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Spy Fox in Dry Cereal

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Title Screen

Spy Fox in "Dry Cereal"

Developer: Humongous Entertainment
Publisher: Humongous Entertainment
Platforms: Windows, Mac OS Classic
Released in US: 1997

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ItemsIcon.png This game has unused items.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.
LevelSelectIcon.png This game has a hidden level select.

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William the Kid has imprisoned all the dairy cows in the world in his fortress on the sleepy little Greek island of Acidophilus, and it's up to Spy Fox to save them. Can he do it? Probably, but it may be too late for the Eurozone anyways.


Miscellaneous tidbits that are interesting enough to point out here.

Unused Subtitles

Like nearly every Humongous game, this one has subtitles that can't be turned on in-game. They're activated by adding the line TextOn=1 to the hegames.ini configuration file.

(Source: ScummVM Wiki)

Debug Output

The game has debug console output for all sorts of bits and bobs. The easiest way to view it is to run the game in ScummVM and set the debug level to 0 or greater.

Debug "Room Undo" Command Leftover

Regardless of debug mode configuration, pressing < (Shift+,) jumps back to the previous room from where you exited from, and also fast mode can be enabled by double-pressing the key in the starting area. Likely enabled for testing that the developers forgot to remove. This debug feature also returns in Pajama Sam 2: Thunder and Lightning Aren't So Frightening.

Debug Rooms

Another mainstay of Humongous games, there are several debug rooms that allow control over most aspects of the game. To enable them, add either TransBigCheater=M or WhosABigCheater=I to the configuration file (the last letter is case-insensitive, so "m" or "i" respectively will also work).

Path Select

Spy Fox Path Select.png

Accessed by pressing the C key. This allows the current game path to be modified.

Room Select

Spy Fox Room Select 1.png Spy Fox Room Select 2.png Spy Fox Room Select 3.png

Accessed with G. Clicking a room warps Fox to it.

Item Select

Spy Fox Item Select.png

Accessed with I. Clicking on an item places it in the inventory.

(Source: ScummVM Wiki (1, 2))

Unused Graphics


Graphic Internal Name Notes
SPYFOX-room-2-akos-9-johnny-2.gif ponder idea An unused closeup of Johnny considering whether to trade his music to Fox.
SPYFOX-room-2-akos-9-johnny-1.gif Ponder talk Talking animation associated with the above.

Deck Party

Graphic Internal Name Notes
SPYFOX-room-6-akos-5-sequence-0-deckcrowd.png deck party guests static Sketch of the guests at the deck party.

S.S. Winaprize

Graphic Notes
SPYFOX-room-19-awiz-2-boating-bg.png Sketch of the background for the boating scenes.


Graphic Notes
SPYFOX-room-35-rmim-0-tram-main-bg.png This sketch of the tram entrance is actually the background for the tram rooms, which internally are a single room that's covered up with different background graphics. There's no elevator in the final scene.

Happy Fun Sub

Happy Fun Sub seems to have suffered some quite significant content cutting.

Graphic Notes
SPYFOX-room-47-awiz-3-hfs-screen1.png These two images come right after the Happy Fun Sub title and high score backgrounds. It's possible they were intended to be "how to play" screens showing the enemies and powerups.
SPYFOX-room-47-mult-135-poweranchor.gif SPYFOX-room-47-mult-134-powerbuoy.gif SPYFOX-room-47-mult-133-powerballoon.gif ...Of course, Happy Fun Sub doesn't have any powerups, but apparently some were planned. Not only are there these special buoys...
SPYFOX-room-47-mult-65-armor-sub.gif ...there's a complete sprite set for an armored version of the spy ship! Who knows what it was supposed to do.
SPYFOX-room-47-mult-66-armor-boat.gif SPYFOX-room-47-mult-67-armor-boatjump.gif

Unused Items

Spy Jail Paper

Spy Fox spyjail.png

SPYFOX-room-0-awiz-174-spyjail-cursor-1.png SPYFOX-room-0-awiz-175-spyjail-cursor-1.png SPYFOX-room-0-awiz-176-spyjail-cursor-1.png

This odd slip of paper, internally named "inv-spyjail", appears alongside the other items in the Item Select debug room. It's marked as a usable item and has its own cursors for that purpose, but only gives default "can't do that" messages no matter what it's used on. Hovering over it in the inventory yields a description:

File Character Subtitles
Spy Fox Here's where the bad guys go - JAIL!

This suggests that at one point, this paper contained the coordinates for the Spy Jail. Possibly this was replaced by the Spy Watch coordinate display, or Fox was intended to use it on the robot pilot instead of entering the coordinates himself.

