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Normality/Unused Text

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This is a sub-page of Normality.

There's a fair amount of unused text and speech in the game—the text comes from the LANG.DAT file, and the speech is contained in DIGI/SOUND.RAW file on the CD. Some of the unused lines are only available in the text file, and some only in the speech file.

Both of these files are essentially semi-ordered, with most lines being grouped into sets that belong to a specific area. However, there's also lots of random lines strewn about from seemingly unrelated places. The files seems more like they're ordered roughly by when the developers added the lines to the game, as the end of the files are very fragmented in particular.

With that in mind, it's not always possible to determine where lines were likely intended to be used, or which character was supposed to say a particular line. That said, in most cases the association is pretty clear, either from where the line appears in the file or where it makes sense.

As mentioned, some lines only exist in the text file, and some only exist in the speech file. In the latter case, the lines have been marked with a darker background color to indicate they're speech only—and in those cases the text is simply a transcription of the line rather than a copypaste from the game's internal text.


A line meant for when using the remote control. In-game there is no voice line when using it at all.

Whoa, these button are stubborn. I had a slight mishap with some glue and a turkey baster. They need a good stab to make them work.

There's an alternate line referring to the TV turning itself off.

It turned itself off again.

Kent says his kettle is "almost empty". It might be that you were originally supposed to fill it up with water first before making it boil—or so this line would suggest.

I'd better fill it up first. Otherwise I might blow the fuses for miles around and the Norms will be after me.

The same goes for the hole in the bath, which is similarly non-interactive:

UseIt's much too small. I may be fit and athletic but I would need to lose around 90% of my body mass to get down that way
TakeYeah, if I pick the hole up I can use it on other objects. I can use it to get through walls and to empty oil tankers, and... and I can't pick it up! Oh well, never mind, it was a good idea.
LookThat sharkpoon gun made a pretty good hole! It could still be a winner. I can't stand it in here much longer. That really is the BIGGEST smell I ever smelled! If that Norm outside gets a whiff, he'll think I'm up to no good.

The dripping pipe in Kent's apartment next to the front door is not interactive, but there is a line referencing it:

LookThat dripping pipe is going to short circuit and blow up my apartment, one of these days.

The can of yellow paint that got removed in the final version still has lines associated with it.

UseI don't see anywhere to use it around here.
TakeNot a good idea considering the only thing keeping the paint inside is the dried up mulch around the bottom.
LookThis has gone all manky. I like yellow, but this is no good.

There's a line referring to getting the rat, which was replaced with an FMV in the final version.

Come here, you. Ah, I got him!

Your chest of drawers is made from recycled fruit rinds, as Kent points out when you examine it. Trying to take it gives you the standard "I don't want it" response, but there is a unique unused line for it.

I don't want this crusty lump of recycled peel!

This line was found among other apartment voice lines, but it's unclear what it refers to. Maybe it was meant for when you try to eat the bean splat or something in the fridge. The earliest prototype version (951114) still has the line in the language file.

I think it would move something inside me, and I'm not referring to my emotions!

There's also a leftover reading of the demo version of the note you get in prison.

Unused versionFinal version
Want to meet some people who share the same interests? Then don't just sit being bored at home, get down to the third dumpster in the dingy alley behind the Plush-Rest Furniture Factory. An Empathiser...
Frustrated? Want to meet some like-minded individuals? Want to do something about the state of the city? Get a job and snoop around Plush-Rest. You'll find a group in one of the dumpsters around the back. An Empathiser...

Finally, Kent used to have a 245 piece toolbox that ended up getting cut. The item still exists in the earliest playable prototype.

LookThis is my 245 piece toolbox. Hmmm, the lock is rusted shut.


This line might have been meant for the power box in the landing outside your house.

Why would I want to turn the power off?

There's an unused texture of a fire escape door in the landing map. This line might refer to that door, as it's found among other lines for that map.

This door is rusted in place.

If you try to pick up your front door, Kent replies with a stock line. There is a specific line meant for it, though.

TakeLook, it's a front door! How the hell do I pick THAT up?!

The fire escape door might have not been the only fire related thing removed from the landing. The earliest prototype has a line referring to a fire extinguisher. Its sprite remains in the map data, but it's nowhere to be found anymore in retail (although other maps do reuse the same sprite).

UseWhy? It's empty.
TakeI don't need it.
LookIt was used to put out a fire last year.

Dai's Cradle

Alternate line for when you give Dai coffee without milk. In the final version he simply says "I don't want that boy!" for everything you try to give him that isn't milky coffee.

KentHere, take this.
DaiI don't believe that is what I asked for, young man. Thick cup of milky mud now, if you please? Then, and only then, are the streets yours.

Norm Truck Section

The following lines are references to the puzzle for getting Dai out of the Norm truck later on in the game. The puzzle was likely a bit more complex originally, with you being required to connect the hole in your bath to the fan in the bathroom, before connecting the outside fan output to the truck's air intake.

Yeah, I can siphon away those horrible smells from the hole, out through the fan.
Ah, I see. If I connect this pipe with that smelly hole to the extractor fan, those smells will be siphoned away.
Excellent! Now the smells are being siphoned around the rest of the building. That should create a big enough diversion to allow Heather to get into the truck!

The reference to Heather being able to get into the truck refers to the older version of this puzzle. The prototype version also still has these lines for what seems to be a ladder item, fully removed in the retail version:

UseThis ladder looks none too safe
TakeGood idea. Let's get out of here!
LookThis ladder must go up to street level too. To the truck hopefully.

Back in the retail version, the following lines were intended for the pipe after attaching it to the hole.

UseI'm going to leave this here to syphon away the smell from that hole!
TakeNo, the air smells much better with that pipe stuck in the hole.
LookGreat idea of mine using that pipe!

This whole set actually has a whole alternate set of line readings by the voice actor.

UseI'm going to leave this here to syphon away the smell from that hole!
TakeNo, the air smells much better with that pipe stuck in the hole.
LookGreat idea of mine using that pipe!

There are two types of hoses you can get (a shorter and a long one), with possibly the longer one originally meant for the outside and the shorter one for the inside. In the final version, you only need to connect the outside fan to the truck's air intake and either hose can be used for it. The following lines indicate that there was originally a distinction.

Nah, this is too fat and too long for in here.
This pipe is not long enough to go anywhere!


