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Dino Crisis (PlayStation)

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Title Screen

Dino Crisis

Developer: Capcom Production Studio 4
Publisher: Capcom
Platform: PlayStation
Released in JP: July 1, 1999
Released in US: August 31, 1999
Released in EU: October 29, 1999

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ItemsIcon.png This game has unused items.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

Dino Crisis is a survival horror game that was later ported to the Dreamcast and Windows.

To do:
  • Improving grammar if needed
  • Check the unused sound files in console versions (there are a lot).
  • Uploading infos about the uncensored / early japanese version of the game.

Unused Items

There is a GameShark code that gives you all the items in the game, including some that otherwise go unused. Enter the following code for the US version, then play as Regina.

800C15A4 FFFF
800C15A6 FFFF
800C15B0 FFFF
800C15B2 FFFF
800C15B4 FFFF
800C15B6 FFFF
800C15B8 FFFF

Locker Room Key


A key for the Locker Room door, but it is never used since the door is already unlocked.

Unknown Item


Has no name or image. The icon in the menu is the same as the keys. Likely intended as a placeholder.

Key Card Lv. D

Debugging some text.

At some point, there was supposed to be another Key Card for the Security doors in the S3/S2 levels.

Unknown Battery


A green battery, purpose unknown.

Uncharged red battery

Dino Crisis-RedBattery1..png

You already pick up a charged red battery in the room "Backup Generator Room B1", so this item goes completely unused.

Alternate red battery

Dino Crisis-RedBattery2..png

Another red battery. It share the same descriptions as the white battery item.

Unused Rooms

Room Video

Secret room named "Elevator".. Seems like it is an early version of "Port" with no collisions, no footstep sounds, and a different door

Hidden Room #2

It looks like an early version of "Control Room B3". Not much can be explored since if you get too close to the two doors the game will load again the map, in an infinite loop.

(Source: source needed)

Unused Textures

Dino Crisis Texture 1.png

An unused emergency shutter exists in the "Hallway S1" room texture file.

Dino Crisis Texture 2.png

An unused door (bottom-left) exists in the "Lecture Room Hallway" room texture file.

(Source: SuperFrizzio)

Unused Sounds

Unused Speech in Control Room Hall

Cut conversation between Regina and Rick in the Control Room Hall. It was probably meant to be triggered after the cutscene with Gail in the Training Room.

Unused Speech in Experiment Simulation Room

Another cut conversation, this time between Regina and Gail. Seems like Gail would have enter the room after Regina and then immediately return back to the Computer Room.

Unused Speech in Researcher Rest Room

Small cut speech, involving Regina and Gail. Judging by the conversation, Regina was supposed to catch Gail taking a nap/relaxing in one of the beds of the room.

Unused Speech in Port

No such speech is played in this room. An almost identical version of this speech is played in the "Computer Room"

Unused Door Animations

There are a few hidden door animations hidden in the game, all included in the several releases of Dino Crisis.

Info Image
ID 32

Quite similar to the door used in the 1F Facility Backyard but with two doors instead of one.

Dino Crisis DoorAnimation 32.png
ID 74

Not much is known about this unused door animation. No footstep sounds are played and no textures/3D model are present.

Dino Crisis DoorAnimation 74.png
ID 89

As you can't go back to the Liaison Elevator No.2, this door animation goes unused.

Dino Crisis DoorAnimation 89.png
ID 102

While it shares the same texture as the doors of the B1 laboratories, the sound is different.

Dino Crisis DoorAnimation 102.png

Hidden text

Room Text Explanation
Management Office I don't need to check here anymore... Supposedly meant to the be scripted after you pick up the Card next to the dead body. With some scripts it's possible to restore the message.
Lecture Room Hallway Rest Area Ahead: Training Room

Most of the body has been devoured.

The first hidden script was meant to be triggered if you check the black sign next to the vending machines. Due to a programming error, the script played is the same as the other black sign to the other side of the room.

The second script was meant to be triggered if you check the dead body, but again it goes unused.

Backyard of the Facility You have handed Gail the key to the Backup This line wasn't even properly finished. Most likely meant to be scripted after the second cutscene with Gail.
Elevator Hall An elevator that descends into the Laboratory Area. It seems that you cannot operate this elevator without the correct ID Card data. While a similar text exists (An elevator that descends into the Laboratory Area. A researcher's ID Card is required to operate this elevator.), this one goes unused.
Communication Room It seems to be a communications panel. Will you operate the panel? No such script is played during the normal gameplay. Could it be that you had to activate the communication panel by yourself, instead of a cutscene?.
Medical Room Charts and files of patients are neatly filed.

A file full of notes written by doctors. Will you read the file?

Both scripts are unused. The second line is quite different compared to the one used during normal gameplay.
Liaison Elevator No.1 Will you press the switch? Originally, you could use this elevator again. It is fully functional but you can't normally access it as the door leading to is closed. One of the very first trailers for this game shows Regina using this elevator alone.
Backup Generator Room B1 A battery charger. Unfortunately, it is broken and cannot be used.

The battery charging has been completed.

Both lines are unused as you already pick up a fully charged battery in this room.
Stabilizer Experiment Room You have used the Key Card. Most likely meant to be played when you open the door in the other side of the room.
Power Freq. Room Machines that regulate the energy control devices. Another hidden text, probably due to a programming mistake.
General Weapons Storage It's a container that holds weapons and other parts produced at this facility. Supposedly meant to be triggered if you check the big container next to the door.
Central Stairway An ID Card is necessary. No such doors in this room requires an ID Card.
Large Size Elevator There is something behind the body. Probably unused because the two key items in this room next to the corpses are fully visible.

Regional Differences

Inventory Menu

Regina's avatar is looking different in the japanese version.

Japanese version (NTSC-J) Other releases
Dino Crisis Japanese Menu.png Dino Crisis OR Menu.png

Room "Hangar"

The first two wooden boxes to move are absent in the japanese version.

Japanese version (NTSC-J) Other releases
Dino Crisis Hangar Japanese.png Dino Crisis Hangar OR.png

Number of Continues

The number of continues is drastically higher in the japanese version of the game.

Japanese version (NTSC-J) Other releases
Dino Crisis Japanese GameOver.png Dino Crisis OR GameOver.png

Hall B1

The blue journal is absent in the japanese and NTSC (1.0) version of the game.

Japanese (NTSC-J) & American (NTSC 1.0) version Other releases (NTSC 1.1 & PAL)
Dino Crisis HallB1 JAP.png Dino Crisis HallB1 PAL.png


The name of the rooms are displayed along with the floor in the map (japanese version as only).

Japanese version Other releases
Dino Crisis MAP J.png Dino Crisis MAP NTSC.png

Text in the wipeout mode

For some strange reasons, the italian version got some random numbers instead of the proper script whenever you check the evacuation point.

Italian version Other releases
Dino Crisis WIPEOUT ITA.png Dino Crisis WIPEOUT NTSC.png