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Angry Birds Go!

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Title Screen

Angry Birds Go!

Developer: Rovio
Publisher: Rovio
Platforms: iOS, Android
Released internationally: July 30, 2015

DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.

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Angry Birds Go! is a kart racer built off Exient's XGS engine. What could go wrong?

Internal Project Name

The game assets, CDN url, and library code mention Yellow but also mention ABK and XXX.kart. The project name was likely "Angry Birds Yellow" or "Angry Birds Kart".

Debugging Utilities

To do:
Enable and show these on in version 2.8.2.

Debug Menu

A Debug Menu is present in the game files based off xml/xml.pak and library code.

  • Go to any enabled screen: Goes to any screen in the game as long as the file(s) is/are present and library code has FE in the name of the screen,
  • Change Locale: Changes locale to a new one, also can use String IDs, the current is displayed by the CURRENT value.

Debugging functions are also present but is currently unknown how to enable.

There is a call for loading the developer menu, but the file isn't present (or in the application library?) so it's impossible to load (without editing XMLs(?).

Debug Tweak Table XML

A debugging feature tweak table is present in gameplay/misc.pak/ and is named: DebugTweaktables.xml. It has a LOT of tweaks that are enabled (aside from true debugging tweaks) on every game bootup, even for a retail build, some code isn't present in the library and/or the XML.

Sections are also present, including DebugTweaktables to start it off, Camera (In-game Camera), Rendering (GUI), LensFlare (Lens Flare), Stats (Rendering/Performance Status), Bloom (Bloom) BossBattle (Boss Battle), Gameplay (Gameplay), Powerup (Powerup configuration), Car (Vehicle), Audio (Audio), Controls (Controls), HUD (HUD). Misc (Miscellaneous), Energy (Energy), Timings (Time), ReviewNotification (Review Popup settings), GemOnlyPurchases (Gems only used for payment), DifficultyAdjust (Difficulty), QMR (Quality Management Representative settings), FTUE (FTUE settings), LocalMultiplayer (Local Multiplayer settings), Store (IGC price), UI (UI) and Connectivity (Network settings).

Functions in each section:

To do:
Enable and show these on in version 2.8.2.

DebugTweaktables: Text start.

Camera: Library: Flycam_Invert_Y (Flycam invertion for Y axis?), Dynamic_FOV (Dynamic camera FOV), Engine_Shake (Camera engine shake?), FOV (Field of View). Height (Camera height?), Behind (Backwards camera?), Height_Min_Dist (Camera height minimum distance), Height_Max_Dist (Camera height maximum distance), Height_Min_Speed (Camera height minimum speed?), Height_Speed_Scale (Camera height speed scale), Height_Lag_Scale (Camera height lag scale), Zoom_Min_Zoom (Camera minimum zoom), Zoom_Max_Zoom (Camera maximum zoom), Zoom_Min_Speed (Camera minimum zoom speed), Zoom_Speed_Scale (Camera zoom speed scale), Behind_Accel_Min_Dist (Camera acceleration from behind minimum distance), Behind_Accel_Max_Dist (Camera acceleration from behind maximum distance), Behind_Accel_Scale (Camera acceleration from behind scale) Behind_Min_Speed (Camera from behind minimum speed), Behind_Speed_Min_Dist (Camera from behind minimum distance), Behind_Speed_Max_Dist (Camera from behind maximum distance), Behind_Speed_Scale (Camera from behind speed scale), Blend_To_Move_Dir (Camera blend to move direction?), Lateral_Move_With_Slide (Camera lateral moving with slides?), Ability_Activation_Time_Factor (Ability activation time factor?), Ability_Activation_Intro_Time (Ability activation intro time?), Ability_Activation_Hold_Time (Ability activation hold time), Ability_Activation_Outro_Time (Ability activation outro time), Ability_Activation_Front_Angle (Ability activation front angle), Ability_Activation_Cam_Height (Ability activation camera height), Ability_Activation_Cam_Distance (Ability activation camera distance), Ability_Activation_Cam_Enabled (Ability activation camera toggle), Smooth_Cam_Pos (Smooth camera position), Smooth_Look_Pos (Smooth camera look position) and Smooth_Cam_Up (Smooth camera up height?). XML: Lateral_Move_With_Power_Slide, Backwards_Move_With_Power_Slide, Power_Slide_Return_Speed, Backwards_Move_With_Power_Slide and Power_Slide_Return_Speed.

