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Plants vs. Zombies (Windows, Mac OS X)/Unused Graphics

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This is a sub-page of Plants vs. Zombies (Windows, Mac OS X).

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Some interesting graphics found in the files.


Pvz unused gravebuster vine.png

An unused Gravebuster vine that would've sat infront of its face. labeled "gravebuster_facevine". This can be seen in rare promotional art.

PlantsvsZombies PC Caltrop body2.png

A stage of degradation for the Spikeweed. It never degrades at all in the final game. Notably, erased spikes have some outline left if you look closely, suggesting it might be an unfinished sprite.

Pvz Sea Shroom eyes.png

An unused sprite of the Sea-shroom's eyes, which in the final game are part of the head sprite.

PvZ Starfruit Eyebrow.png

A sprite for an eyebrow for Starfruit. The eyebrow can be seen in its official art.

Pvz Coffeebean eyelid.png Pvz Coffeebean eyelid2.png Pvz Coffeebean eyelid3.png

Unused eyelid sprites for the Coffee Bean. The Coffee Bean has an unused animation titled anim_twitch, which these were likely meant to be used in.

Pvz Cob Cannon Exhaust.png

An unused exhaust for the Cob Cannon.

Pvz Imitater eyebrow.png

An unused eyebrow sprite for the Imitater. Like many extra details on plants and zombies, visible on promotional material but cut for unknown reasons.

Cabbagebasketvines.png Mocup.png

Unused Cabbage-pult vines that would've gone underneath its basket, an unused part to its stalk, and unused eyebrows. A mockup of what the vines may have looked like is provided.

Blover blink.png

An unused blink for Blover.


An unused second Jalapeno sprite, presumably for when it's about to explode.

CobCannon husk3.2.png CobCannon husk4.2.png

Unused yellow glow for the Cob Cannon's husk. Would've been used when the Cob is entering and exiting the cannon.

CobCannon target shadow.png

Unused Shadow for the Cob Cannon target.


Unused Seedpackets for some of the plants used in packet_plants.

PeaShooter Lips.png

Unused Peashooter lips.

Pumpkin damage2.png

Unused degrade for the pumpkin, also has a rounder look.


24 unused sprite rotations for the cherry bomb eyes and mouths.

PVZ Magnet.png

Unused blinking sprites and a spark sprite for the Magnet-Shroom.


PVZ ombie flag2.png

An earlier, damaged version of the Flag Zombie's flag. This graphic was used in the "Bloom & Doom" build of the game.

Pvz Jack in the Box Zombie twitch.png

A sprite for the Jack-in-the-Box Zombie's eye twitching. This is used in the Bloom & Doom prototype, where its head sprite is different.

Pvz Jackinthebox Zombie Belt.png

An unused belt sprite for the Jack-in-the-Box Zombie that would've went on it's right arm.

PVZ scaredbungie.png

A sprite of a scared-looking Bungee Zombie, would have been for when it was unable to grab a plant or hurt by a torchwood.

Zombie bungi tongue.png

A tongue for the Bungee Zombie that would've gone on the side of its mouth, seen in the official art.

PVZ Zombie boss rv2.png

An unused degrade of the RV that Zomboss throws at your poor, poor plants.

PvZBeta Zombie target hat.png PvZBeta Zombie target.png PvZBeta Zombie target body.png

Files for the Target Zombie from the console's versus mode exist in the PC GOTY edition, but go unused due to it not including a multiplayer mode.


The mullet the Zomboni has in its concept art, which goes unused since the beanie never comes off.


Unused slug leftovers from the imp.

Zombie underbody.png

An unused underbody for the basic zombie.

Zombie cord.png

An unused zombie cord that may have been used in tandem with the zombie eye.

Zombie eye.png

An unused zombie eye with its pupil looking towards the ground.

Zombie head2.png

An unused zombie head that's missing an eye. It pairs up with the eye and cord above.

Zombie glasses.png

Unused, larger glasses for the Newspaper Zombie, labeled in the files as "zombie_glasses"

Zombie toupe.png

An unused larger hairpiece for the Newspaper Zombie, labeled in the files as "zombie_toupe".