Some lines for Kent observing the Norms arguing in the truck after you connect the pipe to their air vent. In the game you lose control until they leave.

Those stiffs are still arguing in there.
I think that's had some effect.
STRIKE!! I think they're having a partly-digested food fight!

It's possible to converse with Dai before rescuing him by using "speak" on the back of the truck, with Dai communicating by knocking on the wall. The following lines from that are unused:

KentI think I may have made a little progress. How's it hangin'?
DaiBLONG! (Pause)... BLONG! BLONG!

Maybe a line for when you're trying to take the pipe away after connecting it to the truck.

TakeI have a better idea: I'll leave it where it is!

Plush-Rest Factory


The receptionist at the Plush-Rest Factory used to be somewhat more nervous than she is, and she used to have a name:

KentHello, I'm here to apply for a job as furniture tester.
SecretaryEr, erm, H... Hello. Please don't shout! I've only just started here. I've been here for two, no three, no, one month. I don't know what everything does exactly. Please give me all the space you think I need.
KentCalm down, Ms. Crastina. I am here for an appointment in the Test Department. My name is Mr. Harry Zontal, and I am an unparalleled furniture tester of the first order! Please inform Mr. Brinkler of my arrival.

The voice lines have her state your false name twice more. The game simply skips over that portion of the voice line to omit it.

Unused versionFinal version
SecretaryAh, yes, that will do nicely. One cannot argue with the written word. "I am Fat". Indeed you are, Mr. Zontal. I'll page Mr. Brinkler right away.
SecretaryAh, yes, that will do nicely. One cannot argue with the written word. "I am Fat". Indeed you are. I'll page Mr. Brinkler right away.
SecretaryPlease go through to the Plush-Rest Hospitality Niche, Mr. Zontal. Make yourself comfortable. Mr. Brinkler will be along presently.
SecretaryPlease go through to the Plush-Rest Hospitality Niche. Make yourself comfortable. Mr. Brinkler will be along presently.

An alternate version of the line when you speak to the secretary again.

SecretaryAh, go right through Mr. Zontal.

This line was probably meant for the "I am fat" t-shirt.

Should fit. It's Extra-Medium.

On a side note, Kent's assertion that he's "extra-medium" is heard later on when you try to put on the protective suit in the sewers.

Coffee machine

An alternate text for the coffee machine in the Plush-Rest reception:

Unused versionFinal version
KentI suppose this must be the creature's eye. I think the sculpture must be a metaphor for jealousy or something. A green eye? Hmmmm... Well if this thing is interactive, you just press the eye to watch the display. Here goes...
KentThis green button must be the creature's eye. I think the sculpture must be a metaphor for jealousy or something. Guess I press the green eye? Here goes...
KentJEEZ! I have never seen such an evocative and compelling rendering of the most basic human emotion - jealousy. The green eye, the boiling rage, it all adds up to one of the most brilliantly observed and executed things I have ever seen!
KentI've never seen such an evocative and compelling rendering.
KentThe green eye, the boiling rage. It all adds up to one of the most brilliantly observed and executed things I have ever seen.

In the earliest prototype, Kent has a different line describing it:

Early prototype
JEEZ! What is this thing doing? Such hatred, such rage! What an amazing thing!

In that same prototype, the cup of water had a very slightly different line.

Early prototypeFinal version
WOW! All that commotion to get a pathetic paper cup full of warm, plasticy water!Wow! All that commotion to get a pathetic cup of warm plasticy water!

Conversation with Tiddler

Alternate text for Tiddler conversation:

Unused versionFinal version
TiddlerAh, Mr. Harry Zontal, I see that you have made yourself more than comfortable in our Hospitality Niche.TiddlerI see that you have made yourself more than comfortable, in our Hospitality Niche?
TiddlerWell, Mr. Zontal, you certainly know how to make an impact, don't you? I'd like to be the first to congratulate you on getting a job in the prestigious Plush-Rest Test Department. I haven't seen such finely honed destructive skills as yours since old Gordon 'Tubs' Hodgson worked here. He could break things in his sleep, literally. I think that you will fit in here just fine. Why don't you spend the rest of the day browsing around our premises?TiddlerYou certainly know how to make an impact, don't you? I'd like to be the first to congratulate you on getting a job in the prestigious Plush-Rest Test Department. I haven't seen such finely-honed destructive skills as yours since old Gordon "Smasher" Hodgson worked here, and he could break things in his sleep - literally! I think that you will fit in here just fine.
TiddlerTiddlerFollow me and I'll take you to the our cosy little Test Department. There you can have a look around.

The following lines also seem to be meant for the conversation with Tiddler.

KentBut what IS that in that case, sir?
TiddlerFIRE RISK! This aint no fire risk, boy! It displays skill and dedication. It's the finest example of how this job should be done! Those damn Waste Engineers are so efficient, as soon as anything gets broke, it's on its way to the grinders. I can't show my boys how it should be done!
KentMaybe you should speak to them, you seem to have authority, sir.
TiddlerNot over THEM, son. They're weird, unapproachable. I tried in the past and they said they had their orders direct from the Directors. I love this job, son, I don't want to get fired. I don't know what else I'd do.

This one might have been meant for when you've exhausted all dialogue options with him.

TiddlerNot now, kid! Not now! Running a Test Department is a serious business and involves a great deal of concentration...

If you use the map select cheat to get into the factory directly, without going through the reception normally, you can interact with Tiddler. Looking at him yields one of the following lines randomly.

LookThis guy is like... seriously large.
LookThis guy looks important.
LookHow do these guys get SO big?!

Raft construction

The lines for the raft are visible by using the level select cheat.

There are a number of unused lines for the raft you build on the river.

This one probably refers to when you throw the empty barrel in the river.

Float! Float to freedom!

These refer to getting the raft ready to go.

That's it! All the cylinders are aboard now!
Push, Mr. Knutson... push...

This was probably used for when you start and end your ride on the raft.

No safer than putting to sea on a hungry shark! What have I got to lose other than my skin and hair?! Here goes...
Just as I guessed. My little voyage ends safely in Heather's dockland lair!

Finally, as noted on the main article, you were originally supposed to be able to interact with your raft docked at Heather's Den before it was changed to automatically start the conversation where you hand over the toxic chemicals. The raft has the following lines:

UseI've had enough sailing for one day.
TakeNo way!
LookMy pride and joy. I'm glad that it worked.