Rendering: Library: Hide_HUD (Hide HUD), Hide_Sky (Hide sky), Hide_Cars (Hide vehicles), Hide_FEEnv (Hide FE[?] environments), Hide_EnvOpaque (Hide opaque environments), Hide_Env1BitAlpha (Hide 1-bit alpha environments), Hide_Env8BitAlpha (Hide 8-bit alpha environments), Show_Colision (Show collision), WorldColour_Effectiveness (World color effectiveness), FEBlur_Enable (Enable FE[?] blur), FEBlur_Debug ([FE[?] blur debug?) and FEBlur_FadeIn_Time (FE blue fade in time). XML: Show_Ambient_Lighting

LensFlare: Library: None. XML: LensFlare_Size_A, LensFlare_Size_B, LensFlare_Size_C, LensFlare_Size_D, LensFlare_Size_E, LensFlare_Size_F, LensFlare_Size_G, LensFlare_Size_H, LensFlare_Offset_A, LensFlare_Offset_B, LensFlare_Offset_C, LensFlare_Offset_D, LensFlare_Offset_E, LensFlare_Offset_F, LensFlare_Offset_G, LensFlare_Offset_H, LensFlare_MaxStrength_A, LensFlare_MaxStrength_B, LensFlare_MaxStrength_C, LensFlare_MaxStrength_D, LensFlare_MaxStrength_E, LensFlare_MaxStrength_F, LensFlare_MaxStrength_G, LensFlare_MaxStrength_H, LensFlare_FadeInSpeed1, LensFlare_FadeOutSpeed1, LensFlare_FadeInSpeed2 and LensFlare_FadeOutSpeed2.

Bloom: Bloom_Color_Threshold Bloom_Blur_Size_X Bloom_Blur_Size_Y Bloom_Intensity and Bloom_Enabled.

Stats: Framerate (FPS) CPU_Profiling (CPU profiling) GPU_Profiling (GPU profiling) Incremental_Profile (Device config used?) Memory_Stats (Device memory stats) and Env_Stats (Environment stats).

BossBattle: Library: Ram_Interval. Ram_Duration. Ram_Distance_Behind. Ram_Distance_Ahead. Ram_Sharpness. 0.8 Ability_Distance. Ability_Delay Initial_Ability_Delay. Catapult_Min_Delay and Catapult_Max_Delay. XML: Crown_Swap_Delay (Not in library?).

Gameplay: Library: Debug_AI, Gravity_Scale, Invincible_Karts, Thermal_Strength, AISlingshotMinDelay, AISlingshotMaxDelay, AISlingshotMaxRandomOffset, Enable_Intelligent_Ability_AI, Multi_Tier_Kart_Upgrades, Always_Enable_Ability and Block_Low_CC_Kart. XML: Num_Cars, Distance_Time, Race_Time, TimeAttack_Time, Pickup_Radius, Boost_Time, Boost_Intensity, Boost_Camera_Start_Delay, Invulnerability_Time, Invulnerability_Grip_Scale and Slalom_Misses.

Ghost_AI: Enabled, Max_Abilities, Spin_Out_Input_Steer_Scale, Spin_Out_Arcade_Steer_Rate, Ability_Chance_Fudge, Ram_Sharpness and Red_Replace_Change.

