model from v1.4.0 (or v1.7.0) and document it here. See https://angrybirds.fandom.com/wiki/Angry_Birds_Go!/Unused_Content#Chronicler_Pig


Read about prerelease information and/or media for this game.
Prerelease Info

Debugging Utilities

Debug Menu

A Debug Menu screen going by uidebugmenuscreen.xml in ui/xml.pak is present. Public builds of the game do not have a screen nor a function to load it normally, thus a modification to an existing screen must be done to load it. 12 items are displayed on a single page and the blue buttons go up/down one row and the same goes for the green buttons but for pages.

  • Metrics: No known effect.
  • Cycle LOC: Changes the text locale to a new one, also can use String IDs, to show the internal string IDs from the localization file instead of the original text, does not affect the Debug Menu. The current locale is displayed by the CURRENT value.
  • Back: Returns to the Map Screen.

ABGO DebugMenu 291.png

After choosing a screen, an overlay exists with the following option.

  • Back to Debug: Goes back to the Debug Menu.

Unused text

Text for content that didn't get used like a Developer (Cheat) Menu is present.

These strings exist in the localization file:

String ID English Chinese (simplified) French German Italian Japanese Korean Portuguese (Brazil) Russian Description
PLAY_GAME_BUTTON Play Game Unknown.
YOUR_MISSIONS Your Challenges: Unknown.
RESET_ALL Reset All Data Unknown.
OPEN_DEBUG_MENU Open Debug Unknown.
KART_OFFROADTEST Offroad Test Unknown.
KART_PROTOTYPE Prototype Unknown.
KART_TESTKART TestKart Unknown.
KART_DISTANCE Distance Unknown.
KART_HYBRID Hybrid Unknown.
KART_AIRTEST Air Test Unknown.
KART_BOSS_1 Boss 1 Unknown.
THEME_1 Cobalt Plateau Early name for Seedway.
THEME_2 Rocky Roads Unknown.
THEME_3 Air Unknown.
THEME_4 Stunt Unknown.
THEME_5 Theme 5 Likely a placeholder for Sub Zero.
MODE_BOSS_FRUIT_RUSH Champion Fruit Splat Unused Fruit Splat mode with bosses?
MODE_CAPTURE_THE_CROWN Capture The Crown! Removed mode?
MODE_BOSS_FRUIT_RUSH_DESC Splat more fruit than %s! %s is the name of the boss, like King Pig.
MODE_TIME_ATTACK_STARS_1 Finish in time Unused star requirement?
MODE_TIME_ATTACK_STARS_2 3 seconds left Unused star requirement?
MODE_TIME_ATTACK_STARS_3 6 seconds left Unused star requirement?
MODE_MAIN_EVENT_STARS_1 Finish within time limit Unused star requirement?
MODE_MAIN_EVENT_STARS_2 Podium finish Unused star requirement?
MODE_MAIN_EVENT_STARS_3 First place Unused star requirement?
PAUSE_MENU_TITLE Pause Menu Not used in v1.13.7+.
SCORE_COIN Coin Not used in v1.13.7+.
SCORE_PIG Pig Not used in v1.13.7+.
SCORE_KART_DESTROYED Opponent Trashed Not used in v1.13.7+.
SCORE_KART_HIT Ram Not used in v1.13.7+.
SCORE_TRIGGERED_ABILITY Special Power Not used in v1.13.7+.
SCORE_REMAINING_HEALTH Remaining Health Not used in v1.13.7+.
SCORE_GRIND Scrape Not used in v1.13.7+.
SCORE_WIN_GAP Win Gap Not used in v1.13.7+.
Double Tap
Swipe Up
Swipe Down
Swipe Left
Swipe Right
Swipe Up & Right
Swipe Up & Left
Swipe Up Diagonal
No Override
Force Off
Force Level 1
Force Level 2
Force Level 3
Force Super Powered
No Driving Assist
Driving Assist LOW
Driving Assist LOW/MID
Driving Assist MEDIUM
Driving Assist MID/HIGH
Driving Assist HIGH
No Braking Assist
Braking Assist LOW
Braking Assist MEDIUM
Braking Assist HIGH
Regular Brake
Hand Brake
Tilt Controls
On Screen Joystick
Force High Lod
Force Medium Lod
Force Low Lod
With forward/right/up vectors

Game executables have these strings while some are exclusive to V1.

