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Street Fighter Alpha: Warriors' Dreams (Arcade)

Information below temporarily preserved for content regarding the menu's controls.

Character editor

To activate the character editor, set FF8001 to 0A when in the test mode. Setting it during gameplay or attract mode can cause the game to lock up, black out, or throw ADDRESS ERROR/ILLEGAL INSTRUCTION messages, similar to the messages appearing in Mega Man: The Power Battle.

Setting the value to 06 when in test mode causes the game to lock up at the test menu's main mode. The other listed features are SCR2 and SCR3 BLOCK TEST, MESSAGE TEST, ATACK CHECK EX, and SCROLL TEST. They probably would have worked similarly to the ones in X-Men: Children of the Atom.

Setting any of these values during the first attract scene (Ken in foreground, Ryu in background) will cause the game to restart the attract sequence from the Capcom logo; setting it to 00 during attract mode causes the attract loop to restart to QSound logo.


  • 1P LP animates the character
  • 1P MP resets to first frame
  • 1P HP changes character/TBLMODE (with up/down) and palette (with back/forward)
  • 1P LK advances a frame
  • 1P MP flips (use up, down, back, forward)
  • 1P Up and down changes animation type (standing, rolling, etc)
  • 2P Start changes mode (default is 1Player Only; 1P & 2P, 1P & 2P NAGE, which adds Nagerare address [thrown status] and Effect)
  • When not in 1P & 2P or Effect, P2 up, down, back, forward acts as cursor.

Do not press 1P Start and 2P Start simultaneously! It will send you to the main menu, which will crash the game. Also, do not operate the cursor during Effect mode; it will result in an ADDRESS ERROR debug screen.


  • CODE PTR: Code pattern - defines where the currently displayed sprite is stored in the ROM.
  • TBLMODE: Table mode - determines whether the sprite is for character stance (CHAR), attacking (ATCK), or being hit (DAM).
  • PL TYPE: Player type - the character ID of the currently displayed sprite. The IDs: (disabled due to conflicts with {{collapse}})
Hex Character
00 Ryu
01 Ken
02 Akuma/Gouki
03 Charlie Nash
04 Chun-Li
05 Adon
06 Sodom
07 Guy
08 Birdie
09 Rose
0A Dictator
0B Sagat
0C Dan
  • CHR COUNT - hexadecimal count of the currently displayed sprite.


Unused Messages

Present in $104C4:

Getting into the flush, yet there's an unfinished flush going on!

This would occur if multiple operations occur and a race condition is triggered.

Asphalt Nitro (J2ME)

(I don't know if this fact is notable for the wiki or not? Internal names do seem to count, though.)

Asphalt 6: Adrenaline Leftover

If the game is run from an J2ME emulator, the game creates two files in the rms folder of the J2ME emulator called A6_v2.idx and A6_v2_1.rms, in a folder named .A6_v2. This gives a obivious indication that the game was modified from the J2ME version of Asphalt 6: Adrenaline, with some mechanic changes from Asphalt 8: Airborne and the Android version of Asphalt Nitro, such as ramp jumps/barrel rolls.

C3 Racing

Max Power Racing differences

  • New car in High Performance class: Max Power Project (Ford Escort RS Cosowrth)
  • Exclusive track: Max Power
    • Map based on Peru
    • Players and opponents drive identical red Nissan Primera in Max Power liveries, exclusive to this track
  • Default language is English, while C3 Racing's default language is French

TNN Motorsports Hardcore TR differences

  • Tracks (mostly in layouts, some may have minor scenery changes, others may be completely different):
Hardcore TR C3/MPR
Arizona Peru
New Mexico Africa
Texas USA
Florida Indonesia
Southern California Monaco
Louisiana Rome
Northern California Brazil
Washington State China
Oregon Norway
Colorado UK
  • Falling into water is no longer a game over; instead the car respawns.