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Atari Karts

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Title Screen

Atari Karts

Developer: Miracle Designs[1]
Publisher: Atari Corporation
Platform: Jaguar
Released in US: December 15, 1995
Released in EU: December 22, 1995

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Atari Karts is the kind of game you get when a company sees a particular game on competing hardware and wants it on theirs... "but better". If "better" means adding fake 3D morphing terrain which replicates hills, then yes, this is a better game. Otherwise? It's debatable.


Read about prototype versions of this game that have been released or dumped.
Prototype Info

Music Quality

In-Game Audio Raw MOD File

The original ProTracker MOD files created by Fabrice Gillet don't seem to play as intended. As heard here, most of the samples are pitched down by two semitones. Curiously, neither Bubsy in Fractured Furry Tales nor Tempest 2000 seem to have a problem playing their MOD files at a 1:1 rate during gameplay, so it may have simply been a stylistic choice rather than some hardware issue.

Possible Intended Course Order

The available MOD soundtrack rip of the game reveals some interesting information. Not only does it reveal some official names for all courses, but it also shows their "level number", from 1 ("level 1 halloween") to A ("level a miracle").

Title Order File Order
Halloween Farm
Ice World B Route 99
Universe Sea
Lava (Hell) Japan
Japan Bentley Bear
Farm Universe
Route 99 Ice World B
Bentley Bear Halloween
Sea Lava (Hell)
Miracle Miracle

While this has no bearing on the level order in the game, the file order (WLD0.MOD to WLD9.MOD) differs from the seeming intended order of the music.

AtariKarts-Beta Player Select.png

What is interesting, however, is that the file order perfectly aligns with character selection list from the prototype of the game – with the exception of Miz Tress, who was never given a course type of her own. (Route 99 is, seemingly, Skully's territory.)