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Pajama Sam 3: You Are What You Eat From Your Head to Your Feet

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Title Screen

Pajama Sam 3: You Are What You Eat From Your Head to Your Feet

Developer: Humongous Entertainment
Publisher: Humongous Entertainment
Platforms: Windows, Mac OS Classic
Released in US: April 6, 2000

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.
LevelSelectIcon.png This game has a hidden level select.

In the last game of the Pajama Sam trilogy, Sam binges on cookies to win an action figure, gets arrested for having the gall to eat healthy, goes sailing floating on donuts, and gets kissed by a piece of broccoli. Sarcasm aside, the actual plot is about getting certain food groups together to stop a war. It makes sense, we promise.

OK, we lied back there. There is a fourth game after this one, but that one... wasn't very good.

Unused Text


Like its predecessors and most Humonguous games, this game has complete subtitles for all dialogue, but there's no option in-game to turn them on. They can be manually enabled by adding the line TextOn=1 to the hegames.ini configuration file.

(Source: ScummVM Wiki)

Debug Output

The game outputs debug text for a large number of miscellaneous situations (starting up the game, changing music, activating certain clickpoints …). It's most easily seen by running the game in ScummVM and setting the debug level to 0 or higher.

Debug Mode

Like the other Pajama Sam games, this one has a debug mode, activated by adding the line EatCheat=b (latter part case-insensitive) to the game's configuration file.

In addition to the features described below, turning on debug mode enables "S" and "L" as save/load hotkeys, which were disabled in this game so that those keys could be bound to background clickpoints.

Path and Item Select

Pajama Sam 3 Item and Path Select.png

For this game, the path and item selection menus were compacted into a single screen, accessed with the I key. Clicking each setting adjusts it, while clicking the item icons places the corresponding object in the inventory. Clicking the "Cheese Questions" button causes Sam to know the three answers to the Great Question of the Nature of Cheese. For whatever reason, the "M" on the mayonnaise jar graphic has been crudely drawn in by hand.

Room Select

Pajama Sam 3 Room Select.png

The G key opens the room selection screen. Clicking on a location sends Sam there. The "Ending" button doesn't work – clicking it triggers a subtitle reading "who'se dreamin' now?".

Debug Functions

The debug mode also enables a few keyboard shortcuts:

  • Ctrl + E – Brings up a series of dialog boxes that prompt for an internal variable number, give its current value, and optionally allow it to be changed.
  • Ctrl + F – Enables "fast mode", making most engine features run as fast as the hardware will allow.
  • Ctrl + G – Prompts for a room number to warp to.
  • Ctrl + O – Prompts for the ID number of an object to place in the inventory.
(Source: http://wiki.scummvm.org/index.php/Humongous_Entertainment/Games/Debug_Modes)

WTO Protest Easter Egg

Normal Riot Gear
Pajama Sam 3 Sweet Troops Normal.png Pajama Sam 3 Sweet Troops WTO.png

Adding the line WTO=s to the configuration file (the second part is case-insensitive, so a capital "S" will also work) causes the Sweet Troops that block Sam's path early in the game to sport riot gear. This is a reference to the Seattle WTO protests that happened about four months prior to the game's release – Humongous Entertainment was at the time based in either Woodinville or Bothell, both in the Seattle metropolitan area. The "S" after the option may refer to "Seattle".

(Source: ScummVM Wiki)

Unused Graphics

Like the other games in the series, Pajama Sam 3 has quite a few sketches, storyboards, and test animations left over from development.


Graphic Notes
PAJAMA3-room-13-akos-8-sequence-0.gif Storyboard of Sam peering into the cookie box.

S.S.A.M. Party


Draft of the cake-eating animation. The numbers to the side of the image are leftover markup from the animation process indicating which internal graphic component(s) should appear on each frame. This illustrates some of the inner workings of the animation system nicely: Sam initially starts out as a single component, separating into a few different pieces (head, body, mouth) as necessary for his talking animations. When he needs to interact with a background object such as the cake, the background graphic is removed and becomes part of Sam's animation for the duration of the interaction, then gets replaced with a new background object (the candles) once the interaction is over.

