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Bookworm (Windows, Mac OS X)

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Developer: PopCap Games
Publisher: PopCap Games
Platforms: Windows, Mac OS X
Released in US: February 25, 2003

DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.

Bookworm is an endless word-based game from PopCap, similar to Scrabble but in its own style.

PAK support

The game's executable has full support for loading from a main.pak, unfortunately, PopCap never released a version of the game using one and the game does not read the music directory in a PAK.

Revision list

1.13 = Windows Vista Compliance. 1.03 = Bug fixes. 1.02 = Bug fixes. 1.01 = New tiles, bug fixes. 1.00 = Initial release!

Two revisions were pushed, Steam only got 1.0 and PopCap got the latest.

Command-line parameters

The game's executable mentions developer command lines for starting the game, its not friendly with commands using spaces so use = instead, starting from this method forces the game to act like its in "Trial" mode. These are:

  • -play: Plays popcap.dmo if its present, if not present, an error is shown. -demofile can also be used to choose the name and location of the file.
  • -recnum: Records demos with Popcap.dmo and Popcap#.dmo if that's taken on every boot.
  • -playnum: Plays demos with Popcap.dmo and Popcap#.dmo from -recnum if that's taken on every boot.
  • -record: Records a demo named Popcap.dmo and saves after shutdown of the game.
  • -demofile: Specifies filename for recorded demos.
  • -crash: Crashes the game immediately with an Access Violation error.
  • -screensaver: Makes the game act like its a screensaver, any movement or key presses will immediately force close the game.
  • -changedir: Changes game installation directory, for the current boot.
  • -version: Shows the product name, version, build number and build date with a popup instead of starting the game.

Debug commands

To do:
There may be more.

Pressing CTRL-ALT-D will play a sound (c:\windows\media\Windows XP Menu Command.wav) to indicate debug key input is enabled, allowing options of typing unique keys for debugging displays or mechanisms, another use will disable it.

  • F2 - Start/Stop perf timing
  • F3 - Toggle FPS display
  • Shift F3 - Toggle FPS/mouse coordinate display
  • F8 - Show current Video Stats (mostly used to see if 3D acceleration is currently on)
  • Shift F8 - Toggle 3D acceleration
  • F11 - Take screenshot (goes into the ProgramData/OEM/Bookworm/_screenshots) directory.
  • Shift F11 - Dump all program images in memory to the ProgramData/OEM/Bookworm/_dump directory.