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Plants vs. Zombies (Windows, Mac OS X)/Unused Graphics

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This is a sub-page of Plants vs. Zombies (Windows, Mac OS X).



Pvz unused gravebuster vine.png

An unused Gravebuster vine sprite named facevine. Based of the name, this likely would've appeared on the Gravebuster's face

PlantsvsZombies PC Caltrop body2.png

A stage of degradation for the Spikeweed. It never degrades at all in the final game.

Pvz Sea Shroom eyes.png

An unused sprite of the Sea-shroom's eyes, which in the final game are part of the head sprite.

PVZ Pumpkin round.png PVZ Pumpkin round back.png PVZ Pumpkin round degrade 1.png PVZ Pumpkin round degrade 2.png PVZ Pumpkin round degrade 3.png
PvsZPC Pumpkin2nddegrade.png

The Pumpkin originally looked slightly more rounder than in the final game. This set of sprites also contains an unused second stage of degradation for it.

PvZ Starfruit Eyebrow.png

A sprite for an eyebrow for Starfruit. The eyebrow can be seen on the icon for the minigame Seeing Stars, as well as on its seed packet in the mobile versions of the game.

Pvz Coffeebean eyelid.png

Pvz Coffeebean eyelid2.png

Pvz Coffeebean eyelid3.png

Unused eyelid sprites for the Coffee Bean. The Coffee Bean has an unused animation titled anim_twitch, and these were likely used in the animation.


An early design of Gatling Pea. Its hat and barrels have a different design.

Pvz Cob Cannon Exhaust.png

An unused exhaust for the Cob Cannon.

Pvz Imitater eyebrow.png

An unused eyebrow sprite for the Imitater.


PVZ ombie flag2.png

A earlier, damaged version of the Flag Zombie's flag. This graphic was used in the 'Bloom & Doom' build of the game.


An early version of the Zomboni zombie, without the Z on its zamboni.

PVZ Zombie bobsled head.png

Helmets that the Zombie Bobsled Team would've originally wore.

Pvz Jack in the Box Zombie twitch.png

A sprite for the Jack-in-the-Box Zombie's eye twitching. This is used in the Bloom & Doom prototype, where its head sprite is different.

Pvz Jackinthebox Zombie Belt.png

An unused belt sprite for the Jack-in-the-Box Zombie.

PVZ scaredbungie.png

A sprite of a scared-looking Bungee Zombie, perhaps meant to be used when bounced away by Umbrella Leaf.


Helmets that were supposed to be used with Gargantuars. Might have been for an early version of Giga-Gargantuar.

PVZ Zombie boss rv2.png

An unused variation of the RV Zomboss throws at your poor, poor plants.

PVZ Zombie boss leg.png

An earlier, more organic looking version of the Zombot's leg.

Zombie target hat.png Zombie target.png Zombie target body.png

Files for the console edition's multiplayer mode exist in the PC GOTY edition, but go unused due to it not including a multiplayer mode.


Elementary, my dear Cactus.
This needs some investigation.
Discuss ideas and findings on the talk page.
Specifically: Apparently there is an object for the zombie vase, but the code is nulled out, meaning it does not do anything. However, it is present and fully functional in the Flash port, and it's also unused there too.

PlantsvsZombies PC Scary Pot.png

An unused zombie vase for Vasebreaker, which would produce zombies. They only come out of mystery vases in the final game. There is a similar one for Vasebreaker in PvZ 2 which produces a Gargantuar.


PVZ Old Surval.png

PVZ Challenges (1).png

Several buttons meant for the main menu. The first is a Vasebreaker option, which is available under 'Puzzles' in the final game, though could be a leftover from the Flash version. The second is simply an early version of the Survival button that was originally placed at the top, and the third is a Challenges button, an early version of the Mini-Games option as proven in the Bloom & Doom prototype.

PvZ GOTY Store PvZIcon.png

A store item named "PvZ." This was used in the free trial version that was put on PopCap’s website, and is found in Crazy Dave’s Twiddydinkies. Clicking on it brings the player to a page where they can buy the full game.


Here is where the icon was used.

PVZ Coin silver.png

An earlier version of the silver coins, depicting a brain.

Pvz early background1.png

An earlier version of the Daytime lawn, with some minor differences, namely the grates and fence shadow.

PVZ Diamond Prototype.png

An early version of the diamond. The diamond can be seen in the Slot Machine minigame, but the sprite individually is never seen.


Icon for the unused Bungee Blitz mini-game.

Crude Sprites


An early, crudely drawn design of Lily Pad.


An early, crudely drawn design of Tall Nut.

PVZ DoomShroom sample.png

An early, crudely drawn version of Doom Shroom

PVZ Peashooter sample.png

An early, crudely drawn version of Peashooter's head

PVZ Cabbage sample.png

An early, crudely drawn version of Cabbage-Pult's cabbages.

PVZ Squash sample.png

An early, crudely drawn version of Squash.

PVZ Wallnut reference.png

An early, crudely drawn version of Wall-Nut.

PVZ PuffShroom guide.png

An earlier and cruder version of Puff-Shroom.

PVZ FumeShroom guide.png

An early, cruder version of Fume-Shroom.

PVZ Stupid Cactus.png

An early, crudely drawn version of Cactus.


PvsZPC Quickplay.png

An earlier version of the More Ways to Play menu. The PC version doesn't feature this menu at all, nor Quick Play mode.

To do:
This unused page is actually still in the final game, unused as ever.


A screenshot of an unused shop page, featuring all of the upgrade plants.

Insaniquarium Deluxe Leftovers

To do:
In what version was all of this found? and was it really at the game's files?


Leftover Alphas of the Breeder. The sprite itself is actually the Hungry Version of the Breeder's Alphas instead of the normal ones.

PVZ Vert.gif

Leftover Sprites of Vert, one of the unlockable pets from Insaniquarium Deluxe. In the final game, Stinky is the only Insaniquarium pet to make a cameo.

(Source: This guy)

Obscured Graphics

PvZ PC Cattail head.png

The Cattail's head cannot be fully seen because of the hat it wears. This is what it looks like.

PvZ PC Umbrellaleaf body.png

The Umbrella Leaf's body, without it being obscured by leaves.

PVZ CrazyDave body2.png

There is some skin on Crazy Dave's leg sprites that can't be seen by normal means.


The Zomboni has a Mullet underneath the driver's beanie.


The Gatling Pea has a full head under his helmet.


The Imitater's full body, without the beret he wears.

127 PvZ-Zombie gargantuar body1 2.png PvZ-Zombie gargantuar body1 3.png

The Gargantuar's body sprites have a severed area around the head. This suggests that the heads of Gargantuars could fall off like regular zombies, but this never happens. This idea would later return in the sequel.

PVZ Zombot Idle Full Body.png PVZ Zombot Spawn Animation Full Arm.png PVZ Zombot Bungee Zombie Spawn Full Arm.png PVZ Head Idle Full Body.png PVZ Death Animation Full Body.png

The Zombot has several graphics that end up hidden by the screen size.