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Dota 2

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Dota 2

Developer: Valve
Publishers: Perfect World (CN), Nexon Co. Ltd. (KR/JP), Valve (World)
Platform: Windows
Released internationally: November 3, 2011
Released in CN: April 27, 2013

DevMessageIcon.png This game has a hidden developer message.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

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With Dota 2, Valve works its usual magic onto a mod from an entirely different genre than their usual profession.

Regional Differences

For various reasons (some legal, others logistical), Valve has to rely on third-party publishers to run the game in some Asian countries. These versions of the game use their own clients, but they still use the Steam network.

China - Perfect World

There are a number of differences between the Valve and Perfect World versions of the game. You can play the Perfect World version using the Valve client by a Perfect World account and using the launch option -perfectworld.


Due to Chinese laws regarding the operation of online games, the Perfect World client is restricted to the Perfect World region servers (Perfect World Telecom and Perfect World Unicom). The Valve version will by default not show these servers in matchmaking.

English Censorship

When watching or playing in a Perfect World region match, small pieces of the game's English text will be filtered out where they coincidentally fit with Chinese expletives or the like. For example, Batrider's name will be rendered as "Bat**der" due to "ri" being Chinese slang roughly equivalent to "fucker".

Low Violence Mode

The Perfect World client is restricted to Low Violence Mode, replacing several character models and skill icons with less gory, less skeletal versions. A mod to use this content in the international version can be found here.

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Korea - Nexon

When Dota 2 launched, Nexon ran the South Korean servers for the game through their own launcher, payment system etc. As of December 10th 2015, they have ceased their involvement and Korean players now use the normal Valve version of the game.

There were a number of differences between the Valve and Nexon versions of the game.

Nexon Store Errors

The Nexon version of the game uses its own store payment system since it can't use Steam Wallet.

		"StoreCheckout_Nexon_InsufficientFunds"	"You do not have enough funds to complete the purchase."
		"StoreCheckout_Nexon_FundsLocked"	"Nexon cash lock is enabled."

Cybercafe Strings

The following strings are used for both Nexon's Cybercafe program and South Korea's "Shutdown Law", which forbids children under 16 from playing video games between midnight and 6am. The strings are present and translated in the English files, but are somewhat Engrishy, presumably because they're not intended for an English-speaking audience.

		"NEXON_Error" "Error"
		"NEXON_State_ShutdownWarning" "Game usage is blocked under Shutdown law in %s1 minutes."
		"NEXON_State_ShutdownLaw" "Game usage is blocked under Shutdown law."
		"NEXON_State_RestrictedID" "Game usage restricted ID."
		"NEXON_State_RestrictedAge" "Game usage is allowed for ages over 12."
		"NEXON_State_InvalidID" "ID does not exist."
		"NEXON_State_VerifyPerson" "Person Verification Restriction"
		"NEXON_State_PaymentAgreement" "Payment Agreement Restriction"
		"NEXON_State_UnderMembershipRestriction" "Under Membership Restriction"
		"NEXON_PlaytimeWarning" "You have played more than %s1 hour(s). Excessive usage of game might cause inconvenience in your everyday life."
		"NEXON_CybercafeNotRegistered" "Not cyber café premium user. Please contact Nexon’s Cyber café customer service."
		"NEXON_CybercafeExceededIP" "Exceeded number of allowed user per IP. Please contact cyber café owner."
		"NEXON_CybercafeBlockedByAdmin" "This PC’s access is blocked by administrator. Please contact Nexon’s cyber café customer service."
		"NEXON_CybercafeTimeExpired" "This PC’s access is blocked by administrator. Please contact Nexon’s cyber café customer service."
		"NEXON_CybercafeGenericBlocked" "Blocked access."
		"NEXON_CybercafeTimeLeft"	"You have %s1 minutes left in your Nexon cyber café subscription time."
		"NEXON_CybercafeBonus"		"Earning %s1% bonus Battle Points for playing at %s2: %s3."
		"NEXON_CybercafeTimedReward" "%s1 has been awarded a %s2 for playing at %s3!"

Item Purgatory

This may have something to do with Nexon's Steam-less purchase system... Most of the strings here are in Korean, even in the English file.

		// Korean used here since this is a Korean-only feature and allows testing without having to set language.
		"Econ_Purgatory" "구매확정"
		"Econ_Purgatory_FinalizeAllItems" "모두 구매확정"
		"Econ_Purgatory_FinalizePurchase" "구매확정"
		"Econ_Purgatory_ReturnItem" "청약철회"
		"Econ_Purgatory_FinalizePurchaseDlg_Title"	"구매확정"
		"Econ_Purgatory_FinalizePurchaseDlg_Msg"	"해당 아이템의 구매를 확정하고 배낭으로 이동하시겠습니까? 구매 확정한 아이템은 청약철회가 불가능하니 신중히 결정해 주십시오."
		"Econ_Purgatory_FinalizePurchaseDlg_ConfirmButton"	"구매확정"
		"Econ_Purgatory_FinalizePurchaseDlg_CancelButton"	"취소"
		"Econ_Purgatory_ReturnDlg_Title"	"청약철회"
		"Econ_Purgatory_ReturnDlg_Msg"	"해당 아이템의 청약철회 하시겠습니까?"
		"Econ_Purgatory_ReturnDlg_ConfirmButton"	"청약철회"
		"Econ_Purgatory_ReturnDlg_CancelButton"	"취소"

