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Gran Turismo 2/Unused Cars

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This is a sub-page of Gran Turismo 2.

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The unused Rufs have differences to the used 964-based Rufs, noticeably in the front/rear bumpers.

One of the key selling points of Gran Turismo 2 was its huge variety of cars, boasting over 600 different models from 33 different manufacturers...but there are many unused cars lurking within the game's code. Many of these have their own logo present and are fully functional, indicating that they were removed relatively late in development. Most of them have the replay name of Delete.

Unused / Incomplete Cars

Car and Notes Image
Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution V Rally Car - Car ID: m2w5r

An unused variant of the white/red Evolution V Rally Car (car ID m2a5r), repainted in a censored version of the Winfield livery that was used by Tommi Mäkinen in the 1998 Rally Australia.
The producer of the Gran Turismo series, Kazunori Yamauchi, owned a replica of the Winfield-liveried car, which can be seen on the language select screen of the PAL version.
Car data in the demos suggest this was once the racing modification for the normal Lancer Evolution V GSR, with the Rally Car featured in the final being the RS model's modification.

GT2 LancerEvolution5RallyCar.png
Volkswagen Polo 1.4 16V - Car ID: gvp6n

An almost fully complete but unavailable car, which can even show up occasionally as an opponent in races generated by the Event Synthesizer/Generator. This car has a replay name in the Japanese version of the game, but only on the GT Mode disc.
In the intro sequence, the names of various cars are shown in black text with a white background. Among the names presented is "Volkswagen Polo", interestingly enough it is easy to see for the few seconds it appears.
A Polo GTi, similar to this one, but sportier, appears in Gran Turismo 4.

GT2 Polo1 4 16V.png
Mercedes CLK Race Car - Car ID: gmd2r

A mostly complete touring car, similar to the CLK DTM 2000 concept car but with performance and handling data based on the 1996 C-Class DTM instead. The final version of the CLK-DTM touring car would appear later in the series, starting with Gran Turismo 3: A-Spec.
The Japanese manual mentions the Mercedes-Benz CLK DTM2000 in the car list page, and in that version of the game it still has a replay name.
This car was historically speculated to be linked to the removal of the Mercedes CLK-GTR from the game, however the CLK-GTR only appears to have existed in very early screenshots of the game, long before release.

GT2 CLKRaceCar.png
Mugen S2000 - Car ID: h2msn

A Honda S2000 modified by the engine-tuning and parts manufacturer Mugen Motorsports. While the regular Honda S2000 and a Spoon-tuned version 'do' appear in the game, this Mugen S2000 never appears. This car 'did' eventually appear in Gran Turismo 3: A-Spec.
Unlike the other unused cars above, the Mugen S2000 has no performance or part data whatsoever.

GT2 MugenS2000.png
Acura Integra GS - Car ID: h2agn

An Acura Integra model that ended up being scrapped. It has no performance or part data, but a racing modification model exists (a duplicate of the Acura Integra GS-R). It also has car descriptions (again a duplicate of the GS-R) and a replay name. Furthermore, two color options, Citrus Silver Metallic and Black Currant Pearl, were not named in this version.

GT2-h2agn car.png GT2-h2agr car.png
Acura Integra LS - Car ID: h2aln

Another canned Integra, almost identical to the GS except for trim-appropriate wheels (all other Acura Integras use GS wheels for some reason). This car's racing modification, for some reason, has unique Type-R badging and windshield decal.

GT2-h2aln car.png GT2-h2alr car.png

Unused/Incomplete Racing Modifications

Car and Notes Image
Mazdaspeed RX-7 GT-C - Car ID: a2gcr

Similar to the Ford GT40, the RX-7 GT-C was originally going to have racing modifications. In the final game, it was made into its own car, the RX-7 GT-C LM Edition. Peculiarly, the original Racing Modification had a number 8 visible, whereas the final LM edition had no such number.

Acura NSX '93 - Car ID: hnarr

The Racing Modification option for the Acura NSX '93 contains a typo which prevents it from appearing as a purchasable upgrade. In the 1.0 revision of the NTSC-J release, this car's racing modification looked like the Honda NSX Type-R's modification, based on the Nakajima Racing car that competed in the 1995 Suzuka 1000km (albeit with Acura decals) due to the absence of the NSX-R LM GT2 in the Japanese version of the first Gran Turismo (it has the NSX-R GT1 Turbo instead).

(Source: pez2k (bug preventing purchase))
Acura NSX Type S & Acura NSX Type S Zero - Car IDs: hnasr & hnanr

The racing modification for these two cars, are affected by the same mistake as the NSX above, and are not purchasable in the game.

