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Hello, I am FMecha, the one guy that may or may not insert useless motorsport or rasslin' trivia to racing/wrestling game articles, respectively. Current main focus is racing games in general, mainly the Gran Turismo series.

My sandbox and draft stuff is this way, although I haven't touched it in ages. And some lists.

My Twitter.

Pages I created


Pages I want to create page on

  • Automobilista
  • Battle Gear 4 (vanilla)
    • Does the US-specific English version actually have Honda cars? This video (a broken conversion of vanilla BG4 to BG4T; video labeled as BG4T) does have specific Japanese market model disclaimer handling this, but the data/cardata/CarInfo/CarInfo_usa.dat file (in both vanilla BG4 and BG4T) is smaller compared to CarInfo.dat in the same folder.
  • Namco MotoGP games
    • MotoGP (PlayStation 2): Check Gun Koma and K1 region availability - apparently confirmed to be present in European version, what about US?
    • MotoGP 3 (PlayStation 2): Mr. Driller is removed from the US version. Additionally, Wayne Gardner has an incorrect Castrol font on his bike.
    • MotoGP (PlayStation Portable): The European version features 2006 season content, in addition to 2005 content.
  • NASCAR 08, NASCAR 09 (and probably other EA NASCAR games)
    • The Hendrick #5 car (Kyle Busch in 08 and Casey Mears 09) were cut from the PAL version of the games.
  • Tokyo Xtreme Racer 3
    • Peugeot 206 and 406 as well as a RUF RCT (964) were cut from the game, but there are leftovers. See also
  • V-Rally: Championship Edition (PlayStation)
    • Per TCRF:CTE entry, later European versions and US version have DualShock support and replace the yellow/blue Renault Megane with Toyota Corolla, while the Japanese version has some extra cars.
  • Wangan Dream (NSFW racing game [SFW video btw]; not sure whether it belongs here due to a certain later work the game's dev did - been considering getting staff approval for this but haven't done so yet)
    • The HF (Lancia Stratos, driven by Asami Mitsuya) has two taillights, but the game files also have textures for just one like in the real car (high LOD, low LOD)
    • There is an menu panel for 1300R (Suzuki Hayabusa) in SYS14.BMP; it was used by the WRX (Subaru Impreza WRX Sports Wagon GF8) driving girl, Keiko "Kei" Momose, but that bike cannot be used in Extra Stage (free run/time trial mode unlocked after completing the main story).


  • M.U.G.E.N
    • Document the first Elecbyte (1999-2002/2003)-era builds (also find the untampered 2002.04.14 build). The WinMUGEN versions also seem to have a security vulnerability that was abused by those in the cheapie wars.