There's a reading of the "The next day..." line that precedes the firing of the missile.

The next day...

Miscellaneous (interior)

An unused line of text, apparently for the unused food can item.

UseAs much as I would like to sample the delicate bouquet and flavour sealed within, I don't have a can opener.
TakeI suppose I could carry one can, just in case of emergency... for when there's nothing else to eat... and I've eaten all my clothing... and both legs.

In the text file, this line directly follows the last. No audio can be found for it.

Urm... erm...Urg! Chomp!

It seems the toilet in the factory was originally interactive.

I don't need to go, but I can easily scramble down there again.
The toilet in the Factory.

There's no line for when you add the debris to the bed, as the game goes straight into an FMV. However, there are two lines adjacent to the bed's instructions text:

I'll just put it here on the bed...

The following is found among the lines for the bed that you force the Waste Engineer to fall asleep on. It seems like it was originally going to have a status display of some sort. This line is not found in the game's text at all.

Do not turn off the bed. Testing in progress. Marathon duration.

This line is found right before the striking tester who tells you he "doesn't speak to wimps" (after you have speak with him).

I'm psyching myself for a strenuous test session. Go away.

There's a line in the audio file that might refer to this same tester. It's actually right next to the line describing the Norm Trooper guarding the secret area in the factory—but it's probably not meant for him, since he's normally sized.

I feel positively tiny next to this guy!

Regarding the Norm guard, there's an unused version of the line where you tell him you're "not interested anyway" in whatever it is he's guarding. It's the same except it includes "Mr. Brinkler", probably by mistake.

Where do I get a badge then, Mr. Brinkler? Ah, nevermind, I didn't want to go in there anyway.

In the office, there's an extra line for the gizmos.

What a strange thing. It gives off weird noises that make me feel really weird!

When you're crawling around in the ducts and you're trying to take the debris from Tiddler's case, Kent will say "Not until I climb down." Kent never actually climbs down—he stretches his arm out to grab the debris. But there is one more line in the audio file that refers to climbing down to grab it.

If I climb down carefully, I can probably remove that broken chair without tripping the alarm.

There are a few additional lines referring to the sawblades. The last line seems to be for when you solve the puzzle and become able to visit Heather's Den. In the final version, this is done in an FMV, and you never actually climb down—you ride the conveyor belt and fall in.

This looks like it has something to do with those grinders.
They're off now! I can get past those deadly blades!
I can crawl down here and into that dumpster now!

In order to take the extinguisher from the waste grinder room, you have to empty it first as it's too heavy to carry otherwise. Doing so coats half the room white in foam. This is done entirely with an FMV, but the audio file has a leftover voice line for it.

WHOA!!! Argh! Oh well, I think I've emptied it. What a mess! Think I'd better get out of here.

Speaking of extinguishers, the earliest prototype (951114) has three additional lines for an extinguisher item, although judging by the adjacent lines it might have been inside the reception area. This only exists in the prototype and has been removed in retail altogether.

UseWhere's the fire? Should I start one?
TakeI'm really not interested!
LookStandard Norm issue fire extinguisher. So what?

Miscellaneous (exterior)

An apparently unused phrase describing one of the dumpsters outside the Plush-Rest factory:

LookI think I can make out the tiniest of fissures in the side, though it might be a trick of the light. I've got a terrible sinking feeling about all this, and the mud is only partly responsible. Wait a second! There's a conveyor belt feeding into the top of this thing. If I could find out where that conveyer starts...

The container outside has a rusty patch at the top, which has an alternate texture with a hole in it. This line seems to indicate it was once possible to interact with the patch.

LookThere's a little puddle of rain water in the middle of the rusty patch. Oops, it's collapsed inside!
LookI made a little hole in the container. There's a strong chemical smell coming up from inside.

In the voice file, this line is found around the lines pertaining to the generator atop the container outside the factory. It's unclear exactly what item or action it refers to. Maybe meant for trying to drink the water from the rusty patch.

It might be full of iron, but it certainly aint good for ya.

There's also this line, probably referring to the furnace.

Not me, I'm not getting burned! You do it!

And this one, also with Kent not happy about being asked to do dangerous things. This is possibly for trying to pick up the container.

Why are you always asking me to pick up heavy objects? With a toxic logo on the side? I'm staying away from it!

M.I.N.T. Mall

Blind man

The match seller was originally supposed to stop you from entering the mall until you bought his matches:

KentCan I enter the mall please?
BlindmanNot until you buy some of my matches, young man.
KentIsn't that a bit unfair?
BlindmanYes, I suppose it is, but life's like that, Son! Sorry!


Some unused lines for Disco La-La (Brian's music shop)—probably for the sign above the shop.

UseI can find Brian in here.
TakeI can't reach.
LookThis is where Brian Deluge sells CD's from.

Lines for the shutters in front of the Cuddly Cards shop, which is not interactive in-game.

UseI can't lift it up, and I can't crawl underneath.
TakeIt's too heavy.
LookSome building work is going on in here... or was.... long ago.

Some lines apparently meant for the Frozen *FOOD* section in the Cave of Comestibles.

Well, it all looks the same to me, even if it does come in different colours!
Nope, it's just too unappetising!
Ugh! Ice-creams with fish-flavoured topping! YUK!

The Thrifty Fifty, the thrift shop where you get the puppies and gliders, has unused lines referring to an anti-theft device different from the Security Scanner. There's also the name "ClaraSilt" directly before "Sales Girl", which might have been intended as her name.

Anti Shoplift Device

The following line might indicate that you were originally meant to fly either the fruit croppers or the puppies over the security scanner using the sign, rather than the large glider. To support this, the prerelease walkthrough includes instructions to use the large glider sign to fly the fruit croppers out of the shop.

This sign is surprisingly aerodynamic. I do believe it will actually fly!

This line can be found in the audio file around other lines for the thrift shop. It might be meant for the mall logo outside, though.

Great logo. I bet someone got paid millions for such a simple 5 minute design.

There are a few lines for when you use the gliders to fly stuff over the security scanner. These were probably removed when the FMVs got added.

It's an interesting idea...yeah, I just might be able to fly the croppers right over the security scanner!
Yeah! Go, little doggie, go!
There goes another one.

There's also a line for when you take the speaker inside the Cave of Comestibles with the Fruit Croppers.

Just snip here... there. Got the speakers.


