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Xtreme Sports (Game Boy Color)

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Title Screen

Xtreme Sports

Developer: WayForward Technologies
Publisher: Infogrames
Platform: Game Boy Color
Released in US: June 28, 2000
Released in EU: August 7, 2014 (3DS Virtual Console)
Released in AU: August 7, 2014 (3DS Virtual Console)

DevMessageIcon.png This game has a hidden developer message.
DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.
SoundtestIcon.png This game has a hidden sound test.
LevelSelectIcon.png This game has a hidden level select.


Debug Mode

Xtreme Sports Debug Menu.png

On the title screen menu, press Left (×5), Up (×5), Right (×5), Down (×5), Select (×5). This feature is also present in Wendy: Every Witch Way, another game developed by WayForward.

Sound Test


Hold A + Left/Right to change the track number and Select to play.

Unused Graphics


An early design for Guppi, displayed when selecting "Test Image" from the debug menu. This image is referenced in the 8th page of the hidden scrapbook seen below.


An unused "Cash" indicator can be found in the game's graphics. The Scrapbook section of the debug menu also mentions a scrapped mechanic where players would have used cash won from beating opponents to upgrade their character.


An unused tile in the game's graphics of what appears to be a discarded soda bottle and soda can.


A neat thing that shows some concept art. When finished, the game returns to the debug menu.

Page 1


Hey you tricky monkey! It's me, Guppi! You found the Xtreme Sports Scrapbook! I tucked it
in here for special little cheaters like you who don't know when to quit. You can skip ahead
by pressing START, or EXIT by holding all 4 buttons for a coupla seconds. Now then, let me
tell you about how this game was made! This game was based loosely on the PC game "Xtreme
Sports Arcade: Summer Edition". It has the longest name of any game I've ever played, but is
lots of fun, especially if you liked our Game Boy game. The image you're looking at is the
first picture of Fin and I when we were just scribbles. Doesn't Fin look gangly and odd?
Next slide please...

Page 2


Here's me before I became a surfboard toting beach-bunny. Don't get me wrong, I like
skateboards just fine (if you don't mind picking gravel out of your shorts), but Fin's
the real skate-monster. I'm pretty sure I was a blonde in this shot, not the feisty
red-head I am today.

Page 3


Here's the second picture of Fin. Betweet you and me, I think he looks kind of shrimpy.
Maybe if he worked on those arms a bit and toned up here and there...

Page 4


Fin really started to come into focus after this drawing made in blue crayon on a
restaurant tablecloth. He looks a little more clever and quite a bit more stocky,
and he seems to have pretty much stayed that way ever since.

Page 5


Next up are a few more Guppi wanna-bes. By now you might have noticed the bikini/snow boots
combination on this gal. Originally our adventure was only going to feature boards: Skyboards,
Snowboards, Surfboards, Skateboards, and Luge. The competition was going to be held on an
island, since it's the only place where you can have snowy mountains and sandy beaches side
by side. Later it was changed to just Summer sports, and eventually even that was taken out
of the title by some Xtreme Cola President-types. But that's how all the tropical influence
and beach attire got into the game.

Page 6


Here's a another blonde version of me. There were a lot of things in this picture
that stayed with me... the vest, swimsuit, hair-band, and even the ear-rings.
I don't wear the boy-cut bathing suit anymore 'cuz it's way too 90's...

Page 7


Here's another past version of me. In our original story, I was supposed to visit the
island with Mom and Dad in tow, pleading for me not to participate in the dangerous
tournament. As the game progressed, my parents would show up to try to impress me with
how "cool" they were trying to become (even though they would fail miserably).
Eventually Dad and Mom would get so entirely carried away, that they'd evolve into the
all-powerful Crash-Daddy and Ridge Kitty who must be defeated in the final battle.
As it worked out, Mom and Dad were replaced with the crafty Bone Head's gang.

Page 8


This is me the way I looked for the entire production of the game, right up to the end.
It was only when the cinema sequences were added that I changed a little bit more. I had
the tattoo removed, cut my ratty pigtails, and got a fresh change of clothes. If you want,
you can see a full color version of this picture on the debug Menu labeled "Test Image".