Graphic Notes
PAJAMA3-room-32-akos-1-sequence-0.png PAJAMA3-room-32-akos-2-sequence-0.png PAJAMA3-room-32-akos-3-sequence-0.png

PAJAMA3-room-32-akos-4-sequence-0.png PAJAMA3-room-32-akos-5-sequence-0.gif PAJAMA3-room-32-akos-6-sequence-0.gif

A collection of crude placeholders for some of the dancing junk food at the S.S.A.M. party. Left to right, top to bottom: lollipop, chocolate bar, ice cream cone, POPSICLE®, cupcake, and hot dog. Note that no cupcake appears in the finished scene, perhaps because of the cupcakes that already appear at Muscle Beach.
PAJAMA3-room-32-akos-8-sequence-12.gif PAJAMA3-room-32-akos-8-sequence-13.gif Slightly less rough placeholders for Sam's dancing animations. The left one is for the back-row dances, while the right one is for the front. Both of these are duplicated a couple of times each, representing the six possible dancing positions.
PAJAMA3-room-32-akos-8-sequence-0.gif Draft of Sam's entrance animation.
PAJAMA3-room-32-akos-8-sequence-1.gif The game contains an essentially complete collection of draft animations for Sam eating the party food. This one shows Sam hopping to the snack table.
PAJAMA3-room-32-akos-8-sequence-2.gif PAJAMA3-room-32-akos-8-sequence-3.gif PAJAMA3-room-32-akos-8-sequence-4.gif PAJAMA3-room-32-akos-8-sequence-5.gif Sam reaching for each of the four types of food (left to right: brownie, cookie, candy stick, cheese giblets) …
PAJAMA3-room-32-akos-8-sequence-6-brownie.gif PAJAMA3-room-32-akos-8-sequence-6-cookie.gif PAJAMA3-room-32-akos-8-sequence-6-cheese.gif PAJAMA3-room-32-akos-8-sequence-6-sticks.gif … and eating them. The "uncomfortable" expressions are probably meant to be used as lead-ins to the alternate animations below, but are shown as part of this sequence for brevity.
PAJAMA3-room-32-akos-8-sequence-7.gif Sam commenting on the food (before eating the cake).
PAJAMA3-room-32-akos-8-sequence-10.gif The alternate "feeling sick" animation used for eating the snacks after eating the cake.
PAJAMA3-room-32-akos-8-sequence-11.gif Sam commenting on the food (after eating the cake).
PAJAMA3-room-32-akos-8-sequence-8.gif Sam hopping back to his normal position.
PAJAMA3-room-32-akos-8-sequence-16.gif Storyboard of Sam talking to the hot dog.
PAJAMA3-room-32-akos-8-sequence-17.gif Storyboard of Sam talking to the ice cream cone.
PAJAMA3-room-32-akos-8-sequence-21.gif Sam talking to the ice cream cone, this time pointing out the sign ("I think you spelled my name wrong").
PAJAMA3-room-32-akos-8-sequence-18.gif This sequence of storyboards depicts Sam's botched exit from the party. "This is a great party, but I think I should be going now."
PAJAMA3-room-32-akos-9-sequence-0.gif "It's almost my dinnertime, and I wouldn't want to spoil it."
PAJAMA3-room-32-akos-9-sequence-2.gif "My mom made all that… broccoli?"
PAJAMA3-room-32-akos-9-sequence-9.png "TRAITOR!" "Throw him in jail!"
PAJAMA3-room-32-akos-8-sequence-19.gif "Yeah!" "Jail!"


