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Manhunt 2

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Title Screen

Manhunt 2

Developers: Rockstar Vienna, Rockstar London, Rockstar Leeds (PSP), Rockstar Toronto (Wii, Windows)
Publisher: Rockstar Games
Platforms: PlayStation 2, PlayStation Portable, Wii, Windows
Released in US: October 29, 2007 (Consoles), November 6, 2009 (Windows)
Released in EU: October 31, 2008 (Consoles)

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
EnemyIcon.png This game has unused enemies.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.
Carts.png This game has revisional differences.

ProtoIcon.png This game has a prototype article

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Manhunt 2 is the sequel to Manhunt which features more of the same grotesque action, and is yet another game that pissed off Jack Thompson. Rockstar Vienna originally developed the game before duties were moved over to Rockstar London after the former studio unexpectedly shut down. It's also known for being one of the last Rockstar Games titles to use the RenderWare engine along with the Wii version of Bully: Scholarship Edition, which was released in between all the Manhunt 2 releases.


Read about prototype versions of this game that have been released or dumped.
Prototype Info
Unused Level-Related Text and Audio
Things you'll never see and hear.
Platform Differences
There are a lot of big and small differences between various platforms that the game was released on, go figure.

Debug Displays

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Specifically: Some things that need confirmation

Execution Information

MH2PC-FIN ExecutionInfo.png

Shows up during an execution, with a list of information about the currently performed execution.

PC 00789818 01
PS2 005B2850 00000001 005B26D0 00000001
PSP 00445EA0 00000001 00445DA0 00000001
Wii 0057E1E0 00000001 0057DB60 00000001

Memory Usage

MH2PC-FIN MemoryUsage.png

Displays the current memory usage. It's broken on PS2 and PSP, always displaying 0, works as intended on Wii, displaying both MEM1 and MEM2 memory banks, and for some reason both memory banks are listed in the Windows release, but the values in both are identical.

PC 0075B300 01
PS2 0066CD3C 00000001 0066CBBC 00000001
PSP 003981E4 00000001 003980E4 00000001
Wii 0050F80B 00000001 0050F18B 00000001

Active Shadow Cameras

MH2PC-FIN ActiveShadowCameras.png

Displays the amount of active shadow cameras.

PC 0075B334 01
PS2 0066CD70 00000001 0066CBF0 00000001
PSP 00398218 00000001 00398118 00000001
Wii 0050F83F 00000001 0050F1BF 00000001

Timer Values?

MH2PC-FIN TimerValues.png

Attempts to display three timer values in the upper left corner.

PC 0075B52C 01
0075B2FC 00
PS2 0066CF68 00000001
0066CD38 00000000
0066CDE8 00000001
0066CBB8 00000000
PSP 00398410 00000001
003981E0 00000000
00398310 00000001
003980E0 00000000
Wii 0050FA37 00000001
0050F807 00000000
0050F3B7 00000001
0050F187 00000000

Overscan Boundaries

MH2PS2-FIN OverscanBoundaries.png

Draws the overscan boundaries. Works as intended on PS2 and PSP, but on PC and Wii the bottom left corner is incorrectly treated as the center.

PC 0075B108 01
PS2 0066CB48 00000001 0066C9C8 00000001
PSP 00397FF0 00000001 00397EF0 00000001
Wii 0050F617 00000001 0050EF97 00000001

Textbox Boundaries?

MH2WII-FIN GreenRectangles.png

Draws a couple green rectangles on the top of the screen. This seems to only draw correctly on PS2 and Wii, though enabling this also makes the controls not work anymore. If attempted to enable on PC or PSP, the game crashes.

PS2 0066CB64 00000001 0066C9E4 00000001
Wii 0050F633 00000001 0050EFB3 00000001
(Source: Edness)

Unused Weapon Animations

Animations For Used Weapons

For the Firearms

Firearms like melee weapons, would have three levels of executions. However these were cut for some reason, but can be put back in.


The Flaregun was going to have three executions, but were cut along with the ones above.

Tranquilizer Gun

The Tranquilizer Gun was also gonna have animations for executions, but got scrapped.

