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Title Screen


Developer: Gremlin Interactive
Publisher: Interplay
Platform: DOS
Released in US: 1996
Released in EU: 1996

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MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
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Normality is a first-person 3D point & click adventure game about a grungy Generation X loser called Kent Knutson and his rebellious adventures in the fictional totalitarian city-state of Neutropolis.


Read about prototype versions of this game that have been released or dumped.
Prototype Info
Read about prerelease information and/or media for this game.
Prerelease Info
Miscellaneous tidbits that are interesting enough to point out here.
Read about notable bugs and errors in this game.
Normality - Texture - ROPE.png
Unused Textures
Textures that fell by the wayside.
Normality - Unused text icon.png
Unused Text
Unused dialogue, item descriptions, alternate takes, and a bunch of unintelligible stuff. There's a LOT.

Debug Functions

Press V to display a version information message.

Type wendy during gameplay to activate the following debugging features:

  • F1: Level select: jump to any location. The game will also automatically give you useful inventory items depending on the location.
  • G: Watch any cutscene.
  • S: Save .TGA screenshot. (Doesn't work in cutscenes.)

Command-Line Switches

The main executable file also has the following command-line switches:

Switch Effect
/nointro Skips the intro cutscene.
/novesa Starts the game with the "low quality" setting enabled for menus, which displays them in 320x240 instead of 640x480. The main gameplay is still in its native 320x480 by default.
/debug Makes the game play somewhat faster and causes cutscene videos to play without audio. Unknown if it does anything else.

The demo version had a bunch more.

Level Select Oddities

Some unused content can be seen by abusing the level select code mentioned above.

Blue 'N Fluffy Unused Dialogue

There are three links to Heather's rebel base: 3 = Den, 4 = Docks, 8 = Heather Den. Picking the first one has Heather and Saul in a state where their dialogue is broken and just shows "JUNK" as subtitles, and having speech turned on at this point will softlock the game. However, the dialogue options seem to be references to the cut Blue 'N Fluffy quest:

The "Skimmer" noted in the dialogue was originally going to be a small aircraft launched from the Ordinary Outpost each day that spreads a chemical formula keeping the population stupefied. "Ingredient Z" is one of the ingredients for making the Blue 'N Fluffy needed to combat it, which was actually going to be the Z from the road sign in the base.

None of the actual dialogue is preserved, with all options just leading to more "JUNK" subtitles.

Raft in the Rebel Base

To destroy the Ordinary Outpost, Kent collects a bunch of stuff and then brings it over to Heather's den by raft. After successfully shipping over the items, the game will automatically show the missile cutscene and then bring you over to the Stadium, after which you can't go back.

However, using the level select cheat to go back to the den, we can see that the raft is actually there and can be interacted with:

Normality - Den raft.png

Interestingly, even though Heather originally says she needs a detonator for the missile, it's actually optional to collect the firecracker from the M.I.N.T. Mall. It's possible that this was once mandatory, necessitating a state where the raft is already moored at the docks while Kent still needs to return to deliver the firecracker.

Hallway in Heather's Den

When traveling to the Den via level select 8, you'll end up in the version of the Den from before you're allowed to freely roam around. You always immediately speak to Heather while you're here and normally you're teleported right back to the Factory after the conversation ends, but when using the level select cheat you don't get teleported. You can look around the level, but there's very little to do (nothing is interactive except for Heather). Interestingly, the hallway looks different in this version of the level and is sealed off. Presumably it's an older version.

Den hallway, early in the game Den hallway, later in the game
Normality-Den type 1.png Normality-Den type 2.png

Blue Sky Everywhere

After firing the rocket at the Ordinary Outpost, the sky turns blue again and the sun comes out. The only place where we normally see the blue sky is one single scene at the Factory after the missile was launched, and then at the Stadium. From the Stadium you can no longer go back to any of the previous locations.

However, using the level select cheat to go back to the outside of the Factory immediately (level select 6 = Plush-Rest Reception; or you can use save file editing below) after you end up at the stadium will allow you to move back without "resetting" the levels back to their green skies state, as the level select cheat normally does. This only seems to work if you've actually fired the missile and seen the cutscene at the Factory.