Powerup: Library: Autorepair_Start_Delay, Autorepair_VFX_Delay, Drift_Angle_Start, Drift_Angle_Stop, Drift_Speed_Start, Boost_Push_Factor, Boost_Camera_Start_Speed Boost_Camera_End_Speed, Boost_Camera_Start_Delay, King_Sling_Force_Multiplier and King_Sling_Catchup_Disabled_Time. XML: Autorepair_Damaged_Pieces, Drift_Speed_Stop, Drift_Forward_Factor, Drift_Speed_Factor and Boost_Camera_Max_Distance.

Car: Library: Player_Car_CollisionInertiaScale. XML: Player_Car_Mass, Player_Car_Inertia, Player_Car_COM_Upward_Offset, Player_Car_COM_Forward_Offset, Player_Car_Drag, Player_Car_DownForce, Player_Car_Wheel_Front_PeakGrip, Player_Car_Wheel_Rear_PeakGrip, Player_Car_TorqueScalar and Player_Car_CollisionInertiaScale.

Audio: Library: ABK_Sound_Stats and ABK_Sound_Profile. XML: Disable_Engine_Sounds, Disable_Backfire_Sounds, Disable_Skid_Sounds, Disable_Chirp_Sounds Disable_Transmission_Sounds, Show_Sound_Stats, Show_Sound_Group_Stats, Show_Collision_Sounds, Main_Menu_Music_Volume, In_Game_Music_Volume and In_Game_Ambience_Volume.

Controls: Library: Steer_Rate, Steer_Touch_Width, Steer_Exponent, Motion_Steer_Max_Angle, Motion_Steer_Exponent, Minimum_Speed, Slingshot_Penalty_Force, Slingshot_Penalty_Spins, Slingshot_Penalty_Time, Slingshot_Penalty_Extra_Force, Slingshot_Penalty_Extra_Spins, Slingshot_Penalty_Extra_Time, Steer_Flip, Push_Button_Controls and Enable_PC_Joypad. XML: Enable_iOS_Tilt, Steer_Flip, Kick_Speed, Push_Button_Controls, Downhill_Mode, Wall_Ride_Degrade, Two_Wheel_Target_Angle, Two_Wheel_Speed_Limit, Two_Wheel_Wobble_Degrade, Two_Wheel_Single_Tap, Jump_Force, Boost_Force, Boost_Cooldown_Time, Gesture_Tricks, Half_Turn_Tricks, Automatic_Stop_Tricks, Landing_Assist_Aim_Car, TriggerAction_Jump, TriggerAction_Boost, TriggerAction_TwoWheels, TriggerAction_Transition, Slingshot_AI_Pull_Back_Time and Default_Controls.

HUD: Library: Speed_Enable. XML: Side_Touch_Button_Offset_X, Side_Touch_Button_Offset_Y, Side_Touch_Button_Scale_Release, Side_Touch_Button_Scale_Press, Pause_X_Position, Pause_Y_Position, Pause_X_Scale, Pause_Y_Scale, Time_X_Position, Time_Y_Position, Time_Scale, Pos_X_Position, Pos_Y_Position, Pos_Scale, Score_X_Position, Score_Y_Position, Score_Scale, Speed_X_Position, Speed_Y_Position and Speed_Scale.

