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Development:Pokémon Gold and Silver/Sprites/980506

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This is a sub-page of Development:Pokémon Gold and Silver/Sprites.

A collection of sprites found in an internal backup dated May 6, 1998. Quite an odd bunch, all things considered, as this archive features some updated Spaceworld '97 sprites along with many cut Pokémon that have not been seen elsewhere to date. No additional data for the "new" scrapped Pokémon - names (with one exception), move data, stats, evolutionary data, etc. - is available. The first 151 Pokémon match the Pokédex order, while the others are listed like an internal index order.

Early sprites for Yellow were also found in this folder, and can be seen here.

Original 151

Virtually all sprites here are identical to the ones from the Spaceworld '97 demo, and as such the table below will only make note of differences that exist between these sprites and the ones seen in that build.

Internal # English Name Back Sprite Front Sprite Final (JP) Japanese Name Notes
1 Bulbasaur PM2B 001.png PM2F 001.png PokeGoldFinal-back 001.png PokeGoldFinal-front 001.png フシギダネ
2 Ivysaur PM2B 002.png PM2F 002.png PokeGoldFinal-back 002.png PokeGoldFinal-front 002.png フシギソウ
3 Venusaur PM2B 003.png PM2F 003.png PokeGoldFinal-back 003.png PokeGoldFinal-front 003.png フシギバナ
4 Charmander PM2B 004.png PM2F 004.png PokeGoldFinal-back 004.png PokeGoldFinal-front 004.png ヒトカゲ
5 Charmeleon PM2B 005.png PM2F 005.png PokeGoldFinal-back 005.png PokeGoldFinal-front 005.png リザード
6 Charizard PM2B 006.png PM2F 006.png PokeGoldFinal-back 006.png PokeGoldFinal-front 006.png リザードン
7 Squirtle PM2B 007.png PM2F 007.png PokeGoldFinal-back 007.png PokeGoldFinal-front 007.png ゼニガメ
8 Wartortle PM2B 008.png PM2F 008.png PokeGoldFinal-back 008.png PokeGoldFinal-front 008.png カメール
9 Blastoise PM2B 009.png PM2F 009.png PokeGoldFinal-back 009.png PokeGoldFinal-front 009.png カメックス
10 Caterpie PM2B 010.png PM2F 010.png PokeGoldFinal-back 010.png PokeGoldFinal-front 010.png キャタピー
11 Metapod PM2B 011.png PM2F 011.png PokeGoldFinal-back 011.png PokeGoldFinal-front 011.png トランセル
12 Butterfree PM2B 012.png PM2F 012.png PokeGoldFinal-back 012.png PokeGoldFinal-front 012.png バタフリー
Different front sprite, with smaller antennae and larger lower wings.
13 Weedle PM2B 013.png PM2F 013.png PokeGoldFinal-back 013.png PokeGoldFinal-front 013.png ビードル
14 Kakuna PM2B 014.png PM2F 014.png PokeGoldFinal-back 014.png PokeGoldFinal-front 014.png コクーン
15 Beedrill PM2B 015.png PM2F 015.png PokeGoldFinal-back 015.png PokeGoldFinal-front 015.png スピアー
16 Pidgey PM2B 016.png PM2F 016.png PokeGoldFinal-back 016.png PokeGoldFinal-front 016.png ポッポ
17 Pidgeotto PM2B 017.png PM2F 017.png PokeGoldFinal-back 017.png PokeGoldFinal-front 017.png ピジョン
18 Pidgeot PM2B 018.png PM2F 018.png PokeGoldFinal-back 018.png PokeGoldFinal-front 018.png ピジョット
19 Rattata PM2B 019.png PM2F 019.png PokeGoldFinal-back 019.png PokeGoldFinal-front 019.png コラッタ
20 Raticate PM2B 020.png PM2F 020.png PokeGoldFinal-back 020.png PokeGoldFinal-front 020.png ラッタ
21 Spearow PM2B 021.png PM2F 021.png PokeGoldFinal-back 021.png PokeGoldFinal-front 021.png オニスズメ
22 Fearow PM2B 022.png PM2F 022.png PokeGoldFinal-back 022.png PokeGoldFinal-front 022.png オニドリル
23 Ekans PM2B 023.png PM2F 023.png PokeGoldFinal-back 023.png PokeGoldFinal-front 023.png アーボ
24 Arbok PM2B 024.png PM2F 024.png PokeGoldFinal-back 024.png PokeGoldFinal-front 024.png アーボック
25 Pikachu PM2B 025.png PM2F 025.png PokeGoldFinal-back 025.png PokeGoldFinal-front 025.png ピカチュウ
26 Raichu PM2B 026.png PM2F 026.png PokeGoldFinal-back 026.png PokeGoldFinal-front 026.png ライチュウ
27 Sandshrew PM2B 027.png PM2F 027.png PokeGoldFinal-back 027.png PokeGoldFinal-front 027.png サンド
28 Sandslash PM2B 028.png PM2F 028.png PokeGoldFinal-back 028.png PokeGoldFinal-front 028.png サンドパン
29 Nidoran♀ PM2B 029.png PM2F 029.png PokeGoldFinal-back 029.png PokeGoldFinal-front 029.png ニドラン♀
30 Nidorina PM2B 030.png PM2F 030.png PokeGoldFinal-back 030.png PokeGoldFinal-front 030.png ニドリーナ
31 Nidoqueen PM2B 031.png PM2F 031.png PokeGoldFinal-back 031.png PokeGoldFinal-front 031.png ニドクイン
32 Nidoran♂ PM2B 032.png PM2F 032.png PokeGoldFinal-back 032.png PokeGoldFinal-front 032.png ニドラン♂
33 Nidorino PM2B 033.png PM2F 033.png PokeGoldFinal-back 033.png PokeGoldFinal-front 033.png ニドリーノ
34 Nidoking PM2B 034.png PM2F 034.png PokeGoldFinal-back 034.png PokeGoldFinal-front 034.png ニドキング
35 Clefairy PM2B 035.png PM2F 035.png PokeGoldFinal-back 035.png PokeGoldFinal-front 035.png ピッピ
36 Clefable PM2B 036.png PM2F 036.png PokeGoldFinal-back 036.png PokeGoldFinal-front 036.png ピクシー
37 Vulpix PM2B 037.png PM2F 037.png PokeGoldFinal-back 037.png PokeGoldFinal-front 037.png ロコン
38 Ninetales PM2B 038.png PM2F 038.png PokeGoldFinal-back 038.png PokeGoldFinal-front 038.png キュウコン
39 Jigglypuff PM2B 039.png PM2F 039.png PokeGoldFinal-back 039.png PokeGoldFinal-front 039.png プリン
40 Wigglytuff PM2B 040.png PM2F 040.png PokeGoldFinal-back 040.png PokeGoldFinal-front 040.png プクリン
41 Zubat PM2B 041.png PM2F 041.png PokeGoldFinal-back 041.png PokeGoldFinal-front 041.png ズバット
42 Golbat PM2B 042.png PM2F 042.png PokeGoldFinal-back 042.png PokeGoldFinal-front 042.png ゴルバット
43 Oddish PM2B 043.png PM2F 043.png PokeGoldFinal-back 043.png PokeGoldFinal-front 043.png ナゾノクサ
Different back sprite, with a new pose resembling its Blue front sprite.
44 Gloom PM2B 044.png PM2F 044.png PokeGoldFinal-back 044.png PokeGoldFinal-front 044.png クサイハナ
Different back sprite, with a different pose.
45 Vileplume PM2B 045.png PM2F 045.png PokeGoldFinal-back 045.png PokeGoldFinal-front 045.png ラフレシア
46 Paras PM2B 046.png PM2F 046.png PokeGoldFinal-back 046.png PokeGoldFinal-front 046.png パラス
