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Miitopia (Nintendo 3DS)

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Title Screen


Developer: Nintendo EPD
Publisher: Nintendo
Platform: Nintendo 3DS
Released internationally: July 28, 2017
Released in JP: December 8, 2016

AnimationsIcon.png This game has unused animations.
AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
ObjectIcon.png This game has unused objects.

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We should look into the Nintendo Switch version and see if there's any new unused content hiding in there, possibly make a new page for it if need be. Maybe the Casting Call app is worth checking out too?

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Miitopia is kind of the love child of Tomodachi Quest from Tomodachi Life and Find Mii/StreetPass Quest from StreetPass Mii Plaza. It's a bizarre RPG where you build a team of Miis to go up against ghoulish fiends, mythical creatures, the Mona Lisa, and... Twerkeys.

Later received a remaster for Nintendo Switch in 2021 that added a new coat of high-definition paint, additional Mii-creation options such as makeup, new friendship events, and a horse.

Unused Areas

Unused Maps

Inside cmn/param/maps is a SARC archive containing five CSV files which has the test map data. They test forks in the road, triggering events, and finding treasure.

Unused Battle Arena

Inside cmn/h3d/bg/Battle is a dummy battle area which is only a blue background without any effects. It appears to be located in New Lumos.

Unused Animations

The Darker Lord

The Darker Lord has two unused animations inside the SARC cmn\h3d\enemy\EnSatanB.bch.szs they’re called EnSatanB_Calldm & EnSatanB_Powerdm, respectively.

Miitopia EnSatanB Calldm.gif
Miitopia EnSatanB Powerdm.gif


To do:
Keep on scanning for any clones or more. District bosses either use default colors, or their heads are darkened.

Miitopia, just like your average RPG, has a huge list of enemies.



The Cerberus, Griffin, and Retroputer have clones of their default coloration. These 3 were most likely going to receive their own coloration and feature as alternate, stronger versions of the original enemy.


To do:
Are there any more duplicates?

3 Slimes, 2 Cobras, a Golem, 2 Butterflies, 3 Rocks, 5 Imps are mentioned in enemy.msbt, but don't have any unique names.


Few enemies have things that aren't seen in-game.


Original Section: There is a separate Dark Lord model that has a strange visor in front of his face, but it doesn't share any animations. It uses the shadow texture, for some reason. The model entirely could have been a scrapped version.


Cute smile, gorgeous eyes.

The models and faces of enemies are kept separate. Every enemy has a dummy facial texture, but it's left blank. However, the Rock Moth's dummy mouth is not blank; it has a smiling mouth. The Poison Butterfly has brown, feminine eyes looking to its right. Because neither enemies in-game have those features, there's no need to make the parts blank. The game simply doesn't show them.

Unused Skills

Of course, what are enemies without skills? As you'd expect, Miitopia also has quite the number of skills within its code. So, naturally, there's some that didn't make the final cut, though they mostly work in the final game...

"ExciteAttack" and "SpiteAttack"

The enemy does a physical attack on a Mii, with a chance of inflicting either Hyper ("ExciteAttack") or Spite ("SpiteAttack").

"WaveCannon1" and "WaveCannon3"

These skills are nearly identical to the robot's beam ability ("WaveCannon2"), but with one key difference. As the name may suggest, "WaveCannon2" targets two Miis. So, yeah, you guessed it, "WaveCannon1" targets one Mii, and "WaveCannon3" targets three Miis.

"CryAll" and "TerrorAll"

Pretty self explanatory as skills, "CryAll" attempts to inflict Crying on all the Miis in your party, and "TerrorAll" does the same, except inflicting Terror instead of Crying.


Very similar to "SpiteAttack", this skill also does a attack on a Mii, with a chance of inflicting Spite. But, unlike "SpiteAttack", the attack the enemy does is a magical attack, not the physical attack "SpiteAttack" has.


This last skill doesn't work in the release game, but it it inflicts a status effect on every Mii in the party. The statuses can be Nightmare, Old, Hyper, Stone, or crying. This is used in the Switch release of Miitopia, with the newly added skill Boss Snurp that has an attack that calls RandomAll, but not in the 3DS game.

Dummy Miis

Download.png Download QR_codes - Miitopia Dummy Miis
File: QR_codes_-_Miitopia_Dummy_Miis.zip (861 KB) (info)

Inside the /cmn/storedata/ folder are 7 dummy Mii data files in .CFSD files (Wii U/3DS-format Mii data files). Here are Mii Studio renders of all of them. First is DummyBasic, then Dummy00, Dummy01, and so on, up to Dummy05.

Miitopia-DummyBasic.png Miitopia-Dummy00.png Miitopia-Dummy01.png Miitopia-Dummy02.png Miitopia-Dummy03.png Miitopia-Dummy04.png Miitopia-Dummy05.png

Internal Name

Miitopia is referred to as "mimic" internally.