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Prerelease:Plants vs. Zombies (Windows, Mac OS X)

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This page details prerelease information and/or media for Plants vs. Zombies (Windows, Mac OS X).

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Check the creator, George Fan and artist Rich Werner's Twitters. They have posted early PvZ screenshots and concept art there.

Early Names

Before the game had came out PopCap had come up with many different names for it. Ultimately, Plants vs. Zombies was chosen as the name, but some of the scrapped names still made their way into the final product in some form.

Early Plant and Zombie Designs and Game Footage

PrePVZ PeashooterAnimation.gif

An early Peashooter animation was seen on George Fan's Twitter, the left showcasing a more Pea pod-like design, and the one on the right with a more finalized version.


Many earlier plant designs posted on George Fan's Twitter, featuring the Peashooter, Sunflower, Wallnut, Cherry Bomb, Repeater, Hypno Shroom, Snowpea, Cabbage-pult, Jalapeno, Stinger, and Garlic. The Cabbage-pult originally countered screen door zombies, which is why it turned into both the final Cabbage-pult and the Fume Shroom.


Many earlier zombie designs once again posted on George Fan's Twitter, featuring the basic Zombie, Conehead Zombie, Buckethead Zombie, Football Zombie, Screen Door Zombie, and Propeller Zombie. These zombie designs went for a more medieval theme.

PVZ early lawnmower.gif

A gif of the old lawnmower system posted to George Fan's Twitter.

Concept Art

As seen in earlier concept art for the game, the player was to fight against aliens rather than zombies. This concept is derived from another PopCap game, Insaniquarium. Some sketches show plants that do not appear in the final version. It also suggests that Jalapeno was going to be bound to the ground, rather than hovering slightly like in the final.

Early Music

To do:
Figure out what the differences are, and possibly the ones that aren't, if any.

The game's composer, Laura Shigihara, has some early and unused tracks available for sale on her Bandcamp. A few of these tracks were used in the prototype of the final game.

  • Crazy Dave Theme (Main Menu Theme)
Early Final

The fadeout is not present, and the song in general is quieter than the final.

  • Choose Your Seeds
Early Final

The older version of the song has a noticeably awkward cut-off due to the lack of a loop, whereas the final has a proper loop added. The instruments of the first version are also deeper.

  • Grasswalk
Early Final

The earlier version of the song is in a slightly lower key and is quieter than the final.

  • Loonboon
Early Final

The older version of the song has a little more echo than the final.

  • Moongrains
Early Final

Appears to be missing the "Fast" part of the track, making it much shorter than the final.

  • Zen Garden
Early Final

The older version of the song is a bit louder than the final version.

  • Watery Graves
Early Final

Major instrument changes. Additionally, the "second loop" at the end, which can be found as an unused part of the sequence in the final, is present here. There are also two different versions of the song included, one at a faster tempo that is closer to the final version, but still includes the "second loop". In both versions, the "second loop" sounds different from what is heard unused in the final game, missing a few notes at the end. Shigihara used the final part of the slow version of the earlier song to compose the tune for the song Zombies on Your Lawn.

  • Ultimate Battle
Early Final

The older version of the song has a four-second outro that was deleted in the final version.

  • Rigor Mormist
Early Final

The early version of Rigor Mormist; the instruments are a bit deeper than the final.

  • Cerebrawl
Early Final

Early version of Cerebrawl. The main instrument is an octave lower than the final. The song is much quieter than the final version due to the use of different instruments. Like the early version of Ultimate Battle, it has an outro that was deleted in the final version.

  • Graze the Roof
Early Final

The early version of Graze the Roof. The lead instrument is a piano, and the song is much shorter, jumping into the "main" part of the song much quicker. It also sounds rather unpolished in general. Interestingly, the rendition of the DS port seems to be based on this version rather than the final.

  • Brainiac Maniac
Early Final

The older version of the song is slightly shorter than the final and the instruments are rather different; this is apparent in the opening of the song.

Unused Track

  • Zombotany

Intended for the final boss. According to Laura Shigihara, the "intense" parts of the track were not long enough to sustain the entire battle. This led to it being cut entirely and replaced by Brainiac Maniac.