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Proto:Plants vs. Zombies: Battle For Neighborville

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Plants vs. Zombies: Battle For Neighborville.

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Plants vs. Zombies Picnic was an alpha test of Battle for Neighborville which PopCap and EA released private access codes for around August 2019.

While they attempted to keep the whole thing under NDAs, several fans didn't care and released info about it soon after. This didn't fly very well with EA or PopCap, who have since attempted to wipe most info about the alpha test from the internet. As such, info and especially videos are scarce.

Title Screen

Proto Final
Pvzbfn picnictitle.jpg BfN Title.png

Aside from the logo change, the lighting is brighter and has slightly different shading.

Notably, Picnic would be the last time the original Plants vs. Zombies logo was used, with the final game using a newer logo.

Character Select

Proto Final
PVZBFN picnicplantselect.jpg PVZBFN PlantsSelectFinal.png
Proto Final
PVZBFN picniczombieselect.jpg PVZBFN ZombiesSelectFinal.png
  • The character icons are completely different, all with different lighting and facing the camera. Similar graphics can be found in the files of the final game.
  • The position of the bright lasers in the background was changed.
  • The blue in the background seems to be a bit brighter in the final game.
  • The leaf in the background of the Plant's side is slightly different.