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Prey (2006)

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Title Screen


Developers: Human Head Studios, Venom Games (360)
Publishers: 2K Games, Aspyr Media (Mac)
Platforms: Windows, Xbox 360, Mac OS X, Linux
Released internationally: December 7, 2008 (Linux)[1]
Released in US: July 11, 2006 (Win/360), January 15, 2007 (Mac OS X)[2]
Released in EU: July 14, 2006 (Win/360)

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.
Carts.png This game has revisional differences.

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The 2006 Prey is a first-person shooter with portals and wall-walking. The player takes control of Cherokee man Domasi "Tommy" Tawodi, who along with his girlfriend Jen and grandfather Enisi gets abducted by an alien spaceship known as The Sphere. It's now up to Tommy to fight back against The Sphere and save humanity from destruction with an arsenal of extraterritorial guns and spiritual powers.

The game is well-known for its long development time, numerous scrapped versions and its cancelled sequel. It is also not to be confused with Arkane Studio's 2017 reboot.

To do:
There's a LOT, including:
  • Considering this game's history, it's possible that there are leftovers from earlier builds.
  • Namespace article stuff:
    • Prototype/Tech demo from 1995! and possibly some noteworthy differences in the various demos of the game.
    • Prerelease page, for obvious reasons.
    • Development page, for things like design docs and audition audio.
  • Further expansion of this article is very much in need.
  • The game's SDK was released (mainly for modding), not only might it have unused content, but there could also be unused content in-game associated with it.
  • There's a demo file called "e3_demo0", try to get this to work.
  • Like Duke Nukem Forever, The Japanese release likely has differences from the international versions (likely just toning down gore and dismemberment), be sure to cover and investigate.


Read about development information and materials for this game.
Development Info
Read about prototype versions of this game that have been released or dumped.
Prototype Info
Read about prerelease information and/or media for this game.
Prerelease Info

Unused Dialogue

To do:
Try and see if these strings are referenced elsewhere and add more context about them. Also add any unused text from non-English versions.

Cut dialogue exists in the text strings in english001.lang.

	"#str_30270"	"You've changed."
	"#str_30271"	"Been in a few fights.  But I'm still the same guy."
	"#str_30272"	"That's not what I mean.  The spirit of the wolf is within you.  The Ani-Waya."
	"#str_30273"	"You've been to the Land of the Ancients!"
	"#str_30274"	"How'd you know?"
	"#str_30275"	"I see the strength of that place within you.  It burns like a fire."
	"#str_30276"	"I've heard of the living being brought there, but I thought it was only a legend."

This dialogue appears to be from an earlier version of the game's end credits scene. This version sees a different news report, a broken-down trucker pulling entering the bar and it being stated that it has not been very long since the events of the game. Elhuit doesn't show up and the tease for the canceled Prey 2 is absent.

        "#str_30316"	"...thousands are still missing."
	"#str_30317"	"The police are still advising people to stay in their homes until further notice."
	"#str_30318"	"But it does appear at this hour that the crisis is indeed over."
	"#str_30319"	"NASA is now reporting that the extra-terrestrial object responsible for the..."
	"#str_30320"	"...sudden global weather disturbances has safely passed by the Earth and should present no further danger."
	"#str_30321"	"Coming up next, a report on the recent appearance of solar flares..."
	"#str_30322"	"Hello?"
	"#str_30323"	"You open?"
	"#str_30324"	"Wow."
	"#str_30325"	"Looks like this place got smashed up pretty bad in the storm, too."
	"#str_30326"	"You ok?"
	"#str_30327"	"Been better."
	"#str_30328"	"Now listen.  My truck broke down a few miles up the road."
	"#str_30329"	"If your phone works, I'd sure like to use it."
	"#str_30330"	"Hey, what sort of booze you got back there?"
	"#str_30331"	"After a night like tonight, I could, uh...sure use a drink."
	"#str_30332"	"You know, I, uh, haven't seen anyone else around on this reservation."
	"#str_30333"	"Maybe you're the last of your kind."
	"#str_30334"	"My kind?"
	"#str_30335"	"Yeah, you're a red indian, ain't ya?"
	"#str_30336"	"No."
	"#str_30337"	"I'm Cherokee."
	"#str_30414"	"My physical weapons won't hurt that thing."
	"#str_30415"	"My physical weapons aren't working."
	"#str_30500"	"Know this.  I am Domasi Tawodi of the Ani-Waya clan."
	"#str_30767"	"You won't need this any more, and I need the firepower."
	"#str_30768"	"...and I need the firepower."
	"#str_30773"	"Who the hell are those guys?"
	"#str_30775"	"Hmmmmm... I wonder what this does."
	"#str_30857"	"Where's this thing taking me?"
	"#str_30935"	"[Kid]  Mom!  Dad!"
	"#str_30936"	"[Kid]  Help."
	"#str_30937"	"[Kid]  Mom! Dad!"
	"#str_30938"	"[Kid]  He's right behind you."
	"#str_30939"	"[Kid]  Get away!"
	"#str_30940"	"[Kid]  Daddy!"
	"#str_30941"	"[Kid]  Dad, no.  Dad please.  Daddy please.  Stop it."
	"#str_30942"	"[Kid]  I don't know how it got there.  I swear I didn't do it."
	"#str_30943"	"[Kid]  Do I have to?"
	"#str_30944"	"I don't like you."
	"#str_30945"	"[Kid]  Happy Father's Day, Daddy."
	"#str_30946"	"Go away!"
	"#str_30947"	"I'm going to get you."
	"#str_30948"	"[Kid]  I don't want to go to sleep."
	"#str_30949"	"[Kid]  Help me, I'm scared."
	"#str_30950"	"[Kid]  Help me!"
	"#str_30951"	"[Kid]  He's got me."
	"#str_30952"	"[Kid]  Hey, you."
	"#str_30953"	"[Kid]  I don't know how it got there."
	"#str_30954"	"[Kid]  You hurt my feelings."
	"#str_30955"	"[Kid]  I'm hungry."
	"#str_30956"	"[Kid]  I'm scared."
	"#str_30957"	"[Kid]  Quick, let's get out of here."
	"#str_30958"	"You never let me do anything."
	"#str_30961"	"[Kid]  He is so cute."
	"#str_30962"	"I'm going to tell on you!"
	"#str_30963"	"My tummy hurts."
	"#str_30964"	"You're it!"
	"#str_41010"	"Console Unlocked"
	"#str_41011"	"Console unlocked.  Yeah right, like you didn't already find a way around that!"
	"#str_41012"	"SphereOS"
	"#str_41017"	"Bless the mother"
	"#str_41015"	"Press any key to restart this console. You will lose any unsaved information in all applications."
	"#str_41019"	"Oh, no!"
	"#str_41020"	"Oh my God!  Where the hell are we?"
	"#str_41040"	"This looks like what the Hidden use."
	"#str_41042"	"Maybe this will help me get out of here."
	"#str_41140"	"DiStream Prompt"
	"#str_41141"	"Please insert disc 1."
	"#str_41142"	"Please insert disc 2."
	"#str_41143"	"Please insert disc 3."
	"#str_41144"	"Please insert disc 4."
	"#str_41145"	"Streaming data..."

