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Police Quest II: The Vengeance

From The Cutting Room Floor
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Title Screen

Police Quest II: The Vengeance

Developer: Sierra On-Line
Publisher: Sierra On-Line
Platforms: DOS, Atari ST, Amiga, PC-98
Released in US: November 1988

DevMessageIcon.png This game has a hidden developer message.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ItemsIcon.png This game has unused items.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.
Carts.png This game has revisional differences.

BugsIcon.png This game has a bugs page

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Move the region/revision differences to a separate page. Eventually there will be too many to hold on the main page.


Read about notable bugs and errors in this game.

Debug Mode

SCI Internal Debugger

Version 1.001.000 Version 1.002.011
Police-Quest-2-DOS-EGA-debug.png Police-Quest-2-DOS-EGA-debug3.png

At any point during the game, hold down both Shift keys and press the - key on the numpad. To exit this mode, press Shift and D.

Key(s) Action
Q Quit.
B Set Breakpoint.
O Show objects in heap.
Shift + O Show objects with address.
A Inspect ID in accumulator.
C Inspect Current Set of Objects.

Press C to see all of the object within that
set. Press I to inspect the selector.
Press E to edit that selector.

I Inspect Object/Memory - The player can

also press Up/Down to go up/down through
the memory by 16 bytes and Left/Right
to go up/down the memory by 2 bytes.

F Show Free Heap.
S Show sends.
G Change Global Variable.
L Change Local Variable.
T Change Temporary Variable.
Enter Single Step through Script.
Tab Step across Send.
C Show objects in heap.
R Show resources loaded.
Shift + S Shock stack usage.
Shift + / Show an incomplete list of shortcuts.

(Source: HWM, ScummVM Wiki)

In-game Debug Actions

The player was originally supposed to type in kiss angel 187 to access this mode. However, typing that does not do anything, since kiss is also recognized as a "naughty word" in Script 0 as well and is listed by itself before "kiss angel 187". However, it can still be accessed by getting into the internal debugger and changing global variable 101 to 1 then triggering a screen change to activate. Also, because this involves modifying a global variable, this remains active full-time, even if you save the game.

These controls also become available in the game:

Elementary, my dear Cactus.
This needs some investigation.
Discuss ideas and findings on the talk page.
Specifically: Alt-M may not do anything.
Keys Action
Alt + E Get stats on the player character.
Alt + S Show cast (info about all on screen objects).
Alt + M Show memory.
Alt + T Teleport to another room.
Alt + I Give an inventory item to an actor (usually ego).
Alt + V,
Alt + P,
Alt + C
Show layers of a room (Visual, Priority and Control respectively).

(Source: HWM, ScummVM Wiki)

Hidden Developer Message

Policequest2 hidden p026.png
The control layer in Picture #026 (Motel Room 108) has a message along the top of the screen where a player cannot normally walk along.


Unused Items

Name: car registration
Description: Registration papers for the car.

In both instances where a registration can be picked up, Sonny returns it to the glove box. It is not possible to obtain one permanently.

Unused Text

In file 300.txt, there is extra dialogue between Captain Hall and Sonny Bonds regarding not following orders.

3 "I regret having to inform you of this." says the Captain... "But refusing
  to obey orders is strictly against departmental policy. It's a violation
  called insubordination!"
4 Continuing he says..."According to departmental "Standard Operating
  Procedure", you are hereby suspended for two days, effective immediately!!"

This appears to be a variant of Sonny getting suspended that doesn't get used.

7 The Captain isn't very happy as he says..."Well, here you are again Sonny!
  You seem to have difficulty following orders."
8 "Another two days off with no pay!" he rants..."You keep this up and you're
  gonna wind up owing the department your whole pay check!!"

Can't happen since it's game over after the 1st suspension.

Unused Graphics

Policequest2 unused v013.png
Bains is found walking in the sewers and uses his side and back views, but his front view is never used.

Policequest2 unused v015.png
Normally Bains shoots his gun from a side view. Inside the Sewer Control Room, it is possible for him to shoot using the back view, but there is no situation in the game where Bains will shoot from the front view.

Policequest2 unused v016.png
When the jogger flees, she uses her side and down views. Her running upwards view remains unused.

Policequest2 unused v019.png
Captain Hall has a full set of walking sprites, but are never used in-game. He is only ever found sitting behind his desk and the occasional cutscene close-up.

