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Civilization II (PlayStation)

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Title Screen

Civilization II

Developer: MicroProse
Publisher: Activision
Platform: PlayStation
Released in JP: December 23, 1998
Released in US: December 31, 1998
Released in EU: January 1999

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
Sgf2-unusedicon1.png This game has unused abilities.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

Use your might to smite or neural delight to alight. It's fight or flight, the video game.

Unused Graphics


The three provided customizable "extra" units from the PC version are present in the unit images. They can be created with a GameShark and operate normally.

Civ2PsxExtraAir.png Extra Air

Civ2PsxExtraLand.png Extra Land

Civ2PsxExtraSea.png Extra Sea

There are also two other unused items among the units:

Civ2PsxUnitUnk1.png An extra boat

Civ2PsxUnitUnk2.png And whatever this is


Crude line drawings of the male and female symbols go unseen.


\others\title.tim contains this apparent alternative title screen. It's seen on the front cover of the Japanese strategy guide, but not in-game.

Images for various Japanese language dialogs and text tiles exist in the \PEDIA\ directory.

Game setup tiles (Used) Setup tiles (Unused)
From the \Opening folder From the \Others folder
Game setup tiles 2 (Used) Setup tiles 2 (Unused)
From the \Opening folder From the \Others folder

Tiles for various styles of small display windows and alternate game setup screens are present amongst the other game icons. They're loaded at the main game screen but are never used (except for the line of tiles under the "Tribe" bar).

Unused Text

The intro text for the "Rise of Rome" and "World War II" scenarios from the PC version are present in \CIV2\rome.txt and \CIV2\wwii.txt files, respectively. As the PlayStation version doesn't have scenarios, these go unused.

The PAL version includes Civilopedia text for a Plumber advance. As this advance is dummied out, the text is never shown in that context. The description is identical to that of the Sanitation advance, so it is accessible in that sense.

The increased waste produced by growing populations over time eventually led to potential health hazards.
It then became necessary to come up with systems to dispose of garbage and human waste in a sanitary manner.
Plumbing systems designed to remove waste water from dwellings and public buildings became commonplace, 
as did sewage plants which treated the wastewater before it was dumped into local waterways. 
Landfills were established, and garbage was collected for sanitary disposal in dumps and 
landfills a safe distance from the general population.
These measures led to a healthier environment, and allowed for further population growth.

A directory listing for the Japanese CD's \Civ2\ directory exists in all versions in the \Civ2\textlist file.

 ドライブ C のボリュームは PCDOS_J7    です
 ボリューム・シリアル番号は 2159-953D です
 ディレクトリーは  C:\CDROM\CIV2

GAME     TXT      90,029 97-12-25   16:14
LABELS   TXT       5,232 97-12-17   16:33
CITYPREF TXT           4 96-04-24   14:30
ADVICE   TXT       5,741 96-11-05   14:49
CITY     TXT       7,754 96-10-01   10:51
COUNCIL0 TXT      11,031 96-11-01   10:18
COUNCIL1 TXT      10,606 96-11-01   10:28
COUNCIL2 TXT      10,682 96-11-01   15:33
CREDITS  TXT       3,035 96-11-15   19:55
DEBUG    TXT       1,750 96-11-15   11:22
MAPMENU  TXT         714 96-11-07   16:24
MENU     TXT       2,012 96-11-08   13:18
PEDIA    TXT      29,463 96-11-15   13:57
ROME     TXT       1,006 96-11-13   17:20
RULES    TXT      25,594 96-11-13   11:47
TUTORIAL TXT      11,726 96-11-15   11:13
WWII     TXT         631 96-11-13   14:57
       17 個           217,010 バイトのファイルがあります
                    18,513,920 バイトが使用可能です


The US release has nine unused WAV files in the root of its filesystem. They are 10 second-ish samples of music from the PC version's Redbook audio, with the final seconds being the intro to the next audio clip in the sequence.

Music sample Title (PC) Description
I can Clip of the music from the 'Game Over' FMV.
Ode to Joy Beethoven's Ode to Joy. Used in the PC version for 'We Love the King' days. There's no associated sound in the PlayStation version.
Tenochtitlan Revealed Slightly different version of the music to the 'game setup' process.
Harvest of the Nile Oriental sounding music.
Aristotle's Pupil Again, a slightly different version of game music. BGM 1 this time but with added inflections.
Good stuff A Fanfare.
Gautama Ponders More drums.
Hammurabi's Code
The Shining Path BGM 4, again with slight differences.

The PAL release removes these files and adds Empty.da, a 3:02 wav file of complete silence.

Regional Differences

Map Backgrounds

Japan PAL
Civ2PsxJapScreen.png Civ2PsxPalScreen.png

The Japanese version features busier map backgrounds to choose from, and the main UI panels have both a top and a bottom as opposed to the other versions where they only have sides.

Game Text

The game text was edited for the PAL version to include contractions and remove some unnecessary verbiage. Some dialog was also made wider.

US text examples:

"So be it! We will gladly crush the %STRING4 for you!"
"So be it! Let us teach the %STRING4 a lesson!"
^^Checking Memory Card.
^^Please do not remove the Memory Card.
@title=Civilopedia: Civilization Advances

PAL alternatives (the 'Letss' is a typo resulting from the editing):

"So be it! We'll gladly crush the %STRING4 for you!"
"So be it! Letss teach the %STRING4 a lesson!"
^^Checking Memory Card.
^^Please do not remove.
@title=Civilopedia: Civilization Advances