Ray, the guy working at the supermarket, also has two additional unused lines that are relevant:

RayRAY: Er.... cod-flavoured ice cream. Er.... er... these are yummy. Honest!
RayRAY: Great chunks of, er... *FOOD*. Lovely *FOOD*. You know you want to buy some? Oh GOD!
RayUrg! Mumble, blurg, food is great isn't it? Yum...

In the final version, all *FOOD* items you get are the same, and Ray only gives you two different lines based on whether you select one called Frozen *FOOD* or More Frozen *FOOD*.

The game also has a string for an unused third object which was potentially linked to one of the unused lines.

Even More Frozen *FOOD*

This line can be found in the audio file around other *FOOD* related lines. It's probably an older version of the line for examining it.

This stuff is real solid!

There's a line of what sounds like Ray yelling at you to stay out. Maybe originally part of the line he speaks when he throws you out of the store for attempting to steal the speaker.

Get out and stay out!

Norm 2782

There are two extra unused lines from when you get thrown out of the mall for stealing the Fruit Croppers. Only the third line is used in the FMV. The first line only exists in the voice file, not in the text file.

Norm 2782HEY! CITIZEN! I do hope you're not taking those without appropriate payment?
KentEr...., I did pay for them, honest!
Norm 2782I think not! I don't like your sort in MY Mall! Out!

Possibly early or placeholder lines for when Norm 2782 confiscates your extinguisher. They appear immediately before the final lines.

Unused versionFinal version
Norm 2782Where did you get that?Norm 2782Citizen! May I ask where you located that extinguisher? It's Norm equipment, serial number FO-92.
KentI found it.KentI, er... found... er, sort of found it... Sir... in a bush... sort of...

A small detail is that the recorded line originally has the serial number as "FO-9832". In the FMV version it's shortened to just FO-92.

Norm 2782Citizen! May I ask where you located that extinguisher? It's Norm equipment, serial number FO-9832.

Norm 2782 gives you a badge—the audio files reveal he was originally written to actually give you four badges. Once in the initial conversation (which explains why Kent says "Thanks!" after Norm 2782 says "All in a day's work, citizen."), then after asking him about the extinguisher (this one was left in), then when he complains you're distracting him, and finally one last time when you get too close to the Waffle Statue.

The game's text has been rewritten to not refer to any of these badges, and the audio is only partially played back in-game so that those parts of the line are not heard.

This also explains why there was a discrepancy between the US version of the game and the UK version—in the US version, all these lines were reinstated to their original form, possibly because they used the audio file as guideline.

Norm 2782All in a day's work, citizen. Here, have a badge.
Norm 2782Sure I'm sure! Have a badge, and don't distract me again, citizen.
Norm 2782Get away from that! Here, have a badge.

Ultimately, the goal of this section is to set the Waffle Statue on fire so that Norm 2782 will come and spray it yellow with your fire extinguisher. In-game, when you start the fire, you lose control and tell Norm 2782 to haul ass and get over here—and about a second later, an FMV begins playing that knocks you down into the fireworks storage area. Although this is totally scripted, the burning book is actually an interactive object, and has the following lines associated with it.

UseI am using it, as a means to make that Norm use the sprayer he confiscated.
TakeIt's hot!

Examining it causes Kent to call out to Norm 2782 to come extinguish the fire, which triggers the FMV sequence like normal. In the voice recording file only, the following extra bit exists as well.

That book's nicely on fire. Right, here we go...

Finally, the sequence where Norm 2782 realizes there's a fire has two extra lines, both of them only in the voice file.

Unused versionFinal version
Norm 2782Citizens! I COMMAND you not to panic!
Norm 2782EVERYBODY, lie down! Take short panting breaths and don't move!
Norm 2782EVERYBODY, lie down! Take short panting breaths and don't move!
Norm 2782Make your way to the nearest exit. I will deal with the fire.
Norm 2782Make your way to the nearest exit. I will deal with the fire.
Norm 2782I am trained in the use of all firefighting equipment. I repeat...
Norm 2782DO NOT PANIC!
Norm 2782DO NOT PANIC!

The "nearest exit" line has an alternate reading as well.

Norm 2782Make your way to the nearest exit. I will deal with the fire.

His "awakening" after getting hit in the head by extinguisher shrapnel also has a longer version in the voice file only. It sounds almost like an adlib by the voice actor.

Unused versionFinal version
Norm 2782Where did you get that fire-fighting equipment? Ever since I used it I feel... well... I feel weird!
Norm 2782Where did you get that fire-fighting equipment? Ever since I used it I feel... well... I feel weird!
Norm 2782I'm... I'm having thoughts I can't control! OH! Please help me! NO! DON'T STOP! Oh! AH! Stand back, gon' kiss myself! Oh! Ah! Brrrr! YEEEES!!! What's HAPPENIN'!!!

The earliest playable prototype (951114) has an alternate version of this line.

Norm 2782Where did you get that fire-fighting equipment? Ever since I used it I feel... well, wierd. I am having thoughts I can't control. Please help me?

TV Station

Scottish bouncer

The bouncer at the TV station used to be completely different. According to the developers themselves in the Official Strategy Guide, he was supposed to have a Scottish terrier as well.

BouncerLet's see your ID, laddy? You no can enter without yer badge.
KentEr... I don't have any ID, but I do need to get inside. It's very important.
BouncerNo pass - no entry. Try to get in and I'll set me wee dog on yer. Orders, see?
BouncerI said before, laddy, let's be having yer ID?
KentI, er... I seem to have left it at home. Honest!
BouncerOrders is orders, and wee Gnasher here no likes the look of ye.
KentNice doggy! Good doggy!


This following conversation also might have been meant for him, albeit probably his final design.

KentAny chance of a job here?
BouncerWhat sort of job?
KentOh, acting or something. I fancy myself as a stunt man!
BouncerFunny you should mention that?
BouncerI was just thinking about you as a stunt man.
BouncerYou'd be lousy! Now stop disturbing me!

When scaring the bouncer with the fake rat, he'll tell you about his unhappy childhood. This line has an alternate version.