47 Parasect PM2B 047.png PM2F 047.png PokeGoldFinal-back 047.png PokeGoldFinal-front 047.png パラセクト
48 Venonat PM2B 048.png PM2F 048.png PokeGoldFinal-back 048.png PokeGoldFinal-front 048.png コンパン
49 Venomoth PM2B 049.png PM2F 049.png PokeGoldFinal-back 049.png PokeGoldFinal-front 049.png モルフォン
50 Diglett PM2B 050.png PM2F 050.png PokeGoldFinal-back 050.png PokeGoldFinal-front 050.png ディグダ
51 Dugtrio PM2B 051.png PM2F 051.png PokeGoldFinal-back 051.png PokeGoldFinal-front 051.png ダグトリオ
52 Meowth PM2B 052.png PM2F 052.png PokeGoldFinal-back 052.png PokeGoldFinal-front 052.png ニャース
53 Persian PM2B 053.png PM2F 053.png PokeGoldFinal-back 053.png PokeGoldFinal-front 053.png ぺルシアン
54 Psyduck PM2B 054.png PM2F 054.png PokeGoldFinal-back 054.png PokeGoldFinal-front 054.png コダック
55 Golduck PM2B 055.png PM2F 055.png PokeGoldFinal-back 055.png PokeGoldFinal-front 055.png ゴルダック
56 Mankey PM2B 056.png PM2F 056.png PokeGoldFinal-back 056.png PokeGoldFinal-front 056.png マンキー
57 Primeape PM2B 057.png PM2F 057.png PokeGoldFinal-back 057.png PokeGoldFinal-front 057.png オコリザル
58 Growlithe PM2B 058.png PM2F 058.png PokeGoldFinal-back 058.png PokeGoldFinal-front 058.png ガーディ
Unique sprites using the final game's poses. A more refined version from Spaceworld 97's, with both front and back sprites ultimately redrawn for the final game.
59 Arcanine PM2B 059.png PM2F 059.png PokeGoldFinal-back 059.png PokeGoldFinal-front 059.png ウインディ
Same as Growlithe.
60 Poliwag PM2B 060.png PM2F 060.png PokeGoldFinal-back 060.png PokeGoldFinal-front 060.png ニョロモ
61 Poliwhirl PM2B 061.png PM2F 061.png PokeGoldFinal-back 061.png PokeGoldFinal-front 061.png ニョロゾ
62 Poliwrath PM2B 062.png PM2F 062.png PokeGoldFinal-back 062.png PokeGoldFinal-front 062.png ニョロボン
63 Abra PM2B 063.png PM2F 063.png PokeGoldFinal-back 063.png PokeGoldFinal-front 063.png ケーシィ
Different front sprite, with a different pose.
64 Kadabra PM2B 064.png PM2F 064.png PokeGoldFinal-back 064.png PokeGoldFinal-front 064.png ユンゲラー
Different front sprite, being a less-refined version of the final sprite.
65 Alakazam PM2B 065.png PM2F 065.png PokeGoldFinal-back 065.png PokeGoldFinal-front 065.png フーディン
66 Machop PM2B 066.png PM2F 066.png PokeGoldFinal-back 066.png PokeGoldFinal-front 066.png ワンリキー
67 Machoke PM2B 067.png PM2F 067.png PokeGoldFinal-back 067.png PokeGoldFinal-front 067.png ゴーリキー
68 Machamp PM2B 068.png PM2F 068.png PokeGoldFinal-back 068.png PokeGoldFinal-front 068.png カイリキー
69 Bellsprout PM2B 069.png PM2F 069.png PokeGoldFinal-back 069.png PokeGoldFinal-front 069.png マダツボミ
Different back sprite, being based off of its front sprite.
70 Weepinbell PM2B 070.png PM2F 070.png PokeGoldFinal-back 070.png PokeGoldFinal-front 070.png ウツドン
Different back sprite, being a less-refined version of the final sprite.
71 Victreebel PM2B 071.png PM2F 071.png PokeGoldFinal-back 071.png PokeGoldFinal-front 071.png ウツボット
Different back sprite, being a less-refined version of the final sprite.
72 Tentacool PM2B 072.png PM2F 072.png PokeGoldFinal-back 072.png PokeGoldFinal-front 072.png メノクラゲ
73 Tentacruel PM2B 073.png PM2F 073.png PokeGoldFinal-back 073.png PokeGoldFinal-front 073.png ドククラゲ
74 Geodude PM2B 074.png PM2F 074.png PokeGoldFinal-back 074.png PokeGoldFinal-front 074.png イシツブテ
75 Graveler PM2B 075.png PM2F 075.png PokeGoldFinal-back 075.png PokeGoldFinal-front 075.png ゴローン
76 Golem PM2B 076.png PM2F 076.png PokeGoldFinal-back 076.png PokeGoldFinal-front 076.png ゴローニャ
77 Ponyta PM2B 077.png PM2F 077.png PokeGoldFinal-back 077.png PokeGoldFinal-front 077.png ポニータ
78 Rapidash PM2B 078.png PM2F 078.png PokeGoldFinal-back 078.png PokeGoldFinal-front 078.png ギャロップ
79 Slowpoke PM2B 079.png PM2F 079.png PokeGoldFinal-back 079.png PokeGoldFinal-front 079.png ヤドン
80 Slowbro PM2B 080.png PM2F 080.png PokeGoldFinal-back 080.png PokeGoldFinal-front 080.png ヤドラン
81 Magnemite PM2B 081.png PM2F 081.png PokeGoldFinal-back 081.png PokeGoldFinal-front 081.png コイル
82 Magneton PM2B 082.png PM2F 082.png PokeGoldFinal-back 082.png PokeGoldFinal-front 082.png レアコイル
83 Farfetch'd PM2B 083.png PM2F 083.png PokeGoldFinal-back 083.png PokeGoldFinal-front 083.png カモネギ
84 Doduo PM2B 084.png PM2F 084.png PokeGoldFinal-back 084.png PokeGoldFinal-front 084.png ドードー
85 Dodrio PM2B 085.png PM2F 085.png PokeGoldFinal-back 085.png PokeGoldFinal-front 085.png ドードリオ
Different back sprite, being a less refined version of the final sprite.
86 Seel PM2B 086.png PM2F 086.png PokeGoldFinal-back 086.png PokeGoldFinal-front 086.png パウワウ
87 Dewgong PM2B 087.png PM2F 087.png PokeGoldFinal-back 087.png PokeGoldFinal-front 087.png ジュゴン
88 Grimer PM2B 088.png PM2F 088.png PokeGoldFinal-back 088.png PokeGoldFinal-front 088.png べトべター
89 Muk PM2B 089.png PM2F 089.png PokeGoldFinal-back 089.png PokeGoldFinal-front 089.png べトべトン
90 Shellder PM2B 090.png PM2F 090.png PokeGoldFinal-back 090.png PokeGoldFinal-front 090.png シェルダー
91 Cloyster PM2B 091.png PM2F 091.png PokeGoldFinal-back 091.png PokeGoldFinal-front 091.png パルシェン
92 Gastly PM2B 092.png PM2F 092.png PokeGoldFinal-back 092.png PokeGoldFinal-front 092.png ゴース
93 Haunter PM2B 093.png PM2F 093.png PokeGoldFinal-back 093.png PokeGoldFinal-front 093.png ゴースト
94 Gengar PM2B 094.png PM2F 094.png PokeGoldFinal-back 094.png PokeGoldFinal-front 094.png ゲンガー
95 Onix PM2B 095.png PM2F 095.png PokeGoldFinal-back 095.png PokeGoldFinal-front 095.png イワーク
96 Drowzee PM2B 096.png PM2F 096.png PokeGoldFinal-back 096.png PokeGoldFinal-front 096.png スリープ
97 Hypno PM2B 097.png PM2F 097.png PokeGoldFinal-back 097.png PokeGoldFinal-front 097.png スリーパー
98 Krabby PM2B 098.png PM2F 098.png PokeGoldFinal-back 098.png PokeGoldFinal-front 098.png クラブ
99 Kingler PM2B 099.png PM2F 099.png PokeGoldFinal-back 099.png PokeGoldFinal-front 099.png キングラー
100 Voltorb PM2B 100.png PM2F 100.png PokeGoldFinal-back 100.png PokeGoldFinal-front 100.png ビリリダマ