		"ItemPurgatory_Finalize_Succeeded"					"Finalize successful."
		"ItemPurgatory_Finalize_Failed_Incomplete"			"Finalize was only partially successful. One or more items were not finalized."
		"ItemPurgatory_Finalize_Failed_ItemsNotInPurgatory"	"Finalize may have partially succeeded. At least one item was not in the maybe box. It's possible it was automatically moved to the Armory."
		"ItemPurgatory_Finalize_Failed_CouldNotFindItems"	"Could not find one or more items."
		"ItemPurgatory_Finalize_Failed_NoSOCache"			"The server is experiencing problems. Please try again in a few minutes."
		"ItemPurgatory_Finalize_Failed_BackpackFull"		"Not all items could be finalized. Free up some space in your Armory and try again."

		"ItemPurgatory_Refund_Succeeded"					"Refund successful."
		"ItemPurgatory_Refund_Failed_ItemsNotInPurgatory"	"The item you specified was not in the Maybe Box."
		"ItemPurgatory_Refund_Failed_CouldNotFindItem"		"Refund failed. Could not find the specified item."
		"ItemPurgatory_Refund_Failed_TryLater"				"Refund failed. Please try again later."
		"ItemPurgatory_Refund_Failed_Nexon"					"Failed to connect to the Nexon server."

		"ItemPurgatory_UnknownError"		"Unknown error."
  • 구매확정 : Finalize the purchase
  • 모두 구매확정 : Finalize all of the purchases
  • 청약철회 : Cancel the purchase
  • 해당 아이템의 구매를 확정하고 배낭으로 이동하시겠습니까? 구매 확정한 아이템은 청약철회가 불가능하니 신중히 결정해 주십시오. : Will you finalize the purchase and go to the inventory? It's impossible to cancel after finalizing, so be careful.
  • 취소 : Cancel
  • 해당 아이템의 청약철회 하시겠습니까? : Will you cancel this purchase?
(Source: Translations - inetidkm)

Developer Shoutout

One of the particle effects, cm_shoutout_spline, consists of the scrolling text "CyborgMatt!" with Nature's Prophet's minimap icon. CyborgMatt is a member of the community who actively scours each patch for changes, and as such was very likely to spot this.

The particle can be seen here.

To do:
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Unused Neutral Items

Valve, as is their history, has a pile of currently-being-worked-on items that may see release in a future patch and may never be seen again. Here's all of the ones not currently released: ([brackets] for pieces of information left out of the actual description)

  • Satchel

5 All Attributes Increases XP that you earn by 15%

  • Oakheart

+15 Strength Active: Rejuvenate (Costs 75 Mana, CD: 18s) Target an allied hero and restore 480 health over 12 seconds. If the unit is attacked by an enemy hero or Roshan, the effect is lost.

  • Warhammer

+10 Strength Active: Warhammer (CD: 20s) Deals 75 damage and reduces the targets armor by 3 for 6 seconds.

  • Star Mace (melee hero only)

10% Movement Speed 1 Mana Regeneration Passive: Cleave Melee heroes deal 20% of attack damage as physical damage in a cone up to 650 units around the target.

  • Gladiator Helm

Upon taking hero damage, you gains[sp] 18 damage, 5 armor, 15 [movespeed] for 7 seconds.

  • Venom Gland

Primary Attribute: 10 Debuff Amp: 12% Damage Per Second: 25 Health Regen Reduction: 25%

  • Ancient Perserverance

10 Damage 7 HP Regeneration 50% Mana Regen Amplification

  • Wizard Glass

10% Debuff Duration 8% Cooldown Reduction Active: [blank] (CD: 15 seconds, but becomes 13.8 due to the CDR) Deals 125 damage to up to 2 random enemy units within 700 [range].

  • Shadow of Venegance

500 Health 20% Damage Return Passive - Vengeance's Shadow Upon Death, you spawn a strong illusion that deals 100% damage and takes 150% damage. Can cast all basic [non-ultimate] spells. Illusion lasts 30 seconds.

Unused Voice-Overs

Several characters have unused lines of dialogue. Some of these cater for things that heroes cannot currently do in case of a change to the rules, some refer to heroes who aren't in the game yet, while others are just actor ad-libs kept in for fun.

To do:
  • Add the audio files from the Dota 2 Wiki.
  • Finish this. There's a LOT of these.

Lines For Changed Hero Names

In order to differentiate from Blizzard's Warcraft universe, names of a few heroes were changed after their port to Dota 2, such as Necrolyte into Necrophos, and Windrunner into Windranger. Lines from other heroes that call them by their old names have been dummied out.

Shitty Wizard!

Due to a Valve in-joke gone horribly awry, every single hero in the game has unused voices line of them saying "Shitty Wizard!" and "Crummy Wizard!" in tribute to a beloved placeholder hero model, which has since been promoted to an actual in-game courier in the form of "Dolfrat and Roshinante".