(Source: pez2k (bug preventing purchase))
GT2-HnasrnFINAL.png GT2-HnarnFINAL.png
Acura Integra GS-R '95, Acura Integra Type-R '98 & Acura Integra Type-R '95 - Car IDs: hiasr, hairr & hiarr

The racing modifications of the Acura Integra GS-R '95, Acura Integra Type-R '98 & Acura Integra Type-R '95 are affected by the same mistake as the NSX above, and are not purchasable in the game. All of them share the same paint scheme of the Acura Integra GS-R Racing Modification model.

(Source: pez2k (bug preventing purchase))
GT2-h2agr car.png
Mazda Roadster 1.8 RS - Car ID: arods

A Mazda Roadster with white paint and a lovely red stripe down the middle (as used in the VS and S Package), intended as a second racing modification. The RS, by default, has a different racing modification.

Mazda Roadster 1.8 VS - Car ID: a2vss

Similar to the RS, the VS has gray paintwork with a dark red stripe; like the RS above, it is also a scrapped racing modification, although it is practically the same car as the used RM.

Nissan Skyline 4-Door GT-R - Car ID: n2r4r

The four-door Nissan Skyline Autech 40th Anniversary GT-R originally had a racing modification available with two paint schemes, one gray and one yellow, both inspired by a GT-R that raced in the Japanese Super Taikyu racing series.
This model has several subtle errors with its paint reflections, including patches that are entirely missing.

Toyota Prius - Car ID: t2prr

While the Toyota Prius still exists in the final version of the game, its racing modification was never implemented. It had two color schemes, one red, one blue. Its removal may be due to the Prius lacking the weight reduction upgrades that are required before a racing modification can be purchased.
There is a Prius Touring Car in Gran Turismo 5 (via Racing Car Pack DLC) and 6, and indeed there is also a Prius raced in the GT300 class of Super GT, but those are based on newer Prius models. Interestingly, the spoiler is almost identical to that of the Mazda Lantis/323F's racing modification.


Duplicate / Placeholder Cars

Car and Notes Image
Ford GT40 Mark III Race Car - Car ID: ul40r

An unfinished duplicate of the GT40 Race Car, with a gray roof and engine cover due to a palette error.
The Japanese manual of the game mentions both "Ford GT40 Mark III Normal Model" and "Ford GT40 Mark III LM Gulf Color"; the latter likely refers to this car, as it was the third version of the GT40 to race. Confusingly however, the real car was actually a modified Mark I, hence the name being corrected before release.
The ID for this car is a typo of either the cut GT40 RM (uf40r) or the GT40 Race Car (uf4lr).

Lotus Elise - Car ID: iomsr

An unfinished early version of the Lotus Elise with a "soft top". In the final game, all Elise models were replaced with hard top versions. However, a old soft top Elise model still slipped into the game's files, being used as a placeholder for a racing modification of the Motorsport Elise (ID "iomsn").
Due to being unfinished, the model has an issue with the night version where parts of the body supporting the headlights turn silver at night time, regardless of the car color.

Mercedes-Benz AMG E-55 - Car ID: efnon

A duplicate of the AMG E-55 with a third, dark gray, paint option which is not available on the normal model in the final release. This version also has different window brake lights, matching the model left over in demo builds but with the addition of the gray color.
The car's ID is grouped with the European Ford line-up, suggesting that it was used as a placeholder for an unknown Ford, or as a typo of the Mondeo's ID (efmon).

Ford Ka - Car ID: gt001

A duplicate of the Ford Ka racing modification, but with red wheels (recycled from '98 Subaru Legacy's racing modification). The texture file is grouped along with the "weird objects" below.

Nissan Primera (C-class Touring Car) - Car ID: gmsdr

An unfinished duplicate of the Primera racing modification, which lacks the Vodafone logo on the hood and reuses the gold wheel from Mazda RX-7 GT-Turbo '83.
This model is used as a placeholder for the D2 sponsored Mercedes-Benz C-Class DTM from the 1994-1996 seasons of DTM/ITC. The C-Class' rivals, the Opel Calibra and Alfa Romeo 155, are both present in the game, and its performance data appears to have been reused for the also removed CLK Race Car.

Daihatsu Storia Rally Car - Car ID: q2sgn

An unfinished duplicate of the Daihatsu Storia Rally Car available from Daihatsu's Special Model section. This version, however, has the wheels from the normal Storia road car, and a different font used for the Daihatsu text in the doors.
Interestingly, this model is a placeholder for a road version of the regular Storia Rally Car (q2sgr).

GT2-q2sgn car.png
Mazda Familia GT-R - Car ID: aebrr

A duplicate of the Mazda Familia GT-R (known as 323 GT-R and Protegé GT-R in Europe and the USA, respectively) racing modification. Has no replay name whatsoever.
Most likely a typo of the Familia Rally Car from the Arcade Mode (a2brr). Alternatively, the use of an e in place of the 2, as used in the PAL-only Nissan 200SX and Primera variants, could suggest that it was to be used in the Rally mode in the Arcade Mode in the PAL version.