101 Electrode PM2B 101.png PM2F 101.png PokeGoldFinal-back 101.png PokeGoldFinal-front 101.png マルマイン
102 Exeggcute PM2B 102.png PM2F 102.png PokeGoldFinal-back 102.png PokeGoldFinal-front 102.png タマタマ
103 Exeggutor PM2B 103.png PM2F 103.png PokeGoldFinal-back 103.png PokeGoldFinal-front 103.png ナッシー
104 Cubone PM2B 104.png PM2F 104.png PokeGoldFinal-back 104.png PokeGoldFinal-front 104.png カラカラ
105 Marowak PM2B 105.png PM2F 105.png PokeGoldFinal-back 105.png PokeGoldFinal-front 105.png ガラガラ
106 Hitmonlee PM2B 106.png PM2F 106.png PokeGoldFinal-back 106.png PokeGoldFinal-front 106.png サワムラー
107 Hitmonchan PM2B 107.png PM2F 107.png PokeGoldFinal-back 107.png PokeGoldFinal-front 107.png エビワラー
108 Lickitung PM2B 108.png PM2F 108.png PokeGoldFinal-back 108.png PokeGoldFinal-front 108.png べロリンガ
109 Koffing PM2B 109.png PM2F 109.png PokeGoldFinal-back 109.png PokeGoldFinal-front 109.png ドガース
110 Weezing PM2B 110.png PM2F 110.png PokeGoldFinal-back 110.png PokeGoldFinal-front 110.png マタドガス
111 Rhyhorn PM2B 111.png PM2F 111.png PokeGoldFinal-back 111.png PokeGoldFinal-front 111.png サイホーン
112 Rhydon PM2B 112.png PM2F 112.png PokeGoldFinal-back 112.png PokeGoldFinal-front 112.png サイドン
113 Chansey PM2B 113.png PM2F 113.png PokeGoldFinal-back 113.png PokeGoldFinal-front 113.png ラッキー
114 Tangela PM2B 114.png PM2F 114.png PokeGoldFinal-back 114.png PokeGoldFinal-front 114.png モンジャラ
115 Kangaskhan PM2B 115.png PM2F 115.png PokeGoldFinal-back 115.png PokeGoldFinal-front 115.png ガルーラ
116 Horsea PM2B 116.png PM2F 116.png PokeGoldFinal-back 116.png PokeGoldFinal-front 116.png タッツー
117 Seadra PM2B 117.png PM2F 117.png PokeGoldFinal-back 117.png PokeGoldFinal-front 117.png シードラ
Different front sprite, being a less refined version of the final Gold sprite, only flipped horizontally.
118 Goldeen PM2B 118.png PM2F 118.png PokeGoldFinal-back 118.png PokeGoldFinal-front 118.png トサキント
Different back sprite, being a less refined version of the final sprite.
119 Seaking PM2B 119.png PM2F 119.png PokeGoldFinal-back 119.png PokeGoldFinal-front 119.png アズマオウ
Different back sprite, being a less refined version of the final sprite.
120 Staryu PM2B 120.png PM2F 120.png PokeGoldFinal-back 120.png PokeGoldFinal-front 120.png ヒトデマン
121 Starmie PM2B 121.png PM2F 121.png PokeGoldFinal-back 121.png PokeGoldFinal-front 121.png スターミー
122 Mr.Mime PM2B 122.png PM2F 122.png PokeGoldFinal-back 122.png PokeGoldFinal-front 122.png バリヤード
123 Scyther PM2B 123.png PM2F 123.png PokeGoldFinal-back 123.png PokeGoldFinal-front 123.png ストライク
124 Jynx PM2B 124.png PM2F 124.png Pokemon GSC (J) (SGB, GBC) Jynx back.png Pokemon Gold (J) (SGB, GBC) Jynx.png ルージュラ
125 Electabuzz PM2B 125.png PM2F 125.png PokeGoldFinal-back 125.png PokeGoldFinal-front 125.png エレブー
126 Magmar PM2B 126.png PM2F 126.png PokeGoldFinal-back 126.png PokeGoldFinal-front 126.png ブーバー
Different front sprite, with a different pose.
127 Pinsir PM2B 127.png PM2F 127.png Pokemon Gold and Silver (J) Pinsir back.png PokeGoldFinal-front 127.png カイロス
128 Tauros PM2B 128.png PM2F 128.png PokeGoldFinal-back 128.png PokeGoldFinal-front 128.png ケンタロス
Different front sprite, with it seemingly inspiring Tauros' Yellow sprite.
129 Magikarp PM2B 129.png PM2F 129.png PokeGoldFinal-back 129.png PokeGoldFinal-front 129.png コイキング
130 Gyarados PM2B 130.png PM2F 130.png PokeGoldFinal-back 130.png PokeGoldFinal-front 130.png ギャラドス
131 Lapras PM2B 131.png PM2F 131.png PokeGoldFinal-back 131.png PokeGoldFinal-front 131.png ラプラス
132 Ditto PM2B 132.png PM2F 132.png PokeGoldFinal-back 132.png PokeGoldFinal-front 132.png メタモン
Stray pixels near the face.
133 Eevee PM2B 133.png PM2F 133.png PokeGoldFinal-back 133.png PokeGoldFinal-front 133.png イーブイ
134 Vaporeon PM2B 134.png PM2F 134.png PokeGoldFinal-back 134.png PokeGoldFinal-front 134.png シャワーズ
135 Jolteon PM2B 135.png PM2F 135.png PokeGoldFinal-back 135.png PokeGoldFinal-front 135.png サンダース
136 Flareon PM2B 136.png PM2F 136.png PokeGoldFinal-back 136.png PokeGoldFinal-front 136.png ブースター
137 Porygon PM2B 137.png PM2F 137.png PokeGoldFinal-back 137.png PokeGoldFinal-front 137.png ポリゴン
138 Omanyte PM2B 138.png PM2F 138.png PokeGoldFinal-back 138.png PokeGoldFinal-front 138.png オムナイト
Different front sprite, being a less refined version of the final sprite.
139 Omastar PM2B 139.png PM2F 139.png PokeGoldFinal-back 139.png PokeGoldFinal-front 139.png オムスター
Different front sprite, being a less refined version of the final Gold sprite, only flipped horizontally.
140 Kabuto PM2B 140.png PM2F 140.png PokeGoldFinal-back 140.png PokeGoldFinal-front 140.png カブト
141 Kabutops PM2B 141.png PM2F 141.png PokeGoldFinal-back 141.png PokeGoldFinal-front 141.png カブトプス
142 Aerodactyl PM2B 142.png PM2F 142.png PokeGoldFinal-back 142.png PokeGoldFinal-front 142.png プテラ
143 Snorlax PM2B 143.png PM2F 143.png PokeGoldFinal-back 143.png PokeGoldFinal-front 143.png カビゴン
144 Articuno PM2B 144.png PM2F 144.png PokeGoldFinal-back 144.png PokeGoldFinal-front 144.png フリーザー
Different front sprite, with a different pose.
145 Zapdos PM2B 145.png PM2F 145.png PokeGoldFinal-back 145.png PokeGoldFinal-front 145.png サンダー
146 Moltres PM2B 146.png PM2F 146.png PokeGoldFinal-back 146.png PokeGoldFinal-front 146.png ファイヤー
Different front sprite, with a different pose.
147 Dratini PM2B 147.png PM2F 147.png PokeGoldFinal-back 147.png PokeGoldFinal-front 147.png ミニリュウ
148 Dragonair PM2B 148.png PM2F 148.png PokeGoldFinal-back 148.png PokeGoldFinal-front 148.png ハクリュー
149 Dragonite PM2B 149.png PM2F 149.png PokeGoldFinal-back 149.png PokeGoldFinal-front 149.png カイリュー
150 Mewtwo PM2B 150.png PM2F 150.png PokeGoldFinal-back 150.png PokeGoldFinal-front 150.png ミュウツー
151 Mew PM2B 151.png PM2F 151.png PokeGoldFinal-back 151.png PokeGoldFinal-front 151.png ミュウ