Unused versionFinal version
KentSo you aren't afraid of horses then?
KentSo you aren't afraid of horses then?
BouncerOh no. Mummy bought me one when I was a little boy. She used to dress me in pink skirts, put ribbons in my hair, and call me Sh... I shouldn't be telling you this!
BouncerOh no. Mummy bought me a pony when I was a little boy. She used to dress me in pink skirts, put ribbons in my hair... I shouldn't be telling you this! Get lost kid, and never darken my doorstep again, you trickstery rodent impersonator.
Kent(Cough, cough)

After using the real rat, the game has him running off without saying anything in an FMV. There is a line referring to this, however.

BouncerScareymongeroos!!! It's a big fat RAT! I'm outta here! Momma, I'll wear the dress...!

TV show introduction

The TV show hosts used to have a slightly longer conversation before showing Brian's video.

Also, in the final version they introduce Brian's video as-is, whereas in this unused version you were meant to sneak it in surreptitiously.

Unused versionFinal version
Male presenterAnd that's coming on the 5th of the month. Over to Barbara...
Female presenterNow good news for all the friends of Paul in the city...
Male presenterThat's me, heh ha!
Female presenterPaul is throwing a huge party at the Saul Nytalux Memorial Stadium, to bring joy to the people, and remember the terrible circumstances of his death.
Male presenterYeah, where were you the day Saul exploded?Male presenterYeah, where were you the day Saul exploded?
Female presenterI'm sure you all remember this news cast that went out on that fateful day...?Male presenterAnd that's coming on the 5th of the month. Over to Barbara...
Male presenterYeah, let's take a look at that now...Female presenterAnd now we have a very important video clip of the latest best-selling single by Brian Deluge...

On a side note, this unused version sets up the final scene in the stadium a bit more clearly. In the final version of the game, it's never mentioned that Paul has been planning to give a speech there, and the stadium itself is only mentioned very briefly in one conversation with Heather after saving Saul.

Also interesting is this line by Kent talking about how he should get out of there quickly—probably meant for right before the introduction takes place.

KentI think I'd better leave now.

Film set

Since you can't get down to the film set, you can't interact with anything down there except for looking at some things from afar. There are some lines for various objects that can be triggered if you memory edit yourself down there, however.

He has a few lines regarding the hosts (although you actually can examine them from afar).

LookHey, it's Barbara Barbie! I remember watching her on 'Minor-Celebrity Triangles'!
SpeakGet lost, kid! This show's live!
LookHe looks like one of those presenters that look great on TV but are deeply boring and self-centred off-camera.

Kent is not impressed with the scenery.

LookWhat cheesy scenery! I could do better with my scissors and some toilet paper!
UseIt might be fun to rearrange the scenery, but I'd better resist the urge!
TakeThat's just silly.

The couch is a Plush-Rest original.

UseI can't get down there.
TakeWith two people sitting on it? Yeah, GREAT idea!
LookI recognise that as a Plush-Rest Multi-Comfy Special, the ideal perch for all of the family.

There's a big green security door leading to the set.

LookA solid steel door. They sure are security conscious in here!
UseI can't get to it.
TakeYeah, right!

The camera is not interactive even if you get down there, but it has some lines.

UseI can't get to it.
LookHey, some camera! I could make great home movies with this.


Kent worrying about just how many people are going to watch the tape. No indication of where exactly in the TV station this would be used.

Today's show will go live to the entire city. No hitches, right?!

These lines appear to be meant for the fire extinguisher in the hall. It's not interactive, however. The earliest prototype still contains the original text for these lines, removed in later versions.

UseYeah - spray the walls, spray the plant... let's have a foam bath....
TakeWhy would I want to lug this around?
LookLooks like they haven't had a safety inspection for some time. There's rust on this.

There's a line that appears to relate to the soap opera script you can find in the office where the engineer is working.

You think I should act in this soap? No way, not this trash! I'd rather go to an Elevator-Musak concert!

This looks like it was meant for the picture inside Boss Johnson's office:

Though it's a bit ambiguous, it's a picture of a cloudy sky.

This line is for the control room.

I'd rather not touch this. Now where do I put the tape?

This line is found among other TV station lines. It's unclear what it could've been used for.

I think it's a burglar alarm.

Ordinary Outpost


A reference to a coat of arms object. This is probably a reference to the Mood Magnet coat of arms, seen on the elevator door.

UseI could only use a coat of arms if I were a squid, and I'm not a squid.
LookCurious choice of iconography. I wonder if Saul can shed some light on that? When I find him, that is.

Norm 0793, who mans the information desk, has an unused line telling you he's busy (I guess that's why Kent says he "looks busy" when you examine him). This might have been intended for when you exhaust all dialogue options with him, which you can't do in the game.

NormI'm busy, Norm 2782.


An unused line for Conrad Smulch, the researcher in the labs.

Conrad Smulch...Connect the brain stem pipe to the feedback monitor, and... go away...!

These lines are technically not unused, but it's almost impossible to select the scaffold to hear them. They can only be activated by hovering over a few specific pixels just above the "window" trigger (which itself is below the actual window pane).

UseI can't reach it. There's a pane of bullet-proof glass between me and it.
TakeNot from in here!
LookIt looks like Paul's giving his favourite building a face lift. I think he should consider one for each of his loyal servants.

This following line is actually still present in the game—it's just that it only shows for one single frame before being skipped in favor of an FMV, when you use the broken window to get in or out of the Forensics Lab.

UseHe climbs through... Making sure not to snag his fashionable Norm threads.

As the previous line, using the snot-covered glass on the fire extinguisher displays this line for one frame before being skipped by an FMV.

UseOne man, one brain, one ounce of nostril slime, equals one clear record!


The loudmouth Norm Trooper who's guarding the control panel has an unused line for when he walks out to handle the request for a prisoner.

NormI'll be back soon.

This line seems to refer to that same Norm. He walks off into a room that only has a Zoom Toob in it and then vanishes.

That shouting dude must have slipped through here. Miss you already!

In the little room where there's a hand-activated computer screen that tells you your identity, there was originally a line for when you use the device. This was ultimately replaced with an FMV.

I guess I just press my hand onto the glass...

These unused lines seem to refer to the large door leading to the processing room.

UseI don't think I have anything slim enough to slip in there.
TakeI think not.
LookI can hear a weird buzzing coming from inside, almost exactly as weird as the noise that gizmo from the furniture made, but I can't be sure.

These lines are not unused, but most players have undoubtedly missed them, as you learn very early on in the game that you can only use the "Speak" action on NPCs that have a blue indicator, and for yellow (inanimate object) indicators it never does anything. Except in this one room, where some of the people inside the Zoom Toobs can be talked to even though they have an inanimate object indicator.