Debug Tweaklist XML

A debugging feature tweak list is present in gameplay/misc.pak/ and is named: DebugTweakables.xml. It has a LOT of tweaks that are enabled (aside from true debugging tweaks) on every game bootup, even for a retail build, some code isn't present in the library and/or the XML logically, anything in XMLs ONLY from the Library can be used as settings are called from it and not the XMLs alone.

To do:
Enable and show most of these on v2.9.1. Compare libraries of v1 for existing functions, some are in v1 but not v2, you can find them here, https://pastebin.com/raw/dtm2wBfe has a bunch.

Other debugging functions

To do:
Possible to enable, figure out how to RE the XMLs controlling these settings.

In-game debugging buttons are mentioned in UI.pak, in the XML directory, but they are hidden from releases.


  • Debug Show Devices: Shows all devices?

Cloud Save

To do:
This is a Behavior Link ID, without spaces, relate to it on a group to use it.
  • Debug Close: Closes a requested cloud save.


  • Debug Timer Spin: Unknown.

LMP Lobby

To do:
Set this to true.
  • Debug Show Parties: Shows parties?


  • Debug Button: Loads the Developer (Cheat) Menu, this is likely stripped from the public build of game.


  • Debug Score Scroller: Unknown.
  • Debug Score Source: Unknown.
  • Debug Restart: Unknown, likely restarts the level, the state to change to is likely stripped from the public build of the game as the executable does not mention debugRestart.
  • Debug Reopen: Unknown, the state to change to is likely stripped from the public build of game as the executable does not mention debugReopen.


  • Debug Panel Text: Unknown.
  • Debug Panel: Unknown.

Tournament Select

  • Debug ID: Tournament Debug ID, relating to the debug tournament file?

Debugging Tournaments

The file debugtournament.xml in xml/tournament.pak has a lot of debugging tournaments for Chinese New Year, named DCNYXXXX (with X's to replace), for debug tournament selection.

Error Messages

Missing String Handler

If the game detects a missing string that the game expects in a file, it will say !MISSING STRING!.

Unused playable characters

Minion Pig

To do:
This character unfortunately crashes the game after booting a level when used, fix the character if possible, more v1 character content.

In the character icon image ui_core.pak/textures/uicharacters_1_of_1.xgt (V2), there are complete icons for a Minion Pig for both the character select or daily challenge popup in v2 and online multiplayer team list in the v1 series before v1.13.9 as reserve drivers for players to replace them. There are also most unused sounds for them meaning Rovio was likely planning to make it possible to play as one, the character's script file is characters/charxml.pak/char_015.xml and it disabled the character as its instead used an AI rival. The character uses some of Foreman Pig's code, also used Red's ability icon for the ability icon outside of a race, however has none coded, V1 also a similar player icon, there's also no animations programmed for use or directories of them for the character.

An unused Minion Pig player icon as meaning the player could choose the character if files are modified.

Dealer Pig

In one of the character script files: characters/charxml/char_016.xml, there's a mention for Dealer Pig and the script disabled the character, it is partially based on the unused/AI Minion Pig but preferably based on the Foreman Pig, it also used Red's ability icon outside of a race, there are no plain icons or sounds for this character during a race or at the showroom. The character is named MOUSTACHE PIG, the icon outside a race is Moustache Pig's in-race avatar from V1, stretched out to fit, the name of the character inside a race is not known in the game files. The ability he has is an instant explosion, but it unfortunately has no hitboxes, making it useless, it also has no icon during a race... Another thing is that the character "floats" over its vehicle, both during a race and in the showroom.

