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ASunflower's Avatar

Name: Sunflower
Surname: Sun

Birthdate: November 27, 2005
Birthplace: Brazil

Located in: Portugal

Discord: Sunflower#5891
Steam: Sunflower
Twitter: @Sunflower_0027

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About Me

Hi-Hi! I'm Sunflower, you can just call me Sun or whatever you want. :) I'm just here to help out with some small bits or maybe big ones, that's all, you'll see me edit Splatoon pages more often due to small errors i overlook or I just fill in some gaps., English is only my secondary language, although I mix all 3 languages together due to a long bad habit. I'm natively Portuguese and also able to comprehend and speak both European Portuguese and Brazil's (Although over the years I adapted more to European Portuguese so I lost my Brazilian Portuguese accent lol), English is only my secondary language but I use it to talk all the time no matter what situation is like how I'm using it right now, though I mix all 3 languages together due to long bad habit. Also if I don't get to edit as much is due to me probably being busy with possible personal things, but when i get back i already have a list of what i have to do

If any TCRF Admin is looking through my profile, If I don't edit as much It's because I'm very likely busy with stuff like Schoolwork and/or other personal things/problems :(

Games that I like

I love videogames,and to not give a very long list of games i like, here's a page with a list of the games I've played

To Do List

(In case the Splatoon Trivia Twitter gets deleted i have most of their posts saved on my SD card)

Splatoon page

Splatoon 2 page

  • Document all the Major Patch notes in the Version Differences page (shortcut for that);
  • Document all the new weapons that got added in the Version Differences page (shortcut for that);
  • Document all the new stages that got added in the Version Differences page (shortcut for that);
  • Document all the maps that got revamped in the Version Differences page;
  • Buy the Splatoon 1 and 2 artbooks and scan them to document early concepts, such as early hairstyle concept art that didn't make it in the retail and the 2.0 update (although one made it over to Splatoon 3, gotta get to document that as well), the tons of Octo Expansion concepts that didn't make it to the final, early map layouts such as Inkblot, and early box art concepts;
  • Add all the Unused Splatfest dialogue (yes, even the Japanese Splatfests, although I won't be able to translate it) showing what the losing side would've said if it won;
  • Add screenshots early map layouts shown from one or various trailers and compare them to final (such as this for Starfish Mainstage, Mussleforge Fitness, and the "C'mon" text which was previously used in the USA Splatoon 1 version);
  • Add icons for the Global Testfire and Splatfest World premiere subpages;
  • Manage to recover the video that got taken down (thanks, Nintendo) about the 8-Ball and Rocket Gamemodes that Oatmealdome posted on his Youtube;
  • Possible early map layouts from trailers?;
  • Make a section and fill up with early weapon kits that Oatmealdome posted on reddit;
  • Amiibo "texture" oddities?;
  • Check on this bot for the tons of Octo Expansion concept art

Shadow the Hedgehog page

  • Help organize the Page;
  • Maybe also mention the unused tracks Sonic Team planned to use for the endings before they got replaced with the ones in Final, like "Broken", "Who I Am" and All of Me (Sins of a Divine Mother).

Pages I contributed to