Sprites 300-448

Notable for containing many Pokémon designs that were never otherwise seen publicly. Despite the archive's May '98 date, some (though likely not all) of these may actually predate Spaceworld '97. To make things even more puzzling, the index order for these designs starts at 300 for some unknown reason. When it comes to the new Pokémon introduced in the SW97 demo, their sprites here are identical to the ones from that build unless noted otherwise.

Interesting here is the inclusion of Stantler (who was not in the SW97 demo), a pretty much finalized Elekid, and earlier iterations of Cyndaquil, Dunsparce, and Celebi (alongside possible precursors to Furret, Pineco, Sunkern, and perhaps even Gligar).

Internal # English Name Front Sprite Back Sprite Final (JP) Japanese Name Notes
300 Celebi PM2B 300.png PM2F 300.png PokeGoldFinal-back 251.png PokeGoldFinal-front 251.png セレビィ
A pitch-black humanoid silhouette with three tufts of hair playing the flute, evidently based on Kokopelli, a fertility deity in some Native American cultures. Given its inspiration and its resemblance to Celebi's design in the Spaceworld '99 demo, it's safe to assume that this Pokémon was ultimately reworked into Celebi.
301 . PM2B 301.png PM2F 301.png . . . A long, white, eel-like creature with bulging eyes. Seemingly intended to be a pre-evolution for Gurotesu (302) given the close positioning and design, with real-life immature eels also being colorless. Interestingly, in the Spaceworld '97 demo Gurotesu evolved from Ikari (303), itself the evolution of Manbō 1 (354). However, as seen with Manbō 1, the designers seem to have cobbled together members of different lines into a singular, ill-fitting family.

Generation V would later introduce the Tynamo line, which is also based on eels.
302 . PM2B 302.png PM2F 302.png . . グロテス
Was present in the Spaceworld '97 demo.
303 . PM2B 303.png PM2F 303.png . . イカリ
Was present in the Spaceworld '97 demo.
304 . PM2B 304.png PM2F 304.png . . . A fox-like Pokémon with a fiery tail similar to Chimchar's. Bears some resemblance to Fennekin.
305 . PM2B 305.png PM2F 305.png . . . A small white round creature with two feet and a happy face.
306 . PM2B 306.png PM2F 306.png . . . Appears to be an evolution for 305. Seems to be based on the "Yuki Usagi", a traditional Japanese snowman built in the shape of a bunny. Given its appearance and the fact that Yuki Usagi also comes as a type of dessert, it's possible this Pokémon is a reworking of Pikachu's original Daifuku-like design.
307 . PM2B 307.png PM2F 307.png . . . Appears to be an evolution for 306. Has a more pear-shaped body, lacking the "bunny" look in its feet, and having long "leaf hair" instead of ears. It doesn't resemble a snowman at all, and so its true design basis may not be as straightforward as originally envisioned.