Policequest2 unused v023.png   Policequest2 unused v024.png   Policequest2 unused v025.png
These people all have sprites for walking up and down. Only the side views are used.

Policequest2 unused v030.png
The SWAT team has a unique sprite sheet for the motel scene, leaving the walking sprites unused.

Policequest2 unused v032.png
The mugger runs up to (and away from) Sonny, leaving the walking sprites unused.

Policequest2 unused v033.png
The lady at the mall who had her car stolen has another set of sprites where she is carrying around a bunch of stuff in her arms (rather than empty-handed).

Policequest2 unused v034.png
An unidentified man with a full set of sprites. Given the placement of the sprites and the palette used, this set could have been intended for Don Colby, since the hair and shirt colour match his mugshot.

Policequest2 unused v037.png
Marie Wilkins has a full set of walking sprites, but are never used in-game. She is seen twice in the game, either sitting down or standing up, never walking. There is an additional sprite with her hair all ruffled up.

Policequest2 unused v038.png
Marie Wilkins has a sprite with her legs apart.

Policequest2 unused v044.png
The waiter does not serve an empty and he does not return to the kitchen with a full tray.

Policequest2 unused v075.png
Luis Pate's car has a set of animations for opening the door. In the final version, the scene skips this and goes right to the car closeup.

Policequest2 unused v092.png
The maintenance hole in the sewer has a closed version that remains unused.

Policequest2 unused v134.png
Unused image for unused inventory item #34.

Policequest2 unused v251.png
Several door sprites for all the motel doors are left unused. Room 206 requires a door, since the picture background leaves it empty, like 108. There are also walking frames for the motel owner, but are unused since the owner stands in the same spot the whole time. It should be noted that the 'kid' who runs the desk at the motel uses the same sprite sheet as the owner, but is shifted down to make him appear smaller.

Policequest2 unused v253.png
Attached to the sprite sheet used for the Warehouse district is that of a damaged sign.

Policequest2 unused v269.png
Attached to the sprite sheet used for Sonny's Glove box is an additional item that could be found inside.

Policequest2 unused v270.png
Marie Wilkin's door is mostly covered by a tree. This view includes a version with a broken window.

Policequest2 unused v298.png
The scene after Sonny blows himself up in the sewer has a full set of sprites for an animation. In the final version, only the first frame is used.

Policequest2 unused v667.png
The airport clerk has a set of walking sprites. Since only the upper half of his body is shown (and has its own set of sprites), this part of the sheet remains unused.

Version / Region Differences

Menu Content

Version 1.001.000
& 1.002.011
Version J1.000.052
Policequest2 102 menu eng1.png Policequest2 menu jp1.png

Two additional features were included in the JP version: Language and Subtitles. Changing the language setting affected your input commands. Turning off subtitles removes the Japanese text that appears under the English text.

Version 1.001.000 Version 1.002.011
Policequest2 101 menu eng4.png Policequest2 102 menu eng4.png

An option to enter in the speed was added to the final version. Players can set the game's speed from 1 (fastest) to 16 (slowest). This updated carried through to the JP version.

Version 1.001.000 Version 1.002.011 Version J1.000.052
Policequest2 101 pause eng.png Policequest2 102 pause eng.png Policequest2 pause jp1.png

The final version shifted the box down slightly. The JP version raised the box even higher, widened it and replaced Keith smoking with Sonny's wallet. For some reason the resources for Keith sitting back in his chair were removed from view.999.

Version 1.001.000 Version 1.002.011 Version J1.000.052
Policequest2 101 credits eng.png Policequest2 102 credits eng1.png

Policequest2 102 credits eng2.png

Policequest2 credits jp1.png

Policequest2 credits jp2.png

The credits were split into 2 pages for the final version, adding a Development System section and giving the full names of those involved Quality Assurance.
The JP version made a number of changes:

  • Moved the 1st box up.
  • Re-ordered the names in Programmed By.
  • Changed Music By to Original Music By.
  • Made the 2nd box much larger to make room for additional credits.
  • Adding Japanese Executive Producer, Japanese System Development By and Japanese Translation By with suitable credits.
  • Removed several names from "Quality Assurance".
  • Sonny's Wallet was used instead of the SWAT team member post. For some reason the resources for SWAT character were removed from view.999.

Game Mechanics/Engine Changes

For the JP version:

  • The American flag no longer animates.