Zombie zamboni wheel flat.png

Unused popped tire for the Zomboni. would've been used for when its wheel is popped by a spikeweed or spikerock.


Unused full ducky tube along with a separate head.

PVZ Zombie boss iceball grow.png PVZ Zombie boss fireball black.png PVZ Zombie boss fireball shadow.png

Unused parts of the Zomboss fire and ice balls.


Unused Quick Play Menu Sprites
PVZ Quickplay back button highlight.png
PVZ Quickplay back button.png
PVZ Quickplay minigames button highlight.png
PVZ Quickplay minigames button.png
PVZ Quickplay minigames cloud.png
PVZ Quickplay puzzles button highlight.png
PVZ Quickplay puzzles button.png
PVZ Quickplay puzzles cloud.png
PVZ Quickplay survival button highlight.png
PVZ Quickplay survival button.png
PVZ Quickplay survival cloud.png

Sprites for the quick play menu mockup. The assembled menu can be viewed here.

PlantsvsZombies PC Scary Pot.png

An unused zombie vase for Vasebreaker, which would produce zombies. They only come out of mystery vases in the final game. There is a similar one for Vasebreaker in the sequel, which produces a Gargantuar.

PvZ GOTY Store PvZIcon.png PvZTrialTwiddydinkies.jpeg

A store item named "PvZ." This was used in the free trial version that was put on PopCap’s website, and is found in Crazy Dave’s Twiddydinkies. Clicking on it brings the player to a page where they can buy the full game.


An icon for the unused Bungee Blitz and Dark Stormy Night mini-game.

PVZ Zombatar zombie blank old.png PVZ Zombatar zombie blank skin.png

In a folder fittingly titled "_UNUSED" in the Game of the Year edition are earlier versions of the templates used for the Zombatar feature.


Technically used in the FLAs of the plants and zombies, this remains in the files as what's used to let the game know how far a plant or zombie should move.

PVZ Zombatar accessory .png

An uncropped version of an accessory for the Zombatar.

Coin gold2.png Coin silver2.png

Possible side sprites for the gold and silver coin.

Zombatar accessory 7.png

An unused Zombatar accessory.


Multiple unused splashing sprites.


PvsZPC Quickplay.png Pvzquickplay menu hl.png Pvzselector morewaystoplay background.png Selector moregames background.png

Multiple mock-ups of the cut more ways to play menu including a higher quality background with the popcap logo in the top right. Some remanants are still leftover in the code and you can even click a button off screen when in full-screen mode. Judging off the mobile releases of the game, Quick Play would've allow you to play any level of the Adventure at any time.

Pvzzombatar layout 800x600.jpg

A mock-up of the Zombatar screen.

Pvzacheesements more-top.jpg Pvzreloaded acheesements.jpg

A debug screen of the achievements page, with and without the more button.

Pvzzombatar RL reference.png

A reference of what the tidbits page would look like. Notice the 2nd row repeats and theres also a 2nd page.

Pvzzombatar layout.jpg

A layout reference for what the Zombatar layout would look like.


A screenshot of an unused shop page, featuring all of the upgrade plants.

Obscured Graphics

PvZ PC Cattail head.png

A full view of the Cattail's head, which cannot be fully seen in-game because of the hat it wears.

PvZ PC Umbrellaleaf body.png

The Umbrella Leaf's body, without it being obscured by leaves.

PVZ CrazyDave body2.png

There is some skin on Crazy Dave's leg sprites that can't be seen by normal means.


The Gatling Pea has a full head under his helmet.


The Imitater's full body, without the beret he wears.

PvZ-Zombie gargantuar body1.png PvZ-Zombie gargantuar body1 2.png PvZ-Zombie gargantuar body1 3.png

The Gargantuar's body sprites have a severed area around the head. This suggests that the heads of Gargantuars could fall off like regular zombies, but this never happens. You can actually see the wounded portion, but it is barely visible for a split second, as the Gargantuar disappears after death in the original game. This idea would later return in the sequel.

PVZ Zombot Idle Full Body.png PVZ Zombot Spawn Animation Full Arm.png PVZ Zombot Bungee Zombie Spawn Full Arm.png PVZ Head Idle Full Body.png PVZ Death Animation Full Body.png Zombot0316.png

The Zombot has several graphics that end up hidden by the screen size.