Removed playable characters

Senna Bird

Senna Bird is no longer playable as of the v2 update, most textures, all animations and the character script for him still exist, not all sounds are programmed to play, only sounds for showroom idle, pre-race, some race sounds and win/lose race are present, the texture of the character is a black square, likely meaning not in the game files, the ability icon in races is also not present but the ability also works completely fine like before.

Chronicler Pig

The Chronicler Pig was a old sprite model of Senna Bird Priror to its Version 1.4.0.

Senna Bird (Helmet)

Senna Bird in his helmet is no longer playable as of the v2 update, most textures, all animations and the character script for him still exist, not all sounds are programmed to play, only sounds for showroom idle, pre-race, some race sounds and win/lose race are present, the texture of the character is a black square, likely meaning not in the game files, the ability icon in races is also not present but the ability also works completely fine like before, the map icon also is missing.

Removed Music

To do:
Figure out what versions removed/replaced these, its likely one of the V2 updates.

For whatever reason, the music that played in Versus mode, known as "The Big Stunt" in the soundtrack, was replaced after some time (by aby_music_dlc_1), however the original audio file that was used is still present.

Old music:

New music:

In all versions of the game, there is also a blanked (1 second) audio file in the game's music asset folder (or music_core.pak on newer versions) called aby_music_crash. Given its vague name its purpose is unknown, although it could have been meant for another game mode. Unfortunately, the XMLs or game's executable code doesn't mention anything regarding this file, making the file either act like a "dummy" or information/mentions of it are internal and not publically revealed.

Music Naming Curiosities

The Race theme music is known internally as aby_music_aerie_peaks. Given the similarities in names, this might imply that the track was meant to play specifically on the Air theme, and that at one time the theme was called "Aerie Peaks".
The Fruit Splat theme music is known internally as aby_music_cobalt. Given the name of some test events related to the Rocky Road theme (referring to it as "Cobalt Plateau"), and that the theme itself features cobalt rock formations, it is likely this theme was meant specifically for the Rocky Road theme. This also suggests that the theme was renamed to "Rocky Road" sometime later in development, as the Time Boom mode's theme is internally called aby_music_rocky_road.
The theme heard in the kart menus is known internally as aby_music_jenga. This suggests the theme was made specifically for the Pirate Pig Attack minigame and was later used for the kart menus.
The versus theme music that replaced the Stunt theme music is known internally as aby_music_dlc_1. Considering this track was played over preview footage for the Sub Zero update may imply that this track was meant specifically for the Sub Zero theme.

Leftover Version 1 assets

A ton of assets are left over, including textures, boss events (rounds 2 & 3), Slalom events, and more.

Test events

To do:
Load these somehow, give event IDs for ones other than 0000, say the title of events not titled Dummy Event, same for descriptions, what is the Seed Rush game mode?

A few test events are present in gameplay/eventdef_other.pak.


A test on Rocky Road for the Seed Rush game mode.


A test on Rocky Road with bumpy road for the Seed Rush game mode.


A test on Rocky Road with bumpy road for the Race game mode with a ton of coins.


A dummy file for the Race game mode, on Seedway Track 1, very little data.


Similar to eventdef_dummy.xml but for a boss battle.


A test for a quick Multiplayer race.


A test event for the Race game mode, for testing track items as Red, the description says: A simple test of the xml based track item configuration system and the event is tagged: 01TE.

Unused powerups

Excluding powerups no longer being used in v2 from v1.

Leaf Blower

A powerup going by: POWERUP_LEAF_BLOWER is present in only v2 libraries of the game, it's not coded in any XML file.

Unused PC DRM

The game was likely planned for some time to computers (or Steam) but it was cancelled likely for the favor of mobile devices, the game library mentions PC DRM, including the DRM server URL, links and protocols.

(Source: LolHacksRule)

Development Mistakes

Console Log

In the game's ui_core.pak and screens.pak, a file called xgsconsole_log.html is present in the textures directory and the root of root of the other, it shows an error message log regarding XGSCore.

