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Clock Tower (SNES)

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Title Screen

Clock Tower

Developer: Human Entertainment
Publishers: Human Entertainment
Platform: SNES
Released in JP: September 14, 1995

AnimationsIcon.png This game has unused animations.
DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ItemsIcon.png This game has unused items.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.

NotesIcon.png This game has a notes page

Clock Tower is the first entry of the successful series and the only one to never be released outside Japan (along with its 1997 PlayStation port Clock Tower: The First Fear). Luckily, an English fan translation is available.

Unused Text

To do:
Find and add the original unused Japanese text.
Japanese English Translation
179: Looks like a dagger.
180: Picked up a dagger.
180: A dagger shone faintly.
307: Picked up a dagger.

As the green dagger was removed (see below), all the related text goes unused.

Japanese English Translation
270: Something grabbed my arm!

A single line that never shows up.

Japanese English Translation
412: I'm trapped...
413: This game of tag is over!

Two more lines that could fit anywhere, actually.

Development/ Debug strings

There are various text strings from development left in the ROM.


Some error messages for trying to load an invalid portrait or cinematic image.

INPUT (0-15)
Right after the MULTI5 text comes the content displayed on this screen:

ClockTower SNES RegionError.png


Unused Graphics

HUD Elements

Clock Tower Jennifer Portrait.png

There's one unused portrait of a rather distressed Jennifer. The background color is fully capable of changing depending on Jennifer's life, like all others. It can be brought back with Pro Action Replay code 7FCA4709. This portrait appears in the PlayStation port if Jennifer drinks from the cupboard in the kitchen and the drink knocks her out.

Clock Tower Dagger.png

This green dagger can't be found anywhere in the mansion, and it was part of a removed puzzle (read below). Can be brought back with PAR code 7E132306, but does not interact with anything. When equipped, it's named "青銅の短剣" (bronze dagger).

ClockTower SNES UnusedKey.PNG

This unused key sprite is only found in the SNES version. Since the item tiles and item IDs are in the same order, one can assume that this is the "Ceremony Key", which comes after the "Copper Key" in the list. The four keys that normally don't show up in the inventory can all be placed there by hacking. However, all of them will display some unrelated tiles instead of a valid sprite.

ClockTower SNES ElevatorDown.PNG

As the elevator only goes up, this tile is never seen.


ClockTower SNES BobbyStairs Animated.gif

Bobby has a whole bunch of animations for climbing stairs that are ready to be used. Some of them show him turning to the second part of the staircase. However, when Bobby is chasing the player in the game, he will never climb any stairs. Instead, he walks back and forth, trying to follow the player on his current level.

ClockTower SNES JenStairsRun Animated.gif

Jennifer also has some unused stair animations. She should be able to run up and down stairs but there is no way to make that happen. Not only would it be more convenient when you're running between places, it also makes more sense when she is being chased if she keeps running instead of slowing down and walking casually up the stairs.

ClockTower SNES JenniferNoAnim.PNG ClockTower SNES BobbyNoAnim.PNG

These sprites are not included in any animation and are likely never loaded any other way either.

ClockTower SNES FriendsUnused.PNG

Each one of Jennifer's friends have an unused front-facing sprite.

ClockTower SNES NotUseSign2.PNG

Two "NOT USE" signs are found among Jennifer's graphics. The second one has a transparent background. The purpose of these tiles is to fill sprite slots where the sprite that previously occupied it was removed. One example is a discarded frame in one of the running animations, where one of these signs would remind the developer that this sprite should be excluded when the animation is created.

Room objects

ClockTower SNES UnusedMirror Animated.gif

The mirror in the first bedroom has a shattering animation that goes unused in the SNES version of the game. It is fully implemented in later ports.

ClockTower SNES Trophy Animated.gif

This trophy has an unused howling animation. A matching sound will occasionally play in the trophy room but the animation itself is never executed. In the PlayStation port, this head is part of the background just like the others around it, meaning it's no longer supposed to move at all.

ClockTower SNES BrainJar Animated.gif

This jar, found in the same room, is meant to be animated but will instead remain static in this version of the game.

ClockTower SNES ShiningDagger Animated.gif

The green dagger, as it would appear in the room.

ClockTower SNES DollUnused.PNG

This doll was apparently supposed to fly into the back of the room and then return. The left part shows an unused animation where the first four sprites are unique. The back-facing sprites to the right weren't added into any of the game's animations.

ClockTower SNES ParrotNoAnim.PNG

The parrot has four sprites facing away from the camera that aren't used in any of its animations.

In addition to this, it has seven unused animations, two of which are exact duplicates. It's clear that some of the bird's actions aren't fully implemented as it's never animated while inside the cage, even when it's helping Bobby find the player.

ClockTower SNES AnimalCages Animated.gif

The rat and crow cages were supposed to be animated when being opened by the player, but these animations never get used.

ClockTower SNES PhoneRmCloset.PNG ClockTower SNES PhoneRmClosetOpen.gif ClockTower SNES PhoneRmClosetHole.gif

The closet in the phone room has some unused animations. Since there is no animation in which the doors close again, this should probably have been one of those traps where Bobby might jump out when you enter the room or when you examine the doors. If he doesn't, you would open the door and look inside. You can't interact with the closet at all, so the only sprite that gets used here is the one where the doors are closed.