It's possible that 305 and 306 were actually envisioned as fruits, which would make sense as berries are already used when making a Yuki Usagi. Thus, here we would have a larger fruit, though one with a few tree-like characteristics.
308 . PM2B 308.png PM2F 308.png . . . Most likely a split evolution for 306, with it resembling a weeping willow-like tree. If the previous hypothesis is correct, then here we have a fruit actually fully maturing into a tree.
309 . PM2B 309.png PM2F 309.png . . . A large elephant Pokémon with forked tusks and spikes on its head and back. Possibly related to a similar-looking back sprite for an elephant Pokémon intended for Red and Green.
310 Natu PM2B 310.png PM2F 310.png PokeGoldFinal-back 177.png PokeGoldFinal-front 177.png ネイティ
311 . PM2B 311.png PM2F 311.png . . . Appears to be a mid-stage bridging Natu and Xatu. Looks distinctly more like a peacock, with face markings that are present on neither of its evolutionary relatives. Also features an eye marking on its back, much like the one Xatu had in its Spaceworld '97 design.
312 Xatu PM2B 312.png PM2F 312.png PokeGoldFinal-back 178.png PokeGoldFinal-front 178.png ネイティオ
313 . PM2B 313.png PM2F 313.png . . . A crooked-looking spotted kiwi bird Pokémon.
314 . PM2B 314.png PM2F 314.png . . . A cyclop scorpion Pokémon which shares some interesting similarities with the Scorpion enemy from Dragon Quest. Likely went on to inspire Gen IV's Skorupi, or even more directly Gligar, another scorpion-inspired Pokémon introduced in Gen II.
315 . PM2B 315.png PM2F 315.png . . . A small, egg-shaped quail-like bird Pokémon with a curly black tuft of hair, a black belly patch, small cheeks, and a nubby tail.
316 . PM2B 316.png PM2F 316.png . . . A bird Pokémon shaped like a g-clef with small wings and a duck-like head. Was perhaps also inspired by brass instruments. Possibly went on to inspire Chatot, who is also a music-themed bird Pokémon, with its crest styled after an eighth note, and its tail a metronome.
317 . PM2B 317.png PM2F 317.png . . . Definitely related to Qwilfish. Likely an early design for Shibirefugu (446), its evolution in the Spaceworld '97 demo.
318 Quagsire PM2B 318.png PM2F 318.png PokeGoldFinal-back 195.png PokeGoldFinal-front 195.png ミズウオ
319 . PM2B 319.png PM2F 319.png . . . A boar-like Pokémon with antlers, a hybrid of two common woodland creatures.
320 Sneasel PM2B 320.png PM2F 320.png Pokemon Gold (J) Sneasel.png Pokemon Gold and Silver (J) Sneasel back.png ニューラ
321 Ampharos PM2B 321.png PM2F 321.png PokeGoldFinal-back 181.png PokeGoldFinal-front 181.png デンリュウ
322 Marill PM2B 322.png PM2F 322.png PokeGoldFinal-back 183.png PokeGoldFinal-front 183.png マリル
323 Aipom PM2B 323.png PM2F 323.png PokeGoldFinal-back 190.png Pokemon Gold (J) Aipom.png テイル
324 . PM2B 324.png PM2F 324.png . . キョンパン
Was present in the Spaceworld '97 demo.
325 . PM2B 325.png PM2F 325.png . . . Definitely related to Growlithe. Likely an early design for Pudi (431), its evolution in the Spaceworld '97 demo. Interestingly has a horn on its forehead, which makes sense given how kirins are usually depicted with horns, though neither Growlithe nor Arcanine have one (disregarding their much later Hisuian variants).
326 Politoed PM2B 326.png PM2F 326.png Pokemon Gold and Silver (J) Politoed back.png PokeGoldFinal-front 186.png ニョロトノ
327 . PM2B 327.png PM2F 327.png . . ノロワラ
Was present in the Spaceworld '97 demo.
328 Hoppip PM2B 328.png PM2F 328.png PokeGoldFinal-back 187.png PokeGoldFinal-front 187.png ハネッコ
329 Skiploom PM2B 329.png PM2F 329.png PokeGoldFinal-back 188.png PokeGoldFinal-front 188.png ポポネコ
330 Jumpluff PM2B 330.png PM2F 330.png PokeGoldFinal-back 189.png PokeGoldFinal-front 189.png ワタネコ
331 . PM2B 331.png PM2F 331.png . . . A beady-eyed ghost Pokémon wearing a hitakakushi and followed by two hitodama.
332 . PM2B 332.png PM2F 332.png . . コトラ
Was present in the Spaceworld '97 demo, and was originally intended for Red and Green.
333 . PM2B 333.png PM2F 333.png . . ライトラ
Was present in the Spaceworld '97 demo, and was originally intended for Red and Green.
334 Donphan PM2B 334.png PM2F 334.png PokeGoldFinal-back 232.png PokeGoldFinal-front 232.png ドンファン
335 Slowking PM2B 335.png PM2F 335.png PokeGoldFinal-back 199.png PokeGoldFinal-front 199.png ヤドキング
336 Girafarig PM2B 336.png PM2F 336.png Pokemon Gold and Silver (J) Girafarig back.png PokeGoldFinal-front 203.png キリンリ
337 Crobat PM2B 337.png PM2F 337.png PokeGoldFinal-back 169.png PokeGoldFinal-front 169.png エクシング
338 Stantler PM2B 338.png PM2F 338.png PokeGoldFinal-back 234.png Pokemon Gold (J) Stantler.png メジカ
Front sprite pose nearly identical to Gold final, but with an earlier antler design.
339 Qwilfish PM2B 339.png PM2F 339.png Pokemon Gold and Silver (J) Qwilfish back.png PokeGoldFinal-front 211.png プクー
340 Bayleef PM2B 340.png PM2F 340.png PokeGoldFinal-back 153.png PokeGoldFinal-front 153.png ハナモグ
341 Remoraid PM2B 341.png PM2F 341.png PokeGoldFinal-back 223.png PokeGoldFinal-front 223.png テッポウオ
342 . PM2B 342.png PM2F 342.png . . エレべビー
343 Elekid PM2B 343.png PM2F 343.png PokeGoldFinal-back 239.png PokeGoldFinal-front 239.png エレキッド
Coexists alongside its Spaceworld '97 equivalent, side by side no less. Front sprite is almost identical to Gold final, except for the horns, and coloration of the legs and feet being swapped. This Pokémon was likely being worked on particularly due to its slated appearance in the animated short Pikachu's Rescue Adventure.
344 . PM2B 344.png PM2F 344.png . . . A plesiosaur-like Pokémon bearing some resemblance to a Viking ship, its front half fittingly representing the figurehead.
345 Hoothoot PM2B 345.png PM2F 345.png PokeGoldFinal-back 163.png PokeGoldFinal-front 163.png ホーホー
346 Smeargle PM2B 346.png PM2F 346.png PokeGoldFinal-back 235.png PokeGoldFinal-front 235.png ぺインター
347 Ho-oh PM2B 347.png PM2F 347.png PokeGoldFinal-back 250.png PokeGoldFinal-front 250.png ホウオウ
Different front sprite from the Spaceworld '97 demo, with it identical to final aside from the shading.
348 Unown PM2B 348.png PM2F 348.png PokeGoldFinal-back 201.png PokeGoldFinal-front 201.png アンノーン
An earlier, lankier iteration of Unown A's sprites. The inclusion of these sprites is interesting, as the Spaceworld '97 sprites (which are identical to final) can be found in a separate part of this archive.
349 . PM2B 349.png PM2F 349.png . . . A large canine Pokémon with tusks and an imposing coat of shaggy fur. Likely inspired by the Tibetan Mastiff and other imposing dog breeds, and possibly by the Komainu.
350 . PM2B 350.png PM2F 350.png . . . A rather odd-looking rabbit-like Pokémon, possibly an early attempt at a "Pika-clone".
351 . PM2B 351.png PM2F 351.png . . . A snake Pokémon with large eyes, chest markings, and what appears to be Native American headdress-inspired head feathers. It could also be based on the Quetzalcoatl of Mesoamerican mythology, which was depicted with a similar feather crest.
352 . PM2B 352.png PM2F 352.png . . . Some sort of crane-like bird Pokémon wearing a conical hat and featuring what appears to be a scarecrow theme.
353 . PM2B 353.png PM2F 353.png . . . A gargoyle-like Pokémon with a long tail, two long feet, and a head fairly reminiscent of Aerodactyl's.
354 . PM2B 354.png PM2F 354.png . . マンボー1
Manbō 1
Was present in the Spaceworld '97 demo, where it evolved into Ikari (303) and then into Gurotesu (302). Here, it appears to have been given a completely different evolutionary line.
355 . PM2B 355.png PM2F 355.png . . . Apparent evolution of Manbō 1 (354).
356 . PM2B 356.png PM2F 356.png . . . Apparent evolution of 355.
357 . PM2B 357.png PM2F 357.png . . ホノオグマ
Was present in the Spaceworld '97 demo as the base stage Fire starter. This front sprite would later be redrawn as Teddiursa's for the Spaceworld '99 demo.
358 . PM2B 358.png PM2F 358.png . . ボルべアー
Was present in the Spaceworld '97 demo as the first stage Fire starter.
359 . PM2B 359.png PM2F 359.png . . ダイナべア
Was present in the Spaceworld '97 demo as the final stage Fire starter.
360 . PM2B 360.png PM2F 360.png . . . A stern-looking flying squirrel wearing a headband and a sheathed sword tied to its back. Appears to be styled after ninjas, as seen by the throwing star adorning its headband. The flying squirrel motif would ultimately be used for Sentret.
361 Meganium PM2B 361.png PM2F 361.png PokeGoldFinal-back 154.png PokeGoldFinal-front 154.png ハナリュウ
362 Miltank PM2B 362.png PM2F 362.png PokeGoldFinal-back 241.png PokeGoldFinal-front 241.png ミルタンク
363 Snubbull PM2B 363.png PM2F 363.png PokeGoldFinal-back 209.png PokeGoldFinal-front 209.png ブルー
364 Cyndaquil PM2B 364.png PM2F 364.png PokeGoldFinal-back 155.png PokeGoldFinal-front 155.png ヒノアラシ
Early Cyndaquil, before it became the base stage Fire starter. It doesn't even appear to have been a Fire-type at this point, with its spikes instead looking like icicles. The front sprite, aside from the spikes and shading, matches final.
365 . PM2B 365.png PM2F 365.png . . リンリン
Was present in the Spaceworld '97 demo.
366 . PM2B 366.png PM2F 366.png . . クルス
Was present in the Spaceworld '97 demo as the base stage Water starter.
367 . PM2B 367.png PM2F 367.png . . アクア
Was present in the Spaceworld '97 demo as the first stage Water starter.
368 . PM2B 368.png PM2F 368.png . . アクエリア
Was present in the Spaceworld '97 demo as the final stage Water starter.
369 Chikorita PM2B 369.png PM2F 369.png PokeGoldFinal-back 152.png PokeGoldFinal-front 152.png ハッパ
370 Raikou PM2B 370.png PM2F 370.png PokeGoldFinal-back 243.png PokeGoldFinal-front 243.png ライ
371 Entei PM2B 371.png PM2F 371.png PokeGoldFinal-back 244.png PokeGoldFinal-front 244.png エン
372 Suicune PM2B 372.png PM2F 372.png PokeGoldFinal-back 245.png PokeGoldFinal-front 245.png スイ
373 Skarmory PM2B 373.png PM2F 373.png PokeGoldFinal-back 227.png PokeGoldFinal-front 227.png ヨロイド
374 Delibird PM2B 374.png PM2F 374.png PokeGoldFinal-back 225.png PokeGoldFinal-front 225.png ギフト
375 Cleffa PM2B 375.png PM2F 375.png PokeGoldFinal-back 173.png PokeGoldFinal-front 173.png ピィ
376 Octillery PM2B 376.png PM2F 376.png PokeGoldFinal-back 224.png PokeGoldFinal-front 224.png オクタン
377 . PM2B 377.png PM2F 377.png . . . A windsock-like Pokémon which, given its design similarities (albeit more foxlike in appearance), may have been reworked into Furret. Bears some resemblance to popular depictions of the Kudagitsune.
378 . PM2B 378.png PM2F 378.png . . . A Pokémon based on the myth of storks delivering babies, complete with it carrying a tiny chick. Likely scrapped due to the introduction of Pokémon eggs making it feel out of place.