Undying has a set of strange lines about Gummy Vitamins, of all things. According to Valve, these were ad-libs by the voice actor that were appropriately filtered and added to the game for weird people who poke around for unused content to find.

  • "I need... gummy vitamins."
  • "What I like about them is they're chewy, and... they have a berry taste."
  • "Gummy which are a lot like the gummy worms you get on Halloween; this is different though, it's healthy."
  • "I need to work out more, but... my arm keeps snapping off."
  • "Yogurt."
  • "Really cool magnets!"


There's some unused lines for casting Doom.

  • "Neyaheh hah ahha ha, you're doomed!" (The last two words are used, but as a separate audio file)
  • "Doomed!"
  • "I mark your soul."


Juggernaut has some unused reactions for wearing complete sets of items.

  • "I am ready for anything!"
  • "Looking my best."
  • "It's all falling into place."
  • "Mmm, looking good."
  • "Mmm, snazzy."
  • "Oh.. that's nice."

He also has a single unused attack line:

  • "I will mow you down!"


For using invisibility. Strangely, there's no subtitle for this line:

  • "Hah! Now THIS is a fleet!"


For using Sadist:

  • "Can you do anything when I feel this?"
  • "Ah, sadistic."

And for dying:

  • "Nooooooo!"
  • "May the worms that feed on me sicken and die."

Queen of Pain

Unused, suggestive taunts, seemingly un-subtitled.

  • "You want me? Come get me!"
  • "It feels sooo good to be bad."
  • "You can look, but don't touch... Come to think of it, don't look either!"


For moving...

  • "Come on, Little Roc."

...and attacking:

  • "Let's get 'em, Little Roc."

Death Prophet - Announcer

Death Prophet has some unused lines for her role as Diretide announcer:

  • "A terrible monster has appeared in the Top Lane!"
  • "A horrible creature now stalks the Middle Lane!"
  • "A foul fiend threatens the Bottom Lane!"

Tusk - Announcer

Tusk has a lot of things to say during his role as Greeviling announcer that he, well, doesn't:

For Greevil Morphing:

  • "It's greevil time!"
  • "Now this is a greeviling!"
  • "Everyone's a'greeviling!"
  • "Everybody greevil up!"

For Greevils dying:

  • "Your greevil didn't make it."
  • "Aww, your poor greevil."
  • "So much for your greevil."
  • "A moment of silence for your greevil."
  • "Your greevil has died."
  • "Greevil if you got 'em."

For a Greevil Deathmatch:

  • "Time for a greevil fight to the finish!"
  • "Last greevil standing!"
  • "Greevil fight!"
  • "That greevil scored a knockout!"
  • "Knockout!"
  • "Winner!"

For the round timer:

  • "1 minute!"
  • "2 minutes!"
  • "5 minutes!"
  • "10 minutes to go!"
  • "30 seconds!"
  • "Wrap it up!"
  • "Fight's over! Wrap it up guys."

And for wishing you a happy non-denominational festive tradition:

  • "Happy Frostivus, from Tusk!"
  • "Happy holidays, from Tusk!"

Pyrion Flax - Announcer

Flax has a lot that's strangely not currently defined in the response rules.

  • "All mid. Pudge wars!"
  • "Dire team ban."
  • "Bad dudes banning someone now."
  • "Soon they will ban."
  • "They're gonna ban someone."
  • "Enemy's turn to ban."
  • "Your opponents are banning."
  • "Radiant team ban."
  • "The green team's banning someone now."
  • "Ban a thing!"
  • "Ban a dude. Ban Dark Seer, he's terrifying!"
  • "Your turn to ban."
  • "Ban someone please!"
  • "Pick your hero!"
  • "Congratulations. Here's the end screen."
  • "5 seconds remaining."
  • "You now have megacreeps."
  • "You may now select your hero."
  • "Dire team pick!"
  • "Enemy team's turn to pick!"
  • "Radiant team pick."
  • "Your turn to pick."
  • "Middle rax. That's GG bro. G bloody G."
  • "I may need to alt+tab from time to time to find out how this all works."
  • "Dire's team is complete."
  • "Our team is complete."
  • "Radiant's team is complete."
  • "Your team is complete."
  • "Well done, whoever did that. Let's just play Dota 2 now, geez.
  • "Extra time."
  • "You are using extra time."
  • "Reserve time. It's not free, you know."
  • "Reserve time."
  • "You are using reserve time."
  • "Captain's draft? Yawn."
  • "Captain's draft."
  • "Deathmatch? Tell me this isn't literally a deathmatch."
  • "Deathmatch!"
  • "Easy mode! My favorite mode!"
  • "What do we do with a drunken P-Flax early in the morning."
  • "Your bottom is missing."
  • "Your bottom is missing."
  • "Where's your bottom? It's missing!"
  • "Missing middle!"
  • "Middle is missing!"
  • "Missing middle!"
  • "Your top is missing."
  • "Missing top!"
  • "Missing top!"
  • "Why isn't this courier upgraded you legendarily worthless bastard?!"
  • "You're an anchor for this team!"
  • "They killed the courier!"