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Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare

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Title Screen

Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare

Developer: PopCap Games
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Platforms: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Windows, Xbox One, PlayStation 4
Released in US: February 25, 2014 (Xbox One & Xbox 360), June 24, 2014 (Windows), August 19, 2014 (PlayStation 3 & PlayStation 4)
Released in EU: February 28, 2014 (Xbox One & Xbox 360), June 27, 2014 (Windows), August 22, 2014 (PlayStation 3 & PlayStation 4)
Released in AU: February 27, 2014 (Xbox One & Xbox 360), August 21, 2014 (PlayStation 3 & PlayStation 4)

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Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare takes the series into a new direction by turning it into a class-based team shooter not unlike games such as Team Fortress 2. Despite the odd concept, it's actually a pretty solid game in practice, though is quite overshadowed by the sequel in pretty much every way.

To do:
  • In Garden Warfare 2, there is unused weapon data that refers to cut weapons and classes in Garden Warfare 1. Find out if this weapon data exists in this game as well.


Read about prerelease information and/or media for this game.
Prerelease Info
Unused Graphics
Pretty interesting stuff here.

Debugging Material

A pause screen button titled QA Debug is a hidden button that can be accessed for accessing various developer options. Upon clicking the button, you have the ability to bring up various debug options and a button to exit the menu (I Am Lost).

GardenWarfare QADebugMenu 1.png

UI Debug

  • Damage Type - Does nothing. Selectable options are normal, turret, fire, ice, toxic, energy, and electric.
  • Damage Range - Does nothing. Selectable options are small, normal, critical, and blocked.
  • Trigger Damage Message - Does nothing.
  • HUD Stress Test - Puts the player into an empty UI state.
  • Language - Does nothing. Value cannot be changed.
  • Coop Slots Debug - Provides UI debugging for the Zomboss Slots in Garden Ops.
  • Coop Slots Demo - Puts the player into an empty UI state.

GardenWarfare QADebugMenu UIDebug.png GardenWarfare QADebugMenu UIDebug CoopSlots.png

Gameplay Debug

  • Add Health - Does nothing. No values to change.
  • Teleport to Objective - Does nothing. No values to change.
  • Instant Capture - Does nothing. No values to change.
  • Rush Timer - Does nothing. Selectable options are pause and unpause.
  • Jump to Wave - Does nothing. No values to change.
  • Show Position - Does nothing. No values to change.
  • Disable Ability Cooldown (must also be set on server) - Does nothing. No values to change.
  • Reset Garden Health - Does nothing.
  • Add Garden Health - Does nothing.
  • Rush Zombies Win - Does nothing.
  • Rush Plants Win - Does nothing.
  • TDM Zombies Win - Does nothing.
  • TDM Plants Win - Does nothing.
  • Disable Preround - Does nothing.

GardenWarfare QADebugMenu GameplayDebug.png GardenWarfare QADebugMenu GameplayDebug2.png

AI Debug

  • Pathfinding Debug - Does nothing. No values to change.
  • Kill All AI - Does nothing. Selectable values are Team Neutral, Team Zombies, and Team Plants.
  • Pause AI (must be host) - Does nothing. No values to change.
  • Difficulty Select - Does nothing. No values to change.

GardenWarfare QADebugMenu AIDebug.png

Progression Debug

  • Sticker Shop - Opens the Sticker Shop. Puts you in an empty UI state if used more than once per round.
  • Add Currency - Adds coins to your count based on the selected value. Selectable values are 1, 25, 100, 500, 1000, 100k.
  • Wipe Inventory - Does nothing.
  • Show Hidden Packs - Does nothing. Selectable values are false and true.
  • Grant All Inventory - Unlocks all characters, customization options, upgrades, and increases consumable account by 10 million.
  • Grant Unopened Packs - Grants most of the free sticker packs given to you at the start of the game.
  • Redeem Code - Opens the redeem code page on Origin.
  • Stop Next Purchase Before - Does nothing. No values to change.
  • List Interrupted Purchases - Does nothing.
  • Resume Interrupted Purchases - Does nothing. Selectable values are true and false.
  • Award Active Challenge - Does nothing.
  • Set Player Level - Does nothing. No values to change.
  • Add Star Consumable - Does nothing. No values to change.
  • Delete Bytevault Record - Does nothing.
  • Wipe Stats - Does nothing.