A stork Pokémon was eventually introduced in Gen IX with Bombirdier, albeit without the baby motif.
379 Pichu PM2B 379.png PM2F 379.png Pokemon Gold (J) Pichu.png Pokemon Gold and Silver (J) Pichu back.png ピチュー
380 . PM2B 380.png PM2F 380.png . . . A drill-themed squid Pokémon. Interestingly, its back sprite lacks the drill elements, suggesting it reflects a different (likely earlier) iteration of this Pokémon's design. Possibly related to a similar-looking back sprite for a squid Pokémon intended for Red and Green. A similar drill design would ultimately be used in the final version of Dunsparce.
381 Mantine PM2B 381.png PM2F 381.png PokeGoldFinal-back 226.png PokeGoldFinal-front 226.png ハネエイ
382 . PM2B 382.png PM2F 382.png . . . A bagworm-like Pokémon with long ears which likely went on to inspire Gen IV's Burmy, or even more directly Pineco, another bagworm-inspired Pokémon introduced in Gen II.
383 . PM2B 383.png PM2F 383.png . . . A moth-like Pokémon and the apparent evolution of 382. Likely went on to inspire Gen IV's Mothim, itself the split evolution of Burmy.
384 Spinarak PM2B 384.png PM2F 384.png PokeGoldFinal-back 167.png PokeGoldFinal-front 167.png コクモ
385 Ariados PM2B 385.png PM2F 385.png PokeGoldFinal-back 168.png PokeGoldFinal-front 168.png ツーへッド
386 . PM2B 386.png PM2F 386.png . . . A koala Pokémon sitting on a miniature tree. Interestingly enough, as seen in its back sprite, this Pokémon appears to lack an "inner ear", as seen by the fact that part of the branch can be seen through the part where the back of the inner ear should be. A koala Pokémon was eventually introduced in Gen VII as Komala.
387 . PM2B 387.png PM2F 387.png . . . A crazed-looking tanuki Pokémon carrying afire kindling on its back. Appears to be based on the folktale of Kachi-Kachi Yama.
388 Houndour PM2B 388.png PM2F 388.png PokeGoldFinal-back 228.png PokeGoldFinal-front 228.png デビル
389 Houndoom PM2B 389.png PM2F 389.png PokeGoldFinal-back 229.png PokeGoldFinal-front 229.png へルガー
390 . PM2B 390.png PM2F 390.png . . ウルフマン
Was present in the Spaceworld '97 demo.
391 . PM2B 391.png PM2F 391.png . . ワーウルフ
Was present in the Spaceworld '97 demo.
392 . PM2B 392.png PM2F 392.png . . . A rather odd-looking cockatoo-like Pokémon with a ruff of feathers around its neck, as well as what appears to be a beak shaped like either a brass instrument or a megaphone. If this is the case, then it's possible this Pokémon could have inspired Gen IV's Chatot.
393 . PM2B 393.png PM2F 393.png . . ボムシカー
Different sprites from the Spaceworld '97 demo, with a more stylized, chubbier body, and a magma ball that has cleaner detailing.
394 . PM2B 394.png PM2F 394.png . . プチコーン
Was present in the Spaceworld '97 demo, and was originally intended for Red and Green.
395 . PM2B 395.png PM2F 395.png . . ギョピン
Was present in the Spaceworld '97 demo, and was originally intended for Red and Green.
396 . PM2B 396.png PM2F 396.png . . ミコン
Was present in the Spaceworld '97 demo, and was originally intended for Red and Green.
397 . PM2B 397.png PM2F 397.png . . . A frog Pokémon with a long tongue and a horn on its head.
398 Wobbuffet PM2B 398.png PM2F 398.png PokeGoldFinal-back 202.png PokeGoldFinal-front 202.png ツインズ
Pre-evolution for Girafarig which was present in the Spaceworld '97 demo. Ultimately reworked into Wobbuffet, with the design of the ghosts' body reworked into Wobbuffet's tail.
399 Ledyba PM2B 399.png PM2F 399.png PokeGoldFinal-back 165.png PokeGoldFinal-front 165.png レディバ
400 . PM2B 400.png PM2F 400.png . . . A stoned-looking hybrid between a hippopotamus and a warthog, complete with a punk "mohawk" and stylish dark "pants".
401 . PM2B 401.png PM2F 401.png . . . A monstrous, living beast skeleton Pokémon with a comically long snout. Reanimated skeletons are a common trope in RPGs, though this one was perhaps inspired by reconstructed skeletons of prehistoric megafauna, which would make sense as quite a handful of dinosaurs can be seen among the scrapped designs found within this archive. It vaguely resembles a Xenomorph from the Alien series.
402 . PM2B 402.png PM2F 402.png . . . A Pokémon styled after a bunny, with large spotted Nidoran-like ears, no arms, dark-tipped feet, and a sort of pearl around its neck similar to the one sported by Dragonair and Akueria.
403 . PM2B 403.png PM2F 403.png . . . A giant fly/mosquito-like Pokémon which may have had some ties to 405. It's possible this Pokémon might have been retooled into Yanma.
404 . PM2B 404.png PM2F 404.png . . . A plant Pokémon with what is either a mean glare or a mouth with its tongue out, a spiky head, a ruff made of leaves, and a base composed of four roots. Bears some resemblance to Sunflora's early design, and thus may have possibly been intended to be its pre-evolution prior to the introduction of Sunkern.
405 . PM2B 405.png PM2F 405.png . . . An armored bug Pokémon which may have had some ties to 403. It's possible this Pokémon might have been retooled into Yanma.
406 . PM2B 406.png PM2F 406.png . . . A small dinosaur-like Pokémon which appears to use an egg as a helmet. Likely went on to inspire Gen IV's Cranidos.
407 . PM2B 407.png PM2F 407.png . . . A small cherry blossom Pokémon. Likely went on to inspire Gen IV's Cherrim.
408 Mareep PM2B 408.png PM2F 408.png PokeGoldFinal-back 179.png PokeGoldFinal-front 179.png パチメエ
409 Hitmontop PM2B 409.png PM2F 409.png PokeGoldFinal-back 237.png PokeGoldFinal-front 237.png カポエラー
410 . PM2B 410.png PM2F 410.png . . べトべビー
Was present in the Spaceworld '97 demo.
411 Murkrow PM2B 411.png PM2F 411.png PokeGoldFinal-back 198.png PokeGoldFinal-front 198.png ヤミカラス
412 Dunsparce PM2B 412.png PM2F 412.png PokeGoldFinal-back 206.png PokeGoldFinal-front 206.png ノコッチ
A tsuchinoko-like Pokémon which bears a resemblance to Dunsparce's sprites in the Spaceworld '99 demo.
413 Smoochum PM2B 413.png PM2F 413.png PokeGoldFinal-back 238.png PokeGoldFinal-front 238.png ムチュール
414 . PM2B 414.png PM2F 414.png . . ヒナーズ
Was present in the Spaceworld '97 demo.
415 . PM2B 415.png PM2F 415.png . . . An armored dinosaur Pokémon with an ankylosaurus tail. Its back appears to be based on a xylophone, with its tail serving as the mallet.
416 . PM2B 416.png PM2F 416.png . . サト
What appears to be a fish with bird legs and wings, likely inspired by a comically literal interpretation of a flying fish. The name comes from the presence of a revision in a trash folder named "SATO" (back sprite) and "SATOF" (front sprite).
417 Sunflora PM2B 417.png PM2F 417.png PokeGoldFinal-back 192.png PokeGoldFinal-front 192.png サニー
418 . PM2B 418.png PM2F 418.png . . ターバン
Was present in the Spaceworld '97 demo.
419 . PM2B 419.png PM2F 419.png . . マダーム
Was present in the Spaceworld '97 demo.
420 Steelix PM2B 420.png PM2F 420.png PokeGoldFinal-back 208.png PokeGoldFinal-front 208.png ハガネール
421 Blissey PM2B 421.png PM2F 421.png PokeGoldFinal-back 242.png PokeGoldFinal-front 242.png ハッピー
422 . PM2B 422.png PM2F 422.png . . モンジャ
Was present in the Spaceworld '97 demo.
423 . PM2B 423.png PM2F 423.png . . ジャランラ
Was present in the Spaceworld '97 demo.
424 Scizor PM2B 424.png PM2F 424.png PokeGoldFinal-back 212.png PokeGoldFinal-front 212.png シザース
425 Magby PM2B 425.png PM2F 425.png PokeGoldFinal-back 240.png PokeGoldFinal-front 240.png ブビィ
426 . PM2B 426.png PM2F 426.png . . プラックス
Was present in the Spaceworld '97 demo.
427 . PM2B 427.png PM2F 427.png . . アニモン
Was present in the Spaceworld '97 demo.
428 Porygon2 PM2B 428.png PM2F 428.png PokeGoldFinal-back 233.png PokeGoldFinal-front 233.png ポリゴン2
429 Igglybuff PM2B 429.png PM2F 429.png PokeGoldFinal-back 174.png PokeGoldFinal-front 174.png ププリン
430 . PM2B 430.png PM2F 430.png . . コーニャ
Was present in the Spaceworld '97 demo, and was originally intended for Red and Green.
431 . PM2B 431.png PM2F 431.png . . プディ
Was present in the Spaceworld '97 demo.
432 Kingdra PM2B 432.png PM2F 432.png PokeGoldFinal-back 230.png PokeGoldFinal-front 230.png キングドラ
433 . PM2B 433.png PM2F 433.png . . リーフィ
Was present in the Spaceworld '97 demo.
434 Espeon PM2B 434.png PM2F 434.png PokeGoldFinal-back 196.png PokeGoldFinal-front 196.png エーフィ
435 Umbreon PM2B 435.png PM2F 435.png PokeGoldFinal-back 197.png PokeGoldFinal-front 197.png ブラッキー
436 Bellossom PM2B 436.png PM2F 436.png PokeGoldFinal-back 182.png PokeGoldFinal-front 182.png キレイハナ
437 . PM2B 437.png PM2F 437.png . . ツボミット
Was present in the Spaceworld '97 demo.
438 . PM2B 438.png PM2F 438.png . . パラ
Was present in the Spaceworld '97 demo.
439 Flaaffy PM2B 439.png PM2F 439.png Pokemon Gold and Silver (J) Flaaffy back.png PokeGoldFinal-front 180.png モココ
440 . PM2B 440.png PM2F 440.png . . べルルン
Was present in the Spaceworld '97 demo.
441 . PM2B 441.png PM2F 441.png . . バリリーナ
Was present in the Spaceworld '97 demo.
442 . PM2B 442.png PM2F 442.png . . ナメール
Was present in the Spaceworld '97 demo.
443 Noctowl PM2B 443.png PM2F 443.png PokeGoldFinal-back 164.png PokeGoldFinal-front 164.png ボーボー
444 Phanpy PM2B 444.png PM2F 444.png PokeGoldFinal-back 231.png PokeGoldFinal-front 231.png パオン
445 Togepi PM2B 445.png PM2F 445.png PokeGoldFinal-back 175.png PokeGoldFinal-front 175.png トゲピー
446 . PM2B 446.png PM2F 446.png . . シビレフグ
Was present in the Spaceworld '97 demo.
447 Ledian PM2B 447.png PM2F 447.png PokeGoldFinal-back 166.png PokeGoldFinal-front 166.png ミツボシ
448 Tyrogue PM2B 448.png PM2F 448.png PokeGoldFinal-back 236.png PokeGoldFinal-front 236.png ゴング

