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Pajama Sam 2: Thunder and Lightning Aren't So Frightening

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Title Screen

Pajama Sam 2: Thunder and Lightning Aren't So Frightening

Developer: Humongous Entertainment
Publisher: Humongous Entertainment
Platforms: Windows, Mac OS Classic
Released in US: 1998

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
MovieIcon.png This game has unused cinematics.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.
LevelSelectIcon.png This game has a hidden level select.

After conquering his fear of the dark in the last game, Pajama Sam has to fight his fear of thunder and lightning. Instead, he ends up causing the apocalypse.

Just kidding, he accidentally messed up the weather and goes out of his way to fix it. Heck of a job there, Sammy.

You have to wonder if the rest of the world reports the sandstorms at the South Pole, taxicab rain in Texas or the sun in Seattle during that time.

Debug "Room Undo" Command Leftover

Regardless of debug mode configuration, pressing < (Shift+,) jumps back to the previous room from where you exited from, likely enabled for testing that the developers forgot to remove. This debug feature also exists first in Spy Fox in Dry Cereal.

Debug Mode

Activated by adding SputmDebug=60598 to the hegames.ini configuration file. It functions exactly as in the first game:

Path Select

Pajama Sam 2 Path Select.png

Activated with C. Clicking on a button sets the location of the indicated weather machine piece.

Room Select

Pajama Sam 2 Room Select 1.png Pajama Sam 2 Room Select 2.png

Activated with G. Clicking a location on the map sends Sam there.

Item Select

Pajama Sam 2 Item Select.png

Activated with I. Clicking on an item puts it in the inventory.

Debug Functions

Debug mode also enables a few keyboard shortcuts:

  • Ctrl + E: Brings up a series of dialog boxes that prompt for an internal variable number, give its current value, and optionally allow it to be changed.
  • Ctrl + F: Enables "fast mode", making most engine features run as fast as the hardware will allow.
  • Ctrl + G: Prompts for a room number to warp to.
  • Ctrl + O: Prompts for the number of an object to place in the inventory.
(Source: http://wiki.scummvm.org/index.php/Humongous_Entertainment/Games/Debug_Modes)

Unused Graphics

Storyboards and Test Animations

This game doesn't have quite as many unfinished animations as its predecessor, but there are a few buried away in the resource file.

Living Room

Graphic Internal name Notes
Pajama2-room-2-storyboard-opening.gif all Storyboard sequence for part of the opening cutscene.
Pajama2-room-2-storyboard-lightning.png Scene # 1.2.1 (Scared w/ out cape) Sketch of Sam frightened by the lightning.


Graphic Internal name Notes
Pajama2-room-3-storyboard-ladderclimb.gif go up stairs Storyboard of Sam climbing up the attic ladder.


Graphic Internal name Notes
Pajama2-room-25-storyboard-insertcrank.gif replace crank Test animation of Sam putting the crank in the fan.
Pajama2-room-25-storyboard-crankleft.gif turn fan to lockers Test animation of Sam turning the fan to face the lockers …
Pajama2-room-25-storyboard-crankright.gif turn fan to funnel … and turning it back to face the funnel.
Pajama2-room-25-storyboard-velonormal.gif 25.5.1 Storyboard of Sam returning Velocimomometer to the Wind Machine.
Pajama2-room-25-storyboard-velolast.gif 25.5.2 Same as the above, but for the special case where the Wind Machine is the last machine fixed.


Graphic Internal name Notes
Pajama2-room-37-storyboard-applecore.gif 37.6 Storyboard sequence of Sam retrieving the apple core from the trash can.

Personnel Office

Graphic Internal name Notes
Pajama2-room-40-storyboard-filepoint.png 40.3 - 40.2 Sketch of Sam asking George Someone about the file cabinet.
Pajama2-room-40-storyboard-birthdaynote.gif 40.4.2 Storyboard sequence of Sam retrieving the note containing Foster Boondoggle's birthday. Presumably 6/7/71 is the artist's birthdate.


Graphic Notes
Pajama2-room-47-bg.png Room 48 contains the graphics and sound effects for Thunder and Lightning's messages after each machine is fixed. It has a placeholder background similar to ones in Backyard Baseball.


Graphic Internal name Notes
Pajama2-room-56-rmt.png untitled-sequence This broken-palette-ed save/load picture from Pajama Sam is an obvious leftover.
Pajama2-room-56-placeholder-1.png warehouse - no vac, no inspector A save/load preview placeholder for an image of the Warehouse with the Snowflake Inspector and the vacuum cleaner missing. This situation can't occur in the finished game (the vacuum cleaner always returns to the room when Sam does), so the image was never filled in.
Pajama2-room-56-placeholder-2.png Shipping Similarly, this would have been used for saving and loading on the Shipping & Receiving screen. It's impossible to save there.

