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Medabots AX

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Title Screen

Medabots AX Metabee Ver. and Rokusho Ver.

Also known as: Medarot G Kabuto and Kuwagata (JP)
Developer: Natsume
Publishers: Imagineer (JP), Natsume (US/EU)
Platform: Game Boy Advance
Released in JP: July 19, 2002
Released in US: June 25, 2002
Released in EU: 2003

RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

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Medabots AX is a 2D arena fighter spinoff game.

It's notable for being the only other Medabots game on the Game Boy Advance to be localized in the West and pulling a Super Mario Bros. 2/Doki Doki Panic type of situation.

Regional Differences

The US and European versions center around protagonist Ikki Tenryou and his friends (whom the anime was based around, thus making this version a tie-in game for the show as it was on air in the West around this time), whereas the Japanese version is centered around the characters of Medarot 5 and features a much more extensive and detailed story mode.

Intro & Title screen

Medabots AX Medarot G
Metabee Version
Rokusho Version
Kabuto Version
Kuwagata Version
Medabots AX Medarot G

The intro sequence is a lot simpler in Medabots AX and it reuses the anime dub theme much like Medabots: Metabee and Rokusho.

Medabots AX Medarot G
MedabotsAX Title.png Kabuto Version
Kuwagata Version

Medabot parts

Whereas Medabots AX features 30 kind of part sets (nine from Medarot 1, eighteen from Medarot 2 and three from Medarot R), Medarot G features 37 (six from Medarot 1, nine from Medarot 2, fourteen from Medarot 5, one from Medarot R and seven original ones) instead.

Medabots AX Medarot G
Acehorn Acehorn
Arcbeetle Arcbeetle
Belzelga Belzelga
Krosserdog (Bluesdog) Bluesdog
Crimson King
Dark Wizar
Gorem-2 (DonDoguu) DonDoguu
El Head
Cleobattler (Empress Patra)
Saldron (Flame Tisala)
Snowbro (Frappé)
Mega-Emperor (God Emperor) God Emperor
Hardness Ten
Phoenix (HellPhoenix) HellPhoenix
Face Lantern (Ka O' Lantern)
Octoclam (Kanehachi Mk2)
Totalizer (Keithturtle) Keithturtle
Knight Armor
Monoklar (Le Villain)
Love Getter
Orkamar (Marine Killer)
Metabee Metabee
Peppercat Peppercat
Babbyblu (Primity Baby)
Oceana (Pure Mermaid)
Giggly Jelly (Pururun Jelly)
Road Lord
Rokusho Rokusho
Sailor-Multi Sailor-Multi
Neutranurse (Saintnurse) Saintnurse
Spidar (Shoot Spider)
Sumilidon (Smilodonad) Smilodonad
Warbandit (Warbonnet) Warbonnet
Sharkkan (Yuchitang) Yuchitang