Graphic Notes
PAJAMA3-room-24-awiz-9.png The latest ebin meme face to spread across your Internet social drug of choice … actually, a rough version of the background used for the closeup of the chocolate bar locking the cell door, with the cell bars missing.
PAJAMA3-room-24-awiz-11.png Rough version of the background used when Sam reaches for the key, with labels indicating the parts of the drawing ("cape", "PJ's", and "PJ's arm").
PAJAMA3-room-24-awiz-8.png The above, but with the parts of the background that will be blocked by the cell bars cut out.
PAJAMA3-room-24-akos-11-sequence-0.gif Storyboard of Sam picking up a bonbon.
PAJAMA3-room-24-akos-11-sequence-1.gif Storyboard of Sam eating a bonbon.
PAJAMA3-room-24-akos-11-sequence-2.gif Sam preparing to chuck a bonbon at the key.
PAJAMA3-room-24-akos-12-sequence-0.png He winds up …
PAJAMA3-room-24-akos-11-sequence-3.gif … and knocks the key down!
PAJAMA3-room-24-akos-13-sequence-0.gif Sam notices the key on the floor.
PAJAMA3-room-24-akos-13-sequence-1.gif He grabs for it …
PAJAMA3-room-24-akos-14-sequence-0.gif … scrabbles around …
PAJAMA3-room-24-akos-13-sequence-2.gif … but can't reach.
PAJAMA3-room-24-akos-15-sequence-0.gif Sam breaks off part of his peppermint-flavored cell.
PAJAMA3-room-24-akos-15-sequence-1.gif His new tool isn't enough to force the lock.
PAJAMA3-room-24-akos-15-sequence-2.gif He gets a new idea, though …
PAJAMA3-room-24-akos-16-sequence-0.gif … success!
PAJAMA3-room-24-akos-15-sequence-3.gif "I think maybe I deserve a reward!"
PAJAMA3-room-24-akos-17-sequence-0.gif Sam unlocks the cell door. This appears to represent the version of the sequence where Sam hasn't talked to Florette before solving the puzzle and introduces himself afterward …
PAJAMA3-room-24-akos-17-sequence-1.gif … while this version is used when he's already talked to her.
PAJAMA3-room-24-akos-17-sequence-2.png Sam and Florette make their getaway.

Main Junction

Graphic Notes
PAJAMA3-room-31-akos-7-sequence-0.gif Storyboard of Sam and Florette escaping from the jail. The colors are obviously slightly off – the correct palette may or may not still be in the game.
PAJAMA3-room-31-akos-8-sequence-0.png "Sweet Troops!"
PAJAMA3-room-31-akos-7-sequence-1.gif Sam and Florette duck for cover.
PAJAMA3-room-31-akos-8-sequence-1.gif A true Princess Peach!
PAJAMA3-room-31-akos-7-sequence-2.gif Florette heads for the peace conference, and Sam returns to his normal position.

Food Pyramid Junction

Graphic Notes
No, General, no! Storyboard of Carrot hopping into the map room the first time Sam enters the Food Pyramid.

Peace Conference

Graphic Notes
PAJAMA3-room-33-akos-7-sequence-0.png Sketch of the Peace Conference background.

Comedy Show

Graphic Notes
PAJAMA3-room-17-akos-20-sequence-0.gif Storyboard for part of Mickey Hollandaise's improved comedy routine …
PAJAMA3-room-17-akos-19-sequence-0.gif … and the audience's reaction to it.

Bean Factory

Graphic Notes



These seem to be storyboards or placeholder graphics for the beans working in the background of the factory. The second image appears twice in the data.
PAJAMA3-room-15-akos-111-sequence-0.png Storyboard of Sam talking to the foreman after putting together the BCS 4000 (which lacks a spurious trademark symbol in the finished game).

Dancing Cans

Graphic Notes
PAJAMA3-room-44-awiz-4.png This is probably a draft or placeholder version of the background used for the closeup on the dancing cans' leader.


Graphic Notes


Storyboards of Sam reading the "Avalanche Zone" sign. The nearly-identical sequences seem to represent the two steps in the conversation (first click, then second click onward).



Storyboards of the miners warning Sam about the avalanche zone. Again, each animation seems to represent a different conversation in the overall sequence.
PAJAMA3-room-28-akos-1-sequence-19.png Sam talking to Chuck.
PAJAMA3-room-28-akos-2-sequence-1.png A poorly simulated close-up of Chuck talking to Sam.
PAJAMA3-room-28-akos-2-sequence-2.png Sam talking back to Chuck …
PAJAMA3-room-28-akos-2-sequence-3.gif … and Chuck seemingly responding with dismay.
PAJAMA3-room-28-akos-1-sequence-21.gif Sam picking up the plunger after a successful ski run.








Sam asks the miners to get Chuck off the ledge, but they're having none of it.



On the game path where Chuck is stuck in his balloon, Sam tries to talk the drill-wielding miner out of his way, to no avail.
PAJAMA3-room-28-akos-1-sequence-22.gif Sam talking to a miner, with a sketch version of the background included for some reason.
PAJAMA3-room-28-akos-1-sequence-25.png Sam exasperated about something.
PAJAMA3-room-28-akos-1-sequence-15.gif Sam pulls the end-of-shift whistle …
PAJAMA3-room-28-akos-2-sequence-0.gif "QUITTIN' TIME!"
PAJAMA3-room-28-akos-1-sequence-16.gif … and the miners skedaddle.