Special Sprites

The end of the sprite list contains a few sprites with more distinct filenames.

Unown Variants

All the sprites for the different variations of Unown are present, and use the "PM2F_" naming scheme, with "UN" followed by the corresponding Unown's letter. All of these sprites are identical to the Spaceworld '97 ones, which themselves are identical to the final.

File Name English Name Back Sprite Front Sprite Japanese Name
UNA Unown PM2B UNA.png PM2F UNA.png アンノーン
UNB Unown PM2B UNB.png PM2F UNB.png アンノーン
UNC Unown PM2B UNC.png PM2F UNC.png アンノーン
UND Unown PM2B UND.png PM2F UND.png アンノーン
UNE Unown PM2B UNE.png PM2F UNE.png アンノーン
UNF Unown PM2B UNF.png PM2F UNF.png アンノーン
UNG Unown PM2B UNG.png PM2F UNG.png アンノーン
UNH Unown PM2B UNH.png PM2F UNH.png アンノーン
UNI Unown PM2B UNI.png PM2F UNI.png アンノーン
UNJ Unown PM2B UNJ.png PM2F UNJ.png アンノーン
UNK Unown PM2B UNK.png PM2F UNK.png アンノーン
UNL Unown PM2B UNL.png PM2F UNL.png アンノーン
UNM Unown PM2B UNM.png PM2F UNM.png アンノーン
UNN Unown PM2B UNN.png PM2F UNN.png アンノーン
UNO Unown PM2B UNO.png PM2F UNO.png アンノーン
UNP Unown PM2B UNP.png PM2F UNP.png アンノーン
UNQ Unown PM2B UNQ.png PM2F UNQ.png アンノーン
UNR Unown PM2B UNR.png PM2F UNR.png アンノーン
UNS Unown PM2B UNS.png PM2F UNS.png アンノーン
UNT Unown PM2B UNT.png PM2F UNT.png アンノーン
UNU Unown PM2B UNU.png PM2F UNU.png アンノーン
UNV Unown PM2B UNV.png PM2F UNV.png アンノーン
UNW Unown PM2B UNW.png PM2F UNW.png アンノーン
UNX Unown PM2B UNX.png PM2F UNX.png アンノーン
UNY Unown PM2B UNY.png PM2F UNY.png アンノーン
UNZ Unown PM2B UNZ.png PM2F UNZ.png アンノーン

Alternate Sprites

Three alternate sprites are also present in this listing, albeit with no corresponding back sprites.