Hi there, can I get you a drink?
Would you like an Aspirin?
Excuse me?
Ahem... could I help you with anything, Sir?

The line Kent speaks when Paul barges in with his guards has a slightly longer version in the audio file.

Unused versionFinal version
My God! It's leader Paul! What the hell is he doing here? Or it could be S...
My God! It's leader Paul! Or it could be S...

Finally, the earliest prototype version (951114) has a reference to an item called "Nystalux Nibbles" which are apparently very tasty. It's unknown in what context they might have been meant to appear, but these lines are indisputably found among the Processing Floor lines.

UseI don't want to eat such valuable commoditiies!
TakeYou bet. These are rare! They can have pride of place on top of my TV.
LookNystalux Nibbles! You can't buy these in the shops, they're for VIP's only! What a find!

Paul Nystalux

The following lines seem to be related to the conversation you have with Paul Nystalux after getting caught red handed in the processing room.

These lines might refer to Norm 2782.

That guy was real cool.
That guy was cool and professional. It would have taken an army to stop him.

This refers to the prototype idea of the yellow paint from the Plush-Rest factory containing an insulating agent against the Mood Filter.

👉 What's so important about a mall?
PaulBy painting that Mall, he has undermined my control of this city. The paint used affected some equipment related to this facility. I am not pleased with you Norm! You are to be taken to the Pen floor, where you will work for the next five weeks.

Prison Cells

A line apparently meant for the guard outside your cell. In the game he never refuses to talk to you even though you run out of things to tell him.

I'm not listening to you any more. Shut up and suffer!

A reaction to seeing the sparks that doesn't get used.

What...?! Sparks, like the ones in that room where I met Paul.

This one might also be in reference to them, except that the sparks inside the cell are buggy and are always "too far away" for Kent to use:

They make my hair stand on end when I get close.

The position of this line indicates it's meant to be for trying to take the window bars in your cell. Instead, Kent just says the generic "I don't want it".

How in hell could I do that?!

This line's position fits with being an alternate line for trying to take or use the orifice in your cell, while Kent still thinks it's meant to be a toilet.

I'm not touching it without rubber gloves!

One that's also probably in reference to the orifice, or possibly to seeing the sparks.

I think it's decided to use itself. I'm not very comfortable right now!
Oh, oooh! Something freaky this way comes!

Kent being hurt by something. Given its position, probably used for breaking the bench before it became an FMV.

OOF! Sheesh that smarts!

There's a longer version of the short dialogue when you flood your cell with food and the Norm sprays you down with cold water.

Unused versionFinal version
KentThank you. I think you missed the area behind my ear!
KentI think you missed my ear!
KentDon't you have any hot water?

The following line is only displayed in text form when you examine the note you wrote for Saul, but the voice actor did a full reading of the line.

Saul, one of my transmitters is broken. Any helpful suggestions?

A line that got turned into an FMV instead.

Yeah, I can reach right across the hall with this extension. There, I think Saul just took it.

Prison Corridor

These lines might have been intended for the foot pedals that control the Zoom Toobs. In-game, when you look at them, Kent says "It's some kind of foot pedal" regardless of whether they're pressed down or not.

I pushed it. It's gone almost flush with the floor.
It's raised into the up position.

A leftover line found among the lines for the Zoom Toob control system. It might also have been meant for when you use the chain on the scaffold to escape the Ordinary Outpost.

Here goes... Yarooooo!

There are three ways to destroy the TV guy's bugs, and for two of the ways Kent speaks a line of dialogue before doing it. This third unused one might therefore have been meant for destroying the bug by flushing it.

Adios, bugging apparatus!

Similarly, there's also two lines used for after you destroy a bug. This third unused line fits with destroying a bug using ledger. If this and the line above were included it would make a set of three ways to destroy bugs with before and after lines.


Speaking of the bugs, there are three unused voice lines of the TV guy taunting you.

We know what you're doing!
Don't touch that! It's very naughty!
I'm getting all of this you know.

There are also five unused responses from Kent.

Damn! He must have one of his bugs in here.
I should find and destroy that dude's bugs. He's a pain in the neck!
I need to create some space.
Where is he watching from?
I gotta find that bug!

Finally, there's this bit of advice from the TV guy.

I'm listening Norm 2782! Don't say anything you might regret, but be natural. I'm on your side, remember.

After initiating the prisoner evacuation sequence, the following warning message is heard in the background, but the subtitle for it is never used.

Emergency evac of the Mood Filter has been initiated! Please make your way to the roof and contain the prisoners you find there. Have a nice day!

There's apparently a short conversation you would've been able to have with Saul, except that that you can't interact with him.

KentSaul? Is that you?
SaulI'm just a sad old man, Norm.
👉 What are these codes?
KentSaul, do you have any idea what these codes are for? You have been here a little longer than me.
SaulThey're important...
👉 Bye.


Some additional lines for the moment you spring out Saul:

Unused versionFinal version
NormYou! HALT! That is an unauthorised maintenance cradle!NormYou! HALT! That is an unauthorised maintenance cradle!
Hold it!
Bad guys can never aim straight in the movies!
Yaaaaargh! That smarts!
KentGet out Saul! I'll get Dai!KentGet out Saul! I'll get Dai!
DaiLeave me Kent. I'm old. We got what we came for. Now GO!DaiLeave me Kent. I'm old. We got what we came for. Now GO!

TV Shop

There's a line by the TV shop owner telling you to keep quiet. There doesn't seem to be any way to trigger this line in the game.

TV SalesmanSssshhh! I'm watching this!

Once you ask the TV shop owner for a remote, he disappears into the back room and never returns. One single line indicates he was maybe supposed to come back out again. The prerelease walkthrough also seems to imply that this was the case.

TV SalesmanSorry I can't find that remote.

Another line that's never used.

TV SalesmanWhat do you think you're doing? Go home and watch TV! Be Normal!

A line for locking up the TV shop owner, replaced by an FMV in the final version:

KentI'm locking that guy in there, and not letting him out again!

The earliest prototype (951114) has a line of unknown purpose among the other lines for the loft. It might be for Kent climbing up to the loft, which was an FMV in the final version of the game.


This prototype also has an alternate line describing the mallet you pick up in the loft.