As it turns out, nearly all levels actually have the ability to display the blue sky:

It's possible that the game might have originally allowed you to go back to these locations. The only maps that don't have a blue sky in their textures list are the ones that you'd certainly never be able to return to after that point in the game (the Ordinary Outpost, the Cells, Dai's Cradle, and the TV Shop Loft). You also can't see a blue sky in Street and M.I.N.T. Mall in their early game versions before they're blown up.

In save files, the variable that controls whether the sky is blue or green is located 294 bytes from the end, and should be 0x06 for green and 0x08 for blue. (This value does get occasionally set to a different value as the storyline progresses.)

Stadium Map Option

Speaking of the Stadium, the map actually has an entry for traveling to it, which is also activated when doing the above. Normally it's not possible to see, since you enter the Stadium automatically and you can't leave it once you're there.

It's in the top right part of the map:

Norm stadium.png

It's fully functional, but once you arrive at the Stadium you can't leave anymore, just like normal.

Unused Items

Can of Food

Lovely!  Hmmm... 'THE ONE AND ONLY *FOOD*.
suddenly not hungry?
As much as I would like to sample the delicate
bouquet and flavour sealed within, I don't have
a can opener.

Other Appearances:

  • Room sprite is used on a poster advertising Food! on the wall in the Plush-Rest factory canteen.
  • Room sprite also appears in a junk-filled room behind a locked door with a window in the Plush-Rest factory, adjacent to the Norm Guard wearing black.
  • Appears in your inventory automatically if you use the Level Select cheat, and choose Factory.
  • Appears in Kent's fridge in the demo version.

Can of Yellow Paint

This has gone all manky. I like yellow, but
this is no good.
Not a good idea considering the only thing
keeping the paint inside is the  dried up mulch
around the bottom.

Other Appearances:

Kent's Toolbox

"This is my 245-piece toolbox."

"Hmm. The lock is rusted shut."

Unused Character Graphics

2D Brian Deluge

One unused sprite is what appears to be a 2D cartoon version of Brian Deluge holding a CD.

2D Brian Deluge (unused) 3D Brian Deluge (final)
Normality Brian 2D.png Normality Brian 3D.png

Curiously, it uses black outlines which is a noticeably different style from all other 2D art in the game.


Normality placeholder sprite.png

Other Appearances:

M.I.N.T. Mall background characters

Norm fireworks ppl 1.png Norm fireworks ppl 2.png

When the M.I.N.T. Mall explodes, there are several people in the background drawn in the same style as Bernard. These are possibly from an earlier iteration, before the switch to fully 3D animated characters were made, and then used in this cutscene as a time saving measure. No other scene in the game has this style of characters.

Unused Audio

"Edit Screen" Music

A music file named EDITSCRN.HMP never seems to be used in the game.

Given the name, this might have been used for development purposes. The demo release contains two additional unused tracks which are no longer present in the retail release.

"Normality Today" Jingle

A generic TV News-style jingle, with a male announcer speaking: "Welcome to Normality Today. My name's John Spender, and I'll be with you for the next hour."

Internally file is named TEST3 and has the description "TV announcer".

There's also two alternate versions of this jingle: one without announcer voice, internally named TV and described as "TV noise"...

...and another that's just the jingle, named JINGLE2 and described as "hosp jingle".

The description "hosp jingle" indicates it was possibly meant to be heard in the Hospitality Niche at the Plush-Rest Factory.

Regional Differences

Version Info
U.K. U.S.
Normality: 3D/ADV Kernel Real-Time Module
(c) 1996 Gremlin Interactive Ltd.
QA Version: 1.0
Compilation: 206596 Monday 6-5-1996 20:22.
Adventure: 17230496
Normality: 3D/ADV Kernel Real-Time Module
(c) 1996 Gremlin Interactive Ltd.
QA Version: US V.F6
Compilation: 10090796 Tuesday 9-7-1996 10:45.
Adventure: 17230496

Norm 2782's "Friend of Paul" Badges

In both U.K. and U.S. versions, the Norm Trooper at the M.I.N.T. Mall will give you a "Friend of Paul" badge when you ask him about the fire extinguisher.

