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Bugs:Gran Turismo 2

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This page details bugs of Gran Turismo 2.

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Check this GTP thread for possible additional info.

Gran Turismo 2 is notorious for many bugs, partly due to the intial American and Japanese versions being rushed for Christmas of 1999, many of them described below.

Unless otherwise noted, all of the following bugs apply to Simulation Mode disc only.

Maximum Speed Test/Garage Bug

The early Japanese and American releases of the game are notorious for a bug that could damage garage information if eight Maximum Speed Test records are set and a ninth one is written. This occurs because the game may incorrectly think there are ten slots for maximum speed records, while the game can only handle eight.

In the American 1.0 release of the game, the eight max speed results are stored in 1CCF14 (and the number of max speed records are kept track in 1CCF10), which is close to garage data in the memory (1CCFB4 for count of cars in garage, 1CCFB8 for the whole garage information). If a ninth record is set, and the previous and the new (that will trigger the bug) records contain a very long name (the name field allows for 11 characters), the game might push down the 8th slot record to the garage information area. Since it overwrites the number of stored cars first, bogus No Name No Name cars (a racing modified NA MX-5 Miata in night mode) will appear endlessly, in addition to damaging garage information. Additionally, if any of the cars, surviving or not, are bumped (by pressing Start when highlighting a garage entry), further information such as money in bank, license test results, and last name used for records can also be affected. Additionally, if a player fails a license test and attempts to enter a name after the bug is triggered, the game will crash.

See the following videos for explanation.

(Source: GT2toXS (SportWagon on GTPlanet) for hex addresses, thefanman for explanation videos)

Mismatched Opponent Cars

In the original NTSCU 1.0 release of the game, all races in the Endurance section, with the exception of the Grand Valley 300km, contain an AI car taken from another Endurance that is out-of-place compared to the other opponent cars (intended AI car audiences are listed in parenthesis):

  • Apricot Hill 200 km (mid-tier sports cars): RUF BTR2
  • Seattle 100 Miles (American muscle cars): TVR Griffith 500
  • Laguna Seca 200 Miles (JGTC race cars): Dodge Viper GTS (road model)
  • Rome 2 Hours (24 Hours of Le Mans cars): STP Taisan Viper GT (JGTC car)
  • Trial Mountain 30 Laps (low-mid tier pedestrian and sports cars): Vector M12 LM
  • Special Stage Route 5 (Gran Turismo World Cup entrants): Citroen Xantia 3.0i Executive

In the case of Trial Mountain, this results in a race that is nearly impossible to win without cheats should the M12 LM show up, as that race has a 295 horsepower limit while the M12 LM has 680 hp.

The cause of this issue is that the game uses one global list of possible opponents, and each event simply contains a list of opponent numbers referencing the global list. Late in development, opponent number 1127 (Shelby GT500KR) was for some reason moved to the end of the list and became opponent 1220. The NTSC/U 1.0 release did not compensate for this, and so due to the gap in the list the Endurance races pick the opponent above the intended car in the global list, so the first car on the opponent list for each event uses the last car from the previous event in the global list instead. The Grand Valley 300km is actually affected by this bug too, however the mismatched opponent is the Vauxhall version of the Tigra Ice Race Car from the first reverse Tahiti Dirt Route 3 rally, and as the Vauxhall cars are blocked from appearing as AI in the NTSC releases, the Tigra never appears, nor does the Vauxhall version of the Calibra Touring Car in Seattle 100 Miles. The bug was not present in any other releases of the game including the original NTSC/J 1.0 release, and all Endurance opponents show up in the correct events.

Outside of this Endurance bug, one other opponent is incorrectly included in a series:

  • In Tuned NA No.1 Cup, a racing modified Peugeot 306 (F2 kit rally car spec), complete with dirt tires, may appear. This comes from the Pikes Peak Downhill Rally 1 event which follows the Tuned NA No.1 Cup in the global opponent list. Presumably an extra Tuned NA No.1 Cup opponent (most likely for the Mugen S2000) was removed from the list, but that opponent number was not removed from the series itself.

There are also two opponents missing their racing modification which show up in three race car events:

  • In Rome 2 Hours Endurance, a roadgoing Jaguar XJ220 may appear among the Le Mans race cars. (The car usually appears with racing modification in other events.)
  • In Gran Turismo World Cup and Gran Turismo All Stars, a roadgoing Lotus Elise GT1 may appear among the assorted race cars.

Two opponents in the Historic Car Cup break the rules of the event:

  • In Historic Car Cup Race 2 (Rome Circuit), a 305 hp Ford GT40 may appear, despite the horsepower limit being 295 hp.
  • In Historic Car Cup Race 3 (Grindelwald), a 434 hp Chevrolet Corvette C2 may appear, despite the horsepower limit being 394 hp.

In addition to this, several opponents are actually tuned to feature horsepower ratings more than allowed for each event, although these are not noticeable or visible to the player.

  • In MR Challenge Race 3 (under 591 hp):
    • Wiegert Vector W8 Twin Turbo (634 hp)
  • In Grand Touring Car Trophy Race 1 (under 394 hp):
    • Toyota Supra RZ '97 (406 hp)
    • Nissan Skyline GT-R V-spec (R34) '99 (396 hp)
  • In Grand Touring Car Trophy Race 2 (under 493 hp):
    • Toyota Supra RZ '97 (523 hp)
    • Nissan Skyline GT-R V-spec (R33) '97 (498 hp)
    • Nissan Skyline GT-R V-spec (R34) '99 (510 hp)
    • Mitsubishi GTO Twin Turbo '99 (500 hp)

Finally, one opponent explicitly named in the menu is incorrect:

  • In Pikes Peak Downhill Rally 3, the menu says you'll race against a Lancer Evolution IV (mlnnr), but you'll race against an Advan-sponsored Lancer Evolution VI instead (m2g6r).

(Source: thefanman/adeyblue (partially))

Tahiti Maze Rally AI Bug

In the early American and Japanese releases, it is impossible to lose the second Tahiti Maze rally race (against Peugeot 206 WRC), since the AI (actually a ghost car) would turn left too early. Additionally, in the American 1.0 version of the game, the game loads Chevrolet Camaro Z28 Coupe as filler opponents (they don't appear by default, but if the game is forced to show 3 or more opponent cars, the Camaros will appear) instead of the Exxon-badged 206 Rally Car.

(Discovery: thefanman (Camaro filler opponents))

Italian Nationals Demo Bug

Because the demo button for the Rome Short Italian Nationals demo race is mapped to the enter race function, it is impossible to watch said race. Using said function will instead enter the player into that race if the current car meets the horsepower limit.

This was fixed in Japanese 1.1 release.

(Discovery: Pupik)

Due to the absence of two logo files (mgttrn--.tim and mgttro--.tim) from the carlogo directory, applying a racing modification to the Mitsubishi 3000GT VR-4 Turbo '95 in the North American versions of the game results in the car's original logo, which reads 'GTO Twin Turbo', being used instead of its regionalised version. This occurs because, when the game fails to find "n--" (US GT Mode) and "o--" (US Arcade Mode) logo files, it resorts to the preceding "l--" (JP GT Mode) and "m--" (JP Arcade Mode) files. If those are also absent, it uses the files with the lowest filenames in the directory – a-a7rl--.tim and a-a7rlm--.tim, which belong to the Mazda RX-7 A-spec LM of defaultiness infamy (this is noticed in some of the game's unused cars).

Since the European files (mgttrp--.tim and mgttrq--.tim) are present in the directory, this error does not occur in the European version of GT2.

Intended Used

IB-4 Demonstration Bug

On NTSC-U 1.1, the car in the IB-4 demonstration gets Out of Course during the demonstration, but all the button inputs still display, like the car would be moving normally to the end.

Muscle Car Cup License Bug

As a result of not updating the license requirements from the initial Japanese release, the NTSC-U 1.0 release shows incorrect license requirements when looking at Lineup 2 of Special Events, though the race selection shows the correct I-A license. This is fixed in version 1.1.

Defective Car Textures

To do:
There's more, such as the Vauxhall Astra, Mazda Familia GT-R RM/Rally Car, and Honda CR-X all having errors at night. pez2k knows many of them. Might as well document model inconsistencies, such as the RX-7 LM GT-C being slimmer during night.

Due to oversights by those involved in the cars' texturing, two cars are known for making use of defective texture sheets:

Audi S4

The Audi S4 racing modification (gas4r) is affected by an imperfection caused by part of its windshield, roof and side windows being covered by a duplicate of the car's headlamp texture. This only affects the nighttime texture sheet and is only noticeable in-game when using the high LOD textures.

Daytime Nighttime





Renault Laguna V6

Similarly to the Audi S4, the Renault Laguna racing modification (frl6r) is affected by a texture error, this time on both daytime and nighttime sheets. Most of its high LOD front bumper texture was overwritten by the road version's texture, resulting in a glitchy visual as said texture is not mirrored.

Texture In-Game
GT2-frl6r-cdp-texture.png GT2-frl6r-cdp-InGame.png