Misc: Library: Ability_Holdoff_Time, Buy_Abilities_In_Race, Buy_Abilities_Pre_Race, Starting_Extra_Abilities, Initial_Sling_Gift, Initial_Boost_Gift, Initial_Repair_Gift, Initial_PartnerCar_Gift, Coindoubler_Popup_Chance_ResultsScreen, Bank_Coindoubler_Deficit, Show_Social_Markers, Kart_Promo_Daily_Event_Probability, Kart_Promo_Weekly_Tournament_Probability, Kart_Promo_Daily_Event_Percentage_Discount, Kart_Promo_Weekly_Tournament_Percentage_Discount, Kart_Promo_General_Percentage_Discount, Weekly_Tournament_Requires_Facebook, TrackSelect_Show_Difficulty, Mechanic_Pig_Messages_Enabled, TBM_Team_Formation_Cost, TBM_Team_Request_Expiry_Time, TBM_Wins_Team_Multiplayer_Promo, MP_Trophies_Per_Win, Kart_Promo_SantasSleigh_ExpireDate, Kart_Promo_GoatKart_ExpireDate, Free_Gems_Video_Promotion, Free_Gems_Rovio_Promotion, Show_Landing_Screen_Video_Button, Show_Garage_Screen_Video_Button, Show_Showroom_Screen_Video_Button, TBM_Available, LMP_Available, Notification_Prompt_Rate, Chromecast_Available, Chromecast_Reduce_Detail, Keep_Sponsor_Between_Events, Show_All_Upgrade_Tokens, Show_Post_Race_Scores, ShowLandingPopup, EnableRetryWithBoost, EnableRetryForEnergy and EnableFreeRetryForEarlyGame. XML: Enable_Team_Based_Multiplayer and Kart_Promo_Weekly_Tournament_Probability

Energy: Library: Energy_Mode, Secs_To_Replenish, Energy_Max, Refill_Cost, Max_Birds_For_Free_Energy, Percent_Extra_Secs_Per_Bird_Owned.

Timings: Secs_No_Ads, Free_Powerup_Time, RovioNews_Hour_Interval, ReviewNotification, Secs_Before_Review, Secs_Between_Reviews, Secs_After_Update, Reshow_After_Time and Reshow_After_Char_Unlock.

GemOnlyPurchases: GemOnlyPurchasesEnabled and ShowPopupBeforeStorePurchase.

DifficultyAdjust: VeryEasy, Easy, Medium, Hard and Impossible.

QMR (only lowercase function names): difficulty, score factor and cc limit.

FTUE: Library: UnlockAllTracksWithStella. XML: UnlockAllTracksWithStella and Combine_First_FTUE_Races

LocalMultiplayer: LocalMultiPlayerAbilitiesActive, LocalMultiPlayerMultiAbilitiesActive, LocalMultiPlayerCatchUpBoost, LocalMultiPlayerRealCCAdjust, LocalMultiPlayerDragAdjust, LocalMultiPlayerCornerAdjust and LocalMultiPlayerCCAdjust.

Store: Store_SetCostOfFirstKartInEachEp_Free (Starter vehicle in each episode are free) and Store_SetCostOfFirstKartInEachEp_200Coins (Starter vehicle in each episode costs 200 coins).

UI: Load_All_Buttons (Loads all buttons), Use_Tablet_Layout (use tablet layout) and Render_Touch_Zones (Render touchboxes).

Connectivity: Always_Online (Emulate being online or make game act like its always online?)

Unused playable characters

To do:
Show these characters in game.

Minion Pig: In the character icon image ui_core.pak/textures/uicharacters_1_of_1.xgt, there are complete icons for a Minion Pig for both the character select (or daily challenge popup) and in-game avatar (that the AI uses). There are also most sounds for them meaning Rovio was likely planning to make it possible to play as one, the character's script file is characters/charxml.pak/char_015.xml and it disabled the character as its instead used an AI rival. The character uses some of Foreman Pig's code, also used Red's ability icon for the ability icon.

An unused Minion Pig player icon as meaning the player could choose the character if files are modified.

Dealer Pig: In one of the character script files: characters/charxml/char_015.xml, there's a mention for Dealer Pig and it disabled the character for some reason, it is partially based on the unused/AI Minion Pig and also used Red's ability icon, there are no plain icons or sounds for this character.

Leftover Version 1 assets

A ton of assets are left over, including textures and more.

Unused computer DRM activation

The game was likely planned for some time to computers (or Steam) but it was cancelled likely for the favor of mobile devices, the game library mentions PC DRM, including the DRM server URL, links and protocols.

Developer notes

In many XML files, there often are developer notes for setting up the XML assets or notes saying what the asset means, one goes by: CUP (awaiting design), another goes by: Workshop no panel required, should link to upgrade screen and possibly many more.