Unused versionFinal version
LookGreat clouting power!LookIt's a sturdy carpenter's mallet. Ideal for flattening stuff.

Power Station

The light bulb has an additional line for taking it while the turbine is switched on. In the final version of the game this was replaced with an FMV.

TakeOK, I can unscrew it. Ow! It's hot!

Touching the bulb pins after the turbine is switched on displays an FMV of Kent getting electrocuted. There's an unused voice line, no longer found in the internal text, that might have been used before the FMV replaced it.

UseIf I touch those I'll electrocute myself!

There's also an unused line referring to when you short-circuit the control panel.

Right, I'm supposed to short-circuit this circuit to create a feedback loop. Here goes...

Heather's Den

After saving Saul

Right after saving Saul, you head back to the den and learn that having a piece of metal inside the body is what insulates people from the Mood Magnet.

The following conversations seem to fit here, but you can't trigger them because immediately after the conversation with Heather that automatically triggers, you're sent back out to the street again, and if you return there later Brian will already be gone.

KentHello Brian. How's the anthem coming along? Got anything stirring you might like to share with me?
BrianGo play on the freeway, Kent! You're interrupting my muse.
KentLook, Brian...
👉 Why don't you try manners
KentDoes having metal in your body erase your manners, headbanger?
BrianWould having your head shoved through a bass drum keep you away from me?
👉 You seem to be struggling?
KentIt sound like you're struggling there bro'? Why don't you lay down those sticks and join the fight?
BrianI fuel the fight. I am the slow burning embers of the revolution. And YOU are spilling my bodily fluids on them. GO AWAY!
👉 It sounds pretty good.
KentWell it sounds pretty good if you want my opinion.
BrianI'd rather have my head used as a bowling ball than listen to your opinions Kent! Leave me alone, I'm busy!
👉 Bye Bri
KentOK, I'm gone.

Norm 2782 is still around, but you can't trigger the following conversation.

KentHi Norm! How goes it in shrapnel land? Picking up any foreign radio stations?
Norm 2782HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!! Good one! Nice line Kent! Radio Stations! I like it! I'm fine, how are you buddy?
I think I'll leave Norm alone for a while, give him time to adapt and stabilise.


The name of a scrapped character.

Kerry Oakey

References to unused material in the Heather's den:

The Skimmer
Ingredient Z
Walnut Whip
Ingredient Z
👉 Give Walnut Whip
👉 Give Ingedient Z
👉 Give Cotton Wool
👉 Give Blue Paint
Kerry's Fridge

This line seems to be for the rope that was originally seen in the docks in pre-release screenshots. It has a duplicate line for using and taking with Kent saying he doesn't need it (probably to prevent you from taking it before going through the Ordinary Outpost section, which empties your inventory). In the final version of the game, you get some rope from the MINT Mall instead.

UseI don't have a use for this right now.
TakeI don't have a use for this right now.
LookA coil of rope.


Found right along the lines for the crates containing specialized Norm equipment. When trying to take something, Kent will just remark that the crates are locked.

I can't take one. It would look a little conspicuous tucked down my shorts!

Like the warning message in the cells section, this can be heard in the background without the subtitle ever showing up:


Kent's mission in the sewers is to find Saul's brain backup and get it to him safely. Apparently you were supposed to be able to ask your friends for advice on how to safely transport the brain, but it's impossible to trigger it as finding the brain means you've gotten the roof brace, and getting the roof brace seals off the shaft you came in by.

👉 What acn I carry the brain backup in?
HeatherHave you tried some kind of shielding device? Don't touch it with your hands whatever you do.
SaulProtect yourself lad, you don't want to end up like me. I'm wasted and wizened. This Mood Magnet will be the death of me.
Norm 2782Er, something protective I'd say. If it's as dangerous as he makes out you don't want to be touching it.
DaiI usually use a bucket to carry stuff around in. I'm not being too helpful am I?
BrianAnything you like, man, just don't scoff my tune-wand. I made that myself you know out of a hundred year-old fireplace. It's got the best treble I ever heard. I'm fiercly protective. You might find yourself mysteriously ill in the morning.

Sewer alligator

According to the developers, the sewer mission was originally to be done with the player controlling Heather, and the original reason for it was to get under the Norm truck to free Dai.

In this original version of the mission, Heather undoes the chain on what looks like a log but is actually an alligator. A few lines indicate the alligator log puzzle might have been intended to be used in the final version of the sewers.

Pick the lock? I guess I can do that. I'm a resourceful guy...
AAAARGH! Oh great! The "alligator disguised as a log" gag! I fell for it, the oldest trick in the book!

Also in the original sewer puzzle, Heather was supposed to snag a shopping cart using the chain. This line might be a leftover from that.

Yup, I think I could lasso that basket... Ride 'em cowboy!


There are a number of additional lines related to the alligator in the earliest prototype version (951114) of the game. These were all removed in later builds of the game, and there is no audio. Together they indicate that you were originally going to free the alligator.

First, Kent still believes the alligator is just a log.

UseWhat on Earth would I do with a soggy log?
TakeIt's way to heavy.
LookA large log. So what? I don't know why it's chained to the wall though.

This seems to be for the padlock.

UseI haven't got a key.
TakeI need to unlock the padlock first.
LookIt's firmly locked and holding the chain to the wall. Looks like a sturdy chain.

These, for the alligator's chain.

UseI can't see a use right now.
TakeOK, I'll grab it but then I'm out of here!
LookQuite a sturdy chain. The padlock is open.
LookA very sturdy chain.

The alligator itself has slightly different lines indicating you do indeed free it.

Unused versionFinal version
TakeWhat for? I suppose I could make some nice shoes and a bag.... No, I'm kidding, honest!TakeWhat for? I suppose I could make some nice shoes and a bag.... No, I'm kidding, honest!
UseI'm not about to deliver myself into those jaws!UseI'm not about to get myself stuck into those jaws!
LookEr... Hello, Mr. Alligator. Take it easy. I'm the one who just freed you, right?LookEr... Hello, Mr. Alligator. Take it easy.


This line was likely meant for the axe, which has no reaction from Kent whatsoever when you use it other than to break the case holding the suit.

It's a bit of a lethal weapon to use without cause.

The following lines are more clearly for it.

The Axeman cometh!
BANZAI!! Frenzied axe attack time!
Feel my axe!!