However, he also gives you a badge at three other times in the U.S. version, but not the U.K. version:

Initial Dialog
U.K. U.S.
All in a days work, Citizen. All in a days work, Citizen.
Oh here, have a badge.
Kent Approaches the Waffle Sculpture
U.K. U.S.
Get away from that! Get away from that!
Here, have a badge.
Asked if He Would Like to Go For a Walk
U.K. U.S.
Sure I'm sure.
Don't distract me again, Citizen.
Sure I'm sure. Have a badge, and
don't distract me again, Citizen.

Corey Feldman's Alternate Lines for Kent

The U.S. version replaced Kent's original voice actor, Tom Hill, with Corey Feldman. Compared to the U.K. release, Kent's lines have a lot of minor differences due to Americanized spellings and slightly different line readings, but there are also some changes that show additional writing.

Here are some examples; these use the UK version as the baseline, with the US version adding the underscored parts and removing the strikeout parts:

  • They're part of the machine. We're all part of the machine.
  • It's so badly made I haven't don't have a clue who it is. Possibly, Michael Jackson.
  • I wonder where these doors lead? To a secret smuggler's hideout, I bet! Or I know, a gang of terrorists! A bunch of people with guns and machines and they want to kill everyone they see and slit their throats and blood and guts!!!
  • Wait a minute... haven't I wandered into the wrong game? movie?! What's happening here?! Oh my God, I'm in a turtle movie!
  • My God! Holy Fascist Leader! It's leader Paul! Or it could be S...
  • Hey, I want to use the bathroom...lavatory...restroom.
  • There's not much business for hair stylists, since *FOOD* has an automatic hair trimmer ingredient in it! I never even use a brush or take a shower. I guess that makes me kind of dirty.
  • Sheesh!! This Blows!! A triple CD compilation of train noises! English import, from the land of shopkeepers and eccentric Lords. Who in their right mind would buy this?? ...only an engineer.
  • She looks very very bored. Time to wake up! Rise and Shine my little...puckadee!
  • Hey, some camera! I could make great home movies with this. Although, I wouldn't let ya see 'em!
  • Whoa! Hold on a second there! This is not butt bongo fiesta! This is a family game. Plus, I'm not exactly sure what it does.
  • I'd rather not even try to. Insanity isn't contagious, but that doesn't stop it being inflicted upon others. I should know that, I was in a mental institution.
TVN Script
U.K. U.S.
It's a soap script for "MY NEIGHBOUR IS NORMAL"

TABITHA: Oh Mother, Tom has
jilted me.
MOTHER: Oh Dear, Love.
TABITHA: (Weeping) He
embarrassed me horribly.
MOTHER: Oh Dear, Love.
TABITHA: But I don't care.
MOTHER: Good, Love.
Whoa! Check it! A TV show. It's a soap script for
"The Normal and The Beautiful". My favorite.

TABITHA: Oh Mother, Tom has
jilted me. MOTHER: Oh Dear,
Love. TABITHA: (Weeping) He
embarrassed me horribly.
MOTHER: Oh Dear, Love.
TABITHA: I'm going to blow up
his apartment complex!
MOTHER: Good, Love. ROLL

Rebels' Fridge

Normality Fridge Locked.png

In the Rebels' Hideout, there is a mysterious padlocked fridge, set into the wall. It is possible to open this fridge – you will need a hammer from the wall near Heather, and a blue box that you can find by investigating the flashing traffic bollard out in the hideout's docking area – but it's useless to do so. Kent refuses to take any of the items inside, and the game carries on whether you open it or not.

Normality Fridge Open.png

However, it seems the contents of this fridge – in particular the Walnut Whip (or Walnut Cone as the game calls it) – played a more crucial role in early iterations of the game's design.

Also, unused textures indicate this was once a full-sized, freestanding fridge, complete with graffiti and bullet hole: