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Games on the Jag, daddy-o.

The first-ever "64-bit" console (to an extent, anyway) and last-ever (non-Plug & Play) Atari console, the Jaguar was a real brow-raiser for the video game market, especially considering that it was the successor to one of the ~8 bit persuasion. At the time it was introduced in 1993, the vast majority of gamers were still getting used to consoles that ran on a mere quarter of its capability.

Unfortunately, Atari made quite a few mistakes with the system: controllers that are best described as Genesis/Saturn meets Intellivision, a CD add-on that rarely worked due to shoddy build design, a good number of mediocre-to-lousy games, and a marketing campaign that focused more on belittling consumers and other consoles than showing off the system's strengths. All this combined led to poor sales and several price drops before the system was taken off the market in 1996.


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