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Title Screen


Developer: WayForward Technologies
Publishers: Capcom (GBC), WayForward Technologies (Virtual Console)
Platform: Game Boy Color
Released in US: June 2, 2002
Released in EU: July 18, 2013 (3DS Virtual Console)
Released in AU: July 18, 2013 (3DS Virtual Console)

DevMessageIcon.png This game has a hidden developer message.
CopyrightIcon.png This game has hidden developer credits.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.
SoundtestIcon.png This game has a hidden sound test.
LevelSelectIcon.png This game has a hidden level select.

Shantae is a late-era Game Boy Color platformer with a half-genie and a whole lot of dancing.

Debug Mode

To do:
Shantae GBC Debug 1.png Shantae GBC Debug 2.png

Enter the code Left (×2), Right (×8), Left (×6), Right (×2), Left (×7), Right (×6), Left (×8) (one off from the latter part of WayForward's phone number, (661) 286-2769) on the title screen while it displays "Press Start". You'll be taken to a screen where you can select a Normal Game or a Debug Game -- the latter will pop open a new menu after you choose a file. The number next to "Shantae" in the debug menu refers to which save file is being used.

When starting a new Debug Game, the player is given 500 gems, 10 of each weapon/potion, 99 Warp Squids, all dance moves, and all four attack upgrades, talismans, and magical items. The debug menu can be accessed on almost all maps by pressing Select on the inventory screen. By pressing Select + A, Shantae will freeze in her falling animation and then free movement is accessible. Pressing Select will drop Shantae into the map again, but if you do this while going out of bounds, the game will crash.

Map Notes

  • I3: Attempting to access the debug menu from this map crashes the game.
  • D4: This map cannot be selected.
  • M2: This is the Dance Parlor map. There are no button actions for this mini-game if it's loaded from the debug menu. Furthermore, the mini-game never ends and the pause menu cannot be accessed, forcing the player to restart the game.
  • M!: Select with B for a music menu. Select with A for a sound effect menu. In the latter you can hear the unused sound effects listed here.
  • M@: Pre-credits.
  • Mr: Credits

Selecting options with A or B may lead to different entrances for an area.

Unused Text

unable to allocate

Present at 0x4DC6. Most likely a leftover debugging message.

stack overflow

Stored at 0x2A4D7. Probably an error message leftover from early in development.


Stored at 0x2A5C9. Use unknown.

contact jimmy huey
have a nice day!

Stored at 0x2A5EA. Jimmy Huey is listed as the game's programmer in the credits.

Welcome to the Scarecrow Field.  West: desert, East: Spiderwood Forest
Welcome to Spiderwood Forest.  West: Scuttle Town, East: Dribble Falls
Welcome to Dribble Falls.  West: Spiderwood Forest, East: Water Town
Welcome to Flushstone.  West: Dribble Falls, East: Slime Flats
Welcome to Slime Flats.  West: Flushstone, East: Quaggore Swamp
Welcome to Quaggore Swamp.  West: Slime Flats, East: Splinter- Grave Grove
Welcome to Splinter-Grave Grove.  West: Quaggore Swamp, East: Stumprot Forest
Welcome to Stumprot Forest.  West: Quaggore Swamp, East: Mount Brazier
Welcome to Mount Brazier.  West: Stumprot Forest, East: Pinestone Bluff
Welcome to Pinestone Bluff.  West: Mount Brazier, East: Mud Bog
Welcome to Mud Bog.  West:  Bandit Town, East: Sandy Dunes
Welcome to Sandy Dunes.  West: Oasis Town, East: Scuttle Town
Welcome to Skitterclaw Desert.  West: Golem Mine, East: Wasteland
Welcome to Wasteland.  West: Skitterclaw Desert, East: Scarecrow Field

A location list of some sort, stored at 0xA5FF5. It was probably intended to be used when you enter an area. What's interesting is there are some early location names in here. For example, Water Town used to be called Flushstone, and Mount Pointy used to be called Mount Brazier. Also, some of the locations seem to have been changed around.

Trim those loose ends for twice the Attack!

Stored at 0xA4646. At one point in development, it was possible to upgrade your standard hair whip attack. This, along with the next string, is a remnant of that idea. This feature was implemented in later games in the series.

Extra body and better volume for twice the Attack!

Stored at 0xA4725. Same as above.

New clothes with Double the Defense!

Stored at 0xA475B. At one point in development, you could purchase alternate outfits in addition to the Fighter's Gear. This is a remnant of that idea. For some reason, a duplicate is present at 0xA4783.

Unused Sounds

These sounds can be heard in the sound test.

Presumably this was supposed to be used when ducking, but "wetgal drop" is used instead.
big cbfall
This was probably supposed to be used when a big cannonball falls, but it isn't.
risky laugh
While Risky Boots does laugh in this game, it doesn't get a sound effect.
tbat torch
A duplicate of "tbat jump".
head pwall
big en hit
warpsquid h
Might have been a cry used by baby warp squids to signal when one was nearby. This sound doesn't work properly on hardware.
eel croak
While it is possible it may have been used with the "Barracuda Joe" enemies, it is unknown what this sound's true purpose is.
town yell2
At the beginning of the intro stage, you can see the townspeople fleeing in panic. This may indicate that they were supposed to make a sound.
town yell3
Same as above.
refill power
random number
This may indicate the presence of an unused RNG test.
To do:
Figure out if there's a way to access RNG test.

Unused Music

Each of the dance jingles is longer than what is heard in-game. The full jingles can be heard in the music test.

Unused Graphics

Shantae prerelease2.gif

Shantae-unused menu graphics.png

These can be found amongst the graphics for the Dance Menu. These graphics can be seen in prerelease material.

(Source: Nai255 (The Spriters Resource))

Shantae unusedfont.png

An alternate font, similar to the font used in WayForward's other Game Boy Color games. However, it is never used anywhere.

Shantae unused frame 1.png

Shantae squinting at... something. Note that while the command to display this sprite IS used, it's never actually seen.

Shantae prerelease1.gif

Shantae unused frame 2.png

Same as above, only this time she's talking to... somebody. This sprite can be seen in prerelease material.

Virtual Console Changes

The version released for the 3DS Virtual Console removes the "Distributed by Capcom" screen that was originally displayed before the title screen.

Additionally, since the Virtual Console emulates playing the game on a Game Boy Color, it is not possible to learn the Tinkerbat dance in Bandit Town, as this dance was only taught when playing the game on a Game Boy Advance. However, the Tinkerbat dance is unlocked when starting a Debug Game and is performed by pressing Down, Up, Up.