Horn of Celebration

Graphic Notes
PAJAMA3-room-45-akos-10-sequence-0.gif Draft animation of Sam talking to Syllabus the Sage.

Ski Resort

Graphic Notes
Seems to be a close-up of the back of Sam's head (the background is transparent, but shown colored here for visibility). The animation data positions it at the bottom right corner of the screen. Possibly intended to be overlaid on the map of the ski routes to show Sam looking at it.

Unused Dialogue

Lots of stuff, but not much worth hearing.

Audio Character Subtitles
Sam Ew, licorice.
Sam Bleh, licorice.
Sam Licorice again!
Sam Rats, more licorice.
Sam Ick, licorice.
Elementary, my dear Cactus.
This needs some investigation.
Discuss ideas and findings on the talk page.
Specifically: It seems that some copies DO play these... How can we get these to play on other copies?

Some dialogue for Sam eating a licorice-flavored candy stick at the S.S.A.M. party. The way these are positioned in the dialogue file suggests they would only have played after eating the giant cake. There does seem to be some code in the script file to select and play one of these five lines at random – which is a little odd in itself, since some of the lines are clearly meant to be played after the others – but it's never triggered for some reason.

Audio Character Subtitles
Sam Yikes!
Sam I'm not putting my hand near that again!

These come toward the end of the dialogue for the jail scene. They don't really seem to fit with anything there, so who knows what they were meant for.

Audio Character Subtitles
Sam I can't use that here!

More jail dialogue. Although it seems like a generic message for using an item in an invalid way, the actual messages for that are stored separately, so there's no clear reason for this to be in the game.

Audio Character Subtitles
Sam I'm not going anywhere near them!

This is located with the dialogue about the marching Sweet Troops. It may have been intended to play when the Sweet Troops object was clicked, but ultimately doesn't due to being covered up by the room exit object, which triggers a different message. Note that the WTO Easter egg doesn't trigger this either.

Audio Character Subtitles
Carrot OK, Florette's finally

This is one of two dialogue files for the Food Pyramid entrance hall. It precedes the used line "-- no, General, no!", which Carrot says as he enters the map room. Presumably, Carrot was supposed to say this unused line first, notice General Beetfoot, then give the second line.

Audio Character Subtitles
General Beetfoot Harumph.
General Beetfoot Well, they'd better get here soon, or you know what that means.
General Beetfoot Exactly!

Some extra dialogue for General Beetfoot. The way these are positioned suggests he was supposed to say them after his first outburst, in response to Carrot's initial assurance that the peace conference is still on. In the finished game, he simply turns away in silence. Neither Sam nor Carrot seems to have any corresponding dialogue that would fill in the gap between the second and third lines.

Audio Character Subtitles
Sam Let's do some more sailing, Sprinkle!

An alternate line Sam would have said when hopping onto Sprinkle. Since the game pointedly uses the term "floating" rather than "sailing" in all other instances, this may have been meant as a reference to the first game, where the distinction between the two terms is part of a joke ("Technically, we can't do that because we don't have a sail"). Sprinkle doesn't seem to have a reply for this line, which may be why it's unused.

Audio Character Subtitles
Selma Celery (extremely rapidly) Silverware should be placed as follows: forks on the left, salad fork, seafood fork, and steak fork.
Selma To the right, we have the steak knife, seafood knife, soup spoon, cocktail poker, swizzle stick, and mashie niblick.

While these lines are ultimately used, different versions of them play in-game: each of the listed items is split off into a separate audio file, allowing them to be more easily synchronized to the animations of the items being placed on the table. These unprocessed versions aren't used.

Audio Character Subtitles
Selina Celery (she doesn't like the shoes much) Colorful.

This line appears in the middle of the dialogue for giving Selina the red shoes, between "They're wonderful! Why, I've never seen such, such..." and "Such colorful shoes before!". Possibly removed to make the dialogue flow better.

Audio Character Subtitles
Sam I don't want to interrupt his counting.

This seems like it would have been used if Sam tried to use one of the protest signs on the foreman while he counts the beans, but this is impossible to do because Sam stands directly in front of the foreman after picking up a sign, blocking him from being clicked.

Audio Character Subtitles
Foreman All right! As you were!