XGSConsole::Open() - debug console opened
******* ASSERTION FAILED *******
FILE : XGSCore\Common\XGSFileSystem\XGSFileSystem.cpp
LINE : 951
CONDITION : (eErr == EXGSError::OK) || (eErr == EXGSError::FileNotFound)
DETAILS : Error 14 (00000020) received by filesystem code

ABTF Naming Oddity

pigLabCraftPulse is mentioned and used for the present in the results screen but there's no Pig Lab in the game, but Angry Birds: Transformers, suggesting it was used unknowingly.

Crash metadata file

A latest.meta file is present in the crashes directory in the majority of extracted game directories. Most likely this is a build for development only.


Debug API Files

The Windows Phone versions have a debugapi.xml file in the root of the game executable.





XAL Compilation Metadata

The asset list (XAL) files have compilation metadata after the assets for the game to use are generated, since it is partial, the full content is not possible to fully recover, they range from bits of compiled shaders, source file directories and web addresses.

v1.8.7 (Android):


v1.13.7 (Android):

e t s - a . a k a m a i h d . n e t

It's possible that the unfinished word is cloudassets, mistassets or smokeassets, suspended content servers of Rovio.

v1.13.9 (Android):


v2.8.2 (Android):


v2.8.2 (Android, backup file):


Probably cloudassets-a.akamaihd.net.

Developer notes

In many XML files, there often are developer notes for setting up the XML assets or notes saying what the asset means, one goes by: CUP (awaiting design), another goes by: Workshop no panel required, should link to upgrade screen, Hey kids, this is advertising and possibly many more.

Boot options

The game executable mentions these launch options:

To do:
Figure what these do.
  • --enable-smoke-test =
  • --enable-level-test =
  • --enable-ui-test =
  • --enable-soak-test =
  • --default-env= =
  • --enable-env-profile =

Unused textures

To do:
Figure out how to get sizes for multiple textures from atlas files having the given metadata.


The Rovio logo when booting up the game is used but as of V2, an Exient texture that does not get used was added! It's possible the developers were continuing to pack assets of ABTF into the game as the logo does get used in that game while also being virtually identical there.

Converted by PVRTexTool to PNG.


The XGT file only has one texture, a rainbow birdcoin, given by the atlas file, it is named abk_test.png. It is oversized by a medium sized portion.

The texture from uiadditional_1_of_1.xgt. Converted by Noesis to PNG, original filename is abk_test.png.


The texture in the base game only has three textures, a checker-boarded square with many dots as well as Red, Chuck, Bomb, and one of the blue birds in their Classic designs. Given by the atlas file, the checker-boarded image is named dummy.png, Red is bird_red.png, Chuck is bird_yellow.png, Bomb is bird_black.png and the blue bird is named bird_blues.png. It is oversized by a decently sized portion and very low quality. It's possible the textures were likely used as character avatars according to the file names but was likely rejected for the current ones used. Despite being unused, it was updated in V2 to remove a possible oversight in compiling the texture and changed the order of the individual textures.

The texture from data/core/core_1_of_1.xgt in version 1. Converted by Noesis to PNG. The texture from data/core/core_1_of_1.xgt. Converted by to PNG.



The ETC1 compressed XGT file only has one texture in a 1024x1024 image, an unused image for loading a match in single player, it is named loading_background_sp.png and it is oversized by a decently sized portion, the file loading_tbm_cmp_noalpha.atlas also has this image used in the exact same size and compression. It is possible to load this from navigating to the new user screen and clicking GO! on an existing save before crashing.

ABGO UnusedLoadingBackground.png


The uncompressed XGT file in data/effects.pak has the Exient logo on a black background.

The texture from pfx_placeholder.xgt. Converted by Noesis to PNG.

Internal Project Name

The game assets, CDN url, and library code mention Yellow but also mention ABK, ABY and words ending with .kart. The project name was likely "Angry Birds Yellow" or "Angry Birds Kart".