GardenWarfare QADebugMenu ProgressionDebug.png GardenWarfare QADebugMenu ProgressionDebug2.png

Unused Models


As seen in the original E3 reveal trailer of the game, Dr. Zomboss and his giant mech were originally going to be a boss. Despite being cut, it was still found in numerous pieces of promotional material, and the Cactus Canyon map features destroyed Zombots. The game's sequel, Garden Warfare 2, also features a Zombot as the end boss of the Zombopolis stage. Ironically, the Zombot was also planned to appear as a Garden Ops boss in the sequel, but was cut there as well.

The unused Zombot model from the front

...and the back!

Of course, his pilot, Dr. Zomboss, also has an unused model. A higher quality version of his model was used in some promotional material, and he even became playable in a way via the Boss Mode. A similar model also appears in Garden Warfare 2, in the ending cutscene for the Zombies winning in the Zomburbia map.


A van can also be seen attached to the back of the Zombot, which has a separate model. Perhaps it would've thrown this at the player like in the original Plants vs. Zombies?

Crazy Dave is NOT going to like this...

Bungee Zombie

The Bungee Zombie from the original Plants vs. Zombies! Judging by some concept art, it would've been deployed by Dr. Zomboss when playing as him in Boss Mode, but such an ability doesn't exist in the final game. His model and textures still exist in the files. Perhaps he could've also appeared in the scrapped Zombot boss fight as well.


Mech Gargantuar

The Mech Gargantuar from Plants vs. Zombies 2, not to be confused with the also cut Zombot boss from Plants vs. Zombies 1. Although it was scrapped in this game, the Mech Gargantuar would appear in the sequel, Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2, as a boss known as Gargantuar Prime, albeit with a different model.

Hopefully he wasn't going to be as annoying as he is in PvZ 2...

Future Imp

The Future Imp would've returned from Plants vs. Zombies 2, just like the Mech Gargantuar, likely as a spawnable zombie. Also like the Mech Gargantuar boss, it returned in the sequel, though with some slightly different textures.

Also known as 'Bug Bot Imp,' but all his friends call him 'Future Imp.'

Question Mark


An unused model of a question mark which would've been used as the power-ups in the scrapped Super Team Vanquish mode.

Unused Audio

Hand Grenade

These unused audio files were used for the Scientist's cut Hand Grenade ability. The first sound effect was a sizzling sound, likely when it was moving, and the others were used for the bomb exploding depending on if it was close or far away from the player


An unused sound effect of the cut Zombot boss landing on the ground, which can be heard in the original E3 reveal trailer.

Mech Gargantuar

An unused sound effect of the cut Mech Gargantuar being selected via the Boss Slots from Garden Ops.

Unused Music

Loading Music

An unused 6th and 7th variation of the loading screen music

E3 Loon Skirmish

An unused variation of Loon Skirmish, found in the E3 gameplay reveal trailer. Although similar, it does contain a choir around 13 seconds in, and has a different outro.

Instrumental Rah Rah Rah!

An instrumental variation of Rah Rah Rah!

Alternate March Theme

An alternate, unused version of the march theme found in Garden Ops, being a bit slower and containing more trumpets.

Unused Abilities

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Boss Mode Abilities

Boss Mode contains several abilities that are never used in game. Unfortunately, many of these do nothing upon use, though one can make a guess for their purpose based on the name. All of them, except for Supply Drops, use a placeholder icon.

  • Flying NPC Wave - Does nothing
  • Supply Drops - Summons a crate on the map that either summons a Dark Flower for plants or a Engineer Turret for zombies.
  • Anti Commander - Does nothing
  • Capture - Does nothing
  • Defense Activation - Does nothing
  • Mine Field - Does nothing
  • Fire Weapon - Does nothing

Engineer Turret

All of the following abilities can be viewed in the video below:

An unused ability for the Engineer, upon use, places up to two Zombot Turretsat the Engineer's current location. Attempting to use it again with a turret already out will cause the oldest one to explode. This ability was shown off in the zombie class reveal trailer, suggesting that it was cut quite late into development.

Engineer Jump

Another cut ability for the Engineer that doesn't seem to do anything when used.

Alpha Heal Flower

A cut ability for the Sunflower class that would've been an alternate ability for the Heal Flower. When used, a few healing sun drops are created instantly, and while the Heal Flower creates sun less frequently, it makes more of them at a time.

E3 Drone

A cute Cactus ability that works identically to the normal Garlic Drone, except it is created directly below the player instead of in front of them.