Seems to be an alternate line for the foreman to say when he finishes counting the beans. Note that the part of the subtitles in italics isn't in the audio file – this seems to be a copy-and-paste error, since the line the erroneous subtitles correspond to actually is used.

Audio Character Subtitles
Bean 47 Oh boy! It's me! I'm number 47! Yahoo!

Used, but split in-game after the first two exclamations to allow the bean-stamping animation to play.

Audio Character Subtitles
Sam I've already found bean47

The way this line is placed in the data suggests it would have been used to prevent Sam from returning to the BCS-4000 after finding Bean 47. In the finished game, however, it's possible to keep playing the bean-sorting minigame indefinitely after clearing it.

Audio Character Subtitles
Sam boy, that bean counting machine worked like a charm. (subtitles)

Okay, thanks. (audio)

For some reason, the dialogue and subtitles for this line are completely different. The subtitles suggest it was originally intended to be used similarly to the previous line, but was later co-opted for a different purpose which ultimately never came to fruition.

Audio Character Subtitles
Sam It looks like a turtle, but I think it's a walnut.
Sam They're like little stepping stones.

A couple of lines describing the walnuts in the caramel pit where Granny Smythe can be trapped. These seem like they were meant to play when the walnuts were clicked, perhaps if Sam was at the start of the room and the walnut was far away, but doing that just causes Sam to jump toward the cursor.

Audio Character Subtitles
Sam That one's pretty far away.
Sam I don't think I can jump that far.
Sam I'll never make it!
Sam That's too far for me to jump!

Similarly, these were most likely meant to play when the player clicks an unreachable walnut. Perhaps the puzzle was intended to require more precise targeting, but that turned out to be too difficult for the target audience?

Audio Character Subtitles
Sam I'm Sam!
Sam These hats are actually kind of nice!
Sam Yeah! All we've got to do now is use it to find bean number 47!
Audio Character Subtitles
Foreman Well, all we've got to do now is to use the bean counting machine to number the beans at least as far as 47, and we're home free!
Foreman I can't tell you how happy I am that the Bean Counting machine is finally put together!
Foreman I'm sure Bean Number 47 will be pleased.

The bean factory foreman's office has several extra lines of dialogue seemingly meant to play when Sam talks to the foreman after constructing the BCS-4000. However, the foreman remains outside his office until the bean sorting is finished, meaning these lines never get the chance to play, and when he returns the game switches to generic dialogue unrelated to the bean-sorting situation. Note that a different take of "These hats are actually kind of nice!" is used as part of a pre-construction conversation.

Audio Character Subtitles
Sam I think I looked better in the last one.

There are several unused lines for the photo booth. This one can never be heard because it's only ever possible to take a single photo in a given game.

Audio Character Subtitles
Sam I doubt if hitting it harder will make it work any better.
Sam I don't want to break the button … I guess.

One or both of these were probably meant to play when the hammer is used on the photo booth button, but they go unused because it's impossible to use items in the photo booth.

Audio Character Subtitles
Comedy Show Audience Ha Ha.

During Tom Rutabaga's knock-knock routine, the audience laughs as a group after each joke, using a laugh track that's internally stored as sound effects. However, there are fifteen unused recordings of individual audience members reacting, stored as dialogue.

Audio Character Subtitles
Mickey Hollandaise It was my finest performance! And I owe it all to you! Thank you for helping me put my jokes, and my career, back together.

Another line that's technically used, but split into smaller pieces in-game. This one is separated into two parts, between "I owe it all to you!" and "Thank you".

Audio Character Subtitles
Sam Plungers work better on drains and stuff.
Elementary, my dear Cactus.
This needs some investigation.
Discuss ideas and findings on the talk page.

Alternate take on a used line. Oddly, there seems to be some code present to randomly play this along with a couple of apparently unrelated, and used, lines.

Audio Character Subtitles
Sam I need to click on those lifts to go up and down.
Sam I've got to click on the lift to ride it.

Altered versions of two used lines: "I can click on those elevators to go up and down" and "I've got to click on the elevator to ride it". Possibly some pre-emptive localization for the British release?

Audio Character Subtitles
Sam These shapes look like the ones on the map.
Sam They show the route that the plumber took when he went skiing.

Some alternate dialogue for looking at the ski ticket. Presumably meant to be used if Sam looked at the ticket after seeing the ski route map, but this gives the same message as usual.