Fortress Code Cursors

SPYFOX-room-0-awiz-144-dashballoon-cursor-1.png SPYFOX-room-0-awiz-145-dashballoon-cursor-2.png SPYFOX-room-0-awiz-146-dashballoon-cursor-3.png

Earlier in development, the fortune cookie containing the code needed to enter Kid's fortress was a talk balloon, as evidenced by its internal name "inv-spycode-balloon" and its positioning between talk balloons in the inventory debug room. It seems it was also supposed to be a usable item instead of just a reminder, indicated by these use cursors. The original idea might have been for Fox to gather the code by talking to townspeople, but there's nothing else to show for it.

Unused Music

A few of the game's many tracks aren't played anywhere.

File Notes
No obvious use for this one. It was later recycled for Spy Fox in Cheese Chase.
Another unused track, also without any clues to placement.
Uses a "wobbly" filter on the lead like some of the music in Kid's fortress, so it may have been intended for it.
This is used for the cutscene that plays when Spy Fox tries to swim past the underwater guards, but for some reason it's over 2 minutes long even though the scene only lasts for 20 seconds. Maybe it was originally used somewhere else?

Unused Dialogue

This game has quite a lot of unused dialogue, much of it the result of programmer error or simple design oversights. This video shows off most of the material described below.

To see the material in-game, apply this xdelta patch to the original US release of the game. For more details and specific changes, see the Notes page.


File Character Subtitles
Spy Fox Beet Bliss!
This might be just the thing to liven up my Chicken Knuckles.

These lines should play when Fox uses the Chicken Knuckles on the Beet Bliss, but don't due to a scripting error. This issue was fixed in later releases.

File Character Subtitles
Spy Fox Can I get another order of Chicken Knuckles, please?
Bea Bear It's a bottomless bucket, honey.
I think you still have plenty.
Bea Bear I'm sorry, honey, we already sold the rest of them.

Meant to play when Fox tries to buy more Chicken Knuckles by using the drachmas on the cantina sign. Bea's first response is for if Fox still has the Knuckles, and the second is for when he's gotten rid of them by solving the alligator puzzle.


File Character Subtitles
Captain Drydock Ready for another bon voyage?
Come aboard!
Captain Drydock Jump aboard, matey, and we'll have another low seas adventure.
Captain Drydock Oh good!
I was hoping you wanted to take another cruise.
I was getting bored.
Captain Drydock Let's make like an opera singer and go for the high C's!

Captain Drydock has a number of lines that are supposed to play when Fox gets on the S.S. Winaprize, but never do.

File Character Subtitles
Captain Drydock It's a big ocean... I hope we're going someplace interesting.
Captain Drydock You know, over three quarters of the earth is covered with water...
...so you should probably be specific about where you want me to take you.
Captain Drydock It's always nice to know where you're going so when you get there you know you've arrived.
Captain Drydock Take a little advice from an old sea raccoon.
You can't just roam around the entire ocean, ya know.
You need to pick a specific destination.
Captain Drydock You know, wherever you go, there you are.

These may have been intended to play when the map on the S.S. Winaprize is clicked.

N.O.G. Factory

File Character Subtitles
Spy Fox Maybe this lever will help me lower Mr. Udderly down.

This line is programmed to play if Fox is standing next to the lever the first time the player clicks on it. The problem is that the only way for him to get there is to click on the lever while he's in his regular position, which triggers a different piece of dialogue and prevents both lines from being triggered again.

Go Fish

The script that handles Mr. Big Pig's responses to being asked about Cock-a-Doodle Fu is quite badly bugged in the original release of the game.

First, the audio for one of Fox's lines, labelled "You think Bea knows something about cock-a-doodle-fu?" in the subtitles, is incorrectly filled with a duplicate of the line "With the power off, it's safe to snatch a diode", from a completely different part of the game. This xdelta patch will fix this line borrowing from the UK version. Second, Big Pig's last set of lines is skipped over entirely, causing further attempts to ask him about the subject to immediately terminate without any dialogue.

File Character Subtitles
Spy Fox Do you know if Bea gives lessons in cock-a-doodle-fu?
Big Pig Sir, please stop wasting your time talking to me and go talk to Bea.

These are the lines that are supposed to play, with future questions selecting from the other dialogue at random. One of those issues were fixed in the UK and later releases of the game respectively.