ClockTower SNES PhoneRmPicture.PNG

This painting was found among the sprites that belong in the phone room. The palette used here gets loaded when you enter that room and isn't used by anything else.

Used Unused
ClockTower SNES MuralShelf.PNG ClockTower SNES MuralShelfUnused.PNG

The shelf in the middle of the mural room looks the same as the one in the library, except it has its own palette. There is a slightly different version made for the mural room that doesn't get used. The upper part has been redrawn and it lacks a shadow and as such wouldn't match the animation where it tips over, which is probably why they had to use the other sprite instead.

ClockTower SNES StorCanUnused.PNG

This may have been the sprite used when the insecticide can is thrown and stops rolling around but in the final game it stops at a different angle and this sprite won't show up.

ClockTower SNES CerVaseUnused.PNG

The vase and flower in the ceremony room once consisted of these two separate sprites. They have since been replaced by a single sprite (using the same tiles) instead. The room still loads two sprite objects at the same spot but the second one doesn't display anything.

ClockTower SNES DoorsUnused.PNG

The doors' opening animations don't include their closed state and since most door sprites won't appear in the room until the animation starts, these sprites are never seen.

Cut Animation Frames

ClockTower SNES StorBoxUnused.PNG

This box in the storage room is never fully opened, so these sprites go unused. Some other sprites also have this sort of garbage on the last animation frame, but in this case it would be covered by the shelf that's next to it.

ClockTower SNES HoleUnused.PNG

This one would be in the middle of the wall's crumbling animation, but the animation probably looks better without it.

ClockTower SNES DollCutFrame.PNG

This sprite was excluded from the doll's floating animation.

ClockTower SNES SwitchesUnused.PNG

These two sprites are skipped in the animation where you flip the switches, leaving out the halfway down state for both of them.

Sprites with Unknown Palettes

It's hard to guess which palettes these unused sprites should use or if they even have one anywhere in the ROM, so these will be shown using a simple grayscale palette.

ClockTower SNES BedroomLamp.PNG

A lamp that should have been in the first bedroom.

Used Unused
ClockTower SNES ShowerLaura.PNG ClockTower SNES ShowerVictimUnused.PNG

One of the sprites for the first bathroom looks like an early version of Laura hanging in the shower.

ClockTower SNES ShowerHead.PNG

There's also a shower head sprite that's not used in the final game.

ClockTower SNES Mouse.PNG

A mouse. There's an animation where it moves around a bit.

ClockTower SNES PhoneClothes.PNG

A piece of clothing found among the phone room sprites. There's a pole inside the closet that it could have been hanging from.

ClockTower SNES UnusedShelves.PNG

The very last sprites and animations in the game are for the mural room. It was probably finished near the end of development and might originally have been designed differently. These shelves wouldn't fit anywhere in the room's final layout and there are graphical issues with both of them. The left one is so large that one tile will always be flickering and the right one is using the tiles of some other room objects.

ClockTower SNES MusicPlaceholder.PNG

This sprite belongs to the music room, but is obviously just a placeholder.

Covered Graphics

Clock Tower Dan Bed.png

While not really unused, Dan Barrows fully covers this huge pillow/nest/bed thing which - contrary to most of the game's graphic interacting with sprites - is actually fully present.

Clock Tower No Rocks.png

The dead-end hallways have another window behind the pile of rocks and not much else.


ClockTower SNES ShedObject.PNG

This object is placed inside the shed but you can't do anything with it. It's not there in the newer versions of the game, so whatever event it was associated with never got finished.

The Cut Room

One of the rooms whose placement is randomized at the start of the game is never accessible. The door to this room is not even selectable. As the above information about the mural room may tell, the developers couldn't finish all the rooms in time and as this one would be less important than the aforementioned room, it was left out completely.

The PlayStation version adds a new bedroom to fill this slot. As it's pretty much just an edited version of the first bedroom, it's uncertain whether that was the original idea.

Unused Enemy

Sometimes, Jennifer might find a corpse inside a closet in the Trophy Room. There are two more pictures that go unused, showing the corpse coming back to life. In the Windows 95 and PlayStation versions, this zombie was put back in as a new enemy that chases you around until you put her to rest with the also-originally-unused green dagger, and thus obtaining the cage key off the body instead of finding it laying around.

On a side note, the "A dagger shone faintly." text shows that the dagger's location was fully conceived as it will later appear in the ports, as you can only find it once you turn off the light in a room and see it shining.

Interactive Machine Room

If you use the Pro Action Replay code 7FCF3D2E and go into any room (preferably a small one) you can get into the clock tower's machine room and walk around freely.

You can climb between the two areas (although Jennifer will be climbing beside the ladder when she enters the top area on the way up). The elevator acts like a wall, but you can get past it by running into it.

Since the ending plays mostly automatically, there is nothing to click on and you can't exit through the opening to the left.

Unused Sounds

While not technically unused, the sound that the parrot makes is slightly sped-up and played with a higher pitch in-game. The original sound effect is a crystal-clear "I'll kill you."

There's some kind of animal sound that could be related to the trophy room. It sounds somewhat similar to the sound that plays in there every now and then.

Traces of Debug Menus

This is the content of two debug menus, copied onto the region error screen. The real, functional menus have not been found.