Hidden Alpha Layers

These are compositions of multiple sprites that have hidden details in the alpha layers.

Alpha backupdancer.png

The original Backup Dancer.

Alpha balloon.png

The Balloon Zombie, has its lower legs swapped like it does in the official art.

Alpha bobsled.png

The Bobsled Zombie.

Alpha bungi.png Alpha bungi2.png

The Bungee Zombie and its larger counterpart used in the last level.

Alpha cabbage.png

The Cabbage-Pult. Includes the unused vine sprites.

Alpha cactus.png

The Cactus.

Alpha catapult.png

The Catapult Zombie. The basket with basket balls in it shows some unused basketball orientations in it.

Alpha cattail.png

The Cattail. Notice the left ear having no white on it, matching the official art

Alpha chomper.png

The Chomper. Looks more like its official art.

Alpha cobcannon.png

The Cob Cannon. You can slightly see the husk at the end of its body thats seen in official art.

Alpha digger.png

The Digger Zombie.

Alpha dolphin.png

The Dolphin Rider Zombie.

Alpha doom.png

The Doom-Shroom.

Alpha football.png

The Football Zombie. The neck is slightly different, having a cross between it like in the official art.

Alpha fume.png

The Fume-Shroom.

Alpha garg nopole.png Alpha garg.png

The Gargantuar. its head is slightly lower like in its official art.

Alpha garlic.png

The Garlic.

Alpha gatling.png

The Gatling Pea. The is the inverted alpha of its helmet.

Alpha goldmag.png

The Gold Magnet.

Alpha gravebuster.png

The Gravebuster. It's unused face vine is present.

Alpha hypno.png

The Hypno-Shroom.

Alpja iceshroom.png

The Ice-Shroom.

Alpha imitater.png

The Imitater. This is the inverted sprite of its hat, showcasing its unused eyebrows.

Alpha imp.png

The Imp. You can see some leftovers of its original slug design.

Alpha jackson.png

The original Dancing Zombie. both left and right legs use the same sprite with one having more or less detail.

Alpha jalapeno.png

The Jalapeno.

Alpha ladder.png

The Ladder Zombie. Has a completely different shirt with a skull and bones on it. According to a stream with the original artist for the game, this was originally a sketch of his cousin coming in for a job shadow and he had a sweater with a skull and bones on it.

Alpha newspaper.png

The Newspaper Zombie. Has a strange pinkish dot at the bottom of its body along with possibly a pinky sticking out in the newspaper holding sprite, which aligns with the official art.

Alpha plantern.png

The Plantern.

Alpha pogo.png

The Pogo Zombie.

Alpha polevault.png

The Polevaulter Zombie.

Alpha pumpkin.png

The Pumpkin.

Alpha zombie.png

The Basic Zombie.

Alpha jackbox.png

The Jack-in-the-Box Zombie.

Alpha puzzle.png

The Puzzle button on the main menu. You can see the original Zen Garden button underneath.

Alpha scaredy.png

The Scaredy Shroom. This is an inverted sprite of its mushroom cap where its original, more curvy, body is.

Alpha seashroom.png

The Sea-Shroom. This is an inverted sprite of its mushroom cap.

Alpha snorkle.png

The Snorkle Zombie.

Alpha spikerock.png

The Spikerock.

Alpha spikeweed.png

The Spikeweed.

Alpha split.png

The Split Pea. This is an inverted sprite of its head.

Alpha squash.png

The Squash. This is an inverted sprite of its eyebrows, which show the official art of its pupils.

Alpha torchwood.png

The Torchwood. This is an inverted sprite of its mouth.

Alpha umbrella.png

The Umbrella Leaf.

Alpha yeti.png

The Zombie Yeti. Its upper left arm in this sprite composition is actually is right arm in game.

Alpha zomboni.png

The Zomboni.

Alpha zomboss.png

Dr. Zomboss and the Zombot.

PVZ Alpha cdave.png

Crazy Dave.

Alpha cleaner.png

The Pool Cleaner.

Alpha mower.png

The Lawn Mower, along with the tricked out varient