File Character Subtitles
Big Pig Uh-oh, I'm getting hungry again.
Big Pig Heh-heh-heh-heh!
This is so much fun.
Big Pig I know what you're looking for, sir, but I'm not going to let you find it.
Big Pig I can tell you've never played Go Fish with a Go Fish-playing pig before!
Big Pig I must admit, sir, that you are one of the best-dressed opponents I've ever had the pleasure of playing.
Big Pig I wonder where fish go when they `go`.....
Big Pig Card playing makes my stomach growl
Big Pig I've always said a pig can't have enough suits.
Big Pig I used to beat my little brother at every game we played.
All he did was complain.
I hate swine who whine.
Big Pig Don't think you can intimidate me, sir.
I play Go Fish for a living.

Based on their content, these were meant to play when Big Pig is clicked during a Go Fish match, but he uses the same lines whether a game is going on or not.

File Character Subtitles
Spy Fox I need to grab a card from the deck.

Could have been used any time Fox needs to draw a card, but other lines play instead. Strangely, this is stored in the object code for the sixes' face graphics. None of the other cards have an equivalent.

Mobile Command Center

File Character Subtitles
Spy Fox Monkey Penny, have I ever told you about how I saved the rain forests of Borneo from the evil General Termite?
Monkey Penny Yeah, but I thought your story had a lot of holes in it.
Spy Fox Monkey Penny, can you hack into the local video store's database to see what William the Kid's favorite movies are?
Monkey Penny I've already thought of that.
Kid's favorite movies are The Goatfather, Invasion of the Cow Snatchers, Goatbusters, and La Dolce Feta.
Spy Fox Monkey Penny, have I ever told you the story of how I went undercover in Operation: Messy Bed?
Monkey Penny You did, but I assumed you made the whole thing up.
Monkey Penny Spy Fox, how come your tuxedo never seems to get dirty?
Spy Fox I don't know, but I sure save a bundle in dry cleaning bills.
Spy Fox Don't you think it's kind of strange that 'Monkey Penny' rhymes with 'Funky Hen Flea'?
Monkey Penny No stranger than 'Spy Fox' rhyming with 'Dry Lox'.

One of six sets of conversations is supposed to play at random when Monkey Penny is clicked after rescuing Mr. Udderly, but because of a scripting error the game always plays the first one, leaving Monkey Penny with a strange obsession over William the Kid's overdue library books.

Missile Fuse Box

File Character Subtitles
Spy Fox Maybe that's why nothing happened when I pressed the missile-fire button.

Should play between "Here's the jet's fuse panel" and "And, there are some missing pieces" only when Fox opens the fuse panel after already pressing the missile button, but doesn't because the game checks the wrong variable.

Happy Fun Sub Debug Mode

Adding StizeveIsTheBizomb=1 to the configuration file activates a few debugging commands in Happy Fun Sub:

Spy Fox HFS Debug.png
Key Function
1-5 Changes terrain type. 1 = level 1 terrain, 2 = level 2 terrain, and so on.
C Toggles the ship's collision detection. This prevents enemies from damaging it, but if it collides with land it'll explode as soon as collision is enabled again.
G Opens a prompt for a level number to warp to.
(Source: ScummVM Wiki)

E3 Demo Mode

Adding E3Demo=90997 to the configuration file enables a special mode that was presumably used to demo the game at E3 1997.

When this code is enabled, the game skips the William the Kid intro scene but otherwise proceeds normally up through the Mr. Udderly puzzle. Once the puzzle is solved, the game plays a few otherwise-unused lines of dialogue as Mr. Udderly falls onto the ice, then flashes the Spy Fox logo and resets.

File Character Subtitles
Narrator Will SpyFox save Mr. Udderly?
Which falls faster 400 pounds of feathers or 400 pounds of beef?
Will Mr. Udderly fall through the ice?
Can pirahna utterly strip a cow to the bone in seconds flat?
Why am I shouting?
Find out all the answers and more this fall.
SpyFox in Dry Cereal.
(Source: ScummVM Wiki)

Revisional Differences

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Opening Logos

Spy Fox in Dry Cereal was re-released twice, in 2002 and 2007 (not counting the accidental import of the UK dub).

1997 2007
HumongousLogo.png HumongousLogo2007.PNG

The 1997 version shows the standard Humongous logo with no website. The 2002 version first shows the Infogrames logo with its "color hysteria" animation, followed by the flip-book version of the Humongous logo. The "It's a Junior Adventure" screen was cut entirely.

The 2007 version was given a newer and more bland logo screen with no sound effects, and the Junior Adventure logo was again cut.

Removed Music

Nearly all of the re-releases exclude Johnny's second piano waltz and the William the Kid escape theme, the latter of which was replaced with the Happy Fun Sub title theme.

Alternate Happy Fun Sub Title Screen

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Later versions of the game have a slightly different Happy Fun Sub title screen, sporting a much smaller logo with some recycling logo-like arrows around it.