Unused Voice Lines

The game's sounds are stored in pak003/sound.


A single unused voice line of Tommy found in ryanred/temp . It is spoken with text-to-speech.

Filename Audio Transcript
"Hey, you ok?"


Found in e3_demo is an unused opening monologue by Enisi. they're from the game's 2005 E3 trailer, which by extension are a reference to the 1998 E3 trailer.

Filename Audio Transcript
"They have long foretold the return of the mountain spirits; they have said they would cleanse the desert and that the weak would perish under the teeth of dogs, but they never foretold of this. "
"We would have no idea, that we would become their prey."

Unused Sounds

The entirety of (Don't Fear) The Reaper by Blue Öyster Cult is in the game but isn't normally played in its entirety.


Unused Metal Room

To do:
Any more out-of-bounds stuff like this?

Found out-of-bounds at the start of the game at Jen's Bar is a single metallic room, possibly a remanent from an earlier version of the abduction scene.


Ted Easter Egg

At the beginning of the level Center of Gravity there is an image of a bearded man holding a stuffed lion can be seen on one of the columns at the pitch dark right edge of the tower. It is only reachable when embarking the first exoskeleton shuttle and lit up with its flashlight.

Ted in game.png

It can be found with the texture assets for the "Feeding Tower" with the filename feedbted.tga.

Prey Feedbted.png

The image seems to be a screencap from this video at 0:29.

Revisional Changes

To do:
Note changelogs, if any, of Xbox 360/Mac/Linux versions


The first patch released for the game on August 30, 2006, with lots of bug fixes:

  • Multiplayer bandwidth optimization to allow better play on higher latency connections
  • Fixed projectile effects not showing up on dedicated servers
  • Fixed crash at startup due to time/date validation on some systems
  • Fixed crash at startup due to querying old OpenAL drivers
  • Fixed an occasional crash on the dedicated server
  • Fixed a crash when using image_usecache cvar with very big textures. Textures whose lowest mip map doesn't fit will be default texture. This was causing a crash when a modified *prey was loading "Mother's Embrace".
  • Fixed a crash on some machines when reading savegames.
  • Some timedemo features not appearing if you restart prey between record/playback
  • Added widescreen resolutions to menus
  • Updated multiplayer browser to fix servers not showing up due to DNS resolution
  • Updated multiplayer browser not keeping join button up to date when server summary wasn't the active tab.
  • Updated multiplayer browser so punkbuster icons show up in their column properly
  • Updated multiplayer browser so mod games' icons show up properly updated multiplayer browser so server scanning is more consistent on slower connections
  • Fixed multiplayer weapon exploit
  • Bumped network protocol version. Unpatched games will not be able to play online with patched games. This means that if you are playing v1.0, you can not play against or on servers running v1.1 (and vice versa).
(Source: Prey v1.1 PC Patch Released)


The second patch released on October 10, 2006, which came with more bug fixes and extra content. The extra content included was made free DLC on the Xbox 360 and has to be individually downloaded:

  • 4 new maps for multiplayer are added: Gravity Lab, Topillogical, Tunnel Rat and DM Space Oddity.
  • 6 new models for multiplayer are added: Jen, Becky, Elhuit, Mother, Alien Hunter and Elite Alien Hunter.

The update's bug fixes are follows:

  • Network protocol version bump (will no longer be able to see 1.1 or 1.0 servers)
  • Installer will now update uninstaller. This fixes the missing installer problem.
  • Game DLL interface bump for (then) upcoming mod SDK release (so mods will only work with v1.2)
  • Fix for a weapon switch exploit
(Source: Prey v1.2 PC Patch Released)


The third patch for the game released on February 14, 2007. This patch didn't come with any new content or bug fixes, but instead came with compatibility files for the Mac port of Prey (meaning PC users can play against Mac users and vice versa).

(Source: Prey v1.3 PC Patch Released)


The fourth and last patch released on January 10, 2008, like the pervious patch it is a small update done to add compatibility files to account for the Japanese release of Prey and to remove the disc check from the game.

(Source: Prey v1.4 Patch Released)