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Monster Hunter G (PlayStation 2)

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Title Screen

Monster Hunter G

Developer: Capcom
Publisher: Capcom
Platform: PlayStation 2
Released in JP: January 20, 2005

ModelsIcon.png This game has unused models.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.

To do:
Make a page for the Wii version and all its differences?
Try modding the game's files to enable quest 60029?

Monster Hunter G is a standalone expansion of Monster Hunter for the PS2, with a reworked armor skill system and a rather obnoxious method of unlocking the newly introduced subspecies.

Unused Equipment

Monster Hunter G - Unused SnS Model.png

This model belongs to the "Shining Wyvern Blade" Sword and Shield tree in later games, unlike the other Expert family weapons, the Expert Sword and Expert Bowguns use the same model as their Black Belt family counterparts, instead of the Silver Rathalos + Gold Rathian variant, thus, weapon model 173 goes unused, there is no unused model for the Expert Bowgun, however.

There is a set of unused gear, one for each armor slot: the Guildmaster Piercing, the W Rex Mail, the Tenjou Tenge Musou Tekko, the Rath Metal Tasset, and the Lucky Metal Boots. Each of these have very good defensive stats, as well as a full skill per piece on all but the headgear: W Rex gives Low Wind Pressure, the Tenjou Tekko gives ESP, the Rath Tasset gives Bomber, and Lucky Boots gives Good Luck. The Guildmaster Piercing gives ten points in Blessing and five points in Fate/Good Luck.

Each weapon class also has an unused "dev" weapon entry: GS has Serial Edge, Hammer has Howling G, Lance has Doom, SnS has Coma Stick, DB have Water Cutters, and Bowgun has Hundred Blooming Flowers.

Scrapped Monster Variant

Monster ID 48 is a subspecies of Basarios, coloured slightly paler than the normal version, likely to counterpart Gravios having a darker subspecies. It uses the same behaviour file as normal Basarios. This slot is later used in Portable and throughout the second generation for Yian Garuga. There are no items, used or otherwise, related to the Basarios Subspecies.

ID 22, Basarios ID 48, Basarios Sub
MonHunG em22 3.png MonHunG em48 3.png

Unused Quest

Title: 災厄降臨
Success Condition: ミラボレアスの討伐
Failure Condition: 報酬金ゼロ, タイムアップ

Hidden among the game's files there's a .mib quest file for Crimson Fatalis, m60029.mib, this quest can't be loaded via cheats, as it lacks data in lobby.bin, which is used outside of quest to display its name, locale and other info without loading the quest file itself.

Unused Leftovers from Monster Hunter

To do:
Perhaps link those unused models here from the MH1 page or just direct them there?

MHG has the same unused debug models, select_tex.bin, and XBOX cockpit textures as MH1.