The junk in the sewer can't be interacted with because Kent will say it's too far away. However, it has use/grab lines:

UseI'm not a trashman!
TakeNo way! I'm not touching that stuff! Would you go picking things up from sewers?
LookLots of soggy junk. At least that's what I HOPE it is!

Lines that seems meant for trying to lift rubble. Maybe this set was meant for the rubble that blocks the shaft leading back into the stadium—in the actual game, it uses the same lines as the rubble around the Roof Brace.

UseI am one guy, not a football team!
TakeNo can do, man!
LookIt's architecture. Architecture is HEAVY, dude!

Lines that refer to the unused ladder texture.

UseI can't get to it.
TakeI can't get to it.
LookThat ladder must lead out of this dingy hellhole.

There are several grilles from which you can see the sky, but none of them are interactive (except for the one that has the Batteries lying on top of it—and it loses its interactivity after you take them).

A grille leading down from the stadium.
I'm too vertically challenged to reach it.
If the Sun weren't shining I doubt any daylight would make it down here.
It's up too high to reach.
I can't reach it.
The stadium is up there.

A line for adding the brace to the access sign and loose slab, both replaced by FMVs:

Hey, by putting this across the tunnel I can exert an even amount of pressure on the sign.
That should keep that slab down.

This line is in reference to trying to remove Saul's brain from the machine without having a protective environment for it.

SaulThat would not be a good idea at all, friend. I have absorbed so much information that I will download within seconds of being removed from a protective environment.

In-game, however, he just says "Put me somewhere safe as soon as possible!"

Finally, a line for which your guess is as good as mine. Maybe it refers to Brian's guitar.

I've broke Brian's neck! This looks grim!


The earliest demo (951114) has what seem to be a series of item lines related to the sewer. This one is perhaps for the shaft leading into it, with the ones right below it clearly being related to the sewer alligator. These were all removed in later builds of the game and have no voice lines.

UseI suppose I could barf! I may do that in a moment.
TakeI can't do that!
LookWhy is it me who gets the messy jobs?! This sewer looks none too safe. I think I've got claustrophobia too!

Additionally, there's these lines from the same prototype making reference to Kent unscrewing bars to be able to get through. Perhaps this was originally the way to get through the sewer, before smashing the bars with a guitar became a thing.

UseI need something to loosen those screws with.
TakeI can't do that, but I could squeeze through if I loosened those screws.
LookAha! The bars are bent and boarded up! Look, the screws are almost out!
UseI can get through the hole now.
LookPlenty of room to get through now.

Conversely, this might have been an unpassable set of bars.

UseNo, there's no way through here! I'm not strong enough to bend those bars.
TakeI can't do that!
LookThe metal is corroded, but very tough.

It seems you also needed boots to traverse the cold sewer water. There's also a reference to some welly boots item in the text. Kent complaining about boots not being fashionable seems a little ironic considering he wears them as part of his regular outfit. They are apparently found in an abandoned shopping cart.

UseI'll put them on. Not the height of fashion, but they give me protection from the freezing, dirty water.
TakeOK. They may come in handy in a sewer.
LookA pair of boots. They look almost new and would probably fit me.
UseI can't reach it!
TakeFrom here!? I DON'T have ten feet long arms!
LookWhat's a shopping basket doing down here? Look's like there are some welly boots inside.

Finally, there's this vague reference to a "bottomless pit".

Bottomless Pit
UseI wouldn't go down there even if I had a rope. Nasty monsters lurk in bottomless pits!
TakeI can't do that!
LookOh, the end of the road. The obligatory bottomless pit! There's no way across!


Unclear lines

The following two lines are found among lines for Kent's apartment, but it's unclear what they refer to or if they were even meant to go with something in the apartment at all.

Well, they work.
I'm not entirely sure what to do with this dangly thing.

Possibly meant for when trying to steal the speaker at the MINT Mall using the regular scissors.

I need something with a long handle to cut it down.

This might be related to the *FOOD*.

Yurg! All of a sudden I don't feel hungry!

The following unused lines are found close by the lines for the TV station. It's unclear what part of the game they belong to—possibly the sewer or the TV shop loft. No audio is present for these lines.

If I just take these screws out.... There, that's done it. Pull these planks away and... great! I can climb through now!
I can't get in there until I can remove those boards.

Some more lines of unclear use. For all of these, the adjacent lines don't offer any insight. Like the above lines, no audio can be found for them.

Why aren't you cleaning?
What about the women?

Bus stops

Not unused, but likely a detail many people will have overlooked: all bus stops in the game have different lines for when you look at them.

Plush-Rest Factory
LookBuses stop at these... occasionally!
LookBuses aren't a bad form of transport. They get me from A to B.
TV Station
LookI can get round the city using buses.
M.I.N.T. Mall
LookIf I wait here, a bus will be along shortly... I hope.

There's even a fifth line, heard only in the audio file right before the line for the MINT Mall.

LookI'll just wait for a bus.

The line that Kent speaks when you try to walk past the bus stop on the street seems to have an alternate or older version.

Unused versionFinal version
Hmmm... Where should I go? I think I have a map on me somewhere...
Maybe now is a good time to look at the map.

Generic responses

These were intended to be generic responses for when picking up an item you already have, or when you can't give something to an NPC. In the latter case you always just hear the "can't use this" line for the item you're trying to give instead of one of these.

I've already got one.
He doesn't seem to want it.
She doesn't seem to want it.
It doesn't seem to want it.

Help lines

The following lines seem to be explanations of how to use the voodoo doll system.

Talk to a character.
Eat or drink something.
Open, Close or unlock something.
Use an object in some way.
Pick up something.
Examine something.
Wear something.

Error lines

These lines speak for themselves. The lines are displayed if there is a CD read error, but the voice lines are never used.

Please insert the CD into the drive.
Or the CD may require cleaning.


The graphics could at some point be set to "medium resolution". This seems to be completely gone, as editing the save file to set the detail setting to something else doesn't work.

Graphic Detail

The earliest prototype (951114) still has it implemented, with the following description:

Med-res: Lo-res when moving, (for speed), Hi-res when stationary, (for detail).

The retail version also still a reference to the removed "text speed" option from the demo.

Text Speed
The larger you set this value (using the slider), the quicker messages will scroll, (i.e., the quicker you must read them). If set to zero, you will have to click through every message.