Unused Text


Like almost every Humongous game, Pajama Sam 2 has complete subtitles for all dialogue but no option to turn them on. They can be enabled by adding the line TextOn=1 to the hegames.ini configuration file.

(Source: http://wiki.scummvm.org/index.php/Humongous_Entertainment/Games/INI_Settings)

Debug Output

Also like most Humongous games, this one has a substantial amount of debug console output. The easiest way to view it is to run the game in ScummVM and set the debug level to 0 or higher.

Unused Dialogue

What this game lacks in unused graphics, it more than makes up for in unused dialogue.

The Lunchboxers

To do:
There's a script that's supposed to play this, but forcing it to run crashes the game. See if it can be patched up.

The game contains dialogue for an extra ending scene in the "Pajama Man Show" sequence from the opening. There are two sets of clips for the scene: one set stored as dialogue, which uses the characters' regular voices, and a second set stored as sound effects which features someone who is decidedly not a professional voice actor.

File (dialogue) File (sound effect) Character Subtitles
Pajama Man Are you all right, Milkman?
Milkman Yeah, but for a minute there I thought I was going to have to change my name to MilkSHAKE Man.
Pajama Man (dialogue), Everyone (sound effects) <everyone> Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha
Pajama Man Well, it looks like the world is safe once again.
Captain Gelatin Yes, but for how long?
Milkman With groups like the Foul Weathermen around, can we ever truly be safe?
Pajama Man The path of righteousness is paved with gravel, and we superheroes must wear the shoes of committment.
Milkman Nice analogy, Pajama Man.
Captain Gelatin Look! Earthquaker is getting away!
Hero Sandwich Somebody do something!
Pajama Man This looks like a job for... Pajama Man!

It's not clear how either of these sets would have been used, but the fact that the second one is stored as (very quiet) sound effects indicates that it may have been intended as ambient noise from the TV, or as part of a scrapped TV clickpoint.

Game Setup Menu

File Character Subtitles
Sam Play this one
Sam Play one of these
Sam Let the computer pick

Originally, the Game Setup menu was supposed to feature voice-overs from Sam when the cursor is hovered over the text labels, but these go unused …

File Character Subtitles
Sam Apply

… probably because of this. It seems that the developers forgot to record a voice-over for the "Apply" button, and out of desperation tried to hack one together by recycling clips of Sam from other parts of the game. This sound is pieced together from no less than three different dialogue files:

  • "A forest", the answer to one of the board quiz questions.
  • "What do you call a person who studies weather?", one of the board quiz questions.
  • "Why would spies be trying to get office supplies from you?", from Sam's conversation with the supply clerk.

The effect is obviously rather unconvincing, which presumably is what led to the feature being disabled. It can be reactivated by running local script 206 while on the menu.

The Expurgation of J. Langston Popsicle III

During the game's development, J. Langston III had the full name "J. Langston Popsicle III", typically shortened to "Popsicle". However, the word itself is a registered trademark of Unilever Supply Chain, Inc., so it was dropped due to copyright issues.

However, all the lines were already recorded by the time the development team found out. So to accommodate with this change, several lines of dialogue were either edited or went unused:

Character File (original) Subtitles File (edited and used) Subtitles Notes
I am J. Langston Popsicle the Third.
I am J. Langston the Third. Originally, Langston had two different takes on his introduction. The first version was used when meeting him on the Executive Washroom path, while the second was used otherwise. The "Popsicle" was clipped out of the first line, and to save having to fiddle with the second one, the first was recycled for both cases.
Poor Mister Popsicle is swamped without you.
Langstons's swamped without you. Sam's plea to the Snowflake Inspector is the only line that had dialogue replaced instead of just cut, exchanging "Mister Popsicle" for "Langston" but leaving the rest of the line intact. The wave data for the word "Langston" doesn't match up with anything else in the game, so either it's from an unused/cut line or it's been processed in some way (e.g. amplification).
Snowflake Inspector
Popsicle? None This part of the Inspector's response was omitted from the final game entirely.
Snowflake Inspector
Mister No Talent Take All The Credit Employee Of The Month Every Month Popsicle can go melt for all I care.
Mister No Talent Take All The Credit Employee Of The Month Every Month can go melt for all I care. "Popsicle" was cut out again.
Snowflake Inspector
It'll even be nice to see that insensitive boob, J. Langston Popsicle. None Originally, the Inspector was a little more measured about his return to work. This line isn't really plot-necessary, so it was removed to save editing work.
Jersey Langston Popsicle III... Birth date: 8/18... Favorite food: sushi... Favorite color: periwinkle
Jersey Langston III... Birth date: 8/18... Favorite food: sushi... Favorite color: periwinkle "Popsicle" cut out yet again.
I think he and Mister Popsicle are going to get along just fine now. None This message would have been used for the conversation with Thunder and Lightning when Sam fixes the Snow Machine second.