For Unused Weapons

Dildos, Newspaper, And Bottle

Link to video (age-restricted)

You read that right. You could at one time kill people with dildos and newspapers. However, their models for the Dildo and the Milk bottle is not left in the final game so the video uses the pliers and the nightstick. The May 9, 2007 prototype still has the two models left.

Vending Machine and Dumpster

Two environmental executions known as Vending Machine and Dumpster were scrapped. Though they can be brought back although, the animations are unfinished and buggy.

Unused Weapons

With Graphics

  • Blow Torch: Setting people on fire with a torch? Fun! Sadly, only sound files and a HUD icon remains.
  • BlackJack: A leftover from Manhunt. It only has a HUD icon.
  • Camera: It is unknown what this has been used for and it only has a HUD icon.
  • Dildo: While no model remains, its animations, sounds and HUD icon still remain.
  • Acid Bottle: Yet another bottle was originally used. Only the HUD icon and audio remain.
  • Hammer: The hammer from the first game was going to appear according to sound files for its executions from the first game along with an unused HUD icon.
  • Hook: Not the Meat Hook but a hook that would have been a regular weapon. Only has a HUD icon.
  • Money: Money doesn't appear at all in the game. It has a HUD icon. It most likely would have been used as a lure or a shop or store was planned to be in the game.
  • Newspaper: Like the Dildo, the Newspaper still has its animations and a HUD icon.
  • Uzi w/ Flashlight: Would have been just a regular Uzi with a flashlight.


Sounds for the following cut weapons:

Acid Bottle

Blow Torch



Code Only

These weapons only have code remaining which can be found in the Manhunt2.exe file.

  • Porn_(CT)
  • Noose_(CT)
  • Matchbook_(CT)
  • Cash_Bundle(CT)
  • Camera_(CT)
  • Syard_Comb_(CT)
  • S_Silencer_(CT)
  • Meths_(CT)
  • Chlorine_(CT)
  • Rag_(CT)
  • Wooden_Spike_(CT)
  • Firecrackers_(CT)
  • F_Grenade_(CT)
  • Tear_Gas_(CT)
  • Exp_Molotov_(CT)
  • Molotov_(CT)
  • Grenade_(CT)
  • Chainsaw_Player_(CT)
  • Sniper_Rifle_Silenced_(CT)
  • Glock_Torch_(CT)
  • Nail_Gun_(CT)
  • W_B_Bat_Nails_(CT)
  • Hockey_Stick_(CT)
  • Chainsaw_(CT)
  • M_B_Bat_(CT)
  • Machete_(CT)
  • IcePick_(CT)
  • Axe_(CT)
  • Cane_(CT)
  • Wooden_Bar_(CT)
  • Cleaver_(CT)
  • Pipe_(CT)
  • Jury_Blades_(CT)
  • Broken_Bottle_(CT)
  • Hunt_Knife_(CT)
  • N_Vision_(CT)
  • Lighter_(CT)
  • Water_Bottle_(CT)
  • Tripwire_(CT)

Unused Graphics


A loading screen of the A20 Level.

Internal Level Order

The order of levels are different from the order in the final game, with a handful of them getting cut. Only code of the removed levels remain.