Audio Character Subtitles
Sam That might work, but I'd probably better use real skis.
Elementary, my dear Cactus.
This needs some investigation.
Discuss ideas and findings on the talk page.
Specifically: There does seem to be some code for playing this line -- does it have some obscure use?

This seems like error dialogue for trying to use the size 37 shoes on the ski slope, but that just yields a generic message.

Audio Character Subtitles
Pierre le Pain She is not the tart, she is the pastry. (subtitles)

She is not the cream puff, she is the pastry. (audio)

An alternate take of some of the Peace Conference room's dialogue, with another subtitle-dialogue mismatch. Pierre is responding to Chuck's jab about his supposed girlfriend Eclair.

Audio Character Subtitles
Pierre Ah, how little you know, my friend.

This line was meant to follow the previous one, but was cut for some reason. There are also two separate takes, like with the previous line; the two versions of the conversation are stored consecutively in the dialogue file.


During the ending, the Peace Conference delegates resolve their differences and chant a few things in unison. For some reason, there's a disproportionate amount of unused dialogue related to this short sequence!

First of all, there are recordings in the game of each individual delegate's chanting, despite the fact that only a combined version of them all playing at once is ever used. This leaves all the following lines unused:

Chuck Cheddar Pierre le Pain Bean 47
All right!
Let's do it!
Granny Smythe Florette Luke Wigglebig
All right!
Let's do it!
Audio Character Subtitles
General Beetfoot Hooray!
Carrot Hooray!

There are also separate clips of General Beetfoot and Carrot joining in the "hooray" at the end.

On top of that, there are actually a couple more chants that go unused outright, even in combined form – apparently the ending was already cheesy enough without these!

Chuck Cheddar Pierre le Pain Bean 47
Mmm! none none none
One for all.
And all for one.
Granny Smythe Florette Luke Wigglebig
One for all.
And all for one.
Audio Character Subtitles
Group Mmm!
Group All for one! And one for all! (Lots of yelling 4) (subtitles)

One for all! And all for one! (audio)

The two separate lines above were combined into one for the group version. Apparently no one bothered correcting the subtitles for the unused dialogue.

Audio Character Subtitles
Carrot Mmmm!

There's also this clip of Carrot joining in the "Mmmm".

Unused Music

A short, bass-driven track. This track is called "Here They Come (Somebody Like​.​.​.​)".

This track is somewhat reminiscent of the music used in the heart junction. This track is called "Sweet Pete (Alternate)".

Part of this triumphant remix of the main theme is used as the second half of the ending music, but this isolated rendition is never used. This track is called "He's So Corny (This Means Peace)".

A surf remix of the game's main theme. This track later appeared in higher quality (22050 Hz) in Pajama Sam: Games to Play on Any Day. This track is called "Spanish Planes (Food Pyramid Grounds)".

A guitar-based piece with some background vocals.

Most of these tracks were released on bandcamp.

Game Mode Codes

Delegate Locations

Adding any of the following lines to the configuration file will place the delegates in the specified location(s). Setting two conflicting options at once will simply cause the game to pick randomly, as normal.

  • Bean-on-Strike=1 – Bean 47 stuck on crane
  • Bean-Unsorted=1 – Bean 47 not sorted
  • Chuck-in-Balloon=1 – Chuck stuck in his balloon
  • Chuck-on-Ledge=1 – Chuck stuck on ledge
  • Granny-Crowd-Surfin=1 – Granny Smythe stuck on dancing cans
  • Granny-in-Caramel-Pit=1 – Granny Smythe stuck in pit
  • Pierre-on-Ferris-Wheel=1 – Pierre stuck on Ferris wheel
  • Pierre-in-Prize-Booth=1 – Pierre stuck in prize booth

Cape Location

Adding the line Cape-Location= followed by a number to the configuration file will always put Sam's cape in a particular location at the beginning of the game. Valid values are:

  • 1 – the lower cabinet drawer
  • 2 – the upper cabinet drawer
  • 3 – behind the mirror
  • 4 – behind the sofa

Out-of-range values randomize the location, as normal.

Custom Games

To do:
Figure out how this works

Adding the line Custom-Game= followed by a number to the configuration file causes the game to always use the same configuration each time it's run.

(Source: ScummVM Wiki)