Generic Weather Machine Messages

Each time Sam fixes a machine, Thunder and Lightning congratulate him on his hard work. Part of each conversation usually includes a line that varies based on which machine was just fixed, such as "You fixed the [X] machine!" However, generic placeholder lines that don't refer to a specific machine also exist, rigged so that if they're triggered they'll print debug messages telling the programmers to get it together.

File Character Subtitles
Lightning (interrupting)You fixed a Machine!

From the conversation after the first machine is fixed, taking the place of "You fixed the [X] Machine!"

File Character Subtitles
Sam That's right, I sure did.

From the second conversation, taking the place of "That's right, I brought [Y] back to the [X] Machine".

File Character Subtitles
Mother Nature (yelling) Why is the weather such a mess! Everythings gone crazy!
Sam I'll fix the Last Machine.

From the third conversation. The first line takes the place of a message specific to the last unfixed machine (e.g. "Why isn't it sunny in Acapulco?! I distinctly said I wanted sun on my vacation!" if the Sun Machine isn't fixed). The second line takes the place of "I'll fix the [X] Machine".


File Character Subtitles
Sam He seems happy with the one he has already.

This plays when trying to give George Someone a second apple. Problem is it's only possible to get one of them.

File Character Subtitles
Sam I really thought I was going to need this to open the lock.

This plays when Sam completes the locker puzzle while having either an apple, or apple core in his inventory. Since most players give an apple to George Someone to learn the combination, they would likely not hear this line.

File Character Subtitles
Sam I was thinking...
Langston Yes?

An unused lead-in to Sam's line "Wouldn't it be better to use a computer to check all those snowflakes?"

Demo Leftovers

A large collection of lines specific to demo versions of the game are also in the full version. Only Sam has to get the Snowflake Inspector in the actual demo.

File Character Subtitles
Sam Welcome to the 'Thunder and Lightning aren't so Frightening' demo.
Sam I've gone up to the factory in the clouds of 'World Wide Weather'
Sam There I'll face Thunder and Lightning.
Sam It was a rainy afternoon.
Sam Thunder and Lightning were up to their old tricks.
Sam I decided it was up to me to put and end to all this thunderstorming business.
Sam So I went up to world wide weather, The factory in the clouds.
Sam I went up into the clouds to face Thunder and Lightning and put an end to all their thunderstorming!
Sam But I accidently caused the weather machine to explode and now all the weather in the world has gone crazy!
Sam It's up to me to set things straight.
Sam In this demo....
Sam I need to find the Snowflake Inspector
Sam I need to find the Y-pipe.
Sam I need to find the Wingnut.
Sam I need to find the Velocimomomiter.
Sam Let's go!
Sam Got it!
Sam Well, that's it for the demo.
Sam Thanks for playing the demo.
Sam I cant go there in the demo.
Sam But remember, there's lots more to see and do in the real game.
Sam Hope to see you soon.

Alternate Takes

File (unused) File (used) Character Subtitles
Sam What is this thing, anyway?
Snowflake Inspector It's a dust devil. Like a little bitty tornado.

Alternate take of Sam asking the Inspector about the dust devil. The Inspector is much calmer in the used version.

File (unused) File (used) Character Subtitles
The Chairman Topaz?

There are two takes of this suggestion by the Chairman of the Board for the executive washroom's new color. It's exactly as thrilling as it sounds.

E3 Demo?

Adding the line E3Demo=60598 to the game's configuration file activates the E3 demo mode … but not really. The only effect it seems to have is to make the trivia questions in the board room invisible, which may be a carryover from a similar setting in the first game.

(Source: http://wiki.scummvm.org/index.php/Humongous_Entertainment/Games/INI_Settings)

Unused Cutscenes

Bill Gate and the ID Card

To do:
Aside from the video, rip its dialogue and graphics.

Using the ID card on Bill Gate (ha!) will trigger an unfinished cutscene where Sam tries to sneak into World Wide Weather by pretending to be an employee. The dialogue is in place, but the animation doesn't exist, causing some graphical errors. It's possible to do this without debug mode by normally going into the junction room, grabbing the ID card from there, then doing the "room undo" command by pressing < and you will still have the ID card at the gate then you can use it there.

Toilet Humor

Probably the most twisted hidden scene in Humongous Entertainment's very long history of twisted hidden scenes, animated by Giancarlo Volpe to apparently blow off steam. To trigger it, click on the toilet in the executive washroom while holding the Left, Right, and Up arrow keys, or run local script 216 in ScummVM's debugger.