PM2F 155.png

A slightly earlier iteration of Honooguma's front sprite, labeled as "PM2F_155", with 155 being its Pokédex number in the Spaceworld '97 demo. Meanwhile, the Honooguma front sprite used in the SW97 demo is labeled here as "PM2F_357".

PM2F DEN.png

Labeled as "PM2F_DEN" (likely standing for "Pocket Monsters 2 Front Denryu") is this early sprite of Ampharos which predates the one used in the Spaceworld '97 demo, and was previously only seen in the 1997 Pocket Monsters Official Fanbook. Even more interesting, the leaked Gold and Silver CBB scratchpads contains a sheet which appears to feature this early sprite's corresponding back sprite.

PM2F TES.png

Labeled as "PM2F_TES" (likely standing for "Pocket Monsters 2 Front Test") is this alternate sprite of Gloom which features some additional "stink particles" and what appears to be a crudely-drawn poop. It's possible this was originally intended to be a test to see how Gloom would look with more particles around it, before the artist in charge just gave up on it after some time and just doodled some poop in as a joke.

Gloom's Japanese name is "Kusaihana", from "Kusai" (stinky) and "Hana" (flower), and given how Kusai is close to "Kuso" (shit) it may have been what inspired this edit.


Labeled as "SATO" and "SATOF", these two sprites are peculiar in that they only show up within the source code in a folder labeled Trash, present alongside some other graphics slated to be trashed (such as the Gen I Kabutops/Aerodactyl fossils). These sprites use an alternate design for the flying fish Pokémon labeled #416 in the May 6, 1998 backup. While the design tweak itself is of no real worth, only being pudgier, what is interesting is that these sprites' filename appear to reveal the name of this Pokémon. Indeed, it's possible that "Sato" comes from both "Sakana" (fish) and "Hato" (dove), which would make sense given this Pokémon's design.

PokemonGS Charizard Tileset.png

Labeled as "PM2F_006", this Charizard sprite can be found within the DMYMAP folder, stored among maps, blocksets, and tilesets. This file itself is stored under the dimensions of a regular tileset, which sadly cuts off the lower portion of the sprite. However, it appears that the only difference between this Charizard and the one seen in the Spaceworld '97 demo is that the former's flame is rougher, suggesting that it predates the '97 sprite.

Trainer Sprites

A later version of the trainer roster from the Spaceworld '97 demo, with each sprite labeled numerically and prefixed with the "p2dl" prefix, which likely stands for "Pokémon 2 Dealer", with "Dealer" being an early internal name for Pokémon Trainers. Virtually all sprites here are identical to the ones from the Spaceworld '97 demo, and as such the table below will only make note of differences that exist between these sprites and the ones originally seen in that build.

Trainer Class Demo Sprite Final Sprite Notes
Officer Pokemon GSDealer 980506 1.png PokemonGS-OfficerFinal.png A notable addition, as this class was missing entirely in the '97 demo.
Twins Pokemon GSDealer 980506 2.png PokemonGS-TwinsFinal.png
Kimono Girl Pokemon GSDealer 980506 3.png PokemonGS-Kimono GirlFinal.png
Blackbelt Pokemon GSDealer 980506 4.png PokemonGS-Black BeltFinal.png
Swimmer♂ Pokemon GSDealer 980506 5.png PokemonGS-SwimmerMFinal.png
Fisherman Pokemon GSDealer 980506 6.png Pokemon Gold and Silver (J) Fisher.png
Prof Oak Pokemon GSDealer 980506 7.png PokemonGS-OakFinal.png
Youngster Pokemon GSDealer 980506 8.png PokemonGS-YoungsterFinal.png
Kurt Pokemon GSDealer 980506 9.png N/A No equivalent in the final version.
Rival Pokemon GSDealer 980506 10.png PokemonGS-RivalFinal.png
Jasmine Pokemon GSDealer 980506 11.png PokemonGS-JasmineFinal.png
Lass Pokemon GSDealer 980506 12.png PokemonGS-LassFinal.png An alternate version of the Lass, reusing her early design. The final sprite, however, takes directly after the one from the '97 demo, which is found later down this list.
Rocket♀ Pokemon GSDealer 980506 13.png PokemonGS-RocketFFinal.png An early version of the female Rocket Grunt, a class which, while present in the '97 demo, lacked its own sprite. Features a different pose and design, namely having shorter hair and a dark uniform similar to that of the male Rocket Grunt.
Rocket♀ Pokemon GSDealer 980506 14.png PokemonGS-RocketFFinal.png An alternate version of the female Grunt, this one identical to final in terms of design, only using a dark uniform instead of a white one. Interestingly, this early uniform color scheme may have inspired the one worn by Cassidy from the anime, who is directly based on the female Rocket Grunts from Gen II.
Soldier Pokemon GSDealer 980506 15.png N/A No equivalent in the final games.
Medium Pokemon GSDealer 980506 16.png Pokemon Gold and Silver (J) Medium.png
Bug Catcher Pokemon GSDealer 980506 17.png PokemonGS-Bug CatcherFinal.png
Sportsman Pokemon GSDealer 980506 18.png N/A No equivalent in the final games.
Morty Pokemon GSDealer 980506 19.png PokemonGS-MortyFinal.png
Juggler Pokemon GSDealer 980506 20.png PokemonGS-JugglerFinal.png
Firebreather Pokemon GSDealer 980506 21.png PokemonGS-FirebreatherFinal.png
Burglar Pokemon GSDealer 980506 22.png PokemonGS-BurglarFinal.png
Biker Pokemon GSDealer 980506 23.png PokemonGS-BikerFinal.png
Engineer Pokemon GSDealer 980506 24.png N/A No equivalent in the final games
Super Nerd Pokemon GSDealer 980506 25.png PokemonGS-Super NerdFinal.png
Swimmer♀ Pokemon GSDealer 980506 26.png Pokemon Gold and Silver (J) Swimmer F.png
Bugsy Pokemon GSDealer 980506 27.png PokemonGS-BugsyFinal.png
Schoolboy Pokemon GSDealer 980506 28.png PokemonGS-SchoolkidFinal.png
Teacher♀ Pokemon GSDealer 980506 29.png PokemonGS-TeacherFinal.png
Teacher♂ Pokemon GSDealer 980506 30.png N/A No equivalent in the final games.
Rocket♂ Pokemon GSDealer 980506 31.png PokemonGS-RocketMFinal.png
PokéManiac Pokemon GSDealer 980506 32.png PokemonGS-PokéManiacFinal.png
Beauty Pokemon GSDealer 980506 33.png Pokemon Gold and Silver (J) Beauty.png
Cooltrainer Pokemon GSDealer 980506 34.png PokemonGS-CooltrainerFFinal.png
Cooltrainer Pokemon GSDealer 980506 35.png PokemonGS-CooltrainerMFinal.png
Lass Pokemon GSDealer 980506 36.png PokemonGS-LassFinal.png
Fledgling Pokemon GSDealer 980506 37.png N/A No equivalent in the final games.
Falkner Pokemon GSDealer 980506 38.png PokemonGS-FalknerFinal.png
Player Pokemon GSDealer 980506 39.png PokemonGS-ProtagonistFinal.png