Unused Game Modes

Super Team Vanquish

An unused game mode similar to regular Team Vanquish, but question marks will occasionally appear on the map, and will give the player that collects it a temporary boost. Most maps only support up to 6 power-ups at a time, though strangely, the Garden Center map can have up to 28 at a time.

Aside from that, other differences include both players having to get 100 vanquishes in order to win as opposed to 50. The UI still uses 50 vanquishes, but the game won't end until one team reaches 100 of them.

The many power-ups the player can obtain include:

  • Super Jump: Multiples the player's jump height by 4. Lasts 20 seconds
  • Moneybags: Adds 10,000 points to your in-game score, giving you an extra 10,000 coins at the end of the round.
  • Armor: Reduces all damage by 50% for 20 seconds.
  • Backup: Spawns AI reinforcements of a few of the various classes in the game. Summons Zombie AI for zombies and summons Plant AI for plants.
  • Speedy: Multiplies the player's movement speed by 1.5 for 20 seconds.
  • Star Power: Reduces damage by 75%, multiplies movement speed by 1.8, and instantly vanquishes any enemy the player walks into at the cost of not being able to use weapons. Lasts 20 seconds
  • Healing Aura: Provides a health regen boost for the player and nearby teammates in a 4 meter radius. Regenerates 5 health every 0.5 seconds for 15 seconds.

Funnily enough, this scrapped game mode has scrapped power-ups.

  • Ability Reset: Upon being collected, the ability refresh for all abilities is almost completely reset.
  • Heal: Instantly heals the player for 200.
  • Mini-Heal: Same as Heal, but only heals for 50.

Chomp Virus

An infection style game mode which sees the Zombie team surviving from the Plant team, which is full of Chompers, for a set amount of time. When a zombie is vanquished, they are sent to the Plant team as a Chomper, tasked with vanquishing the other Zombies. The zombies must survive the Chompers and collect Antidote items in order to survive. Zombies must collect an Antidote every 45 seconds to prevent themselves from being infected and getting vanquished automatically. On top of this, everyone takes twice the amount of damage than normal.

After all zombies are vanquished, the round ends and a new one begins, with 15 second prep time.

PVZGW airtank.png

The Antidotes themselves, despite what their spotting icons look like, are actually Air Tanks from Driftwood Shores, most likely as a placeholder.

Interestingly, there are also some buffs that would've likely been given to the Chompers in this mode. The buff known internally as "ChompVirus_SuperChomper" gives the player health regeneration, 4x increased jump height, and 1.5x increased movement speed.

There is also a variant to this game mode, which is also scrapped. This allows the Zombies to win via collecting Radio Parts to summon a rescue, which would allow them to win. The AI for the Chompers are also at an increased difficulty.

Prototype Zombot Arena

The Zombot was content that was planned for the game since launch, but was ultimately scrapped. The arena is located within the Zomboss Estate map, the same place where the Zombot was originally seen during the game's E3 showcase. Normally, this is never loaded within the map, so you must force the game to load the subworld data in order for it to show up in the level.

Prototype Zombot Arena

The Zombot has two unique attacks: The first attack will consist of him throwing out 2-4 walnuts as seen in Wall-Nut Hills.

Zombot Walnuts

The second attack will involve him spawning in purple rocks of some sort. These rocks will deal roughly 30 damage each second while standing in them. The rocks stay around for five seconds.

Purple Rocks

Unused Code

SWAT Zombie

PVZGW SWATcode.png

Code for an unused class(?) known as the SWAT Zombie can be found referenced in the game's files. This code also exists in Garden Warfare 2 and Battle for Neighborville, but with some content removed, such as the skeleton information. In Garden Warfare 2, the textures for the Grave Digger cameo found in Z-Tech Factories also has textures for a SWAT Zombie, possibly meaning that it was scrapped sometime during Grave Digger's creation.

Healing Gravestone

PVZGW healinggrave.png

Under the file named 'Gravedigger' are references to a scrapped 'HealingGravestone' ability. Given how the Grave Digger was planned to be the zombie healing class before the Scientist was created, this was likely the predessecor to the Healing Station ability. This, aside from the Hand Grenade (which was considered to be an ability for the Scientist before getting scrapped entirely) and his spotting and boss icons, are the only remaining references to the scrapped Grave Digger character still left in the game's files. This code is also still present in Garden Warfare 2

Arena Mode

According to the files of the game, there is an unused gamemode titled 'arena' that was scrapped. There is no way to play this mode, and the file that would contain the mode setup starts with 'full_' and has Arena in the name.

(Source: Nataliris)