Internal Order Level Name Final Order Level Name
A01_Escape_Asylum Awakening A01_Escape_Asylum Awakening
A02_The_Old_House Ghosts A02_The_Old_House Ghosts
A03_Neighbourhood Domestic Disturbance A04_SM_Nightclub Sexual Deviants
A04_SM_Nightclub Sexual Deviants A07_Tolerance_Zone Red Light
A05_History_Museum Cut Level A14_SugarFactory Best Friends
A06_CIA_Trap Most Wanted A07_2Tolerance_Zone Safe House
A07_Tolerance_Zone Red Light A10_Brothel Bees' Honey Pot
A07_2Tolerance_Zone Safe House A12_Plaza Assassination
A08_Sorority_House Cut Level A06_CIA_Trap Most Wanted
A09_Burn Ritual Cleansing A09_Burn Ritual Cleansing
A10_Brothel Bees' Honey Pot A11_Medicine_Lab Origins
A11_Medicine_Lab Origins A16_TV_Studio Broadcast Interrupted
A12_Plaza Assassination A17_Creepy_Farm Altered State
A13_UNUSED Cut Level A03_Neighbourhood Domestic Disturbance
A14_SugarFactory Best Friends A15_Cemetery Personality Clash
A15_Cemetery Personality Clash A18_Manor Release Therapy
A16_TV_Studio Broadcast Interrupted
A17_Creepy_Farm Altered State
A18_Manor Release Therapy
A19_UNUSED Cut Level
A20_End Cut Level?
  • A05_History_Museum
  • A08_Sorority_House
  • A13_UNUSED
  • A19_UNUSED
  • A20_End
  • A20_E1
  • A20_E2
  • A21_New_House
  • A22_Bonus1
  • A23_Bonus2
  • A24_Bonus3
  • A25_Bonus4
  • A26_Bonus5
  • B00_TestJumpnClimb
  • B01_EnvExecutions
  • B02_TestRendColl
  • B03_TestPhysProp
  • B04_TestHuntrnVis
  • B05_TestPatrol
  • B06_TestLures
  • B07_TestEffects
  • B08_TestSurfaces
  • B09_TestWeapons

The original endings had the player deciding if they wanted to kill Dr. Whyte in her lab, or similar to the final ending, killing Leo in a modified version of the asylum, which can be partly seen in the final version, in Release Therapy's end cutscene.

Filename Oddities

Most Wanted's Original Name

As mentioned in the original level order, Most Wanted has a name change, originally going to be "CIA Trap" suggesting, the CIA was supposed to be the Hunters in place of the Bloodhounds and possibly played an important role which is not a far stretch due to in-game's Pickman's project being based off a CIA's project MKULTRA.

Placeholder Execution Audio

These sound files are repeated multiple times in the soundbank with execution audio.


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Female Asylum Inmates

In Awakening, there were going to be female inmates.


The Pervs have a lot of unused lines.

Cut Weapons/Executions

To do:
Add the leftover audios. Some of them has "jump" level exec sounds!
  • Chainsaw_Player/
  • Cleaver/
  • Hammer/
  • Knife/ or Hunt_Knife/
  • Machete/
  • Small_Bat/ or Jack/

A lot of sounds were cut along with scrapped executions with only sound remaining. Some sounds were leftover from the first game.

Weapon Executions
Level Sound
Acid_Bottle BLOW_TOR Metal_Hook Hammer Axe
Environmental Executions
Aztec_Altar Road_Works_Barrier/Barrier
Bath BrokenWindow
Chair/Wooden_Chair Door
Dumpster Fence_Pole
Guillotine Hangman_Pole
Harvester Prop
Sink Tombstone
TV Vending

Unused Music

The credits originally had its own separate theme instead of re-using the main theme music.

Credits Themes

Unused Credits Theme

Unused First Game Credits Theme
The first credits theme from the first game is still left in.

Unused Music from a folder named "JumpAtta"

It's very similar to Assassination's soundtrack, but has some differences. In the Wii version, it even has its own death and level end music.

Death Music

End Level Music

System Exclusive Weapons

Some weapons can be found on the Wii, PS2, and PSP versions only.

  • Flashlight: Only found on the PS2 and PSP. It is used by Civilians, the Cops and The Bloodhounds gang.
  • Mace: Exclusive to the Wii version. It is used by The Pervs in the mission Sexual Deviants.
  • Razor: Exclusive to the PC and Wii versions. It is found in the levels Red Light, Ritual Cleansing and Origins.
  • Bottle (Weapon): Exclusive to the PC and Wii versions. It is found in the levels Ghosts, Red Light and Ritual Cleansing. Originally supposed to be a milk bottle, but the model and HUD icon were changed to a whiskey bottle.
  • Bottle (Lure): Exclusive to the PS2/PSP versions. An alternate variant of the bottle from the PC/Wii versions. This one is only used as a lure item instead of for executions. It appears in the levels Ghosts, Red Light and Most Wanted.
  • Katana: Exclusive to the PS2/PSP/PC versions. It is found in the level Broadcast Interrupted.