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Title Screen


Developer: What Pumpkin Games
Publisher: What Pumpkin Games
Platforms: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux
Released internationally: September 4, 2019

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
Carts.png This game has revisional differences.

Pesterquest is a second adventure game starring MSPA Reader's extremely attractive pair of legs- uh… I mean, a visual novel sequel to Hiveswap Friendsim set within the universes of Homestuck, made with the Ren'py Engine.

Unused Graphics

Epilogue banners

Merely leftovers from Hiveswap Friendsim.


Pesterquest v1r1 a yes alt.png

A closeup of John's completion achievement.

Vol. 6 sprites

There are two sprites of Gamzee in a hanbok (a traditional korean dress) due to a fan request involving a real-life toblerone hunt and the picture of a toblerone with one of Andrew Hussie's catchphrases in Volume 6's files. It is unlikely they were meant to be used in-game.

Hidden Messages

Developer comments

Aside from script description and modding-related info, some interesting bits were left in the game.

Volume Messages
text "MINT CHIPLEAF" (...) #:3
(Mint Chipleaf, one of the programmers, probably put the comment by himself)
Vol. 1 # this script is copypasted from the first Friendsim so if I left anything weird in here OOPS. MY B
# tip for anyone scoping the files this is what all game dev is like
Vol. 2 #unnecessarily tickled by the fact that I got these all to have the same length (Referring to the filenames of Rose's route backgrounds)
Vol. 4 #ow ow ow ouch ow fuck
"The two of you go hurtling through the nothingness and you’re pretty sure you’ve left blood spatters on some metanarrative (...)" #jesus
#shit his fangs are sharp
# Hi l33t hackers. As I'm sure you can tell with your epic ability to 'read text files,' there's a lot going on in the Vriska route.
# I want people to swap stories and replay things to try and figure things out, having a unique and replayable experience with this.
# That would be spoiled if "big tables of every possible line of dialog" were put up immediately after release.
# So if y'all could chill on that for like a week, that would rule.
classdesc = "(...)No dou8les! Pick again. >::::("
#classspec = "Seriously, no dou8les!!!!!!!!" (Referring to choosing Vriska's Flarp class)
Vol. 7 op "{i}Quit fucking trying to skip ahead. It’s not going to work.{/i}" #what an asshole
show vriska neutral4 at vriskastraighten #like she'd ever do that
"Terezi's posture softens. (...) Vriska straightens up, (...)
Vol. 8 #for this line.. If there is a way to make the text \"feel so heavy\" appear one word or letter at a time that would rule but if not then one word per screen is fine
"You stop walking and lay down. The grass feels cool on the back of your head and your eyes"
Vol. 14 #VOLUME FOURTEEN-----------------------------------------
#the most hellish mess of image transforms you'll ever see
#mise en abyme (Referring to the appearance of Ultimate Dirk in the route)
After@wd #i apologize in advance if you're looking at this hot spaghetti mess (Referring to the code for Ultimate Dirk's image transitions)

Audio metadata

In the credits section, one of the songs (TEREZI_LOOP)'s title is a QR code that reads "CH3CK TH3 M3T4D4T4" when decoded. A few tracks along with it have encoded messages within:

File(s) Metadata
Title: HONK
Product: honk
Artist: honk
Comment: honk HONK
Date Created: honk
Genre: HONK
TEREZI_LOOP.flac Date: haha oh wow you really checked
ARADIA_INTRO-OUTRO.flac Album: whats poppin dataminers luv u
ARADIA-LOOP-mixed.flac Album: cats can have little a salami
BE-KIND_RE-WIND.flac Album: (the whole Navy Seal copypasta)
ITS_NOTHING.flac Album: ill save you some time its me whispering about starbucks

Reversed track

The horrorterror's noises in Aradia's route have a rambling from musician James Roach when reversed.

Now I am whispering, I am whispering now. It's time for whispers; it's whisper o'clock. I really hope you really didn't like, 
go through and speed this up or whatever to figure out what I'm saying [unintelligable] I just have to whisper a bunch, just 
gonna layer it, never gonna hear this part. I'm drinking Starbucks right now, here, listen. *slurps drink* *smacks lips* It's 
cold, fuck. It... psspsspss. I made the sound like I'm whispering but I wasn't actually whispering anything. I'm just, I, I'm 
simply whispering man. Bro? You, you ever whisper? It's fucked up. It's like talking but not actually quieter cause you're 
making this really raspy voice and everyone can fucking hear you. It's... If you really don't want a parent to hear you speak 
in lower tones because you're keeping yourself [unintelligable] so, so, don't, don't whisper... Okay thats all: I'm gonna stop 
doing this now.

Revisional Differences

At base launch, the game would save progress at Appdata/Renpy/Jake English Adventure instead of Appdata/Renpy/Pesterquest. Writer Kate Mitchell has commented in a podcast that What Pumpkin discarded the idea of a VN where the player would only date Jake English, that probably being a development leftover.