Page 9


This lanky lass is the "roller-babe" from the PC Xtreme Sports. I think she's a cousin
of mine, since we're similar in a lot of ways. Can you see the family resemblance?
Next up are a few more pictures of her.

Page 10


Some other interesting tidbits, several features were dropped from the competition
including the Equip screen and the Shop. By winning an event, competitors would get
cash they could spend on new boards and other enhanced equipment. These items would
change the competitor's top speed and maneuverability, making certain tracks impossible
to beat without the right equipment. Turns out the shop was too impractical and expensive
to add, so it was turned into a snack-room.

Page 11


Another drop-out was the Challenger Lounge, a way of competing head-to-head using the
infrared port. Basically you'd set up a few courses to challenge, confirm the choices
with a friend by infrared link, and then the races would start. Afterwards you'd link
and compare scores, and the winner would gain some cash. When the idea was dropped,
the lounge was turned into a storeroom filled with crates.

Page 12


One feature that just barely squeaked in was (believe it or not) the island itself.
Originally the Practice Mode was going to be the only way of playing the game, due
to time constraints. Thanks to a few months of hard work, visitors now have a full
island of competitors to explore. And I was able to get a nice, tropical tan!
Next slide please!

Page 13


Here's a picture of me I had taken as a promotional image for the contest.
They said I looked too nervous, and tossed it out! I blame it on too much
sugar intake from that lousy soda pop. 

Page 14


Here's Fin atop his board. This shot was going to be on the Character Select, but
it looked awful when squashed into a menu, so they went with a different image.
Too bad too, cause he got some serious air for that shot!

Page 15


This is the companion picture for the Character Select screen I just mentioned.
Again, it was much too complex an image to share a half the screen with Fin.
It stinks too, 'cuz I had to run through freezing water and change into a dry
suit every time they missed the shot! Jerk faces!

Page 16


Last up is one of my favorite pictures. Why? In-Line is a very special part of our game,
because it was the first event to get done! We really had fun those first months, skating
around the Tropical Falls track and getting a feel of how the rest of the game would follow.
Well, now you know more about Xtreme Sports than anyone else! Fin & I had lots of fun playing
with you, and we hope you enjoy the game for a long time! See you next season!

(Source: xkeeper)

Unused Text

Found at 0x37827:

Greet message for undefined player.  Contact Matt Bozon.
Lose message for undefined player.  Contact Matt Bozon.
Win message for undefined player.  Contact Matt Bozon.
Rematch message for undefined player.  Contact Matt Bozon.
Rematchlose message for undefined player.  Contact Matt Bozon.

Similar to Shantae, this text is found at 0x133C9.

   Message  1       |           
   Message  2       |           
   Message  3       |           
   Message  4       |           
   Message  5       |           
   Message  6       |           
   Message  7       |           
   Message  8       |           
   Message  9       |           
   Message 10       |           

What looks like a sound channel debug/test menu can be found at three places: 0x1513A:

Sound 1 >>
NR10 Sweep:    ---
NR10 ADD/DEC:  ---
NR10 Time:     ---
NR11 Length:   ---
NR11 Wave:     ---
NR12 Env. Spd: ---
NR12 ADD/DEC:  ---
NR12 Initial:  ---
NR13 Freq. Lo: ---
NR14 Freq. Hi: ---


Sound 2 >>
NR21 Length:   ---
NR21 Wave:     ---
NR22 Env. Spd: ---
NR22 ADD/DEC:  ---
NR22 Initial:  ---
NR23 Freq. Lo: ---
NR24 Freq. Hi: ---


Sound 4 >>
NR41 Length:   ---
NR42 Env. Spd: ---
NR42 ADD/DEC:  ---
NR42 Initial:  ---
NR43 Ratio:    ---
NR43 Step:     ---
NR43 Shift:    ---


During any event, pressing Up+Down simultaneously will cause the event to immediately end, and bring up the results screen. This is most likely a leftover debugging function.