GT2-aebrr car.png

Cars Only Available In License Tests

Car and Notes Image
D-Rights Mazda MX-5 Miata 1.8 RS - Car ID: a2rdn

This car is the D-Rights (a Japanese driving school operated by former racing driver Takashi Oi) sponsored car used in the IC-1 license test. This car only has performance data in the license test mode, and does not exist in Arcade Mode or GT Mode.

D-Rights Nissan Silvia Spec R Aero - Car ID: n2sdn

This car is the D-Rights sponsored car used in the IC-2 license test. This car only has performance data in the license test mode, and does not exist in Arcade Mode or GT Mode.
Despite being the turbocharged Spec R Aero, it uses the wheel texture from the naturally aspirated Spec S Aero model.


Non-Car Models

As well as vehicles, a number of weird objects are available to drive with cheat devices. The textures are packed along with the cars, so these are not simply misappropriated graphics from menus or results screens.

Thing Image
Smiley Face - Car ID: gtnkn

A very large green smiley face, purpose unknown.

Small A-License - Car ID: gt--a

A tiny A-license on wheels, purpose also unknown since the game only uses the large variant (gt-an).

Large A-license - Car ID: gt-an

A larger version of the A-license graphic. This and the variants below are used, albeit without wheels, in the screen that appears after you get a license.

Large B-license - Car ID: gt-bn GT2-B-License.png
Large IA-license - Car ID: gtian GT2-IA-License.png
Large IB-license - Car ID: gtibn GT2-IB-License.png
Large IC-license - Car ID: gticn GT2-IC-License.png
Large Super license - Car ID: gt-sn GT2-Super-License.png
Bronze Logo - Car ID: gtlbn

Beaming bronze version of the Gran Turismo logo. This and the logos below were most likely intended for the screen after passing a license test, but it was replaced by a 2D graphic.

Silver Logo - Car ID: gtlsn GT2-Silver-Logo.png
Gold Logo - Car ID: gtlgn GT2-Gold-Logo.png
First Place Trophy - Car ID: gtprz

A very large gold trophy on tiny wheels. There is a gold trophy on top of the plinth, but it's too large to fit in the garage screen. Used in the Series Champion screen.

Small Trophy - Car ID: a26ss

According to the texture name, this was at one point a second MX-5 1.6 S-Package racing modification (hence the nameplate). Unlike the RS and the VS, this small, tilted trophy takes the place. It appears in the first Gran Turismo game in Simulation Mode, as of a result of winning a race series. Due to the tilted trophy and small tire size, this object is very difficult to drive, even by the AI.

Arcade Loading Background - Car ID: t002n

Perhaps most bizarre of all, the background from the Arcade disc's race loading screen! The files are grouped with the Toyota cars, and due to the object's huge size, it has several collision clipping issues making this object very difficult to drive. For some reason, it also has its own replay name: [R][R][R]COURSE BG. Viewing this object can also cause color names of certain manufacturers (especially Honda and Acura) to jumble up.


Nameplate-Only Cars

These are cars that have unique logos and handling, but use a placeholder model or a duplicate car body:


Castrol Mugen Accord - Car ID: h2car

Only the logo remains for this car. It is linked to the racing modification of the 1996 Honda Accord (which is based on the real car driven by Osamu Nakako in the Japanese Touring Car Championship to win the 1997 title). The texture assigned to the car has very slight differences to the Toyota Altezza 280T racing modification, with an extra Enkei logo - this placeholder car appears frequently amongst unused car labels in the demos.

How the Castrol Mugen Accord label would look on the appropriate car.

The picture on the right is a mock up of the said Accord racing modification with the Castrol Mugen Accord label.


Ford GT40 1969 Racing Modifications - Car ID: uf40r

The Ford GT40 Race Car was originally going to be acquired by performing racing modifications on an ordinary GT40. In the final game the GT40 Race Car was made into its own car. The car otherwise looks the same as the separate car, although it does not have low and medium LOD textures, meaning it will appear fully white if the car is too far from the camera.


Subaru Rex SuperCharger VX - Car ID: s2ren

Only the logo remains for this car. A model was never made. A road-going Toyota Altezza (commonplace in the demo versions) is the body. The Subaru Rex is mentioned in the licensing credits screen (accessible from My Home), however.


RUF BR2 - Car ID: bur2n


RUF BR4 - Car ID: bur4n


RUF BTR4 - Car ID: but4n


RUF CR4 - Car ID: buc4n

Four cut RUFs. They have the same Porsche 964-like body used by the RCT; nothing else remains other than their logos.